#AbhiGya #2S Jealousy (1st shot)

Abhigya are coming back from office Abhi is driving car and sulking at the same time

Abhi: What is this Fuggi??? Why we are not going out for dinner and why we are eating your stupid oats at home??? Will you plz care to explain me you crazy woman???

Prgya: How dare you to call me crazy woman Abhi???

Abhi: Chasmis you are crazy woman only, who just storm in my office without informing me…

Prgya: If I have informed you then how can I come to know that you are eating junk food in lunch so I didn’t informed you,and Purab already have told me this so only…

Abhi: How can Purab inform you this can’t he keep just this as secret it is unbelievable…

Pragya: Do not speak anything to Pirab this all are unhealthy food and you are not allowed to eat daily… And you lied to me that you do not eat anything in lunch… I am not talking to you…

Abhi: Fuggi plz…

But before abhi can speak further Pagya’s phone buzzed and he hear one side conversation of Pagya…

Pragya: Really??? I can’t believe it Bulbul… after this many years still he remembers me… when and where are you??? Really, we are on the way to home Bulbul… Yeah Bulbul, I’ll bring it Bulbul.. I can’t forget his favorite dish .. until I come give him my love… ☺???

She disconnect call and looks at Abhi but before she can speak anything Abhi asked her

Abhi: Who the hell is he??? (In loud voice)

Pragya: Ohh Abhi he is back. My swtypie Ayush is back… I can’t believe after so many years he still remember me…

She side hugs Abhi in excitement and Abhi is boiling in anger and thinking who Ayush is? And how can his wife said like this? And why is she behaving like a teenage lover after hearing his name? And why the hell he come back in their life now? He is about to ask Pragya about Ayush but before that Pragay speaks

Pragya: You know I am fall in love with him when I first saw him he is so cute and adorable. I just love him so much yet…

Abhi: (In anger) Fuggi

But before he can speak further her phone buzzed again and again Abhi hears one side conversation of Pragya

Pragya: What he does not like at home… Bulbul just do one thing take him to my bedroom and make him comfortable there we’ll reach home within 15 minutes and then everything will be okay and he’ll surely like to stay here later…

Here Abhi is is boiling in anger and speak to himself How shameless his Fuggi is and he’ll enter in my bedroom? I’ll kill him with my bare hands and his grip tighten on steering wheel and give dead looks to Pragya who is lost in excitement in meeting Ayush…

So how was first shot???? and any guesses who is Ayush is????

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  1. Really nice part. I love it. The ayush is kid anyway story is good

  2. Prishamanhotra

    I guess ayush will be a child it might be wrong

  3. Honey


  4. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Really Niceeeee!!!!!!!!

  5. Lovely one di….l really liked it..ayush must be a kid ….not sure..waiting for the next part….take care ….love u …keep writing….

  6. I love it

  7. B_Ani

    its awesome. ayush must be some child but not sure. this is rocking .
    waiting for shot 2

  8. ????????? Of course yaar its bulbul’s child….so sweet…nice scene of abhi’s jealously

  9. Sooo nice!!

  10. Asmithaa

    suoerbbb… and is ayush a small boy??

  11. Nice start…superb episode yaar

  12. Super dear…..

  13. Super

  14. Nice story

  15. So cute ! Abhi’s Jealousy …. Sooo cute . Ayush must be Bulbul’s kid . Pls do update fast na waiting for the next shot . You write soo nicely !

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