Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 9

Thank u for ur cute comments I felt happy while reading ur comments I could assure I ll give this clg story thr is no leap now.Keep enjoying keep supporting love u all?
In hostel after dinner,Tanu asks,Pragya that Meetu make u to fell down na.Pragya says,Haa..don’t make it issue it’s quite common na.Tanu asks,But v never did like this with anyone ryt.Pragya laughs n asks,Tanu..how was the seminar n winks.Tanu says,Who listented to the seminar I had huge talk with Nikkil.Pragya asks,I wanna know onething Wht u ppl ll speak I mean wht lovers ll speak for a long time.Tanu says,Haa..v ll speak abt random things.Pragya asks,Random things?Tanu says,Haa..Suddenly her phone rang.Pragya says,Nikkil ryt.Tanu says,No..it’s Papa.Pragya says,Oh..Tanu I forgot to say..he had called u when u was in next room..I forget to inform u.Tanu says,No problem n attends the call.Pragya slaps herself n says,Pragya now u r forgetting every thing I think I’m suffering of short term memory loss whatever.She took a novel n started to read by plugging headphones.She was feeling Sleepy n closed the book n abt to unplug the headphones she noticed msgs on her phone.It was Abhi she opens n read..
Abhi:Hey Chashmish?
Abhi:R u thr?
Abhi:R u busy?
Pragya smiles by seeing this n replies him.
Pragya:Still in anger?
Pragya:K..Gud nyt..tc
Abhi:Hey..hold on..hold on..
Pragya:That’s gud Rockstar?
Pragya:Haa..I know..
Abhi:That idiot told u na.
Pragya:Stop calling him idiot..wht mistake he did if u wanna me to stay away from ur personal then I’m Sry..
Abhi:Succha drama queen?
Pragya:Succha Dramebaaz?
Abhi:K..actually wht u were doing so late reply?
Pragya:Reading novel ? n hearing music ?
Abhi:Arey Chashmish always books boring books?
Pragya:Hey..Books r my frnds leave it..Had ur talk with Dadi n Sis.
Abhi:Yup..lenghty talk had u talked with ur family.
Abhi:Feeling sleepy?
Pragya:Lil bit..r u feeling sleepy?
Abhi:Not at all..especially when I’m in convo with u?
Pragya:R u flirting with me ?
Abhi:Do u think?
Pragya:Haa..dramebazi Rockstar?
Abhi:U r so sweet ?
Pragya:And u too
No reply…
Pragya: R u thr?
Pragya: K..good night..tc have a tight sleep ?
Pragya thinks wht he is doing still thr is no reply had he slept…
Pragya:Had u slept?
Abhi:Chashmish!!Pls..frnds r besides me don’t make me to laugh ?
Pragya:ufffffffff!!!Get lost?
Pragya thinks how mean..he is testing me he is such a idiot..Pragya wait wait,why u r being Restless for his reply..leave it he is just a frnd..don’t think more she took a deep breath n lays down on bed..by plugging her headphones.. In between he checked her inbox n says,He didn’t replied..whatever Pragya just sleep n she closed her eyes.

