Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 8


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In class,Pragya calls Tanu in a husky voice.Tanu writes,Pragya pls already we hav less attendance on this man’s class..today if v caught by him then v won’t get sufficient attendance to attend exam.Pragya reads n writes,But I wanna talk with u now?Tanu writes,K..write it on paper but in between make sure that u r in eye contact with that professor else v ll caught?Pragya writes,Okie..Btw I’m so hungry?Tanu writes,Btw I’m feeling so sleepy?Pragya writes,Do u know whts spl for lunch today my fav?Tanu writes,Hostel may Rajma chawal hey na..u won’t like that ryt?Pragya writes,No..today’s spl is Maggi?Tanu writes,Hey..how u get Maggi..today Rajma chawal.Pragya writes,No..my frnd ll bring Maggi?Tanu writes,Really?Pragya writes,Haa?Tanu writes,Who is that Sara brought us Maggi?Pragya writes,No?Tanu writes,Then who?Pragya writes,Abhishek?Tanu writes,Who is he?Pragya writes,U don’t know uh?Abhishek is Abhi☺Tanu writes,Kya??Pragya writes,Haa?Suddenly the siren blowed.Pragya folds the convo paper n puts in her bag.As professor gone out.Tanu asks,How..I mean..y..Pragya asks,Wht?Tanu asks,Y he is bringing Maggi for u.Pragya says,So Wht..he offered me I too accept that.Tanu says,Oh..really this Nikkil didn’t offered me anything.As Tanu said Nikkil’s name Pragya thought abt Abhi told Nikkil’s nick name n laughs.Tanu asks,Y u r laughing.Pragya says,Nothing come let’s go see all left for lunch.Tanu asks,Whr v r going.Pragya says,Abhishek’s class.Tanu asks,Pragya hav u gone mad..how could v go thr Wht they ll think of us.Pragya asks,Then Wht to do?Tanu says,If he really wanna give u lunch he should come to our class na.

As they were talking a voice came,Hi girls!!said,Nikkil.PraNu says,Hi.Followed by Abhi n Purab too came thr.PraNu stares at Purab.Purab says,I told u na..these two ll stare me.Abhi laughs n says,Wait man.Nikkil asks,Hey..girls..he is really a nice guy forget that misunderstanding let us be gud friends.PraNu looks at each other n smiles at Purab n forwards their hand.Purab gives his hand.Abhi Nikkil to gave their hands n all shouts,Friends.After breaking that,Pragya asks,Abhishek Whr is my Maggi.Nikkil n Purab says,Abhishek?Abhi says,Haa..Kyun..it’s my name na.Purab asks,Then who is Abhi.Abhi says,Leave it yaar..she is comfortable with this.Tanu says,Leave it..Whr is our lunch.Nikkil took 2 boxes n gave it to her.Pragya asks,Only two..Abhi asks,Y..u ll eat more than two boxes but u didn’t seems to b like that n winks.Pragya says,Arey..Abhishek I’m asking for u three.Purab says,No problem Pragya v ll buy something in canteen.Tanu says,If u ppl don’t mind u ppl can share with us.Pragya says,Haa..Purab says,No..u ppl hav it.Pragya says,No problem Purab.Abhi says,It’s K Chashmish no formalities.Pragya says,Just now v all became frnds but u ppl r refusing from frnds.Abhi says,Arey meri maa..K v ll hav lunch with u.Pragya says,Fine..let’s go.All gathered in canteen.PraNu says,U ppl wait here v ll b back n kept their bag on table n left.Abhi took Pragya’s bag.Purab asks,Wht r u dng Abhi..U shouldn’t take others bag without their permission especially girl’s bag n snatched the bag n kept on table.A paper fell down from her bag.Purab n Nikkil doesn’t see that.Abhi noticed that n took the paper n kept in his pocket.

Pragya n Tanu came back to the table with many chocolates.Abhi murmers,Hey..they r getting chocolates for us.Nikkil smiles n says,Haa..Abhi..My fav chocolates my love is so sweet she is getting my fav for me.PraNu sat on chair.Pragya kept all the chocolates in her bag.Tanu says,Pragya..don’t miss even a chocolate especially don’t give to anyone.Pragya says,Sure Tanu..That Ronni hey na..always craving chocolates so irritating.Abhi n Purab looks at Nikkil n laughs.Pragya asks,Y u both r laughing.Purab asks,Kuch nahi..btw is anyone’s bday today.Tanu says,No..y.Abhi asks,These much of chocolates.Pragya says,Oh..chocolates..today v having seminar in seminar Hall so v ll feel sleepy if v hav chocolates v ll feel fresh.Abhi says,Wahh!!Einstein brain.Pragya stares.Purab says,Hey..v also having seminar I think it’s practical seminar senior ll guide juniors.Tanu says,Wow..then fine..Pragya says,K..lets see it afterwards.Abhi asks,Y u r not interested in this.Pragya says,If that Ostrich came to took seminar sure he ll send Tanu n me out of the class.Nikkil asks,Who is Ostrich.Tanu says,That CA professor.Abhi laughs.Pragya started to eat.Abhi asks,Y u don’t like him.Pragya says,No he won’t like us she said by eating.Abhi thinks,She is so cute.Pragya says,Btw..who made this.Tanu was dividing the food to others.Abhi asks,Y chashmish..it doesn’t taste good.Pragya says,No it is really supreb.Abhi says,I prepared this.Purab says,I poured water.Nikkil says,I.bought it from shop.Abhi says,I stired it.PraNu laughs.Tanu says,Anyhow..it tastes good.

