Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 7


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In hostel,Pragya n Tanu was having their lunch.Pragya asks,Tanu u r now happy na.Tanu says,Haa..Pragya Kyun.Pragya smiles n says,Nothing u r so sweet.Tanu says,No one is as sweet than u.Pragya says,Haa..stop buttering me..btw I forgot to say onething.Tanu asks,Wht?Pragya says,Me n Bulbul had gone to film on Saturday Bajirao Mastaani?Tanu asks,Pragya it’s not fair..u didn’t called me.Pragya says,Arey..u already planned with Nikkil na that’s y.Tanu says,Whatever atleast u should inform me na.Pragya says,I’m Sry by holding her ears.Tanu says,No I’m not going to forgive u n started to walk towards the campus.Pragya follows her n says,This is not fair yaar.Nikkil was waiting for Tanu.Along with Abhi n Purab was watching him from first floor stairs.Purab says,Abhi..I wanna go to department meet u both in class n left.Abhi was smiling at Nikkil n thinks,Silly boy..how he is waiting outside ladies hostel like watchman.As Tanu came thr Nikkil says,Hey Tanu.Tanu shouts,Coz of u she left me n went for Movie..just go to hell?n walked away.Abhi says,Is this Nikkil fiancee he burst out in laughter n says,Wow..Kya Jodi hey a white rat n a talking tom?Nikkil thinks,Wht I did?Pragya who follows Tanu still following her.Nikkil stops Pragya.Pragya shouts,Coz of u she is mad at me u just get lost of my sight?Nikkil thinks,Yesterday they were so cool but today they r behaving so weired may b the effect of this hostel’s meal n follows them.Abhi thinks,This Nikkil knows Chashmish too..Is Chashmish is his fiance no way..she can’t be.

Abhi was gazing at Pragya.Pragya accidentally saw him who was standing in stares n gazing at her.Abhi made a smile as she saw him but Pragya ignored his smile but she was looking at him.As she was gazing at him she doesn’t noticed a small pit on ground her leg slipped n fell down n shouts,Ouchhh!!Tanu turned back n saw Pragya was sitting on floor.Nikkil too rushed towards her.Abhi too stepped down.Tanu asks,Pragya don’t create this stupid scenes to console me.Pragya stares at her n sees her band which was bleeding.Tanu shocked n says,Oh..my God Pragya..Wht the hell is this..u really fell down.Nikkil says,Tanu..Wht the hell u r doing..she is bleeding but u r taunting her.Tanu says,Shut up..coz of u she fell down.Pragya looks at both n grinned her teeth in pain n anger?Abhi sees this n says,That..white rat is his fiance confirmed.Tanu n Nikkil keeps on fighting.Pragya gets irked n abt to get up but she couldn’t.Abhi came thr n says,Nikkil professor called u he wanna meet u.Nikkil says,Haa..Abhi..I ll go..U Tanu just go to hell left the placs.Tanu shouts,U go to the hellest hell.Abhi asks,If u both finished ur fight let’s help her na.Tanu says,I know u do ur work.Abhi controlled his anger n helps Pragya to stand n says,Hey..ur hand is bleeding n takes his kerchief n ties in her hand.Tanu says,Come let’s go to hostel.Pragya says,Thank u by facing Abhi.Abhi smiles n thinks,How sweet she is.They both left.Abhi thinks,Oh..I forgot to ask her name n says,Oh..Nikkil is thr na from him I ll know Woh..white rat’s name is Tanu..ya Tanu n says,Nikkil knows Chashmish n smiles.

In room,Tanu was dressing Pragya’s injury.Pragya shouts.Tanu says,Pragya stop this..More than an hour I’m trying to dress ur wound u r not letting me to do..see clg too gets over hav to get notes from Sara..she is waiting outside the hostel if I didn’t go thr she ll leave then v hav to stay outside the class for 1week.Pragya says,Tk..meri maa..I won’t shout.Tanu dressed her wound.Pragya closed her eyes.Tanu smiles n says,Hogaya..I’m ll b back.Pragya smiles.As Tanu left the room.Pragya sees the bandage n says,This Tanu na for small injury she had dressed me like I had met with a big accident.Suddenly Tanu’s phone rang.Pragya sees the phone it was Nikkil.Pragya attends the call n says,Nikkil Tanu had gone to meet Sara..call after sometime.The caller on other side says,Hey..hold on..hold on..Pragya identified that this is not Nikkil n asks,Who r u.Called says,Is this Tanu’s phone na.Pragya says,Haa..Caller asks,Who r u?Pragya says,I’m her friend.Caller says,U don’t have any name.Pragya says,Hello..y should I tell my name first tell me who r u.Caller says,Ok..fine I’m Abhi.Pragya shocked n a moment of silence.Abhi asks,R u thr Chashmish?Pragya asks,Hello..on that day y u called me Chashmish infront of everyone.Abhi says,Coz I don’t know ur name thats y I called u Chashmish.Pragya says,Pragya.Abhi asks,Wht?Pragya says,Name..Pragya.Abhi repeats the name n smiles n says,Nice name Chashmish.Pragya says,Now u know my name na.Abhi says,Haa..

