Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 40


Hi guys hope all well..Let’s get into the story..
At dinner table,Pragya had kept the food on table.Tanu Nikkil Purab and Abhi was sitting for dinner.The trio was anger on Pragya for not forgiving Abhi.Abhi was enjoying their reactions.Pragya was abt to serve.Abhi signs her not to serve for him.Pragya doesn’t understand n signs what.Abhi irked n signs again not to serve him.Pragya didn’t get him n asks,What u r saying.The trio looks at Pragya n asks,To whom u r talking.Abhi stared Pragya.Pragya says,Nothing..and serves to all of them.Pragya too sat with them.Abhi remains to keep his face sad.Tanu asks,Whts ur problem Pragya.Pragya asks,Problem?I don’t hav any problem.Tanu asks,Then y u r not giving him a chance.Pragya was abt to say.Abhi interrupts n says,Leave it Tanu let her.. don’t force her.Pragya thinks,He is fooling him or making me bad infront of others..sucha dramebaaz n stares at him.Purab asks,Y u r staring him.Abhi says,Purab don’t ask her anything drop this topic..I ll wait till she accepts me.Pragya looks at him with a disbelief that he is making her bad infront of everyone.Abhi winks at her in a pleading way.Pragya says,Ufff..n continued her dinner.

After their dinner,Pragya was in her room.Tanu was in her room.Purab Nikkil gone out.Abhi was in his room.Abhi calls Pragya.Pragya attends the call n shouts,Wht u thinking of urself huh..u r making me bad infront of our frnds..u know Tanu is not talking with me..she shouted me for ignoring u..see Mr.Abhishek Mehra its too much..I’m the one who is Restless now..I’m gonna say them the truth..better u join with me else I ll put all blame on u for pranking them got it..Abhi says,Wow..u talked everything in a breethe.. really that’s great fuggi.Pragya says,Shut up..can’t u b serious..end this drama now.Abhi says,Have some patience fuggi..u know the trio planning something to unite us..so let them do that..v ll enjoy that..how was that.Pragya says,U r mad man..whts happiness u r getting by troubling them.Abhi says,Oye..Ms.Teresa it’s not trouble it’s the love they have for us.Pragya says,whatever..after years v r reunited but v can’t spend time with each other,said in a sad tone.Abhi smiles n says,Achha..so someone here wanna spend time with Abhi the Rockstar.Pragya feels shy n says,No..who told I wanna spend some time with Abhi the Rockstar.

Abhi asks,Then.Pragya says,I just wanna spend time with my dundoos..that silly naughty Abhishek.Abhi says,Aww…..here I’m coming for u.Pragya says,No…no..then ur prank ll get spoil stay thr.Abhi says,No..is that important than u..I’m coming that’s it.Pragya says,No..this is not fair..i was in mood of enjoying their plan to unite them so pls don’t spoil that okay.Abhi says,Hey..u r taking revenge on me ryt.Pragya says,Haa..may be..n smiles.Abhi says,Okay I ll come after all slept okay.Pragya says,I ll also asleep in that time..Abhi asks,Is sleep is important than me.Pragya says,Ur prank is more important than me na.Abhi says,Just now I said na let’s end the prank..but u said u wanna enjoy now u r blaming me..not fair fuggi..Pragya says,Okay..u..u r pleasing na so I’m accepting for this..Abhi says,Girls ll b girls.. making men to please more.

