Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 11)


The comments and support are overwhelming!!! And I hope u all like this episode too… I am not sure about the number of episodes that I am planning to write as I am just going in a flow with the ideas that comes to my mind. And to clarify some doubts, Pragya lives in a mansion similar to the one in Abhi in the kkb show and Abhi lives in the house similar to Pragya’s in the kkb. I would also like to tell that I may not be able to upload multiple episodes or episodes that are longer especially during my exam period which is coming soon in 1 week’s time. But once my exam finishes i will update regularly. Hope u all understand and sometimes my updates can be shorter too but will try my best that each one of them are engaging to read. Pls mention if any of my episodes are boring so that i can rectify my mistake too. So here we go!

Pragya and Abhi went back to their respective places both thinking about each other. Pragya thinking that she got a good friend and hoped she won’t lose this friendship. As for Abhi he was thinking what he can do next… He called Bulbul and said ‘Bulbul the plan is a success! So what next?’ Bulbul,’ Yeah Hip hip Hurray!! But wait u should tell what u want to do next? Its u who are loving Di and want to make her tell her love to u!’ Abhi,’ Ya i know but u can help right? U must tell me where she go, what she do in her free time and all so that i can plan too! Don’t u want ur Di to propose me as soon as possible? Or u want her to propose me 10 years later?’ Bulbul,’ Ok sorry! Don’t talk like that I want my sister to realise her love ASAP! I was just kidding with u. I will tell everything about her. Okay?’ Abhi,’ Same here kidding too… She will propose to me very soon but tell me something… Is ur Di always like that where she only think about others and not about herself?’ Bulbul,’ Yes from young itself she is like that either she think and care about Sarla ma or me and in between it was Raghav jiju but now she care about u. So u should be glad about it. She always have a very caring nature but fails to care about herself’. Abhi,’ Don’t worry i will care about her to the level that nobody would imagine!’.

Abhi was very happy that he got Pragya’s care and concern which he experienced earlier that day. Both Abhi and Bulbul planned their next step. Pragya came back to her house and called Ronnie. Pragya,’ Ronnie can u show my schedule for next week? I am only free until this Sunday right? After that back to my work right?’ Ronnie,’ Ya Di! Wait for a moment let me come back with ur schedule’. Pragya sat down on the sofa and closed her eyes for few seconds. Flashes of her past and Abhi were coming to her mind continuously…..

Ronnie came back and told her busy schedule and her mind was diverted. She was now on a full swing to give her best to her work rather than thinking about the stuff that hurts her a lot. She went to her studio room and called some music directors and enquired them about the songs she had to sing and also asked them to sent her compositions in advance so that she can practice.
That’s when Bulbul came in and yelled,’ Hi Di where have u been so long? I asked Ma about u but she never replied me properly then i called ur phone but the line was unreachable. U know how worried I was?’ Pragya,’ I just went out for some fresh air! Don’t disturb Ma she is upset with me and I will try to cheer her up later…I got work to do now. I shall see u later.’ With that Bulbul left the room and realised that still her mum’s words is bothering her Di and Bulbul knew that the next step of their plan would surely make Pragya better.

In college…
Abhi continued his lessons with more passion as he had found his love in the form of Pragya. He was more enthusiastic than usual. He called his best friend Purab to inform him about his love. Purab, ‘ Hi Abhi! It has been a long time since u called! Have u forgotten me?’ Abhi,’ U also never called me! Ok i have to tell u something important! I have found my love and its Pragya!’ Purab,’ U have to be kidding me! I mean I know that u are a very big fan of her but how can she be ur love? She is such a big star!’ Abhi,’ HEY buddu! Listen to what i have to say first then u can comment!’ He told everything that had happened between him and Pragya. Purab,’ Oh my god! Then its confirmed it is love! I am so happy for u! But wait u mentioned Pragya’s sis name is Bulbul right?’ Abhi,’ Yes u know her?’. Purab, ‘ Yes may be i have a friend called Bulbul during my high school days. We were in touch but once she went overseas for her higher studies, I had lost contact with her’. Abhi, ‘ What a small world! I think it should be her… She just came back from US after completing her studies. Through Pragya i met my lost teacher, through me u will meet ur lost friend!’ Purab, ‘ Ya true Abhi! Ok tell me about ur next step of the plan’.
He told Purab about his next plan and they decided to meet together with Bulbul for their action. Bulbul was on cloud nine when he saw Purab, ‘ Purab! U still look the same man! Oh my god u lost weight! U used to be like pumpkin!’ Purab, ‘Bulbul u are still the same talking nonsense. Ok let’s get into action!’. They all discussed about their plan…

