Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 39


Hi guys hope u all r fine..okay let’s get into the story…

It was evening,Pragya came back to home she saw Abhi was lying in the sofa in the living room.Pragya thinks,He ll never grow up n calls Tanu.Tanu comes thr.Pragya asks,Y he is sleeping here..I told u to give him the room na.Tanu abt to answer.Abhi cuts her n says,Im not comfortable in that room..i need this room n points her room.Pragya stared n says,Better ask him to stay in living room n left the place.Tanu laughs at Abhi.Abhi asks,Y u r laughing idiot n goes to his room.After a while,Abhi thinks,How to start a talk with Pragya.Purab asks,Abhi..wht u r thinking.Abhi says,How to talk with Pragya.Purab laughs n says,So..u r framing words.Abhi says,Stop laughing u ppl ll never understand my situation..u ppl r the main reason for my condition now.Purab asks,Achha..okay come i ll help u.Abhi asks,Wht help?Purab says,Cumon Rockstar n drags him to the living room.Pragya was sitting on sofa n busy on her mobile.Purab sits opposite to her n says,Hi Pragya..how was the day.Pragya says,Hmm.. normal day.Purab sighs Abhi to sit besides Pragya.Abhi too sat besides her.Pragya moves a bit away.Abhi thinks,This fuggi is doing too much n stares at her.Purab says,Pragya..Abhi wanna speak with u.Pragya says,Hmm..ask him to speak.Purab says,Wait I ll see Nikkil n Tanu they r in terrace n left the room by signing Abhi all the best.Abhi gave a forced smile to Purab.

Abhi asks,Well..how was ur work.Pragya says,Fine.. going well.Abhi says,Tanu told me everything ur motivation and all really proud of u.Pragya says,Thank u.Abhi thinks,I never thought this much formal convo ll held btwn us.Pragya thinks,Oh..god..y he is speaking the unnecessary things which are not related to him.Abhi asks,Well,Have u heard my songs.Pragya says,No..i don’t have time to any faltu works.Abhi thinks,Is she is saying the truth or lie..hope it ll b a lie.Abhi says,Cumon let’s break the ice..I wanna talk abt us.Pragya now faces him n asks,Us?Sounds weird.Abhi says,I know u r still mad at me but.Pragya cuts him n says,But u r just trying to b normal with me..how can u even do like this.Abhi remains silent.Pragya asks,Wht drives u here..ur love..ur responsibility or me.Abhi says,Ofcourse..it’s u..u r my love n responsibility.Pragya asks,Now u r ready to take all the responsibility.Abhi says,I know I hurted u..I’m sorry.Pragya says,Pls don’t apologize.Abhi looks on.Pragya says,U know I thought I should never meet u in life..y did u came here..to take me with u again n to give a unbearable pain like this..i can’t take it anymore she started to cry.Abhi’s eyes were filled with tears n says,I know Pragya I hurted u very bad I didn’t get to ur situation on that day..I’m sorry.Pragya asks,Atleast u could met my mom once na..if u agreed for that this day ll never come in our lives..Pls don’t expect anything from me I’m not a machine to switch myself immediately.Abhi says,I understand but I can’t live without u..u know what I’m going through this years.Pragya remains silent.Abhi says,I did a wrong but I won’t repeat the same again.Pragya remains silent.Abhi asks,Whts ur silence means..I know u still love me..u love me ryt?
Pragya holds his hands n drags him n picks the key n unlocked her room take him in.Abhi thinks,Wht she is doing why the room is so dark..Tanu told this is Pragya’s room.Pragya switched on the lights.Abhi was shocked he couldn’t see anything except him..the room is full of his wall hangings n his postures..not even a inch of wall is visible everywhere in every direction he could see himself over the room.Pragya says,U asked me something ryt..now decide it urself n left the room.Abhi just stood dumbstrucked by seeing her room was filled with his photos.He moved forward n looks at her bed.Their sweetu n tweetu was leaning towards the bed’s headboard he cared the dolls his eyes filled with tears..his guitar which he gave to her is on the bed..he touched the guitar n took that in hand..he could see lip marks n dried tears trails on that..he couldn’t control himself n Kissed the dried tear trails of his fuggi..n placed the guitar carefully on the bed..he took a diary which was placed besides her head pillow..he opened that it was the same diary that he gave to her..he could see some of the letters r smudged coz of her tear drops..he came to know she is reading this every day..his diary her fav book..then and now too..A stack of CDs in her table draws his attention he moved towards that n took the CDs..it was his CDs his song CDs…he could see the lip marks n tear trails over his face in the CD cover picture.Abhi just fell on knees n carres the CD cover n placed kisses on it n says,Im Sry fuggi I’m the reason for ur sufferings..I never expected u r going through this much of pain being alone..he stood up n came out of the room..