Pragya asks,Accha..how many girls u know.Abhi says,Countless..Baby..I’m a Rockstar..and..hello..hello..she was no more online.Abhi smiles n says,Expected..she ended the call.. jealously girl..After a while,Purab n Abhi was in their room.Purab was talking him abt some upcoming concerts but Abhi is not giving any attention..Abhi says,Purab tu sojao..u r working for me whole day na now take some rest.Purab asks,Kamaal hai..so concern on me.Abhi says,Haa..ha.. Afterall u r my bestie bro..now sleep..come on.Purab says,Anyways..okay good night n drifts off..Abhi thinks,Wow..he slept now Wht abt Nikkil n Tanu..oh no..now time is almost 1AM sure fuggi ll in deep sleep n goes out to check Tanu n Nikkil in their respective rooms.They both slept.Abhi says,Thank god n knocks Pragya’s room.She was in deep sleep she ignored.Abhi knocked the door by keeping his hand on lock’s nob.The door opened while he pressed.Abhi says,Ye..door is unlocked fine n gets in.Pragya was sleeping by hugging the Rockstar doll..Abhi sees her n says,So cute my fuggi n kisses her forehead n took the doll from her grip.Pragya wakes up n sees him n says,Go out..lets talk tomorrow I’m feeling sleepy,said in a sleepy voice.Abhi says,U sleep..I ll b here.Pragya says,Fine..and drifted to sleep.Abhi was sitting besides her n carres her hair.Pragya sat up n says,Im not feeling sleepy now.Abhi smiles n says,No problem..lay down n sleep.Pragya smiles n says,No let’s talk for some time.Abhi smiles n leaned towards headboard n wraps his arms around her.Pragya rests her head on his chest.

Abhi says,Fuggi..Pragya says,Hmmm..Abhi says,Lets get married.Pragya lifts her head n asks,Wht,with a shock.Abhi asks,Wht..y u r reacting like this.Pragya says,No.. Abhishek I can’t even think of marriage now..Abhi asks,Wht it means.Pragya says,Actually here thr r 65 kids thr who needs medical help to save their life its my duty to help them so I can’t get to marriage till I fullfil their needs its my dream now Abhishek I can’t concentrate on any other things till i finish this and I wanna do many things for this ppl..Abhi asks,So u don’t wanna get married at anytime.Pragya says,After coming here I didn’t think anything abt me.Abhi asks,So..,he becomes sad.Pragya noticed him n says,Hey…its not like that I won’t get married it’s just i wanna save this kids..u know all r giving donations but it’s not sufficient for all those kids if anyone came forward to bear all expenses of this kids medical treatment how it ll b na..how many celebrities r thr but no one is ready to do this,said with disappointment.Abhi says,Dont wry baby..I ll wait for u no problem everything ll b alryt soon..n kisses her forehead.Pragya cuddles him by resting in his embrace.Abhi smiles at her n carres her forehead.Pragya asks,Dundoos..don’t u feel sleepy.Abhi says,No..y u r sleeping sleepy.Pragya kisses his chest n says,No..Abhi smiles n says,Hey fuggi,said aloud with a excited tone.Pragya moved from him n looks at his face with a confusion n asks,Wht?Abhi says,How was that if I took all the expenses for those kids medical treatment.Pragya asks,How could u?,in a doubt.Abhi says,Fuggi..I’m a celebrity I’m earning crores per day y can’t I take those expenses..Pragya says,Haa..u r a celebrity na..i forgot that..thank u so much Abhishek..n hugs him.

Abhi smiles n says,Keep ur thank u with urself.Pragya smiles n says,Im so happy..I never thought it ll happen so soon.. thank u Abhishek thank u so so so so much..u know it means alot to me..aww…u r so good…oh… Abhishek i love u,shouted in happiness.Abhi says,Oh..Fuggi come on don’t shout else they ll woke up..Pragya says,No problem n shouts, I love you Abhishek..I love u so so so much…n jumps like a kid.Abhi hesitates n thinks,Oh..this fuggi na..n says,Fuggi..keep keep quiet..Pragya keeps on shouting,Love u love u love u alot..Abhi says,Arey..meri maa I know..keep quiet loud speaker.Purab Nikkil Tanu heard the noise n came out of the room n stood before Pragya’s room by thinking whts happening thr.Pragya wraps her arms around his neck n says,Thank u.Abhi sees Tanu Nikkil and Purab n tries to push Pragya.They stare at him.Abhi says,Fuggi.. sleep now let’s talk this in morning.Pragya says,Oh..u know how much I’m happy today..n shouts,Love u..love u..love u..love u..love u.. Love u..Abhi pursed his lips n nods his head continuously for every love u by thinking,Oh..no I’m gone now..They gonna kill me.Purab fumes at anger on Abhi.Purab got into the room n asks,Whts going here.Pragya turns n sees them n says,Purab u know..He told he ll adopt this kids for medical treatment oh..so good he is..,said with an excitement.Purab asks,Btw when u both patched up,asked with a glare.Pragya says,Arey…v patched up in evening itself is that important after saying this she realized Wht she told n sees Abhi with oops reaction.

