abhigya bani dilwale (episode 2)

Hi guys i’ prernakshuthi is back with abhigya bani dilwale episode 2 which would be
suspesious for u guys and i am really fulfiled for u’r comments guys and now i am
really happy that u guys are happy with my story and lets move to the story and at last
u could see some dadications i give to the people who reply the best in comments.
Now, coming to the story………

when pragya enters house she would be shoked and stunned….. in
house there are many people smiling and saying congratulations and then comes
pragya’s mom sarla saying that “see my baby came”… pragya don’t understand
anything and tries to ask sarla whats happening but sarla is not really looking ready
to say anything and just going on saying “pragya is a talented girl and never failed
in bussiness and she is the best bussiness women”…… pragya gets angry and scream’s
“will u guys plz stop it …………….. whats going on here is this my house or a fish market
and mom what r u saying them that i am best and who r these guys i don’t understand
sarla:”nthg beta what i was saying is ………..”
pragya:”no maa i don’t need any explaination u don’t need to explain anything. u
say whats happening”
sarla:”k! to be frank i am saying truth, these r u’r future family”…
sarla:”yhh! u never listen my words, i’ve suggested u a lot of times to just marry and go
a head but u just keep on negleting my words. how many days u will be alone u should
make a family and be happy, that is why i’ve took the dacision to get a best match for
u and here r they”(then prgaya seeing them feel in really owkward way and speak’s)
pragya:”what!!!!! these guys,… mom r u serious i am gonna marry htis guys…. maa i
have already said u and i am saying again i am not gonna marry this much fast and
when i really think to marry and then no one could stop me.. kk … so, plz u just leave
this point”
and then sarla tries to convince pragya but it doesn’t worked out.

at night, at abhi’s house
abhi comes to house in a citty manner as if he is a thief and if anyone cought him
then he would be punished and then dadi comes and catches abhi’s ear and say’s
“abhi!! u could be hidden by the whole world but not from u’r dadi. and what did u
think that i will sleep before u come home, if so, u r a fool…”
abhi:”sry dadi!! i was late becaz i was stuck in traffic ”
dadi:” don’t lie i know that u r coming from party.”
abhi:”wow ! dadi how do u know”
dadi :”hoo!! where in mumbai the traffic is more to be stuck for more than 3hrs”
abhi:”no dadi that was……………….”
dadi:”hah! don’t act too smart abhi i know u have gone to party but i never stoped u
from going to party but i just said u to come in time, why don’t u listen to me”
abhi:”sry dadi next time i won’t be late”(abhi say’s in a very cute manner”. dadi gets
melt and axcuses abhi

next day…..

in pragya’s house she say’s to her mother that she is going to paris and will be
return in 2 days sarla asks why didn’t she said before and pragya says that she forgot
to say due to the sissue yesturday and in abhi’s house abhi gets a call that his tickets
were conformed for ahmadabad in gujarat for an important work and abhi he packes
his bag and go to air port and then pragya also come to the same air port and then
pragya comes accross abhi but they don’t see each other and then the episode ends

precap:pragya come to to boarding and then abhi also come there they come accross
each other. abhi goes in his car and pragya in her car and then they tilt from window
suddenly and see each other.

today’s dadication is for maya who ecouraged me and in future i am going to give a
character to a new person named shruthy hope u enjoy this episode

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  1. Nice dear..eagerly waiting for abhigya meeting….

    1. Prernakshuthi

      tq priyanka and very soon i will release the next episode

  2. Maya

    So sweet of u sis ? and nice epi too!?

    1. Prernakshuthi

      u’r welcome and tq maya dhi

  3. Friends, check Kumkum Bhagya’s latest spoiler on http://consumerap.com/abhis-romantic-marriage-proposal-surprises-pragya/ have a nice day.

    1. Prernakshuthi

      tq reshma_predeep

  4. B.k.maha


    1. Prernakshuthi

      tq sooo much b.kl.maha for u’r lovely comment

  5. Prathi

    so in next epi they will meet? waiting for it

    1. Prernakshuthi

      not yet. u r incorrect baby u will get to knoe in only next episode

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