Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 12)


Feeling blessed ? with the numerous comments given. I felt very touched when new ppl are commenting as well as those who had commented frm my first episode. Hope silent readers also enjoying my ff…. I will try my best to meet ur expectations. I jus realised that i have wished april fool’s day thinking that tmrw is 1 April haha? My sis jus pointed out that tmrw is 31 march….Ok coming back to the point…. Hope u all enjoy this episode too!

Days passed and Pragya and Abhi were both busy in their work but never fail to think abt each other. Both still stay in contact thr messages and calls. They message everyday and updated each other of what they were doing. Friendship btw them has strengthen as the days passed….

Pragya had went to the studio to record for her new album. She sang the song and it was all about friendship and love. She recalled her bonding with Abhi, their cute fights and whatever that happened btw in the short period of time.

The music director that Pragya was very emotional while singing, this was the first time that he found her like tat. He was quite close to her now as they have worked tgthr for more than 3 times. And their combo was a huge hit. Music director, ‘ Pragya it was very nice rendition that u have given but is something bothering u? U can share with me if u want to’. Pragya considered him more like a bhai, she was indebted to him as without him her back to back hits would not be possible. Pragya, ‘ Nothing bhai! The music and lyrics were heart wrenching thats y i got carried away and got emotional’. Music director knew he will get this reply from Pragya she always never share her
sorrows with anyone but still he wanted to ask
her. ‘Oh i see ok can take care and the nxt one will be day after tmrw. Until then i work on the nxt song and make sure its a happy one as i
don’t want to see u emotional again’. Pragya, ‘

Bhai! There is no need to change anything for me. Jus make the music the way u feel!’ Music director, ‘ Pragya ok don’t get emotional again I
am not only doing this for u its also for the
audience… Too many sad songs won’t give happiness too’. Pragya, ‘ Ok can as per ur wish. I got to go now have to catch up with my friend’.

With that she left the studio and drove to the cafe where she said to Abhi to meet him. Abhi was alrdy there after his lessons… Pragya,’ So sorry i am late! I was caught in traffic and i will
treat u for coming late!’. Abhi, ‘ Its ok Pragya! I juz only reached so no need to treat me!’. Both had a hearty talk abt what they have done for
the past few days although some of it they alrdy shared with each other. Thats when Abhi said, ‘ Pragya i am not sure whether i am prepared for

the marriage….I am not sure whether i love her! I
mean she is a good girl but she never share abt her feelings to me. She always share abt what she do! And who she met… So i don’t know her
feelings… I know i can love after i marry her but
i want to know what she think abt me!’. Pragya was having a heart break again but didn’t show it off… She knew he was jus her friend but
eveytime when he the topic was abt his wedding
or fiance, it pained her heart.

Pragya, ‘May be she is shy to tell her feelings. U
know some more its an arranged marriage and
she may feel a bit strange if she expressed her love b4 marriage’. Abhi,’ U are talking as if we are in 20 years ago! Come on Pragya nowadays
even parents are ok for the children to spent

time with each other b4 marriage. I think she don’t like me thats y she is like that’. Pragya,” Don’t say like that! Nobody can dislike u as u are a person with pure heart that makes other happy!’ Abhi,’ Really? U mean everybody likea me but u never like me right? Thats y u never go
against ur mother’s decision when my Dadi asked u for me?’ Pragya was speechless, she knew that he know what had happened that dau in the clinic but she thought it was only Dadi’s idea of getting her married to him. Thats y she thought all the while he never talked abt that to her. But now…She was lost for words. Pragya, ‘ Its not like that Abhi! I like u as a friend but beyond that there is nothing and u know that I am engaged right? So there is no point in talking abt this’. Abhi, ‘ Then y u panicked a lot when i asked u for help and asked u to come the xyz place and y u are always mad at me if i never picked up ur call? Then y u always called me in the morning and night and enquired abt me! Then y u texted me i missed talking with u when i talked with u almost everyday.So all this is just friendship? ‘

Pragya don’t know what to say… Pragya, ‘ Look Abhi. Its not like what i think and i think u got it wrong. I am sorry if my actions had made u think like that but i think i leave now and we will talk abt tis later!’ She tried to move off but he held her wrist firmly but somehow she managed to escape from his grip as he realised that they were in a cafe and some ppl were noticing them.

She quickly ran to her car and drove off from there with tears in her eyes. She thought yes he was right the way she had behaved was wrong and had made him think tat i have feelings for him. How to recitfy my mistake! How can i face him now? What might he be thinking abt me?

Abhi got emotional but he knew now it would be easier as she will realise her love for him. Very soon Pragya u will tell ur love to me!

Abhi’s message to Pragya: Pragya she told me that she loves me! I am so happy now!

Meet u later and i will tell u more… And sorry for that day. My thoughts abt u were wrong! Sorry if i
have hurt u!

Due to the overwhelming response i couldn’t control myself so i found some spare time to update. Sorry if its a short update as i used my phone. For all of ur information, my sis found me crazy abt me updating this ff. She found like i am addicted to this. And quite true i have to control myself but no idea how!! May be its my first time that’s why i guess i am a bit hyper….

Credit to: Maya

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