Abhi looks at her like a poor kid with blank face.Pragya says,Sorry..Tanu asks,So u had done drama..Abhi says,Just for fun,smiles awkward.Tanu Puarb Nikkil stares at them for a moment n then laughed n runs towards them n share a hug.The five hugged tight with happy smiles n Happy faces..They broke the hug and Tanu says,We r really happy..yeah..it’s time to celebrate and hugs Pragya.. Abhi says,Sorry..guys.. Nikkil says,Its okay..no Problem v r happy that u both together.Abhi Pragya smiles.Pragya says,Abhishek u go n sleep..tmrw I ll take u our skl u know they all ll b happy..that their fav Rockstar is gonna help them.Tanu says,Really Abhi u r doing great thing..Purab says,yaa.Abhi..u know many persons won’t do this..Abhi says,Enough.. enough…I’m doing all this for fuggi..that’s it.. don’t make me big..now come let’s all sleep for now.Purab says,haa..tmrw I ll arrange all the things it needs papers na to give legal medical adoption.Pragya says,Haa..Purab..did he have any charity.Purab says,Haa..Pragya says,Okay..make ur papers on charity name then only the papers ll pass without any problem.Purab says,Sure..Tanu says,Okay..now go n sleep.All nods n got into their room.

Next morning,Pragya gets ready n abt to leave to skl n decided to take Abhi too skl to introduce him..as they decided last night.Pragya sees him sleeping like a kid she doesn’t wanna wake him n disturb n she left to skl my smiling at him.Pragya was in her skl staffs room,She heard rumbling noise as Students were shouting and running.Pragya thinks,Y this much of noise n continues her work.Suddenly the staff who sitting opposite to Pragya looks behind her with a shock as he saw a ghost.Pragya asks,wht happened.Suddenly the voice came from her back calling Pragya.Pragya turns n says,Abhishek u..he was in night shirt n shorts with bathroom slippers..Pragya shocked n got up n goes near to him n asks,Wht happened.Abhi says,U said me na u ll take me to ur skl but y didn’t take me with u.Pragya asks,Abhishek..u scared me I thought something happened u came like this..Abhi wrapped his hand around her n says,No..I’m scared that after opening my eyes I couldn’t see u..i thought wht happened yesterday was dream..so only I came here,said with a tensed tone.Pragya carres his cheek n says,Nothing happened see I’m with u…relax..Abhi nods.The bell rang,Pragya says,Im leaving to class now..u go home.Abhi says,No..let’s talk for some more time.Pragya says,Arey relax..okay u wait in ur car..i ll come.Abhi nods n goes.Abhi sat in car n says,Oh..no really I scared by not seeing fuggi in home..omg now my head is spinning..shit my every morning starts with this migraine n bangs his head in steering.A peon came thr n knocks the car door.Abhi opens it n asks,Wht?Peon says,sir,Coffee..Abhi took the coffee n says,thanks.. Peon left.Abhi thinks,sure fuggi ll send this n sips the coffee..he smiles wide as his head ache flown away..coz he know the coffee is not alone send by his fuggi its also prepared by his fuggi as he sips the last sip he regained all those 2 years in a cup of coffee.He saw Pragya walking towards him.

