Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 41 Epilogue

“Yes,Its 7 days 15 hours 45 minutes and 3 seconds now,that my fuggi and me get into a new life,being together forever,and being together is not new for us but being together all the time is really an awesome moment for us,Finally..yeah finally my love of life is with me in my home sorry in our home (Mehra Mansion)as Mrs.Abhishek Prem Mehra.After I announced our wedding infront of the world we got married after a year..yeah it took a year to completely fulfill our dreams exactly her dreams making those kids fit and fine was her dream and happiness and though its her dream so it was mine too..we made everything for those kids together finally all are fit and fine we always being in touch with them..and they even came for our wedding too..and our wedding dream wedding but its not like the great Rockstars wedding its simple coz she want it to be simple..our family and friends attended our wedding..Her Maa..

now she is my maa too..Her Sister..gonna be wife of my best friend..then Rockstar Dadi..no its not my dadi its her dadi..but she is a real rockstar I wonder manytimes how this girl had such a charming dadi..anyways along with them my dadi..my Aalu..not more my aalu now she is drifted to her bhabis side by leaving her poor bhai..and Mr and Mrs.Nikkil..yeah they got married before us..so weird na white rat and a talking tom got married finally,but a perfect Jodi and note it we are more perfect than them..And my dear Purab..these fellas with some close buddies attended our simple wedding..even though its simple by crowd and decoration it was the most beautiful and elegant wedding ever I had seen..And I wore a golden sherwani obviously its selected by my girl..she had wore a beautiful red lehenga..wow..she was damn pretty and gorgeous..there is no limitations for doing the rituals..oh god really Im exhausted of all the rituals but enjoyed too..During our wedding,For the first time in history she was blushing hard whenever I go infront of her..I got a doubt is she is my girl the same girl or not but I loved the moment when her face turned to dark shade of red when she blushes..I cant hold on my naughtiness while seeing her blushing..

Finally When we was taking pehras I carres her plam seductively to play with her(a kind of naughtiness to see her reaction)she jerked and about to relive the hand..oh my god she was so cute on the time..Immediately we heard what happened Pragya?What happened di?What happened Beta?what happened bhabi?What happened Prags?our elders and friends whr questioned on her reaction..I too joined with them by askingwhat happened Fuggi?She just gave me a strong stare n told Kuch nahi..I cant control smiled at her with a wink..after pehras we settled down to have some more rituals..oops actually an important ritual wearing her my named Mangalsutra and Kumkum..Just she asked mecant u behave properly by holding ur horsesI immediately replied herSorry,I cant..she glared me again..And the pundit ji asked me to wear Mangalsutra around her neck yes,I did..at the moment her eyes were filled with tears and yahappy tears and I pressed my lips on her forehead to assure I ll b always with her in every moment of her life..she made a cute satisfied and fulfilled smile..and thats it I was ready to do anything for this smile..And I applied Kumkum on her maang finally she became my wife..the same silly naughty girl is matured now to enter to a new family..but what abt me Im still the same stupid Abhishek..

always getting scoldings and taunts from her..But honestly I need someone always around me to do like this..no..no..not some one I need fuggi to do all this..I was so habited to her not now already I was habited to her..these 7 days as Mrs.Abhishek..her taunts and scoldings increased to infinity coz my poor girl is tolerating all my kiddy things n stupid things 24/7..and I know she love my kiddyness and stupidity..Whatelse at last she ll end up in smiling at me..And for that Im ready to being stupid for my lifetime..Even Today she scolded me for not giving her a cupboard for keeping her stuffs,too odd na..yes..my poor fuggi is gathering her stuffs from her travel case for past 7 days..wht I can do..I had given her a cupboard in my wardrobe but she came with truck of things..then where could I keep my things by giving all my spaceafter all Im a rockstar..Now,she got into wardrobe for making herself the space for her stuffs and so..

Abhishek.Abhishek,she yelled from the closest.Abhi closed his diary by keeping the pen inside n runs into the closest.Pragya was in anger face and stares at him.Abhi asks,What?Pragya says,Whats this?All ur clothes are falling down as I opened the cupboard..u r stuffed everything inside..clean everything soon.Abhi with a lazy voice,No..U know I cant do this..if I clean this I ll get back pain I ll make Robin to help u okay and abt to leave the closest..Pragya says,from now..Im gonna share this room with Robin ryt?