He could see Pragya was busy with Bishu.Bishu was keep on asking the reason for her tears.Pragya says,Nothing Bishu..Bishu wipes her tears n says,Sorry aunty hereafter I won’t trouble u by asking wifi password pls don’t cry.Pragya couldn’t help she smiled n hugs him tight n kisses him.Bishu says,Thats good..I love u Pragya.Pragya says,I love u too Abhishek..Abhi just looks on her.Bishu says,Pragya u called me by name..wait wait..u ll never call me by this name ryt..u said this to me or this uncle n points Abhi.Pragya came back to sense n says,I was saying to u..Love u Bishu..Bishu says,Good girl n pulls her cheeks.Pragya smiles.Abhi thinks,I know u still love me..I love u Pragya..i love u Fuggi..Bishu says,Aunty y this uncle is also crying..Pragya says,I don’t know n didn’t look at him.Bishu holds Abhi’s hand n makes her to sit near Pragya n says,Uncle don’t cry..u both had fight.Abhi says,No..I’m not crying..The person with the name of Abhishek won’t cry na.Bishu says,Ofcourse..now u r a Rockstar uncle n kisses him.Abhi lifts him n left the room.Purab came to Abhi n asks,Have u spoke with her.Abhi says,Yes.. Purab says,Did she forgave u..wht happened.Abhi says,No,in a monotone n left the place.Bishu asks,Uncle y u fought with aunty..she is so good.Abhi says,Im not that much good.Bishu says,No..u also good as aunty..okay now let me down I wanna go home else maa ll search for me.Abhi smiles n let him down Bishu ran away.Abhi thinks,Lovely kid but y god had gave him such disease n he gets in to the home. Purab goes to terrace n says,Tanu Nikkil I thought they fought again.Tanu says,Leave it let them handle all this way..u just stay here.. don’t go thr.Purab says,But.Tanu glares at him n says,Stay here else I ll tie u here.Purab says,Okay..I’m not going anywhere,said in a stern voice.Nikkil smiles.

Pragya was just sitting in sofa by wiping her tears.Abhi goes to her n fell in knees before her n says,Im sorry..I know I hurted u..but I’m sorry..wht u gone through this years my condition was not less than that..I madly missing u..I can’t even take u off from my brain and heart even for a second..I agree I spoke wrong with u..I shouted at u..I never understood ur situations..But I did all that in anger..u know ryt I can’t manage myself i don’t Whts good and wrong..I shouted at u with the hope u ll calm down me n gave me the solution to our problem u always made my problem ease na..I thought u ll back n shout at me..and calm down me..and u ll solve my problem..by saying this he kept his head on her lap n cries,I don’t even know wht I’m doing now..I.miss u so much..Im not ready to lose u again..y u left me..I didn’t have rights to scold u shout at u..Pragya just cries by seeing him n hearing his words.Abhi says,U stayed with me on my toughest times..but y u left me when im gonna b happy..u r the reason for all my happiness..u r my music..u r my everything I’m nothing without u n u know that..I had told u this many times u made me a creator..u r my motivation..but don’t u ever think of that but I just shouted u in anger that u r pulling me back u took it as serious but u didn’t remember that u r my music..U r my life..y u left me like this.. don’t u even thought to meet me.. don’t u even think how could I survive without u..I’m a Rockstar now Fuggi..ur dream..our dream..but I didn’t celebrate that..I can’t celebrate that..coz the reason of my life is not with me..What defines Abhishek Mehra..My life’s definition is u..u r not with me..for the world I’m Rockstar..brave,attitude,ego personality but the real me is just zero..I’m nothing by inside without u..I need u don’t push me back to that hell the life without u..Pragya cups his face n lifts his head n wipes his tears..Abhi says by crying,Pls don’t push me Into the hell again fuggi..Okay..I’m asking u now..Will u pls pull me back to u from that hell life..I won’t accuse u for pulling back me back to u from the hell without u..Tell me Pragya..will u pull me back to u or u gonna push me to that forever..he asked straight to her eyes..
That’s it………

