#AbhiGya #2S Jealousy (2nd shot)

Hi every one….☺☺☺??? Thank you so much for all of yours comments…. ☺☺☺ Here goes concluding part…


After two minutes Abhi hears Pragya humming song after that his anger has no boundaries and he frown and looks in other direction to control his anger just then Pragya speak

Pragya: Abhi stop the car. I need to buy some vegetables and somethings.

Abhi: Now?????

Pragya: yes now…

Abhi: But why we do not have enough vegetables in our home???

Pragya: Abhi I need to buy some Potatoes and other stuff for making aloo parathas…

Abhi smile after hearing this and murmurs to himself so madam still remembers that I like aloo parathas I thought she might forgot it in happiness of arrival of Ayush…

Pragya: Did you say something??

Abhi: No go and come quick I am waiting for you in car.

After few minutes Pragya come back in sit in car and say

Pragya: Abhi drive fast Ayush must be waiting for me.

Abhi fumes again and starts the car and glance over bag which Pragya bring before few minutes and he see cheese in bag.

Rey: Why cheese??? I do not want it…

Pragya: ohh this is not for you, it is for Ayush he likes Aloo parathas with melt cheese.

Now this is the peak for Abhi but he keeps quiet and drives off car to home and think that he’ll mix poison in melt cheese… but his thought chain broke by Pragya who asked him

Pragya: Abhi will you plz adjust yourself in guest room today if Ayush do not like your presence in bedroom???

Abhi who is on verge of exploding his anger can’t hold it anymore and scream out

Abhi: WTH??? how can he stays in our bedroom with you in my absence????????.

In question of Abhi, Pragya chose to stay quite because according to her thought he is yet angry on her due to cancelling his plan of dinner. After few minutes they arrived at their home Pragya without wasting time runs in house after informing him to bring bags in home along with him
Abhi somehow hold his anger and follows her inside home with bags and thinks that look she got her old lover and forget me in few seconds.

When he enters in living room he sees Pragya runs to their bedroom without saying hi to Bulbul who is standing in living room. He greets Bulbul and asks why Pragya is in hurry and where is Ayush?

Bulbul: Ayush is in your bedroom jiju, he comes to meet us but after seeing di’s picture he wants to meet her so I bring him here.

Abhi give dead glares to Bulbul and runs to his bedroom and promise himself that he will kill Ayush then and there he arrives in front of door and hears Pragya’s voice

Pragya: Ohhh Ayush my baby how is you I miss you so much much muaaahh.

After hearing this he runs his hand in his hair and speak I’lll kill this lady too how can she do such things with me and open the door by kicking the door and his mouth open in perfect O’ shape after seeing scenario infront of his eyes.

Pragya is on floor hugging a “KID” in excitement and in return kid is wiping cuddling in her arms and playing with hr hairs

Abhi enter in room and asked Pragya

Abhi: Where is Ayush???

Pragya in reply point towards Kid in her armand speak

Pragya: He is Ayush my first love… And she informed Abhi about he us Rachna and Akash’s kid and as he know his Akash abonden Rachna and kid, and how Rachna handle situation and later how she fight with society and how she lose battle against death while delivering Ayush and later Bulbul adopt him and become single mother .. after hearing all this Abhi cursed himself for doubting his lady love and smile on himself for being jealous of a Kiss because of getting his Pragya’s undivided attention diverting towards him, and he pull Prgya in bone crashing hug, Pragya is yet confuse with his behavior but hug him back and asked Can he stay in our bedroom???

Abhi: of course he can and if you and Bulbul do not have any problem then h can stay in our life forever… And smile.☺☺☺

So how was the final shot liked it or not??? And how many of you are ready to kill me for this shot???? And how many of you are rolling on earth and laughing out???? I know I completed it with stupidest end but I can’t find any better than this so sorry if you do not like it…

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