Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 6

First of all thank u for all ur prayers for Maa she recovered now injury is healing well thank u for each and everyone my dr friends and thank u for ur support towards this ff keep supporting need ur support love u all ?Lets get into the story…

Morning in Abhi’s home(Not sucha big house like MM)Dadi came thr with coffee n wakes Abhi.Abhi says,Dadi..pls lemme sleep.Dadi says,Arey..u know whts the time.Abhi asks,Whts the time?Dadi says,It’s morning 11 beta.Abhi wakes up n Sat on bed n says,Oh..no Dadi..Purab n Nikkil will come within half an hour Oh..no..y u didn’t woke me.Dadi says,Arey I was waking u from past 1hr.Abhi says,ok ok n sips the coffee in hurry n leaves to fresh up.Screen flips to Arora house,Bulbul says,Di..make it soon else v ll miss the first scene.Pragya says,Arey..I’m making it soon only na then y u r shouting.Bulbul says,Di..if v miss the first scene sure I ll kill u.

Sarla says,Arey..Bulbul for Movie u gonna kill my Pragya.Bulbul says,Haa..Maa.Pragya says,Then I won’t come with u n pretends to b anger.Bulbul says,Oh..my sweet drama queen pls come its getting late na.Pragya says,K..meri Maa one minute I ll wore my duppata.Bulbul says,Hmm..btw di y Tanu refuse to come.Pragya says,She planned outing with Nikkil.Bulbul says,Tanu is enjoying hey na.Pragya says,Haa..Bulbul says,k come soon I ll wait outside.Pragya nods.Screen flips to Purab’s house,Purab thinks,Oh..no I’m getting late if I gone late then Abhi ll kill me n picks his wallet..Bulbul’s ID falls from the wallet.Purab says,Oh..no..this is that girl’s ID she ll search for it hav to give to the girl n looks at the ID n calls for her number,Bulbul attends the call n asks,Who is this.Purab says,Is that Bulbul.Bulbul says,Haa..U.Purab says,Hey..u missed ur ID it’s with me.Bulbul immediately searched in her bag n says,Oh..thank u so much.Purab says,K..I’m leaving out now so can u come n get ur ID.Bulbul asks,Now?Purab says,Haa..ek minute..Hey my frnd is studying in ur clg if u don’t mind get it from her.Bulbul says,Wow..that’s fine..Whts ur frnd’s name n give it to her I ll get from her.Purab says,Her name is Alia.Bulbul asks,Alia?Hey she is my frnd yaar..she is final ur na.Purab says,Haa..Bulbul smiles.Pragya comes thr n says,Bulbul let’s go.Bulbul in phone,Anyways,Thank u Mr.??Purab says,Purab.Bulbul says,Haa..Thank u Purab give it to Alia I ll get from her thank u so much.Purab says,It’s K.Call ended.

Pragya asks,Whom u r talking with?Bulbul says,Nothing di..I lost my ID regarding that a phone call leave it nothing important..let’s go na.Pragya nods.Screen flips to Abhi’s house,Abhi…Abhi..Abhi..called Purab n Nikkil.Alia comes thr n asks,Wow..Wht a surprise?Purab says,Hey Alia..I wanna give u onething.Alia asks,Wht?Purab gives Bulbul’s ID n says,She lost this I got this in Railway station can u pls give to her.Alia says,Oh..thank u Purab..this Bulbul hey na..always careless.Purab smiles n abt to say something.Abhi comes thr n cuts Purab n says,Hey guys..I’m ready lets go na.Alia says,ek minute bhai..Pura btw her di is studying..Abhi cuts her n says,Hey..Whts this Alia always gossiping abt others.Nikkil laughs n says,It’s common with girls.Alia says,Excuse me..I’m not gossiping.Abhi says,What ever..We r leaving inform to Dadi.Alia says,No..I won’t..Abhi says,Tk..then I won’t get ur chocolate.Alia says,K fine..I ll inform Dadi.Abhi says,That’s Gud n the trio left the house.Abhi Purab n Nikkil reached the theatre.Abhi says,Purab..this film seems to be boring na.

Purab says,It’s love story yaar.Abhi says,Then Nikkil should watch this y should v.Purab says,Arey..stop it..come let’s go n seated.Pragya n Bulbul was on the way.Bulbul says,Di..I told u na v ll b late..if I miss my Ranveer’s entry I won’t spare u.Pragya says,Arey..Bulbul Wht I did..coz of traffic v r running late.Bulbul stares.As Bulbul n Pragya reached the theatre n rushed in to their seats but the film was started as they banged in some eyes noticed them.Bulbul says,Di..see movie started.Pragya says,Shh..chup kar..n they took their seat.In their back row Abhi Purab n Nikkil was sitting.As they didn’t noticed each other.As the film was going,Pragya says,Achii..film na Bulbul..Bulbul says,Haa..di..Pragya asks,y this love is always hurting?Bulbul says,How I know that di.Abhi heara their convo n smiles at her silly questions but he couldn’t see the face.Abhi thinks,It’s just a film but y this girl is too much involved with this.
As movie was moving to end.Pragya cries.Bulbul asks,Di..r u crying?Pragya says,No in crying voice.Bulbul says,Di..Pragya says,Kyun Bulbul Bajirao killed Mastaani.Bulbul says,Di..it’s movie.Abhi couldn’t control his smile by hearing this he just wanna see that girl’s face but as the film gets over Purab n Nikkil dragged him out.Abhi asks,Arey..whts the hurry.Purab says,Movie gets over na then wht.Abhi couldn’t say anything.As they were roaming around the market area.Abhi stood in a shop as he heard one of his fav song on radio from the shop.Pragya on other side she too stopped at the shop’s another side as she heard her fav song.They both were standing in both sides n melting into the song but couldn’t see.The shopkeeper asks,Wht u want?Both came to sense n says,Nothing n left the place.

