Abhigya- Destiny and its games (Episode 1)

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Pragya went to her green room and was ready to perform on stage. She prayed to god and just hoped that everything goes well. Her name was called by the host and she walked up to the stage to give a small speech followed by the performance. There once she was on stage she saw the same guy in the crowd among the audience. She was surprised to see him and realised he had rushed hurriedly to come to her concert. This made her happy and she smiled at him. That guy was none other than Abhi! He noticed that Pragya smiled at him and he was very overwhelmed and started to cheer her name as loud as he could.

Pragya, ‘Hi everyone! Hope you all will like my performance today and its going to be in theme of love!’ With that she started singing mein samjhawan ki and followed by other Hindi songs. Finally she ended the performance with her recent musical hit, ‘Happy love’ song. While performing she did take glances at Abhi to see his reaction and was pleased that he enjoyed by singing the songs and cheering her name at every end of the song that she had sung.

Before leaving the stage, Pragya, ‘ I know you all had spent your valuable money to watch my concert and I would like to tell that this money is not wasted as it is being donated to Make a Wish foundation so you all should be proud for the good cause being done. I am just expecting you all to continue to help others whenever you all get the opportunity. Helping others without any expectation and bringing happiness to other’s life is a very noble act and hope you all can do it throughout your lives’.

Listening to all this Abhi was amazed on how kind and thoughtful was Pragya. He wanted to talk to her at least once as he was such an ardent fan of hers. But he knows it’s impossible. He thought to himself, how a simple music lecturer can talk to a sensational singer like Pragya. Within a few minutes Pragya had left the stage and slowly the crowd also started to leave the auditorium.

In the green room,
Pragya was lost in thoughts of Abhi’s reactions to her singing and performances. This was the first time she felt that she could connect with someone’s reactions. She really liked the way he was behaving during the concert. She wanted to talk to him but she didn’t know why. That’s when her phone rang; she picked up, ‘Ma, Ya the concert went well! Will be coming soon and is the dinner ready? I am very hungry ma!’ Sarla ma ‘ Ya dinner is ready and its all your favourite so faster come and don’t forget to call Bulbul she is already angry that you never called her before going to the concert’ Pragya, ‘ Oh no! Ya I didn’t forget. It’s just that I don’t want to disturb her its morning over there in America and some more its Sunday and she have a habit of sleeping until 11 am. I will call her now Ma’.

Hello Bulbul! Di here! Don’t be angry. U know right I don’t want to disturb your sleep that’s why I didn’t call you up before going to concert. Please forgive me. Bulbul, ‘Ya Di this is your first concert and you never get best wishes for me! I am not going to talk to you. Anyway how was the concert? Were there a lot of crowd? Were there any hot guys? Faster tell me I have to go out also!’ Pragya, ‘Bulbul u think I am here to look at guys, and by the way the concert went well. Where are you going? Its Sunday right you can take rest at home. Don’t go out too much and spoil your health’ Bulbul, ‘ Ok di, I think I have to go now if not you will start your lecture and I can never go out at all to enjoy. Ok bye!’ and she cut the call. Pragya thought to herself, She is always like this when I advice her then she don’t listen to me. Pagal hai meri choti behen!
On the roads…

Abhi was keep on recalling the words of Pragya and it impressed him a lot. He thought she was different compared to other celebrities that he had heard of. He felt that his day was not wasted and he hoped some day he can meet her in person.

Abhi meets Pragya in his college…They both share an eyelock….

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