Next day,Pragya was in class thinks,Thank god today no classes she looked Vijay who sitting alone.she tried to talk with Vijay.She goes to him n asks,Hey..Y u r always sitting alone.Vijay doesn’t respond.Pragya says,I’m talking with u.Vijay just stares at her.Tanu comes thr n drags Pragya aside n says,Pragya..come let’s go..frnds r waiting for us.Pragya asks,Y Tanu y u dragged me frm thr.Tanu shouts,Shut up..y u r doing like this..do u think urself as Mother Teresa to shower love to all.Abhi Nikkil n Purab asks,Wht u r arguing.Tanu says,Nothing.Pragya remains silent.Abhi asks,Chashmish Wht happened y u r silent.Pragya turned her face away from him.Purab says,Wait I ll b back.Pragya says,Purab wait..I ll come with u.Purab says,I was going to my class to take our bag..all left coz today no classes.Pragya says,It’s K..I ll come with u.Nikkil n Tanu sat on over thr n started to chat.Purab n Pragya went to class.Abhi got angry as he couldn’t tolerate her ignorance n followed them.Purab n Pragya took their bags n abt to leave.Abhi says,Purab..I wanna talk with her.Purab says,Talk to her y u r asking my permission.Pragya says,Come Purab let’s go.Abhi says,R u deaf.Purab asks,Is thr any problem btwn u two pls sort it out don’t dance on my head n he leaves.Pragya was abt to leave.Abhi holds her wrist n asks,Hey..Chashmish whts wrong with u.Pragya doesn’t respond.Abhi shouts, Chashmish I’m talking with u.Pragya looked away of him.Abhi asks,Eyy!!Chashmish whts wrong with u..He almost pleading.Pragya blurt out in laughter.Abhi asks,Hey..pagal ladki y u r laughing like devil.Pragya beats him in his shoulder n says,Is I’m looking like devil.Abhi says,Haa..cute devil.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Leave it..y u r avoiding me.Pragya says,I did the same Wht u did with me yesterday.Abhi smiles n says,Frndshp may kabhi kabhi ho sakta come let’s go.Pragya says,Who told u r my frnd.Abhi asks,Then u didn’t accept me as ur frnd till now.Pragya smiles n nods no.Abhi asks,Really.Pragya nods yes

Abhi says,U r telling lie.Pragya says,No..Abhi says,U accepted me as ur frnd on the day u talked with me.Pragya says,Over imagination.Abhi says,Arey..I have proof.Pragya scrunched her nose n asks,Proof???Abhi says,Haa..n took the chat paper of Tanu n Pragya n shows to her.Pragya asks,How u get this paper..u stolen from my bag na.Abhi says,It fell down from ur bag.Pragya says,Dramebazi.Abhi says,Drama Queen.Pragya says,K..give me that paper.Abhi says,I won’t n started to run.Pragya chased him unfortunately bumped with Vijay.Pragya says,Sorry..Vijay..Vijay shouts,Y u r always crossing my way..I know abt these type of girls.Pragya cuts him n says,Vijay hold on..I never thought to cross in ur way.. I just wanna u to mingle with all of us that’s y I’m tried to speak with u but u know one thing u r a biggest looser ever coz u can’t b happy n U can’t see others happy..may b u hav worst past but I swear u..u r spoiling ur future by this dumb anger..And one more thing..I ll never cross in ur way..be alone enjoy ur silence sure one day ur silence ll kill u..open ur eyes n try to see the persons around u.Vijay stood freezed.By saying this she left.Abhi Tanu and all was watching her.Pragya came thr n Sat with them.All were noticing her.Pragya asks,What?Tanu says,Pragya..u hav all qualities to became a very good professor.Pragya picks a stone n throws on Tanu.Tanu says,Calm down.Pragya says,I’m not in anger n bit her lips.Abhi says,Chashmish here take ur chat paper..I’m scared that if I didn’t gave this paper then u ll give me this kinda lectures na.Pragya grinned her teeth n says,Abhishek?Abhi says,Chill chill.