(Allah waariyan Plays better u ppl plug ur headphones to that song)As the day ends all got back to their home n the day ended.Next day evening,Bulbul says,Di..now u gonna leave na.Pragya says,I ll come next week don’t wry my sweety.Sarla says,Bulbul she is going for college not for sasural.Pragya smiles.Tanu comes thr with packed bags by tears in her eyes.Tanu asks,Pragya are U ready come let’s go.Sarla says,Tanu beta just now u came wait I ll get U coffee.Tanu says,No Maa..it’s getting late v ll miss the train.Sarla nods.Pragya hugs Sarla Bulbul n Dadi n says,Bye take care.Tanu too hugs them n says,Bye.Pragya n Tanu came out n took auto towards railway station.

Abhi Purab and Nikil was on chat shop n chatting n cracking jokes.In auto,Pragya looks at Tanu being silent.Silent tears r flowing from Tanu’s eyes but she hides it.Pragya asks,Tanu..r u alryt.Tanu says,Haa..Pragya Kyun.Pragya says,Superb Tanu now u started to hide things from me na.Tanu sobbed into her arms n says,Pragya u know how I’m excited to meet Nikkil n had planned outing with him na.Pragya rubbed her back n says,Haa..Kya hua.Tanu says,He didn’t even came to see me.Pragya wipes her tears n says,Don’t wry..see how I’m gonna scold him.Tanu says,No Pragya he doesn’t love me.Pragya says,Hey Tanu if he doesn’t love u then y he asked u to join in his college..y u r over thinking wait..I ll call him.Pragya calls Nikkil,Nikkil attends the call n says,Hey..how r u.Pragya says,Shut up..Y u r doing like this Nikkil.Nikkil asks,Wht I did?Abhi n Purab asks,Kya hua.Nikkil says,Nothing..wait I ll b back n goes distance from them.Pragya says,Y u r avoiding Tanu.Nikkil says,No..I’m not avoiding her.

Pragya asks,Then y she is crying.Nikkil asks,Y she is crying?Pragya says,Don’t act smart..V r moving to campus now..u also coming to Pune na.Nikkil says,No..v ll I mean I ll come thr tmrw morning.Pragya says,K fine..now come to Railway station.Nikkil asks,Now?Pragya says,Haa..now..no excuses.Nikkil says,K I ll come.

In railway station,Nikkil comes thr n asks,Pragya y u called me.Pragya says,ask Tanu uly she is crying.Nikkil asks Tanu,Y u r crying?Tanu slaps him n asks,Y did u Come now n shouts go n enjoy with ur friends.Nikkil says,I’m sry sweet heart..I hurted u na..sure here after I ll spend time with u for sure.Tanu asks,Promise..Nikkil says,Pakka Promise.They hugs each other.Pragya smiles.Nikkil says,Thank u Pragya.Pragya says,Here after if u hav any misunderstanding clear that immediately else it ll spoil ur beautiful relationship.Tanu smiles n says,Thank u Pragya.Pragya says,K..let’s go it’s getting late na.Tanu says,Ya..bye Nikkil meet u tmrw.Nikkil says,Bye.Pragya n Tanu gets into the train.Train started to move.Tanu hugs Pragya n says,U r the sweetest person I had ever met love u n kisses her.Pragya says, Oh..really.. Tanu says,Haa..Prags.Pragya asks,U r happy na.Tanu says,Haa..Pragya says,That’s enough..they both smiles n started to chat.

Precap: Abhi was looking at Pragya.Pragya too stares at him n accidentally fells down n got injured.

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  1. Abhigya melted during their fav song was superb?….Nice episode….

  2. superb episode srimathi …i love it…..thank god that ur mother got well …anyways take care of her …….and awesome episode ….srimathi rockss….

  3. Oh my god…
    What to say..
    I don’t know how to show my happiness
    I really like ur ff…
    Yarr its really nice.
    The theater part is super..
    The precap is also super…
    Pls jaldi next episode upload Karina..
    I can’t wait for that..
    This story is really heart touching..
    Aur thumari maa teek hone ki baath suun kar bhahuth kush hua..
    Pls upload the next episode todayy

  4. Amma get well soon, always u’s ff rock

  5. superb epi……fully enjoyed a lot…hw was maa…??

  6. So cute tisha di, nice to hear that your is fine now… the epi awesome as always???.. Eagerly waiting for the next update…

  7. thnx fr god tht aunt is fyn now diii nd as usual u dragged us into ur creativity without no offence r defence my god tht pranu relationship is soooo sweet as u nd tht movie scene is also awesome hope abhi vil cme to knw tht it is prags

  8. Superb episode ka eagerly waiting for next episode

  9. happy for recover of mam takecare of ur mam. awesome srimathi ur ff always greate.

  10. hey tisha sry yr these days I was little bit busy so didn’t commented but read all ur episodes and believe me u r going superb and today’s episode was too lovely yr but one thing u mistaken don’t take my words wrong but bajirao didn’t killed mastani yr they both were died naturally bajirao with fever and mastani realising that he is no more sry if I hurted u but it s man fav movie na so…….???

    1. I didn’t watched the movie my frnd told this that’s y anyways thank u yaar..

      1. its OK I told u coz I have watched it 10 times from day it released till now and its my fav movie also na ???

    2. Oh fine?

  11. Awesome tisha I loved it pls unite abhigya fast

  12. Hey nice episode Tisha

  13. It’s really superb yaar no.no it’s awesome amazing rocking that theater scene thn abhigya listen a song n just forget their world everything s nice yaar…

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  16. nice writing

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