Abhi got down n runs to her n hugs her tight n placed kisses on his cheek.Pragya pushes him n says,Abhishek..it’s school stop this.Abhi says,Oh..god fuggi..Pragya says,Abhishek..now go n get ready n come back I can’t introduce you in this state.Abhi smiles n says,Okay I ll b back in few minutes n drove his car fast.Pragya shouts,Arey..go slow..Within that he gone out of her sight.Pragya smiles.Pragya gathers all her staffs n NGOs to the ground.Nikkil tanu came thr.Tanu asks,So Pragya..all set.Pragya says,Haa..but Nikkil wht abt media u informed them na.Nikkil says,Haa..they ll reach soon but I don’t know Abhi won’t like media presence here.Pragya says,Yeh..i know but I didn’t call media to establish his good doings I just want some other person too know abt this it may inititate them to help kids like this.Tanu says,U r ryt I’m really proud of u.Nikkil says,If u don’t mind I ll adopt 50 kids under my charity.Pragya wonders n say,Hey.. Nikkil that’s great..Purab comes thr n says,Even I can manage 50 kids Pragya will u give me a chance.Pragya hugs Purab n says,Thank u so much Purab.. thank u guys.. Purab says,U r our inspiration Prags.Pragya smiles.
Abhi comes thr n asks,So wht u ppl r smiling.Pragya runs to him n says abt Nikkil n Purab came forward to help kids.Abhi says,Wow that’s great..thank u guys..Tanu says,Stop thanking each other..come let’s go in.Pragya nods n takes them in n introduced them to all of her NGOs n colleagues.The chief of NGO declared to media abt Abhi Purab n Nikkil adopting the kids.All gets happy n wishes Abhi n Nikkil n Purab.Abhi says,Fuggi who called media here..Pragya says,y..Abhi says,I don’t want to get any publicity.Pragya says,I didn’t did for any publicity.Abhi says,Fine.. but Pragya u know I hate ur name.Pragya asks, excuse me Wht?Abhi says,especially ur last name.. u should change that.. Pragya asks,Have u gone mad.. y should I change.Abhi says,Yes.. I didn’t like that I have to change.Pragya asks,Wht name should i change.Abhi says,Mehra,casually.Pragya says,u r giving me marriage proposal ryt.Abhi says,now wait a minute n goes to center of stage n holds mike n says,Today everyone is happy n im really Happy too..i want this moment to more special so im gonna announce abt my wedding here.Pragya shocked n nods no.Abhi winks at her.The media ppl r excited n asks,Who was the girl.Abhi asks her to come.Pragya feels shy n nods no.Abhi goes to her n holds her hand n take her to center of the stage.Pragya feels flying high n looks into his eyes intensely.Abhi announced,So Ms.Pragya Arora..soon Mrs.Abhishek Mehra..my music my life my motivation my definition of life my breethe and love of my life..Pragya couldn’t take eyes off him.Abhi smiles at her.The crowd.. Media all excited and clapped well..the flashes from camera fell on them every second.Abhi says,Thank u each n everyone for making this day memorable in our life..thank u all n love u all.All claps n shouts,Abhi.. Abhi..

After a while,In home,Purab asks,Abhi I didn’t expect this Abhi.Pragya says,Hey..y u said just like that.Abhi says,Yeah..i think my fan girls ll mad at u.Pragya throws the pillow n says,Cant u b serious now Wht maa n ur Dadi ll think.Abhi says,Do u think..i announced abt our wedding without discussing with them.Purab Pragya Takil shocked n asks,What..u discussed with them.Abhi says,Y u guys r hell shocked..yes..I spoke with them especially fuggi ur mom was so cool..i love her..after speaking with her I realized I did a big mistake without meeting her before 2years.Pragya runs towards him n hugs him with teary eyes.Abhi pats her back n says,Come on Fuggi.. Anything for u..I came to know how I love u when v was separated..True love is what not only being with the person it’s just feeling happiness is our loved ones happiness I feel that when u r happy for those kids.. Nothing is much needed for me in this world..Pragya says,I love u…Abhi says,I know..n hugs her back..All smiles..they both hug each other with satisfaction of attaining their love of life…