Abhi turned n asks,What Rubbish?Pragya says,ThenAbhi blinks and says,okay..I ll help u finally he agreed with a lazy grin.Pragya smiles at him.The two was sat on floor and started to fold the cloths.Abhi was getting exciting with every tee by saying,Fuggi,this tee u remember I saw u for the first time when wearing this,..and this tee fuggithis tee I wored on my first concert.Pragya was keep on staring at him with a smile n thinks,How childish he is.Pragya says,Abhishek u know onething.Abhi asked,What.Pragya says,When i saw u for the first time..U seems to b familiar to me but i didn’t said that.Abhi gets happy n says,I knew it but u hide this.Pragya smiles.Abhi kisses her cheeks n says,It means we r meant to each other.Pragya smiles n kisses him back n they setted everything rytNot only their wardrobe everything was setted well in their life..They r really feel so happy and fulfilled with each others company..

Fuggi.Fuggi..whr is my science book?
Fuggi.Fuggi.Fuggi.whr is one of my anklet?
Fuggifuggi..whr r u?I cant find my wallet..I cant wear this hell tie..I cant find anything..I cant find even my mobileFuggiiiii come soon..Im running late I had an important meeting..
Fuggi come soon,We r running late to school

This was she was hearing for past 30 secs..while she was rushing on the stairs towards their room.As she entered the three ran towards her an blabbered without taking a breethe..she cant understand what they r saying as all the three speaking at a time.Pragya blinks.Abhi drags her inside n makes her to stand before him n gave her a tie n says,Come on fuggi..wear this on me soon Im running late.Pragya nods n abt to wearThis is not fair,Fuggi first wear my tie on me,said their 5 years old cute Aarav.No..fuggi first make me to wear this anklet on my leg this idiot loosened this anklet last night just now I found this in bed,said their 5 years old cute Aditi.Pragya say,No..i wont help u both while u calling me as fuggi,said with a pout.Abhi made a smile victory on both of his cute lil devils.They both climbed up the bed n says,This is not fair this dundoos is calling u as fuggi u r not scolding him but u always scolding us for this.Abhi says,first stop calling me dundoos..Call me as Papa.

Pragya says,How mean..Abhishek..u didnt bother when they r calling me as fuggi..if they called u dundoos u r asking them to call u as Papa..Bachoo u call him as dundoos..he cant do anything.Abhi says,Achha..fine showing attitude on me..now see..n turned towards his kids n says,Fine..Bachoo u should call her as Fuggi okay..Immediately Pragya says,Okay fine..Then Aarav ask ur Pyari papa to find ur science book and ask him to make u wear tie and Aditi u too ask ur papa to find ur anklet and abt to leave.Abhi stared with a pout.Aditi and Aarav blinks at eachother n shouts,MummaaaAbhi widened his eyes along with mouth by seeing his opportunist bachus.Pragya turned with a victorious smile n pulled her tongue to Abhi.Abhi stared at his 3 kidsone grown up kid n 2 growing kids n says,This is not done..Aaru adi u both failed me.

Aditi says,What to do Papa..Mumma is smarter than u.Abhi smiles n says,Okay fine..I accept my defeat..fuggi pls tie this on my collar soon getting late.Aarav says,Mumma..Im too getting late..Aditi says,Mumma even Im too.Pragya looked at her 3 kidos this is not new for her..her every day starts with this competition.Pragya says,Abhishek..wait for 5 minutes n she ties for Aarav.Aarav pulled tongue over Abhi n sings,Dhink..chik..dhink..chik..by shaking his bums.Pragya couldnt help than smiling at his cuteness n says,Aaru..stand straight if u dance like this how mumma ll wear u the tie.Abhi says,Too much..too much..Aarav says,Papa..y cant u learn to wear tie by urself.Pragya smiles as her son is questioning his fathers activities.Abhi says,Y cant u learn..Aditi says,Dundoos..my bhai is just 5 years old..but u r 30 years elder to us still mumma is wearing u the tie then y cant my bhai..haan..

Pragya smiles n says,haaa..hogaya ab Adi u come I ll make u wear ur anklets.Abhi was still standing with messy hair and a half tied tie on his collar.Pragya was packing her kiddos bag.Abhi says,fuggi even Im too getting late he followed her all through the room.Pragya says,Yaa5 minutes AbhishekAaru whr is ur diary.Aarav says,Mumma yesterday itself u signed that I kept in my bag.Pragya asks,Adi urs?Aditi says,Mine too Mumma.Abhi asks,Fuggi..whr is mt wallet that black one.Pragya says.Its in cupboard only,while feeding her kids.Abhi says,But I cant find it,asked with irritation.Pragya says,Wait I ll get u 5 mins please..n kissed his cheek to calm him.Abhi was not convinced but still waiting for his kids work had done.Dadi came thr n says,Good morning bachuShall v go?Adi and Aarav says,Good morning dadiyes,we r ready..wait a minute n took their bag.Dadi noticed Abhi n asks,Arey..y u standing like this with messy hair loosened tie..looking like a joker n giggled.All giggles.Aarav says,Dadi..

