Abhigya:Love for 7 lives!! chapter 6 part 1

Guys I am back , thanks once again for ur love and support via comments , Thanks and Love u all!!!!!
Coming towards the story, it is nothing like the ongoing track or any other story line i.e Kasam
Guys nowadays I am getting less comments so do u guys want me to wrap up , plz do tell me ~Zuha Fatima

Presenting u chapter 6

Guys as I asked u before what is a good combo 4r Raghav and Shashi:

And which lyrics will be suitable 4r Rabul:
1)Ishq dua (heartless)
2)Aaye mausam rangeelay , suhanay (Pakistani song)

Now let’s start with the story!!

The scene begins at Ria’s house , where she remeinces a 80 years old FB of Abhigya date night , accident and she is revealed as the person who was burning the pic.


Ria:ABHI, ABHI ABHI!!U were mine , and will remain mine for each and every birth , if u and Pragya can take birth again for ur love to win so why can’t I be back to this world to make your love loose.

And laughs evily….. (evil tune plays)

Scene 2 :Shashi`s room
Shashi is seen roaming here and there and thinking of Raghav and Ria`s closeness and feels uneasy and after a pause “Why am I thinking so much , who is he , my partner that os it , but why am I feeling insecure from Ria , he is my partner , no one else’s ….. seriously my partner?? What has happeneed to me , cmon , am I in love , just shut up Shashi , love never exist.”
Ragini enters , but Shashi does not notices her as she is fighting with her , mind and heart , looking out of window.Ragini places hand over her shoulder , when she realizes someone’s presence around her.

Shashi: Maa , you here , yoy should have fallen asleep by now.
Ragini:If I ask the same question from you , juat have a look to the clock , it is 1 of night and you….
Shashi:I was not gettinf sleep so I decides to just sit over here. But what u are doing here.
Ragini:I woke up to have water but decided to check you out. …. any worry?
Shashi:No , mom , why would I be worried (sweating)
Ragini:So why you are sweating.

Shashi hugs Ragini.

Shashi:Maa , everything is new in here , I was happy in Oxford , I do not get it why U and Dad called me here.
Ragini:Sweetie, in Oxford you can only get good education , but here yoh will interact with one’s who are from the same place from which u hail , u will come to know ur culture , sanskaar etc.

Shashi thinks “I am here to India for the 1st time and I am feeling as I am known to this place since ages , but why do I feel connected to Raghav.”

Scene freezes

Precap: RaBul scenes.
Guys as it is a short 1 so decided to break it into parts so here is part 1 will upload part 2 soon till then enjoy?

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  1. Hi Zuha… I m new to ff…. And I like ur ff… Very nice episode… Waiting for next epi. Don’t stop plz update regularly plz

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thanks Sweety di read and comment dear , will think not to end it.

  2. Nice zuha

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  3. patakha princess

    Zuha……its fab…plz don’t wrap it up………for raghav and shashi….rahi will be nyc…..and the song bxt for rabul is ishq dua

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thanks Princess , for vote as well , ok will think regarding it. When are u posting?

  4. Its Superb…….Plzzzzz don’t stop yaar…………

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thanks Reshma , ok will think.

  5. Nice yaar…I lk rahi name 4 raghav n shashi thn plzzzz don’t thk Ur ff s boring lj tat it’s nice only yaar plzzzz don’t end soon


    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      Thanks durga , 4r vote as well as , will think

  6. Awesome… Don’t end it plzzzz continue

    1. zuha(Asya Fan)

      thnx Zari , will think

  7. Nice

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  8. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice don’t stop it

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      ok will not Sana , thanks.

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