—The End—

I know u ppl never expected that the story ends here..The main theme of the story is if ur love is true no one can fail ur love even time,Destiny can’t fail ur love..if u failed in love the reason would be you.. Humans failed the love..Love ll never fail..Love everyone..
Love is not only part of two opposite gender..Love ur parents love ur siblings love it frnds love ur work love everything about you love urself..If gave urself n ur love to everyone then the whole world will be urs..
Many of the lovers r having the problem with revealing it to the parents..If u have guts to reveal ur love to ur parents n getting permission for the marriage those ppl ll successful in attaining their love in every terms..if u feared of ur parents revealing abt ur love u Cant get success in this..For that u should be a good kid to ur parents that they have to trust u that ur decision and choice won’t get wrong at any point..This is my suggestion…don’t bother if im wrong…this is my view..
Stay blessed always ? God bless ??Thanks for each and every readers of my fan fiction I’m really blessed to hav u ppl I got many frnds n sisses coz of this ff…Love u all live happy…make others happy…Love u all muaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh????????Big tight hug……..?????
Guys keep on touch My IG account : itisrii Twitter account : Srimiaayilya My fb account : Srimathi Baskar
I ll give random AbhiGya drabbles and OS/TS/SS and ff when I’m free..
Love u all……..I end this Fan fiction close to my heart on my birthday glad for that..
Humbled of ur love…Meet u soon with another work until stay Happy stay blessed love u all … thanks again and again ???????

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. Many more happy birthday srimathi di may all happiness cum to ur life always stay blessed…..
    Cuming to today epi i didn’t except today u vil end dis ff…u made us sad on ur birthday very bad….but anyway dis was a good ending… D way took dis ff frm 1st epi till today awesome without dragging n boring…. D love u showed between abhigya was awesome and u gave same importance fr frndship also.. Tanu character was so postive throughout dis ff dat was so amazing different bcuz i lik leena bt nt as tanu….im gonna miss ur ff badly…Dis is another blockbuster hit ff…..every gud thing must end one day…im waiting fr a epilogue fr dis ff…..and soon cum wid another exciting ff….love u n miss u….

    1. Srimathi

      Sure thanks alot loads of love???

  2. sritz aka sruthi

    sissy happy bdy to u my awesome sissy
    but im to sad that u ended it so sad
    ur ff is the one which i lll eager to read when im bck from skl
    but missing it so much
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY may u get all ur happiness and ur joy

    1. Srimathi

      Thank u so much my cutie pie sweet sissy loads and loads of love????????

  3. Hi I’m sree many more happy returns of the day srimathi u r ff is soooooo gud I’m badly missing u r ff plzzzzzzz start another ff it’s my request plzzzzzzz

    1. Srimathi

      Thanks alot

  4. VarshaVenkat

    Haappyy birthday to u……haappy bday sri akka…….diiii…..stay blessed ….its frm my mom’s side….she wishes u a vry happy day ahead……..love u dii….gonna miss uu…..but will u write another ff???if so, thn I’m waiting…..hahaha in vijays voice…..diii once again I love u soooo much…..u ended ur ff on ur bday…..its cool but at d same tym I’m sad dat I’m gonna miss d word dundoos…..hahahah….it was good name….abhigyas reunion was really cool n d way prags blabbered everything in d ni8 was lol…..couldn’t control my laughter…..sry for late cmnt……I went to school n came n thn I read everyones ff….so only diiii….di…r u gonna get black current cake r black forest r any other??

    1. Srimathi

      Thanks alot and convey my humbled thanks for aunty loads of love????

  5. Hii srimathi i am priya and i am new here but i know you very well because i used toread all your writting especially this ff. First of all many many happy writtens of the day dearrrrr…. and i am tottaly addicted to your ff this ff was my favourite and it was super duper for me i have no words but i felt sad when you ended so iam liitle bit angry on you but i forgave you dear as it your bday today so wishing you a very good day and also waiting for your next ff. Take care dear. .. :):)

    1. Srimathi

      Thank you so much ?????