Pragya hugged Abhi n says,I won’t leave u alone again Abhishek..I won’t leave u..Abhi hugged Pragya more tight.Pragya says in btwn her sobs,We both gone through the same pain..i was strong before others but I’m nothing without u Abhishek..my day ll not much easier for these years..I missing u literally..On that day I left ur home with anger n with a huge hope u ll calm down me..I shouldn’t take this decision ryt..u r going through much pain coz of me..I have no other go Abhishek I’m scared that maa ll make to marry someone else..so I just wanna leave the city..I have no other option..but I made u to go through many difficulties ryt..I’m sorry..will u pls forgive me..i won’t leave u ever again..I’m sorry i was on my anger that’s y I can’t see ur love..I’m sorry..I’m not worth of ur love.Abhi keeps his hand on her lips n says,No..I know wht the pain u r going through..u made all our frnds to support me on my toughest time..but u r staying here n crying alone with my photos n that diary I know u had gone through much pain than me..All our frnds know how I worried about u..but u hide all ur tears infront of them u hide all ur sadness..I know how it feels to cry alone..I’m sorry if I had accepted to meet ur mom this day ll never come in our lives na..Im sorry..I hurted u more..Pragya says,Stop accusing urself n made him sat besides her.Abhi holds her hand n rests his head on her shoulder n says,U forgave me ryt..i had done a great mistake..Pragya says,Abhishek..stop self accusing..I too had done mistake..Abhi says,But mine is bigger mistake ever..Pragya says,No..I had done biggest mistake by leaving u alone.Abhi says,Im the one forced u to do that..I’m the one to apologize.Pragya says,But I should think of that..I was madly in anger at u for such silly reason I’m the one to apologize u.

Abhi says,No..it’s all coz of me.Pragya says,No..I’m the one who over reacted..Abhi says,I should never let u go..I did a mistake by letting u to go.Pragya says,I should never left u like this..I did a wrong thing by leaving u.Abhi says,Fuggi..I’m saying ryt..I did the mistake don’t self accuse urself..Pragya says,Dundoos..u ll say na i ll always ryt so I did the mistake first u stop self accusing urself.Abhi lifts his head n faces her n says,Cant u understand in a word fuggi..stop self accusing urself else..Pragya says,Im too saying the same..wait wait..btw Wht u ll do..if I didn’t stop wht u ll do huh,asked in a taunt tone.Abhi says,I ll..i ll Break ur chashma Chashmish Kishmish mind it.. Pragya’s eyes widened with a small smile.Abhi looks at her smile n laughs,I forgot that u r not wearing chasma now..They both laughs.Abhi smiles n says,Achha..In two years u changed alot..Saree n touches n shows her saree pallu..no chasma..hmm… apart from this u r become a social worker..Pragya smiles..Abhi leans to her ear n whispers,And u r not the same silly girl..u became a Beautiful woman now..and s*xy lag ri ho..Pragya pats his head.Abhi says,Im saying the truth yaar.Pragya smiles n says,Accha..then U too have changed alot..messy hair style..worked out biceps.. muscled physic..Abhi winked n asks,U mean to say I’m hot ryt..Pragya smiles n says,Nahi..bilkul nahi n messes his hair.Abhi says,Oops…fuggi stay away from my hair..u know this style gonna be a trend setter, said by setting his hair.Pragya says,Accha..this..this..is a trend setter..Haa…,askes by messing his hair again n laughs.Abhi smiles n wrapped his hand around her shoulder n says,I missed this smile to death..Love u.. don’t ever leave me again..Pragya says,Kabhi nahi chodungi..Love u and I’m sorry n kisses his cheek.Abhu says,Aww..fuggi had told me love u nothing is sweeter than this n kisses her back.Pragya looks his hand n plays with his fingers and nails.Abhi says,Fuggi..Pragya says,Hmm..,with a smile.Abhi says,U r looking gorgeous.Pragya says,U r lusting n flirting me idiot.

