#AbhiGya #Aashiqui Part three

Hello, peeps…. Hope you al enjoying Diwali…. And thanks tonns for all of your lovely comments… 🙂

Part three

After taking his sweet time in opening door he saw sad and broken face of Purab and before Abhi can ask any thing Purab hugged him and speak

Purab: Abhi, She is alive…

Abhi’s lips curved in beautiful smile as soon as he heard that word and he hugged back to Purab with all intensity and speak

Abhi: I knew it, She can’t leave us just like that, I told you na she is alive.

Purab: Yeah Abhi, for a while I did not trust my eyes but when I am coming here I see her.

Abhi: Purab, my brother I do not have words to explain to you how much happy I am right now…

Purab: Me too Abhi.

Abhi: You know Purab today I felt her on stage, I know my fuggi can’t die leaving me alone….

After listening to this Purab astonished for few minutes and he asked him

Purab: Then why do not you tell me first???

Abhi: I thought that was my mere imagination so I did not tell but now when you said me that you saw her now I am sure that..

Now Purab comes to know that all this while when he is talking about Bulbul Abhi assumed that he is talking about Pargya so before any more hope comes in Abhi’s heart and mind he speaks

Purab: Abhi, I am not talking about Pragya Di, Today I saw Bulbul and she is alive but you know when I tried to talk to her after overtaking her car she ignored me like I am a stranger to her and she walked on me…

Though after hearing the news that Purab is talking about Bulbul Abhi’s scatter heart once again broken into pieces but he controlled himself and console Purab and soon both are started planning how to find out Bulbul’s location and all…

Same Day at another place of the city.

Bulbul hurriedly unlocks the main door and entered inside house and rush to a room and look at pale and petite figure lying on bed with number of machines attached and speak

Bulbul: Di, I saw Purab today but you know I did not talk to him even I refused to know him, I love him di but I can’t forgive him for not helping you when you needed him the most after Mehra abandon you when you are carrying their heir…. But do not worry di your sister is strong enough to teach them a good lesson…

And before she can continue she heard doorbell and rush to open door and there she welcomes Karan who is holding sleeping babies in his arms and she took one from him and they enter in hall and she ask

Bulbul: Karan, did they cry or trouble you????

Karan: Nope Bulbul, in fact, they played with me and later sleep when I am coming back and I think they are missing their mom… And one more thing they are children of Pragya di and she is my di too so her child can never trouble me ok…

So this is for today… Let me know how it is??? And do I’ve welcome any one’s jutas and tomatoes for tagging Karan with Bulbul and Pragya’s twins children??? If any then wait for next part please…..

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  1. This was Superbbb ! I am waiting for the next part !

  2. Im his chasmish

    Wat happened to my dear pragya? Anyway it was a good e0isode pri waiting 4 the nxt

  3. Painful and emotional episode but interesting

  4. Quite emotional and heart touching update…

  5. Asmithaa

    superb episode yaar!! and i wish abhigya unite very soon!!

  6. Does anybody uses Google+ here!??

  7. Nice but who is karan?

    1. Pri_24

      Karan is character of my imagination…

  8. Prathi

    Yeah who is karan!? Emotional Episode!


    Superb. Waiting for next

  10. B_Ani

    awesome dear. i want to know what happened to them. want to know the past. fast fast fast….jaldiiiiiiii. i am impatient dear. also who is Karan? is he pragya’s brother in KKB? i think it might be him.

  11. Ohhhh God amazing yaar eagerly waiting for next part… It’s really interesting…

  12. Nice to hear twin baby of pragya after long time.nice but y pragya in tat condition. Make her healthy to take care of abhi and twins.Good.

  13. nice ..intrstng twist….pls update regularly…

  14. happy diawli dear………….

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