After a while,Abhi n Pragya was sitting in canteen.Pragya says,It’s happy to see Tanu like this with Nikkil.Abhi asks,Y.Pragya says, She ll feel bad when Nikil is not talking with her n spending time with u ppl.Abhi stares n raises his eye brow.Pragya says,I mean..Abhishek try to understand every girl ll think na her love should spend more time with her..and u know it very well.Abhi asks,How could I know all this?Pragya says,U had love in ur past na puppy love n smiles.Abhi says,It’s not puppy love or one side love..Pragya with excited voice asks,Then it’s double side love.Abhi says,Leave it..Pragya asks,Kyun..I wanna know.Abhi says,It’s not important yaar..I just wanna forget that..Pragya asks,Really..But ur eyes r saying that u still missing her.Abhi says,Really..u r not yet a graduate in psychology don’t act like a PhD in psychology.Pragya says,For seeing the feel of eyes..degree is no needed.Abhi smiles n says,Really..K..now look into my eyes n say me Wht I’m feeling now.Pragya says,K..she looks into his eyes.She mesmerised for a moment(Shukuran Allah from Kurbaan plays-Meri aankhon mein nazar teri hai..meri shaam ki shaheer tari hai..plug ur HPs to this song)Abhi saved his hand before her eyes n asks,Oye..Chashmish.Pragya blinks her eyes.Abhi asks,Wht u seen in my eyes.Pragya says,I had seen me in ur eyes.Abhi asks,Kya..Pragya came.back to sense n says,I mean my reflection on it eyes.Abhi says,But..I’m seeing my reflection on ur chashma..Btw tell me onething u born with ur chashma ryt?Pragya stares him?Abhi says,Whatever..I just love ur chashma my cuite Chashmish n pulled her cheeks.Pragya laughs n says,btw y u r wearing this dog tags..button studs..Abhi says,it’s Rockstar’s style.Pragya says,Stud is OK..but dog tags r not good on u.Abhi says,Boring tastes..U r the only girl who said me dog tags looks bad on me..u know how girls r praised me for this.Pragya gets anger(actually jealous)n starts to walk.Abhi asks,Kya hua..Pragya says,Go n talk with ur girls who r adoring u.Abhi says,Yes..I’m talking with the girl who I adore.Pragya smiles n asks,Kya..Abhi says,I’m talking with the girl who adore me more than others.Pragya asks,When I said..I’m adoring u.Abhi says,I know..I’m senior to u in psychology n winks.Pragya smiles n says,Abhishek u r impossible.Abhi says,I.m.Possible Chashmish but it’s only for u.Pragya laughs.

Precap: Pragya had a cut in her wrist..Abhi shattered by seeing her.

Credit to: Tisha


  1. Tweety

    Omg thank u so much for this nice episode yaar. So good yaar. Cute abhigya scenes. Waiting for next episode.

  2. Maya♡♡

    Wowwwwww… u know how cutieee cutiee s episode was… read abhigya convo 4 to 5 times… it’s sooooo real tat I almost felt lyk reading my convo with my bestiee??
    Think I should change my name as maya♡♡(fan of tisha aka srimathi)…ur writing style so nice seriously no other ff s stand beside urs n conveying emotions tis prefect… kudos tisha… awesome work keep going?

  3. sana

    Wow…really superb yaar….I liked it soooooo much…u r always awesome…pls try to update more episodes in a day…

  4. Trisha i am also tamilnadu….trisha r u luv some1 becoz ur ff al i thought u feel to luv& writing ff…anyway itz super 2day also…nice episode…i enjoyed and happily read it…abi pragya scenes Superb…i lyk abi-pragya jealous..purab also cute…whiterat-talking tom nice name for takil…trisha my humble request ur ff plze update so soon..i mean update at mrg….i am waiting 4 ff mrg to till now…happy to read ur ff…

  5. Nivethitha

    Wow sooo cute episode ka it was awesome… Abhigya conversation uff… They are adorable ka u rocked it love u so much ka… Keep rocking and eagerly waiting for next episode…

  6. Tisha

    Guys couldn’t post any ff till 29th April coz due to some website maintainace Telly updates won’t accept any ffs till 29th April..Sure I ll miss u all..Wht to do…we have to wait..till that day..take care my dear frnds…

    • Fatimah

      Pls create a group or d page on Facebook n tells us the ww will gladly go n like or join plssssssssssssss its just a request and I pray u consider

      Thank you

      • Tisha

        I couldn’t post it on FB coz I heard that to continue the post on fb writers should get copy right infringement so couldn’t post over thr I’m sry..