Bulbul went back to her house and saw Pragya di, ‘Di! U know what? I saw Purab my high school friend today and he is also Abhi’s friend! And he told me that Abhi’s dadi has found a match for Abhi and she is Purab’s relative’.
Pragya was shocked upon hearing this and she was speechless. Pragya asked,’ So is it confirmed?’ Bulbul,’ Should be! U can ask Abhi himself right? He didn’t told u? I thought u two were friends!’. Pragya,’ But may be not that close that’s y he never inform me’. Bulbul,’ Oh i see… ok I am going to my room as i have something to do’. With that Pragya was sad that he will be completely belong to someone but thought what can she do she is just a friend.
Pragya texted Abhi…
P: Congratulations Abhi! Heard from Bulbul that Dadi has found a match for u
A: Thank u! Sorry forgot to inform u, all happened in a rush that’s y couldn’t inform u
P: It’s ok i understand. At times things happen so fast that we don’t know how to react and respond

Abhi understood what she meant and as he know she would be shocked by the news just now….
A: Ya very true! If u don’t mind can u help me? I need to choose a gift for her but don’t know what to buy can u help me?’
P: Sure but! I don’t even her likes and dislikes but how to choose?
A: It’s ok! I think she will like anything that is bought with love. She don’t really care about the things.
Pragya thought, how sweet of him to think like that about his future wife. I just hope that the girl is good natured and understanding towards Abhi.

P: Ok can! We meet at 6 pm today for shopping. Is it ok?
A: Ok can. Thank u so much
P: No problem! See u later!

Pragya met Abhi at the shopping mall and they were both cracking their heads on what to buy. Suddenly Pragya got the idea! Pragya, ‘Abhi why not u buy bangles for her? Clothes are common but bangles are usually something that the elders of the family will pass to the bahus but for a change u can gift her right?’ Abhi, ‘Good thought! Ok can!’. Both went to a jewellery shop in the shopping mall and looked at various designs and finally both decided on a particular design with intricate designs with blue colour stones. The salesperson, ‘U two like the design? Mam is it for u?’ Pragya, ‘ No its for his fiance’. Abhi smirked and thought its for u only Pragya… Salesperson,’ Oh sorry mam, what’s her size?’. Pragya turned to Abhi who was lost in thoughts, ‘ Abhi u know her size?’ Abhi, ‘ How can i know her size, I only saw her once!’. Pragya, ‘ Oh no what can we do? It’s so nice, cannot be missed!’. Abhi, ‘ I think hers is about ur size… So u just say ur size to him and i can buy it’. Pragya was taken aback but had no choice but she agreed to it as he mentioned earlier that he need to leave early.

Abhi, ‘ Thank u so much for the help!’. Pragya,’ No need to thank, It’s just my duty as a friend! Just tell whether it fits her, I am now worried for that’. Abhi, ‘ No need to worry! Ok sure see u later and take care sweetheart!’. Pragya,’ Sweet heart! Look we are just friends and don’t call sweet heart in public places, what if someone hears and think something else’. Abhi, ‘ U care so much about others! I don’t care about others as long as my actions don’t hurt others. By the way, i will always call my friends sweetheart, babe like that so get used to it!’. Pragya,’ Ok fine i can’t explain to u any further as i know u are already getting late! We shall talk about this later!’.
With that both parted their ways smiling on their first cute fight. Abhi, I have bought these bangles for u! And i will give u once we are together not as friends but as lovers…. Pragya was glad that she could help her friend although the thought of Abhi getting married had caused some pain in her.

Pragya back to work and missed being with Abhi when she was singing a song…..

Thank u guys for the support and hope to gain more support from u all! Hope u all like this one too… I don’t know what time this will be updated so i would like to tell In advance a very Happy April fool’s day. Have fun with ur family and friends…. One more thing, tomorrow i will update later as i got project meeting again so the whole day will be occupied.

Credit to: Maya

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