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Crowd is cheering his name loudly and Abhi can feel crowd’s cheerfulness and excitement to hear him from backstage inspire of these all thing he is not feeling happy and content to perform and he is lost in a photo in his mobile and he started his talk with photo…

Abhi: Where are you Fuggi??? Since last three years I am searching at every possible corner of world… Why you left me??? You know fuggi I love you then too you left me and that too without giving me any reason… But you know fuggi till today every day I think that may be today I’ll be able to find out you and will bring you back to my life and every night I retired to bad with tears in my eyes that one another day I failed in searching in reason of my existence.. But you know Fuggi every day wake up with hope that today you’ll come running in my arms and will hug me and I’ll shower lots kisses on you and then will embrace you in my arms and hold you tight and will never let you go anywhere..
Fuggi plzcomeback to your rock star, you know fuggi I never believed in crap of love, I just sold this love song for money but since you left me I started feeling these songs and now I know what does love means coz this buddhu rock star is now in love with her fuggi….

Before he can continue his talk Purab come there and said

Purab: Abhi, in two minutes your entry will be on stage and you’ve to

Abhi: Purab, I do not feel like I’ll perform good today.

Purab: Abhi, at every concert before your performance you said this line and every time you perform like a Tue rockstar and people become happy after your performance and I know today to you’ll perform at your best and I trust you…

After saying this he left from there and Abhi stand up and walk towards stage to perform and one last time he watch his Fuggui’s pic and sametime few memories of his memoryloss time come rushing him where he and Prgya performed duo on song Sun raga hai na tu and he decide to perform on same song today…

After seconds he take his place and start playing guitar which touch every present person’s heart but yet main is remain and before he can start song he felt like someone is watching him from side of stage and he look at that side and there he saw his fuggi in his favourite red sari and he saw she is smiling at him and next minutes she blew a kiss in his direction and he feel content and closed his eyes and started singing

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Yaara, Yaaraa… yaara!

Mujhko iraade de
Kasamein de, waade de
Meri duaaon ke ishaaron ko sahaare de
Dil ko thikaane de
Naye bahaane de
Khaabon ki baarishon ko
Mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro raha hun main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main…

And a lone tear escape from his eye and he continue his song

Manzilein ruswa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye le jaaye
Itni si iltejaa
Ye meri zamanat hai
Tu meri amaanat hai haan…

And with completion of this lines he look in direction where he saw her but she is not there and once again he feel helpless and his heart break into piece and he shattered from inside but he handle and continues

Waqt bhi thehara hai
Kaise kyun ye huaa
Kaash tu aise aaye
Jaise koi duaa
Tu rooh ki raahat hai
Tu meri ibaadat hai

Apne karam ki kar adaayein
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigaahein

Sun raha hai naa tu
Ro raha hoon main
Sun raha hai naa tu
Kyun ro raha hun main….

And he complete his performance but by this time present audiences’s heart melt by his performance which is showing his pain and feeling which is clearly indicating that he is missing someone…

After few seconds before reporters or any other person can say anything he left fro the to backstage where Purab is waiting for him and he hugged Abhi tightly an said

Purab: You did it man…

But Abhi did not reply anything to him and pick up his hoodey and left from there and started walking toward his car where his driver saw him coming towards car and open door for him and he settle in back seat and speak

Abhi: Farmhouse pe le lo….

So this is first shot of my story how it is??? Plz give your feedback….

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  1. Superb start interesting yaar…

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    It’s Good!!!!!!

  3. B_Ani

    wonderful start. keeo going. lovely. atleast her we can see abhi waiting and living for his love

  4. Wonderful start di…it is very interesting… pls continue…take care and love u…

  5. Really nice yr… Actually wen evr i hear tat song , really i feel some natural pain dont know y bt always i feel so, again today i felt t same pain n feel in dis episode n quite interesting too.tanq

  6. Nice awesome outstanding…keep it up

  7. Vaishali

    awesome one abhis feel was so good eagerly waiting fr next one..

  8. so nice…suprb start..

  9. Nice start waiting for the next update

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