  7. durga

    Superb superb superb awesome really get yaar ur ff s just impossible I mean its amazing n mind blowing whenever abhigya conv comes I’m just jumping in excitement n enjoyment… Really awesome n today’s episode s rocking…


    Superb tisha akka… i am also from TN plsss accept me as your sister? and sorry i am not able to comment regularly since i am busy with my studies… Now i am studying class 10th and my classes have started.. But i read your ff daily, even i love your previous ff.. i liked it so much.. I never missed a single epi.. About today’s epi it was fab

    • Tisha

      I ll accept u as my sister btw concentrate on studies too it’s 10th na..consider it as a sister’s advice ❤

  9. razia

    Ari baby loving abhigyas convo .. Ipdiyae pogattum .. It’s really superb let them b immature n funny .. I’m in love wid this abhigya

  10. Hiii diii again u make me get confused to use the words fr u really I cant find throughout my 1785 pages dictionary my god driving me crazy ur usage of smilies is awesome nd tht purab saying dont dance on my head I laughed fr a longtime nd abhi gvng her chat paper in fear of getting lecture is superb nd tht reflection scene is incredible nd tht abhi’s last part dialogues r simply damnnnn gud yestday nly I said naa if I keep on typing thn I vil repeat the whole episode soo I vil stop it here nly otherwise another para I vil write though u dont knw us STILL U R GIVING INCREDIBLE ENTERTAINMENT FR US HUMBLED AND GRATITUDE FRM MYSIDE FR THISS THNX FR GVNG US LOL AND AAPEL THNQ UUU SOOOOO MUCH

  11. ayooo diiii till 29th haaa really I cant bear it godjii smehow sort it out bcoz ur ff is one of my daily chores fingers crossed hope they vil nt do dizzz fr us I cant go through the day without ur ff bcoz I am strongly intoxicated with it tera suroor nd diiii may I know wat ur pursuing now if u dont mind in sharing

  12. Aarthi

    Awesome…yaar…you are always amazing me….there was life in your ff…and it was quiet different from others…ya..its sad that we couldn’t update till 29….lets wait till that…am also preparing my ff..as i couldn’t post for few days..i used to read each episode of ur ff…but i didn’t comment daily..really sorry for that… as becoz mostly i will be going through it on weekends..so i thought…you may not come across it.so….any away..keep going….u are an amazing writer…and waiting for 29th….

  13. Srisha

    Wow awesome episode akka.thanks for accepting our request and you made the impossible thing possible.u make us to love tanu through ur episode u made pranu friends and that too accepted and enjoyed by us.superb keep mesmerizing us with ur magical writings

  14. vaishali

    Awesome awesome awesome tisha dii u r incredible how cud u write such cute episodes tell me when and where the class time starts I will join ur class on how to write stories awesome way and how to keep fans clinged to yr story will u join me

    • Tisha

      Hahaha…..Vaishali…I don’t know how to react!!!!Tell me Wht I hav to say for this ? Anyways I’m happy that u loving this to the core!!!Loads of love for ur love!!

  15. Silent reader

    Tisha di…. U r simply awesome!! I know writing 100 episodes is not easy! But u did it… And u r still keeping the craze for ur ff.. I always wait for ur ff…. Hope u reply me this time..#spread love

    • Tisha

      Thank u so much ya…I’m feeling humble by seeing ur love n interest towards my ff’s thank u so much n ya #SpreadLove God bless:)

  16. kaif

    i like your writing its awesome and i read all the eternal loves episode only its very nicer than real kkb keep writing this way

  17. Maya

    Always a pleasure to read ur ff in times of distress as it just makes me relieve from whatever pain that i go thr!! I am always visualizing ur writing which only makes me addicted to ur ff?

  18. Sri

    Hi Tisha, I am a silent reader of ur ff. Ur way of expressing all the feel is very nice and very creative.

    I had never missed any of ur episodes. Without reading ur ff my day won’t be completed.

    For the past two days I am waiting for ur next episode. Maintenance is over, article submission is available now.
    Pls update next episode yaar, eagerly waiting

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