Abhi asks,Whts wrong in that.Pragya says,U r asking ne was wrong in that n starts to hit him with pillow.Abhi says,Achaa..I’m sorry..i won’t lust u or flirt u.. only love..Pragya asks,Happy love?Abhi tighten his grip around her n says,Ya.. Happy love..Pragya smiles n says,Funny song.Abhi says,Excuse me..wht did u said..Funny song oh come on ppl going crazy on that song.Pragya says,So wht..I’m not crazy about ur song.Abhi smiles n says,Achaa..phir someone had kept my song as ringtone here..Pragya says,Woh..I kept that coz Bishu na he ll like that song.Abhi says,Haa..ya..ya..he is hearing romantic songs na..Pragya looks at him with a pout.Abhi says,Agree that u have craze on my song.Pragya says,Y would I.. after all those songs r for me..Abhi smiles n says,All songs by u..n sings,Ke tere liye duniya chod this hai..thujpe saans aake ruke..Pragya continued by singing,Mein thujko kita chahata hoon..yeh tu kabhi soch na sake.. They both smiles.Pragya says,Accha..u know u made me cry vigorously on our 5th anniversary with that song jeena marna love it.Abhi says,I know u ll see my concert Whr ever u r.Pragya smiles n says,Still u r using the same guitar..y u r not letting others to touch that.Abhi says,I had an emotional bonding with that guitar i won’t let anyone to touch my guitar including u.Pragya says,Excuse me..come again.Abhi says,Yes..u heard it ryt.Pragya says,Achaa.. emotional bond.Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya asks,with that guitar.Abhi says,Haa..baba..Pragya asks,U even won’t let me to touch that.Abhi says,haa..u got it..ryt..Pragya says,Haa..I got it..and btw Mr.Rockstar..just go back to ur hell n live with ur emotionally bonded guitar n abt to leave.Abhi drags her back n says,Just joking yaar..U took it seriously u silly girl.Pragya smiles at him n goes to Abhi’s room.

Abhi follows her.Pragya took his guitar.Abhi asks,I told u na I was Just joking now Wht u gonna do with my guitar,asked with scary eyes.Pragya smiles at him n pulls his cheek n says,So cute..btw I’m just seeing it baba.. don’t wry.Abhi smiles n says,I thought u gonna throw it.Pragya kept the guitar as it is n says,y I’m gonna throw ur guitar..by saying this she turned n a pillow from Abhi’s bag caught her attention.Pragya moves towards his bag n asks,yeh Kya hai..y u took this pillow with u..did u thought I won’t give u pillow so u took this pillow with u.Abhi snatched the pillow n says,No..I have an emotional bonding with this pillow..i can’t sleep without this.Pragya asks,Oh..god.. tell me wht the things u still have emotional bond with them n snatched back the pillow.Abhi snatched back n says,See don’t mind.. actually I won’t bother if u mind.. don’t touch this pillow for my sake.Pragya snatched it again n asks,U r giving limitations to me.Abhi says,Limitations nahi..Okay I ll tell u truth..she is like my wife.Pragya asks,Who.Abhi says,This Pilow..Pragya asks,Kya.. Abhi says,Haa..I was missing u badly these years ryt so I can’t sleep properly so I ll thought this pillow as u..and I use to see this pillow as ur lap so I could sleep peacefully then I had a special feelings for my pillow n I married her..so v have an emotional bond so better u won’t interfere in this.Pragya asks,Have u gone mad..how could u marry this pillow when I’m here..how could u do this..U betrayed me,she complaint.Abhi says,Cumon..it’s just imagination yaar..pillow is u..u r my pillow..Pragya asks,Then y u r not letting me to touch that.

