Abhigya:Love for 7 lives!! chapter 6 part 2


Guys I am back with episode 6′ part 2. As I told u , that I am ending it so I am not and writing 4r those who like to read it.
The selected combo is RaHi and the lyrics 4r Rabul is Ishq dua….

The scene begins next day at college , Purab enters with a girl hand in hand chit chatting with her , while everyone is shocked to see him coz the whole college knows Purab is not a flirt. Bullbul after seeing it fumes and walk towards them , and pushes the girl who falls on ground. Purab is shocked at her sudden behaviour , and shouts at her “BULBULL!!! Are u in ur senses , have u lost it!”

Bulbul:This should be my question , what is wrong with u? Who is this girl and what are u doing with her?

Purab: Whoever she is , what is ur concern with it , with whom I spend time , why are u jealous.
(coming close to her , making her nervous)

Bulbul: P…pu…rab.

Purab: What Bulbul?(coming more closer to her)Why do u feel me when I am around u , why ur heart starts beating fast when I am close to u , why u feel insecure when I am with someone? Huh?

Bulbul:Coz I lo….

Purab:Continue , why you stopped?
(Cupping her face)

Bulbul with close eyes : I ♡ U!–!–!

Purab waving his hands: Hello are you sleeping?

Yeah it was her dream.

Bulbul: Huh…..

Purab: Why u pushed her , say sorry.

Bulbul: Why , why is she roaming with my partner , do not u have shame roaming with someone else’s partner.

Purab: Excuse me ? She is my sister Sunehri Khanna. She is here 4rm Delhi after completing her intermediate.

Bulbul: Oh , I am sorry. U should have told me 1st.

Purab: BTW , what happened to u all of a sudden. U reacted like….Kya hua?

Bulbul:I lo..I care 4r u.

Purab: Cmon Bulbul , care should be in a limit.

Sunehri: Excuse me stop fighting like Tom & Jerry.

Bulbul: Hi , I am Bulbul , unfortunately 4r ur bro Iam her so called Partner.

Sunehri: Oh hi as bhaiya has introduced me , I am Sunehri 1 year junior than u. Nice meeting u.

Bulbul: Same here.

Purab: Sonu we have a class , so we will be leaving , and some people care to much that it changes into violence.

Bulbul: Excuse me , Aaj kal bhalai ka toh zamana hi nahi raha.

Purab: Bhalai , oh really?.I donot know when this pagli will leave me.

Bulbul: Now this Pagli is in ur destiny , deal with it for 7 lives (ishq dua plays)

RaBul leaves in different directions. Sunehri smiles and thinks ” How cute , and I am sure it is not care but love and if it is care so Sunehri is here I will change this care into love.”

Scene freezes on Sunehri’s determined face.

Precap: A shocking adventure part 1….

Well guys , this part consists RaBul only as the 1st one was 4r Rahi so do not mind plz coz I wanna give equal importance to both the couples. Well 4r Sunehri’s role it will be played by Benaf Dadachanji known for her potrayal in Baa Bahoo aur Baby as Radhika urf Baby (this role is dedicated to my bestie Sunehri)
Thanks 4r reading~Zuha Fatima

Credit to: Zuha

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