Abhigya:Love for 7 lives!! chapter 9


Hey guys , I am back with the chapter 9 of my FF and hoping u are liking it. Anyways let us come to it. And yes I am adding my friend Nuszz in it and if any of u wanna be part of my FF feel free for it.

The scene begins all reaching campsite.

Sunehri was trying her level best to talk to Purab but no use he was so very angry on her as she uploaded Rabul’s pic on FB. Whereas Bukbul forgived her. Sunehri thought to make Purab happy by emotional blackmailing. She was walking by when she collides with a guy and falls in his arms and his 5 equal bag fell down. No one of them noticed it as they were lost in eachother , while Hua hai aaj pehli baar plays.
They both compose at the message beep.

Sunehri:Hey u Mr. (face not revealed yet) can not you see , idiot.
Guy:Excuse me Ms. I have a name which is Avinash. (played by Namish Taneja , currently enjoying as Laksh in Swaragini)Now the face is revealed.
Sunehri:Look your name is Avinash or Shavinash I really do nkt care , I only know is that you bumped into me and due to which my 5 equal bag fell.
Avinash:What bag??
Sunehri:5 equal bag.
Avinash:It would be as useless as u are.
Sunehri:Excuse me Mr. , hey what is ur surname?
Avinash:Deewan , Avinash Deewan.
Sunehri:Yes , Mr.Deewan mind ur tongue???
Avinash:What is so nice about your XYZ bag????
Sunehri:Firstlt it is not XYZ bag it is called 5 equal bag and secondly it is very helpful in journeys like this. Look it only have the capablity of carry 5 things.
1)First aid kit box.
2)Make up kit.
3)Jewellery box.
4)Wifi device.
5)My MP3 player with headphones.

Avinash was amused after listening to all this.

Avinash:Hahahahahhah!!!!What a non sense thing , it can only carry these useless 5 things.
Sunehri:-Excuse me ! It is not nonsense nor it is useless.And it can carry any 5 things of the person’s choice. So I selected all these
Avinash:What can a person expect from a girl like you.
Sunehri:What the hell!!! Look Mr.Avinash Deewan I am already very tensed do not irritate me.
Avinash:Ok baba I am sorry?? Now I have a plan I am also in a problem and you are also in problem so let us help eachother and solve our problems. How is it??Cool na??
Sunehri:OK fine!

Sunehri tells her problem to Avinash and he tells her a plan and they both give hi-fi to eachother.

Near the river.

Purab is sitting by the river when he hear someone singing , he moves , following the voice. He finds that the person singing is none other than Sunehri.
Sunehri is seen singing a beautiful lullaby , which brings tears in Purab’s eyes.
She finishes.
Purab:U know how to melt me down Sonu.
Sunehri:You remember how Mom use to sing it to us.
Purab:I remeber it very well.
Sunehri:I miss mom and dad.

They hug.


Sunehri meets Avinash at the back of the campsite.

Sunehri:Thankoooo sooooo veryyyy much!!!
Avinash:My pleasure.
Sunehri:Now u tell me your problem.
Avinash:Actually I am trying to find my campmate.
Sunehri:Ohhh!! I also forgot to figure out my campmate. Well 1st let us find urs.
Avinash:That is sooo sweet of u.
Sunehri:So what is her Roll no.?
Sunehri:Hey it is me?????
Avinash:Wow!! So friends??
Sunehri:Why not…

They both shake their hands.

On the other side Purab comes running to Bulbul.

Bulbul:Hey you here?
Purab (panting):Hey , uuu know whhhat u are my camp mate.

And he unknowingly hugs her , firstly she is left shocked but then hugs him back.(Ishq dua)

On the other side

Shashi and Ria are waiting for Raghav to come after knowing his partner , as anyone of them will be his partner as the trio enrolled together.

He comes with a smile.

Shahshi and Ria : Is it me???

Raghav is left confused.

Raghav:It is Shashi.

Shashi happily gives him a peck on his cheeks.Ria fumes.

Raghav:I am sorry Ria , ur partner is someone named Nuszzz.

A girl comes wearing blue denim and white shirt , she is cute , adorable , sweet , yet talkative girl.

Girl:Do you know who is Ria over here??
Ria:It is me.
Girl:Hi I am Nuszzz ur partner let us set our camp.

They leave.

Now all the couples are setting up their tents while Kuch to hai tere mere darmiyaan plays in BG, whereas Ria fumes.

The screen freezes on the split faces of the couples.

Precap:Shashi falling in river , Bulbul falling of the cliff, while Sunehri is lost in woods, now the question is will their prince come to their rescue.

Credit to: Zuha Fatima

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