  6. Sandy

    Many more happy returns for the day sri ???????. Stay blessed.
    Hope you will start new ff

    1. Srimathi

      Thanks alot???

  7. superbbbbbb yarrrrrrrrrrrr…………………………loved ur ff a lot

    1. Srimathi

      Thank u

  8. Vaishali

    awesome awesome awesome dii it was so so so lovely after ur love of life i thought ohh no i am gonna miss urs badly and there will be no more best ff like that but then u uploaded this i was in love with this ( but not like my love of life y cant u thin abt starting second season fr that?) it was more than awesome u know what dii u made me love abhigya more and more that now i hv a pillow named abhi which s my fav i know it sounds crazy but beleive me i hv it with me in my study room in my table u made me so happy sometime cry with ur writings sometimes laugh totally u r a package of entertainment dii love u waiting fr ur os and drabbles diii

    1. Srimathi

      Awww that was so cute of I get a chance to chat with shabir in Twitter sure I ll share this???Thanks alot

    2. Srimathi

      Thank u so much so sweet if I get a chance to chat with shabir in Twitter sure I ll share about this??????

  9. Happy birthday,Tisha di 🙂
    I can’t believe that this fan fiction got over so quickly. 🙁
    Anyways,superb episode,as usual. 😉

    1. Srimathi

      Thank you so much??

  10. wish u many many more happy rettens of the day akka.and I am sad that u end this ff I miss u and u r ff very much

    1. Srimathi

      Thank u so much

  11. Wish u happy birthday it is amazing di we will missing your ff but hoping new ff u will start once again wish u happy birthday

    1. Srimathi

      Thank you

  12. Happy birthday tisha…. I know I am late sorry for… Nd u really gave a big shock by ending this ff so quickly….nd as usual today’s episode is awesome….

    1. Srimathi

      Thank you

  13. Omg.. I’m really sad … Because u stopping ur uff.. I really miss u… I waiting for uff each n every day… It s really awesome from first day to last day.. I really didnt expected that u stop this uff … Its so fast.. I wish to read more episode… I cant believe that… U stopped it… Im commenting from first day… But after my clg started ..I stopped commenting… But I remain silent reader.. I’m going to miss ur uff..pls come back soon with another uff… Ur a awesome writer… Abhigya ‘s first meeting , friendship..abhi proposing pragya.. n their cute love story… n also praNu jodi its also superb…the bonding b/w praNu abhi purab nikhil…
    Nok jok n fun b/w purab n bulbul… The separation .. n rejoing… …
    The story line is going through the heaven according to me… n also I can feel the true love in ur writing… I’m really very sad…because I’m going to miss ur uff… Love u so much.. n God bless u.. Stay blessed … Pls come back.. I’m waiting

    1. Srimathi

      Sure thanks alot

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  16. OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! wht a ff really di really i lovd each n every wrds of ur ff n haan di really love is eternal n adhuku mudive illa n neenga sonna mathi namala suthi iruka ovoru vishayathayum nama nesika arambicha nama valkaiye sorgam dhan n haha ungaluku nan onu solata v both have same thought abt love n ungala yum unga writngsa yum enaku romba romba romba adigama pidikum really u r best di enaku varthaye varamatethu so ithu nal varaikum ungala hurt panra mathi pesiruntha ena manichirunga pls”LOVE U A LOOOOO…..T DI” UMAAAAAAAH GONNA “MISS U N UR FF A LOOO………T DI” K TC bye bye love u

    1. Srimathi

      Thank u so much u never did anything wrong so there is no need to Ask sorry and all and my parents wedding day is also June 2

  17. Oops! Di i 4got to wish u belated wishes di n di do u know somethng my brthday is on june 2nd

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      Thank you so much Rajesh Humbled stay blessed

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