Abhigya:Love for 7 lives!! chapter 7 part 1


Guys I will be adding lyrics in this chapter hoping you won’t mind.

Presenting you chapter 7….

RaHi bumps at the college gate , Shashi falls in Raghav’s arms , they both have an eyelock (Allah Waariyan plays)
Raghav:I am sorry.
Shashi:Sorry 2
Raghav:Waisay toh , to be rockstar should not say sorry but for u.
Shashi:Shut up! U can not be a rockstar without our band remeber what the professor said.
And if you will start singing, I do not know about others but I will not even listen to it.

She walks off , when she hears guitar’s music. She turns around to see Raghav singing

Kis ka hai ye tum ko intezaar main hoon na.
(Whom u are waiting for I am here)
Dekh lo idhar toh aik baar main hoon na.
(Just look once here , I am here)
Khamosh kyoun ho jo bhi kehna hai kaho
(Why are u quiet,whatever u wanna speak,say)
Dil cahe jitna pyaar utna maang lo
(Ask love to the eternity)
Tum ko milega utna pyaar main hoon na
(U will get that much love , I am here)

Kis ka hai ye tum ko intezaar main hoon na
Dekh lo idhar toh aik baar main hoon na

Kabhi jo tum socho , ke ye dekho
(if u think , if u see)
Arey kitna mujh ko tum se pyaar hai
(that how much I love u)
Arey koi kya hai saathi yaar hai
(Whosoever it is , he ismy soul mate)
Dil hi nahi hai jaan de di jo tujhe
(No heart remains as life is with u)
Jo main kahoonga sarkaar main hoon na
(Whatever it is said master , I am here)

Kis ka hai ye tum ko intezaar main hoon na
Dekh lo idhar to aik baar main hoon.

He ends the song in a kneeling position infront of Shashi. Who is smiling. The whole college applauds on his presentation.
Ria who is watching all this fumes , while RaBul enjoy it. Sunehri is introduced by RaBul to RaHi.
Sunehri thinks ” Not only 1 but 2 love stories are going on here and to make them meet let get started”

The scene ends on her.

Precap:Rabul scene….

Guys I have decided to break all chapters into 2 , 1 for RaHi and 2 for RaBul.
And the precap which I gave in the previous chapter that adventure will start from episode 10.
Zuha Fatima.

Credit to: Zuha

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