Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 10)


Hi guys! Thank u for the support and Keep supporting. Some of u all might think that Pragya’s past is the twist but no the twist is something else and it will be coming later. So here we go!
Pragya recalled her past it was so painful for her to remember that day. It happened 2 yrs ago, she was a singer at that time too but not that popular as now. She was contented with what she had. Sarla ma arranged her wedding with Raghav and she was happily married to Raghav. They both cared and loved each other immensely. The only problem between them was Raghav’s short temper. She had always told him control his anger but he just told that this how he has been for so many years and its difficult to change now.

Pragya and Raghav had a fight on small issue. Due to his short temper, Raghav left the house and drove his car in such a high speed that he met with an accident. He died there itself. Pragya was shell shocked to hear Raghav is no more. She blamed herself that she was the reason for his death. Her family also blamed her. She felt her whole world had shattered down, there was no one to support thats when she realised she had a voicemail message from Raghav on that day.

Raghav in a struggling voice, ‘ Pragya i am so sorry u have always told me to control my anger. But i didn’t and becoz of that i am leaving u forever. I don’t enough time…. I just want to tell u that i love u a lot and if u loved me don’t blame urself for my death and move on in ur life to find another love. This is my last wish. I love u and i will miss u!’ With that the message ended and Pragya broke down hearing his voice she listen to it again and again until it couldn’t be played anymore. Why Raghav? He was such a nice person. Now what will i do without him…

Later Pragya tried her best to convince both Sarla ma and Raghav’s family that it was not her mistake and it was just their bad fate that made them to lose Raghav. Nobody listened to her they all thought she was responsible for Raghav’s death, she even told them about the message but nobody believed her. Sarla ma, ‘ Pragya i thought u were a calm and mindful person who will not hurt others but now because of one of ur mistake, I lost my son in law… my son Raghav! Ur punishment would be u should never think of remarriage or love with someone else! I can’t think u to be with anyone other than Raghav!’ Pragya was hurt by her mum’s words what made her hurt most was that her mum too thought she was responsible for Raghav’s death. She knew she would not be able to fall in love again and even if she did it would not be same as with Raghav. So she wasn’t bothered about her not being married again and fall in love again but she can’t accept the fact that because of her Raghav is dead. How can she kill her own love?

Raghav’s family distanced themselves from Pragya. Pragya came back to her house and she lived with Sarla ma. Sarla ma was still angry with Pragya but didn’t expressed it that much. She knew that if she is not with her then Pragya will be even more devastated and may take a wrong decision. Pragya focused more on her career and reached the success that she is having now.

Years passed… No one replaced Raghav in her life even though she lived with him for a short while but the memories with him were etched in her heart. Thats when Abhi came to her life she felt that he resembled more like Raghav. Initially, she thought it was just her imagination but NO the way Abhi speak and behave its all like Raghav. The way Abhi cared for others especially her mum was the traits of Raghav.

Thats y she got attracted to him. But now its too late her mum had told that Dadi that she is engaged. She knew it was time to erase the thoughts of Abhi….

In college….
Bulbul was in the canteen and Abhi saw her and said, ‘ Hey bulbul how come u are here? Joining college again? Planning to join college in different countries huh?’ Bulbul in serious tone, ‘ No i came here to meet u! To talk to u abt Di’. Abhi was shocked and realised that bulbul was not as lively as she was in the party. Something is wrong. Abhi, ‘What’s the matter? What is it about Pragya?’ Bulbul could see how worried was Abhi’s face when he mentioned that. Bulbul, ‘ Not here can i talk to u alone. May be in my car while driving to the near by park’. Abhi, ‘ Sure there is no more lessons for me to conduct today! Wait for me at car park and let me go to my staff room first’.