Meanwhile,Takil n Purab came to the room n hears their sound as they both were loud.Abhi says,Cumon fuggi..this is not fair..u r getting jealous on my things..My pillow n guitar.. this is not fair.Pragya says,No..then y u r not letting me touch this.Abhi says,Arey baba..here touch this.. keep this..n gives his pillow in her hand.Pragya asks,How could u tell me infront of my eyes..that u married this hell pillow..u r saying this as wife..Abhi says,Kya..again..u r getting jealous on my pillow..Pragya says,Hello..u also jealous on my tweetu na..so y u brought her sweetu..Abhi says,Woh..doll hai this is pillow.Pragya says,All r same…u can’t do this to me n walk away by crossing their fellas.Purab Nikkil n Tanu doesn’t understand anything.Purab goes to Abhi n asks,Abhi Kya chal raha hey..Abhi says,Haa..fogg chal rahe,with a irritated tone n follows Pragya.Purab asks,Fogg??Tanu and Nikkil laughs at Purab.Abhi stops Pragya n says,I ll divorce her calm down..Pragya says,Pakka..Abhi says,Pakka..Pakka..Pragya smiles n says,Thats my dundoos.Abhi says,This is my fuggi..come our poor frnds r waiting for us.Pragya smiles n says,Okay come let’s go.Abhi says,One minute n drags her back.Pragya asks,kya.Abhi says,How it ll b if v gave them more tension.Pragya asks,Matlab..I can’t understand anything.Abhi says,Buddhu..for these years they hide u from me na so I gonna give them punishment..u stay anger on me okay.Pragya asks,Y.Abhi says,U removed ur brain along with ur chashma..idiot just pretend to b anger on me.Pragya says,No..i only told them to not to say abt me so it’s my mistake y u r giving them punishment.Abhi says,Hey.. it’s not punishment let’s make them Restless for some time.Pragya says,No..I’m not convinced.Abhi says,Okay.. don’t do anything i ll manage but don’t talk to me infront of them.Pragya says,But.Abhi taps her nose n says,Pls..mere liye.Pragya stares n nods yes.Abhi says,So sweet now go to ur room n lock urself.Pragya stares.Abhi says,Pls..come on..go..go.. Pragya irked n left from thr n goes to her room n locked in.Abhi pretends to b sad n follows her.Tanu asks,U both patched up ryt.Abhi remains silent.Nikkil asks,Y u r silent tell us.Abhi says,No..Purab asks,Wht no..When v r coming here u both fight on pillow ryt.Tanu yells,Abhi tell us clearly..v don’t understand anything.Abhi says,Yes..i tried to convince her but still she is mad at me..I don’t know wht to do n sat on sofa by holding his head.All looks at them sadly.Abhi hidingly sees that n smiles n thinks,Haa..plan is working.Purab says,Tanu it’s too much Pragya is doing too much.Tanu says,yes.. really feeling pitty for Abhi..wht to do n the trio sat with him sadly.

. . .
So I end here..Hope u all enjoyed the episode..I can’t give precaps coz im preparing the episode before day so Im not preplanning so I can’t give apologies for that..I had replied for all ur comments in Episode 38 pls check the page..Thanks for reading..Love u all ?? Stay blessed:) god bless:)

Credit to: Tisha

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