Abhigya-Blind date (os)

Hey guys..Suhani here
Here is a one shot on abhigya..hope you like it.
Screw you Bulbul! Screw you and that ‘live your life’ concept you’ve been sprouting! I’m going to kill you! Thanks to you and your meddling boyfriend, I’ve been sitting here at this restaurant for two hours now waiting on the inconsiderate jerk you wanted me to go out with! This is the first and last time I’m letting you set me up on a blind date! I didn’t want to do this but you both kept insisting, saying it can go two ways:
Either the date could go well and I end up with the love of my life, or, it ends horribly and I never have to see him again.
Ugh! I hate that guy so much right now. He didn’t even have the decency to call and say he was going to be late and it was raining cats and dogs out there! And to make things worse, people on the other tables were starting to stare at me with sympathetic looks in their eyes. They were probably thinking, “Poor girl. She must have gotten stood up by her boyfriend.”

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity I received a message from him saying, “Sorry, I’ll be there in five minutes.” At least he texted, I thought mentally rolling my eyes.
After waiting fifteen minutes more he still hadn’t shown up and I finally decided to leave. As I picked up my purse and was about to get up, I saw someone enter the restaurant. Was this was my date?He looked really familiar….
Oh My God! It’s Abhi the Rockstar! He couldn’t possibly be her date! He stopped and spoke to the maitre’d, who pointed to where she was sitting and then he started walking over to her.
Ok Pragya… deep breaths. “Hi!” he said, extending his hand to me. “I’m Abhi!” “Pragya” I replied taking his hand. “I’m sorry for being this late. I got delayed by work.” He said. “I’m so glad you’re still here. Most girls would have gotten angry and left by now.” “It’s ok.” I replied and smiled at him. As he sat down, a waiter came and took their order. We started talking, asking each other about our lives and I realized he wasn’t so bad after all.
While he was busy talking about himself, I stared at him. Damn, he’s hot! I could stare at him all day and….
Control Pragya!

Everything was going well and we were having so much fun until some girl walked up to their table.
“Abhi!” the beautiful girl screeched.
“Tanu!” he said with a smile and something in me burned.
“I missed you so much, babe” she twirled her hair and batted her eyelashes at him. I almost puked.
Hold it back Pragya.
That girl, Tanu, flickered a gaze over at me, wearing a disgusted look on her face. .
Don’t worry honey, I’m looking at you the same way.
”Umm, Abhi who is this?” She asked, while continuing to look at me with disdain.
”This is Pragya, my date.” He said and Tanu glared at her.
If looks could kill, I would surely be dead by now. She ignored that piece of information and turned back to Abhi.
”Abhi come on, let’s dance” She asked boldly, once again batting her eyelashes at him.
He frowned, turning to look at me and then turned back to her. “Tanu, I’m on a date.” Yeah, Tanu, Can’t you see we’re on a date? I said in my mind.
”But we haven’t danced in a long time. Pleeasee!” she pleaded and pouted her lips.
Was this girl for real? Doesn’t she know anything about boundaries? Or limits? “Tanu” he said trying his best to be patient with her. “Can’t you see —“
”Go ahead” I said, interrupting him.
Tanu beamed at first but scowled when he was turned to look at me.
“You sure?” he asked. I nodded. They would never get rid of Tanu otherwise. But he still looked as though he would refuse her. I looked at them as they headed over to the dance area.
As he began slow dancing with her, I felt like going over there and ripping her out of his arms and warning her to stay away from him. He’s mine! Jealous baby? My conscience prodded.
Shut up conscience! Now is not the time!
They look good together, don’t they?
Ugh! Get lost.

At the end of the dance, he kissed her on the cheek and I saw the happiness on her face. She looked over to me with an evil smirk on her face! Did he just kiss her? I just agreed to a dance. Where did that kiss come from? Or was there something else going on between him and this Tanu?
This was too much for a first date! I need to go!
I left from there and headed outside into the rain.
I heard him calling my name “Pragya!”.
Wow! Tonight is the best night of my life! I thought sarcastically.
I clenched my fist tightly as I continued to stomp through the rain.
I was mad! I was mad at Abhi for kissing Tanu! Mad at Bulbul and Purab for arranging this date, mad at Mother Nature for sending this rain to drench me and mad at my tears for refusing to stay in my eyes!
”Pragya.” he yelled again. “Stop! What’s the matter with you?”
I whipped my head to face him.
“I am so mad at you right now!”
”Why?” he asked me.
”Because you… you…ugh never mind. Just leave me alone!” I said and started walking again.
”Why are you jealous, Pragya?” he asked, which stopped me in my tracks.
”I am not jealous!” I shouted and he gave me a weird look.
He didn’t say anything, but just continued to look at me. I let out a breath.
”I don’t know, ok! I just don’t know! I feel attracted to you. I know it’s stupid for me to like someone without really knowing them but I can’t help it!”
”Pragya, I want to tell you something.” He said, looking at me. “I like someone. I saw her for the first time helping an old lady crossing the street.” He said. “You could say Abhi the Rockstar experienced love at first sight. Then I started following her. Don’t consider me as a stalker. I just wanted to get to know her. After following her about a month, I asked my friend to arrange a date with her.” he finished with a small smile playing on his lips.
Why is he telling me this?
”Oh” I replied. I didn’t know what else to say.
I wanted to shout and ask, “Who the hell is she? Does she look better than me?
If she accepts your love, will you be with her?”
My chain of thoughts ended when he called my name.
Pragya, do you want to know the girls name?” I nodded. Yeah, so I can know who stole you from me.
”Pragya Arora.” I was shocked!
“What are you talking about? I asked, bewildered. He was talking about her all this time. Wait…he was following her?
”I like you, Pragya.” He said. “Actually, I think I love you. I’ve fallen in love with your kindness and your simplicity.” What? He loves me? “So you set this whole thing up?” I asked, trying to make sense of everything. “Purab is my best friend. I asked him and Bulbul to arrange a date with you, in hopes that you may get to know me and like me.” He confessed. “I was scared to come to you directly. Purab already told me you hated my music. I feared you might reject me too.” Purab, I will deal with you later! “I’m sorry…” I started to say.
“It’s okay.” He said. “I know everything and I love everything about you. And I love you even more after tonight. You waited more than two hours for me, when you could have easily left.” I nodded.
“Why did you kiss Tanu on the cheek, then?” I couldn’t help it, I had to ask.
”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, but when I saw you looking at us, I just had to find out if it would affect you or not. I got my answer. I just needed to know whether you liked me or not. You were looking at Tanu like you were ready to kill her. And you are too cute when you get jealous” he said winking at me.” I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.
So…” he said. “Will you give me a chance? Will you give us a chance?”
I just want to shout ‘Yes’ at the top of my lungs, but no words came from my mouth. So I just hugged him tightly, hoping he would understand my feelings.
I have no idea how long we stayed like that in the rain and I didn’t even care. I was in the happiest place on earth… Abhishek’s arms. Although the date didn’t start off so great, it turned out one one greatest nights of my life. Still, the best is yet to come….
Hope you guys like it:)
And I want to thank a very special person
Trisha Di 🙂 thank you so much for everything..I just want to say I love you so much and I am lucky to have you..You’re a sister everyone wishes..
Love you lots:D

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    Keep writing ?

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