Soon both were in the car and Bulbul, ‘ I think Di has feelings for u!’ Abhi,’ What feelings?’. Bulbul,’ Love what else?’ . Abhi,’ Really? I mean i also have that feelings for her’. He was so delighted that Pragya also had the same feelings as him. Bulbul,’ But Abhi! U should know about her past to love her’. Abhi,’ Bulbul i don’t care about her past. I like the present Pragya, I have fallen in love with the present Pragya and not for her past so i don’t think its important for me to know and it will also not affect my love for her now’. Bulbul was very pleased that Abhi is so understanding and practical just like her Raghav jiju used to be. Bulbul, ‘ No Abhi but its my responsibility to reveal the truth before anyone else did’. Abhi ask her to carry on and she told the past of Pragya. Abhi shocked to hear the painful past of Pragya. He was emotional too and assured Bulbul that he will support Pragya at all times.

Bulbul, ‘I am sure that u will make her happy all her life but we have to convince Ma too! Without her permission Di won’t reciprocate her love towards u. We have to come with a plan!’. Abhi received a call from Dadi and Dadi told what had happened in the clinic and also about Pragya being engaged. Abhi told all this Bulbul and she told that Sarla ma was still angry with Pragya that’s y she is doing like this’. Abhi, ‘ No way there is something else! From what i know Sarla mam cared for everyone as a teacher. So as a parent she should be even more caring right? Why would she not want to make a new life for her daughter?’ Bulbul,’ U are right! I did not think from this point so we have to find out this too’. Bulbul said we will be in touch and i am running late so i shall take my leave. Bulbul reached home and saw Sarla ma was moody and she understood why she was like that but without talking to her she went to Pragya’s room which was locked. She kept on banging her door for her to open but she didn’t and she opened the door with the spare key she had.

‘Di! How long have u been crying? What happened?’ Pragya hugged her and cried her heart out again but never mentioned anything. With that she slept and Bulbul made caressed her and called Abhi to inform about Pragya’s situation. Abhi said, ‘ I have a plan to make things better!’ Bulbul,’ Ok done! I will do it’.

Pragya woke up and saw Bulbul sleeping beside her… She was not in the mood to think of yesterday so she quickly took a shower and get changed to have her breakfast. She didn’t talk to her mum. Without telling anything to anyone she left the house. Bulbul woke up later and realised that Pragya was not around…She asked Abhi to call Pragya now. Pragya picked up the call although she wanted to ignore his call. ‘Pragya! I need help! Come to xyz place!’ he said that in alarming tone that made Pragya panicked and she quickly reached there to see him all well and sitting on the bench.

Pragya,’ Are u mad? Why u tell me like that? I was so worried and panicked!’ Abhi could see her worry for him on her face. He was touched by that and he said,’ No its something important but don’t know how to call u that’s y i tell like that. Sorry!’ Pragya,’ Don’t ever do like that! Ok tell what’s the matter?’ Abhi,’ Are u engaged?’ Pragya was taken aback and she realised that Dadi would have told him about what happened yesterday. Pragya was not looking into his eyes and said ‘ Yes i am engaged’. Abhi,’ So y u never tell me before?’ Pragya,’ Who are u to me? U are just my mother’s student and after all I am a celebrity who no need to share my personal life with common people like u!’ Pragya mentally slapped herself for talking like that to Abhi but she had no choice if not she can’t erase him from her life. Abhi was shocked by her reply but understood that she doing it purposely to make him hate her. Abhi, ‘ Sorry I know that but I thought we have became friends that’s y i asked u. It’s ok sorry again to interfere in ur personal life’. Pragya felt bad and called his name, ‘ Abhi, I should be sorry for what i had spoken! I didn’t mean it. It’s just that i was in a very bad mood. Sorry again if i have hurt u with my words. So can we become friends?’ Abhi,’ I have already considered u as my friend. Ok don’t be so moody its not good for ur health’ Pragya smiled again and talked to him again with only the thoughts that I have a good friend now. Abhi in his mind, Pragya I will make u to reciprocate ur love for me, for that we have to be friends first so this is my first step.

Bulbul meets Purab. Pragya helps Abhi

Thank u guys for the support again. Hope u all like this and ur support is the driving force for me to continuously write.

Credit to: Maya

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