All was gathered in seminar Hall.Nikkil was waiting for Tanu.Abhi asks,Hey Nikkil y u r sitting alone.Nikkil says,Waiting for Tanu she ll sit with me.Abhi thniks,Whatta plan Romancing in clg wow.Abhi thinks,It ll b nice if Chashmish sit with me but y she should v r just frnds.Purab was abt to sit besides Abhi.But..Meetu comes thr n sits besides Abhi n says,Abhi..we ll hav some time to spend together.Abhi gets irked.Purab stares Abhi n Meetu n sat alone in another seat.Abhi says,Meetu whts thr to spend time together see Purab is feeling alone.Meetu says,Leave him I wanna ask u onething but professor enters the seminar Hall.Abhi thinks,Y Chashmish hadn’t came till now.Professor switched on the projector n abt to start class.PraNu comes hurrily n says,Excuse me sir.Professor turned towards door n says,Wht do u want..U both r late..get lost.Abhi feels bad for his Chashmish.As professor told get lost Pragya turned to leave.Tanu stares her n holds her hand and says,Sorry sir.Pragya stares Tanu n murmers,Y u r asking Sry..He is always insulting us.Tanu asks,Hav u lost it he has our marks.Pragya stares.Professor says,If ur discussion got over get lost from here don’t waste our time.Meetu laughs.Abhi says,Shut up..Pragya says,Sry.Tanu says,Sry sir..v ll b on time next time.Professor says,K..get in.As they entered.Tanu goes n sat besides Nikkil.Pragya looks at Abhi as he was sitting with Meetu.Abhi feels awkward.At the time Meetu signals her frnd.She forwarded her leg on Pragya’s way.Pragya fell down as her chasma to fell off her eyes.All laughed.Purab says,Hey Pragya..Wht happend.Abhi was abt to get up.Meetu holds his hand n says,Abhi..Wait n enjoy the comic show n laughs.Tanu goes to Pragya.Purab helped her n gave her chasma.Pragya says,Thank u Purab.Purab says,If u don’t mind u can sit with me.

Pragya says,Sure n sat besides Purab.Abhi was looking at her without taking his eyes off.Purab says,Pragya r u feeling bad that everyone laughed at u.Pragya says,No Purab..it’s quite common..I had experienced this many times.Purab says,Hey don’t wry.Pragya says,Arey..leave it..I won’t mind abt others.Purab says,That’s great.They both smiles.As seminar was started.Nikkil n Tanu was chatting.Meetu was talking with Abhi..Abhi gazing at Pragya.Pragya n Purab sit as like unintrested in seminar.Pragya says,Purab..don’t u feel sleepy..Purab says,Haa..lil bit feeling Sleepy.Pragya took her bag n gives him chocolate n says,Have it u ll feel better.Purab smiles n gets that.She again took chocolates.Purab says,One is enough for me Pragya.Pragya says,Arey..it’s for our frnds.Pragya calls,Ronnie..Ronnie in a husky voice.Ronnie turns n asks,Wht?Pragya gives him chocolate.Ronnie says,Thank u..I too feeling Sleepy.Pragya says,Ya..it’s clear from ur face.Professor says,Pragya..keep quiet.Pragya says,Sry sir.Abhi laughs at her antics.Then she took two chocolates n passed it to Tanu n Nikkil.Tanu says,Thank u sweet heart.Pragya says,Enjoy.Then,Pragya turns to Abhi n calls,Abhishek..Abhi raises his eye brows n asks,Wht?Pragya gives him two chocolates.Abhi says,One is enough for me.Pragya says,Arey..other one is for that girl Meetu.Abhi smiles n says,Thank u sweet heart.Pragya’s eyes widened n turned n says,Purab all r sitting with their love.Purab says,Nikkil alone sitting with his love.Pragya says,Abhi too.Purab says,Arey..Meetu is not his love it’s some other girl..but it was on our skl days..puppy love n laughs.Pragya smiles.As clg ended,Pragya got call from Bulbul by speaking to her she reached hostel.After a while,Abhi called Pragya.Pragya says,Haa..Abhishek.Abhi asks,Y u left without informing us.Pragya says,Woh..my sis called me so I came by just talking with her.Abhi says,Fine.Pragya asks,Abhishek.if u don’t mind may I know abt ur love.Abhi asks,How u know that.Pragya says,Purab told me..u loved a girl during ur skl days.Abhi says,Arey..that idiot naa..leave it Chashmish it’s nothing important.Pragya says,K..wassup.Abhi says,Hey..leave this formal talks..u know Meetu only made u to fell today.Pragya says,I knew it.Abhi asks,Then y u gave chocolate for her too.Pragya says,Coz she is ur frnd na she is sitting besides u..if u eat without giving to her she ll feel bad na that’s y..K Abhishek..Tanu is calling me bye catch u later n ends the call.Abhi thinks,She is such a gem and naughty too n smiles.

Precap: Abhi asks,When u accepted me as ur frnd.Pragya says,Not yet.Abhi says,Lie.

Credit to: Tisha

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