Abhigya:Love for 7 lives!! chapter 8


So sorry 4r , the delay , but I will try 2 be regular , and this part is a long 1 , so enjoy it……

The quattro is packing as the classes were over when Sunehri came running and shouted out loud , “Yippppeeee!!”

Purab: Sonu , we are in college not at home that u are shouting….
Bulbul:Well , what happened?
Sunehri:Guess what…
Shashi:Ohhooo….Let her speak…Yes Sunehri dear continue.
Sunehri:So I was saying that , our college is taking us out doors for a week , OMG!!! How intersting na…
Bulbul:I can’t believe it , Pinch me.

Purab pinches her hard. Bulbul shouts in pain and start beating him up , he runs and she also runs after him and they end up landing over eachother , they have an eyelock. (Ishq dua)
Sunehri clicks their pics , not knowing to them.
RaHi coughs and RaBul compose.

Shashi:So when are we leaving?
Sunehri:We have to reach to college at 7 , and all will leave in coaster by 8:45.
Purab:Whatt?? Like , how will we manage in a day.
Raghav:Purab bro. chill , it is for a week so 3 clothes maximum , toothbrush , one shoe and wear joggers itself , and we all will manage food.
Purab:What the hell??
Bulbul:Why are u shouting on my ears!
Shashi:I think so , Raghav is r8 Purab , then what is the problem?
Sunehri:Problem is that Bhai changes his clothes thrice a day so 3 clothes for 1 day , so 7×3=21 clothes.
Raghav:Is he even human…
Purab:Excuse me moi mouisse se …(french)
Shashi:OK , so keep 5 clothes we will wash your clothes.
Bulbul:Never , Ever! Washing clothes and that too of Mr.Sadu , No way!
Sunehri:I am out 2!!

Raghav & Shashi eye eachother and sighs….

All decide what they will bring 4r food nd other.

Raghav=Juices and tents.
Shashi=Sleeping bags and chips.
Bulbul=Camera and Cold drinks
Purab=Lots of fruits and vegetables.
Sunehri=Her 5 equal bag (will reveal in the upcoming episodes)

All bid eachother good bye and leave for their respective homes.

At night , All 4 homes

At Raghav’s home
All is set and he calls all others on skype as a group.
Shashi attends it at the 1st place , Raghav is left shocked at seeing the beautiful sight of the room (?) The bed is messed with clothes , floor is full with chips , wrappers , exploded fizzy drinks , cupboard all messed up , and she herself confused what to wear , what to keep and what is unnecesaary.

Let’s come to Mr.Sadu , he is not that much Sadu as Bulbul thinks , his room is well-maintained as well as his small aparrement , while Sunehri is watching her favorite serial “Swaragini”(?)Purab is still packing his stuff neatly.

Let’s come to the sleeping beauty , Bulbul , who picked up the call in sleep , and attends the whole call yet sleeping.

Raghav is shocked , after knowing how his friends are , totally different from what he expected. Let’s tell u what he thought about his friends:

1)Shashi=Simplicty queen , and well – mannered.

2)Purab=A messy person.

3)Bulbul=Always active.

4)Sunehri=What can he expect from her , the way she is it is perfect.

Raghav shut his laptop and went to sleep and so do all.

Next morning=College

All arrive in 1 car , with lots of stuff , all were way too excited especially Sunehri , and had a naughty smile which made all 4 doubt on her but she was addamant not to tell.

Each and everyone , was staring RaBul and whispering at seeing them , which let them confuse.
Bulbul received a notification on her cell the very momment. She opened as someone liked nd shared something on FB.
She was shock after seeing it and so was Purab. Sunehri had uploaded their pic which she clicked previously , leaving them shocked with a status “Blossoming love ????” Probably the whole college has saw their picture , which had 200 likes nd 75 comments.
The screen freezes on RaBul’s shocked , angry face.

Precap:Shocking adventure part 1….

So guys hope u liked it and yeah no Ria part today but she will accompany them in the journey. So please comment~Zuha

Credit to: Zuha

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  1. He he he sunehri uploaded the pic in fb …. itni shot time pe tumne mujhe sahi samjha. .. This is exactly what I do and my character 😛 …. loved the epi .

    1. Ohhh I did not knew u are like that , so tell me more about urself so I can add more of ur part , and thankssss

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  3. I loved it. As a best friend I would do that just to tease them a lot you know now I am not the only one getting killed.

    1. Thanks Kavina , and friends are like that only , specially a girl like me??

  4. so nice….any romantic scenes fr abigya…???

    1. Romance will be coming nd as u know I have changed their names to Raghav and Shahshi so they are called as RaHi overhere , u may call them Abhigya aswell.

      Thanks Sabeenia!

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    Especially beautiful view of sashi’s room????

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