Pragya says,K..fine..Tanu had gone to met a friend call after sometime n abt to end the call.Abhi says,Hey..chashmish..hold on..I had called to talk with u.Pragya asks,Wht thr to talk with me.Abhi says,Huhh..U r Mumbai ryt..y u r getting scared of me.Pragya says,Who told I’m scared of u.Abhi asks,Then y u r running from me.Pragya says,I won’t talk with strangers.Abhi asks,Really..is I’m looking like a stranger for u.Pragya thinks,Oh..know how he know that his face seems to b familiar to me.Abhi asks,R u thr?Pragya says,Haa..Abhi says,Hey u know onething u seems to b familiar to me..hav u met me before..or did u feel I’m familiar to u.Pragya thinks,Oh..God how is this possible n says,No..I don’t feel anything like that.Abhi says,Fine..can I hav ur contact number.Pragya wonders how he could ask number within 5 mins n says,Y u want my number.Abhi says,U don’t know y a person is asking for number.Pragya says,I’m getting late gotta go n ends the call.Pragya slapped herself n says,Wht the hell Pragya whatta stupid excuse..Wht he ll think of u n Sat on bed.Tanu came back.Pragya narrates everything.Tanu says,Pragya u should have gave ur number to him how genuine he is he is asking u decently..if he wants the number he may took ur number from Nikkil na but he is asking u directly.Pragya asks,Wht to do.Tanu says,Ask him sry..Pragya asks,Hey..y should I ask Sry.Tanu says,Atleast..u should talk to him.Pragya asks,K..but how..Tanu says,Wait I ll get his number from Nikkil within minutes Tanu gave Abhi’s number.

Pragya with lots of confusion texts him,Hi..This is Pragya☺n says,Tanu I had send him text.Tanu says,Wait..sure he ll reply.Immediately Abhi calls her.Pragya says,Tanu he is calling me.Tanu’s phone rang.Tanu attends n started to talk with Nikkil.Pragya asks,Hey..Tanu..Wht shall I do.Tanu shouts,Arey meri maa..just attend the call n she continued her talk.Pragya attends the call.Abhi says,Hey..Chashmish..Thanks for giving ur number.Pragya says,I’m Pragya.Abhi says,So Wht Chashmish suits u.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,So..have ur work done.Pragya asks,Kya work.Abhi says,U told me na u r running late.Pragya says,Woh..Abhi says,I understand u mentioned to restroom ryt.

Pragya says,Eeyyy!!No..no.Abhi laughs n says,I’m just joking.Pragya asks,If u don’t mind may I know ur full name.Abhi says,Actually I won’t mind whatever u ask.Pragya asks,Kya.Abhi says,I’m Abhishek Prem Mehra.Pragya thinks,Haa..sucha lenghty name.Abhi asks,R u thinking that my name is too big na.Pragya says,Yes..then says No..Abhi says,So sweet..Pragya asks,How should I call u.Abhi says,All ll call me as Abhi.Pragya says,K..even I also call u by that name.Abhi says,K fine..They continued their talks abt their likes n dislikes.Abhi asks,Hey..u hav to tell me the love story of white rat n talking tom.Pragya asks,Who r they.Abhi says,Ur frnd n my frnd.Pragya laughs n says,Oh my god..U r impossible Abhishek..Sry Abhi.Abhi says,Hey Chashmish I won’t mind if u called me Abhishek call as by ur wish.Pragya says,Oh..fine..then..Abhishek is k for me.Abhi says,Fine..u r the first person who calling me as Abhishek..I think u ll b the last person too.Pragya says,So special na.Abhi says,U r so special.Pragya asks,Kya..Abhi says,Whts special in ur hostel for dinner.Pragya says,Who knows..whatever it ll b bad.Abhi laughs n says,I knew..even I spent 6 months thr na.Pragya says,Mmm.Abhi says,Don’t wry tmrw I ll bring u handmade lunch.Pragya asks,Handmade lunch?But who ll made that.Abhi says,It’s me who else.Pragya asks,Do u cook?Abhi says,Oye..don’t underestimate me Chashmish..tell me Wht u want.Pragya says,Hmm..I want aloo parata.Abhi says,Eyy!!Chashmish hold on..I ll bring u Maggi.Pragya says,Maggi.Abhi says,Haa..I know to cook Maggi only u don’t like Maggi.Pragya says,I like Maggi.Abhi says,Fine.Pragya says,K..feeling sleepy..Abhi asks,So soon.Pragya says,Ha..Abhi says,K..how was ur wound.Pragya says,Feeling better.Abhi says,Tc..good nyt baby.Pragya thinks,Baby??Abhi says,Hello..Pragya says,Haa..good night..tc..call ended.Purab noticed Abhi with a wide smile n asks,Abhi..whom u r talking with..Abhi says,Chashmish..Purab says,Chashmish..Abhi says,For u Pragya for me Chashmish.Purab says,I had never seen u this much happy before.Abhi says,She made it.Purab feels happy for Abhi.

Precap: Pragya asks Abhi abt his love.Abhi asks,How u know tat?

Credit to: Tisha

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