mumma was so busy with us so papa was on waiting list.Pragya n Dadi giggled.Abhi stares at them.Dadi says,Achha..tk..come its getting late lets go.Pragya says.Adi Aarav if u both didnt finish ur lunch today sure I ll change wifi password and I wont say that even to Papa..Adi and Aarav shocked of her punishment n says,Okay mumma..we ll finish..Bye Mumma Bye papa by kissing their cheek the both kids left with dadi to school.AbhiGya too waves bye too them.Pragya with a happy face and Abhi with a pouted face.

Come,said Pragya by holding his tie.Abhi says,No need I ll do it,said with an anger face n snatched the tie.Pragya says,Okaycool n sets his hair.Abhi stared at her.Pragya smiles n says.Oh.meri bachu..y u r staring at me..so cute n pulls his cheeks.Abhi complaints,U always doing like this..Im the last one always.Pragya says,Come on Abhishek..u r competing with ur own kids u have meeting on 10oclock..now time is just 8:30,said by tying his tie.Abhi rests his hand over her neck n says,Anyways its also feels good..while tying this u r close to me and I can kiss my cute wife without any disturbance n abt to kiss.Mumma,I left my pencil box,pls take that come,Aarav shouted from down.Abhi says,Uff!!Is he is my son r enemy.Pragya smiles n moves away.Aditi shouts,Mumma..give him the kiss and come soon we r getting late.Pragya feels embraced n says,Its all coz of u n took his box n goes down.Abhi asks,Becoz of me..how come..they r smart like me..After all they r my kids..n he gets ready.

Finally the day ends,They settled in their bed after the homework and dinner.Pragya was on one edge n watching something in TV.Abhi was on another edge speaking with Purab on phone regarding his work.The two naughtiest kids was laying btwn them in center seems to be discussing something serious.Aarav who was besides Pragya says,Mumma give ur hand..Pragya shifted the remote to her right n gave the left hand her eyes glued on TV.Aditi who was laying besides Abhi says,Papa give ur hand..Abhi didnt mind as he was busy on phone.Aditi again touches him n says,Papa..give ur hand.Abhi shifted the mobile to his left n gave his right by speaking on phone.Adi and Aarav was comparing the skin tone of Mumma with theirs and then with Papas.Adi says,I was ryt.Aarav says,Yes..u r ryt..Then they compared Abhi and Pragyas skin tone.Aarav says,Adiwe guessed ryt..Abhi ends the call n looks at them cluless.

Pragya too switched off the TV and looks at them.Abhi raises his brow n asks whts happening in gesture to Pragya.Pragya pursued her lips n says,dont know in a same gesture.Abhi leans on headboard by caring his kids hair n asks,So..wht was the discussion btwn my kiddos..Pragya too carres them n asks,Yes..whts going on..Aarav says,Mumma..Papa is dark and u r fair than him.Abhi asks,So..Adi says,coz of u v both r dark when v was babies.Pragya asks,No..u both r fair only u r never dark.Abhi says,Haa..Aarav says,No..we r dark in that picture and shows the big wall hanging on their room.Abhi and Pragya smiles at their innocence.Abhi says,Its not photo bachus..I already told u na it was sonography Image..u both were inside mummas tummy..sonography images ll b dark.Adi says,But v r in that image na..Aarav asks,what was that son..sona..sona..who is sona.Adi says,Sona is my frnd..y u both kept her name for our picture.Pragya smiles n says,Sona nahi bachu..sono..sonography.

Adi n Aarav says,So..sonography ryt,said in chorus.Pragya says,yes..n kissed them.Abhi says,We both saw u for the first time in this picture when u r inside mummas tummy so thr is no light inside ur mumma..so u ppl look dark.Aarav asks,Mumma this is not fair..u should keep lightings na..Pragya eyes widened.Adi says,So aarav thats y v r dark in that pic its not bcoz of papa.Aarav says,Haa..Abhi and Pragya smiles at them n kissed them n rests besides them by wrapping their hands around them.Adi n Aarav giggled n kissed their mumma n papa n cuddles with them and they dozed off..Life was not lesser than heaven for themUnder their Papa and Mummas protective arms.
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