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Hello pees…?? Hope you all remember me… I think of discontinuing this story due to less number of feedback but then I receive few msg to continue it so here I am posting next part for that reader… ☺☺☺

Part four

After planning while plan for their missii search Bulbul Abhi asked Purab

Abhi: Waise, Purab why you come to visit me here at farmhouse????

Purab: Ohhh freak I forget tbat main motive for which I visit you… WO I know I do not have right for all that but

Abhi but him in between and speak

Abhi: Purab come to the point… Do not stretch it…

Purab: Tomorrow I’ve agreed for an event and you’ve to be there to distribute price to children I know that you do not like this all chaos but some time its fine to do such things so be ready at sharp 9:00 am we’v to be there before 9:30 am…

Abhi: Are you do not need to give me this long lecture I am ready. Just inform Alia that do not fix any meeting I am busy…

Purab: You know I absence of Pragya di someone have to be there to give you lecture…

But soon he regret his words seeing frown on Abhi’s face… But Abhi mask it a with his smile and speak

Abhi: Let’s sleep early else we won’t be able to be there in time.. By good night use guest room…

Purab nooded in positive keep his mouth shut due to fear tabt he might end up speaking something which will make Abhi remember Pragya and he may feel hurt but less he know that in each and every moment Abhi is missing Pragya like hell because he not even able to meet her last time before she left rather to say his sis and Tanu along with taiji and bhabhi kick her out of home….And till today he is regretting his decision of not taking his nine month pregnant wife with him for his dadi’s operation in London…

Same time at another place

Bulbul put both sleeping child Aviana and Aarish in their bed and making sure that wall of pillow creates by her around them will not let them fall she kissed both their forehead and murmur something sweet in their ears and turned to leave but their she find Karan watching her so she walked to him and give look what-are-you-looking???? Knowing her well Karan replied

Karan: Nothing I just seeing you showring love on your niece and nephew nothing else… Waise you remember na that tomorrow they have dance and rhym singing competition at play school…

Bulbul: Yeah, but Karan tomorrow I’ve appointment with that witch Alia so I won’t be able to there so will you plz????

Karan: Sure Bulbul, just make them ready… BDw now go to bed today is big day for us and only you can make it rocking so take proper rest…

Bulbul: Okay, Good night..

Karan: Good night Bulbul…

And they retired to their bed and drift to deep slumber….

Precap: Abhi and his child’s meet, Bulbul and Alia meet.

So how it is?? Hope you all like it??? Plz do leave your feedback silent reader too plz do leave your feedback… ☺☺☺☺

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    Nice…. but really too short update dear.. why are you thinking of dropping down the story.. please update regularly I think may be because of that you lose in comments

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    Lovely dear! I thought you were busy so I don’t disturb you! Welcome back dear!

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  6. So nice and interesting waiting for the next update

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    awesome dii it was amazing dii such a nice episode just waiting for abhi and his children meeting love u dii take care

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  9. Okay first of all welcomeback to AbhiGya section and coming to update its amazing I am eagerly waiting for next part…

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