Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 38


I know u ppl r very eager so let’s get into the story..
How long it ll take,Asked Abhi in impatience.Tanu says,Nikkil..left that building and Abhi v reached.Abhi asks,Have u came here before.Tanu says,yeah.. countless times..Abhi gave a death glare.Tanu asks,Kya.Nikkil stops the car.Tanu got down n says,Follow me.Abhi n all got down.Abhi says,Nikkil if she is not ur to b wife surely I ll kill her..how dare she is saying me she had came here countless times.Nikkil smiles.Tanu asks,U ppl coming r not.Abhi says,Yeah..n goes behind her.Tanu got into the lift n the trio follows her.Abhi asks,Is this apartment.Tanu says,More over similar but it’s like quarters.Abhi asks,wht she is doing here.Tanu says,U ll come to know in few seconds.They reached the 4th floor.Tanu says,Yeah..here it is 403.Abhi asks,Shall v go back.Purab asks,R u crazy.Abhi says,Im scared..I’m feeling tensed..Nikkil says,She is not gonna eat u come.Abhi nods but this time he was the last person in the row he hesitates n walks slow in such a small corridor.Tanu presses the bell.Abhi was hiding in side wall.

Purab says,Abhi stop doing like a kid.Abhi says,U ll never understand Wht I’m feeling now..it’s just like my heart is gonna jump out.Tanu says,Wht she is doing still n she pressed the bell again.The door opened,Purab Tanu Nikkil was standing straight to the door.Nikkil asks,No is thr how the door opened.Abhi asks,Wht? Suddenly one hand touched Purab’s knee.Purab jerked n looked down.A 5 years old boy asks,Who r u?Tanu says,Bishu..they r my frnds.Bishu shouts,Aunty.. white rat waapas Aagaya..Tanu says,I hate u Bishu..it’s the way u treating ur guest.Abhi murmers,Bishu yeh kaun.Bishu says,Ratty.. guests won’t come frequently.Purab giggles.Tanu says,Accha..come in n she goes in.Purab n Nikkil too follows.Then Abhi was abt to get in.Bishu stops him.Abhi asks,Wht.Bishu asks,U r Rockstar hey na,With a stern look.Abhi says,haa..y u r staring at me hatoo.Bishu still blocked his way n shouts,Aunty…aunty..here this uncle is creating mess.Abhi shuts his mouth n says,Arey baba..meri baghwaan don’t make my life more miserable.Bishu shouts,Aunty..he is kidnapping me.In the mean time,Pragya comes n sees Tanu n asks,Hey Tanu wht a surprise..Nikkil u..Purab u..how u both n smiles.

Here Bishu asks,Achha..whts ur name.Abhi says,U don’t know my name uh..I ll tell u later first make me way n abt to get in.Bishu again mocks his way n says,First tell me man.Abhi says,I ll throw u from here.Bishu shouts,Aunty….Abhi shuts his mouth n says,Im Abhishek Mehra.Bishu says,U know whts my name.Abhi thinks,Arey..yeh shaitan is eating my brain n says,U r name is Bishu na..Tanu called u by that name.Bishu says,That ratty hey na..btw I’m Abhishek jain.Abhi wonders n asks,Then y all r calling u as Bishu.Bishu says,Aunty hey na.Abhi asks,Aunty? Bishu says,Meri Pragya.Abhi glares at him n asks,Tumari Pragya.Bishu says,Haa..she only kept this name.Abhi thinks,My fuggi is still mine..that’s y she can’t call anyone as Abhishek except me so sweet..Bishu says,She kept this name coz Abhishek is a potty name.

Abhi stares n asks,Who said it’s a potty name.. Abhishek is such a sweet name u didn’t had the luck to hear that word from my sweet fuggi..and my Pragya won’t call anyone as Abhishek except me that’s y she kept u the potty name Bishu n laughs.Here Tanu was thinking,Whr the Abhi gone..is he scared n got into the car.Pragya asks,Tanu y u r looking outside..Purab tell me how r u..how is ur work n all.Here on other side,Bishu cries n shouts,How dare u call my name as Potty name..wait I’ll show u who am I n goes in.Abhi thinks,Oh..very good Abhi ur entry in this home is super then how u gonna manage that girl n abt to get in he about to slip as his show lace was untied..he bends n ties the knot.Bishu cries n goes to Pragya n says,Aunty one uncle is saying me Bishu is potty name..and he said he ll throw me from here.Tanu Nikkil n Purab understood it was Abhi n keeps their hands on head.Pragya wipes his tears n says,Dont cry who is the uncle.Bishu holds her hand n drags her out.Abhi just tied the lace n stood up.He was just shocked to see the person opposite to him.Pragya too shocked by seeing him.Bishu says,Aunty he only said all this.Abhi looks at Bishu n her..he didn’t utter a word just dumbstrucked by seeing his Fuggi in sari.Pragya’s mind was thinking how he came here.Tanu came thr n says,Pragya he insisted alot.Pragya stares her n says,Come in n she goes in.Abhi didn’t utter a word he just followed her.

As he came in he could see more than 10 kids r thr in the home.Tanu asks,Abhi to sit.Pragya calls Tayiji(a servant in her home,she treats her as mom)Tayiji comes thr.Abhi couldn’t understand anything but he can’t take his eyes off Pragya.He is just looking into her eyes..her movements but she avoided to see him.Pragya says,My frnds had came.Tayji says,Ya I know Tanu but.Pragya says,Ya..he is Nikkil Tanu’s fiance..he is Purab my frnd n he is..Tayiji says,Hey..this is that Rockstar na Abhi..is he is ur frnd y u didn’t told me Pragya.Pragya avoided the topic n says,Tayiji bring them something to drink.Tayiji asks,U ppl ll have tea na.Abhi was expecting that Pragya ll suggest to bring coffee for him.But she didn’t said anything she gone n sat with the kids.Abhi says,Aunty for me coffee..Tayiji nods n goes in.Pragya was being Restless.Abhi looks the wall all over he could see wall hangings of small kids drawing like,”Love u Pragya ma’am” “Happy birthday Pragya aunty”like that thr r more than 10 wall hangings that only had scribbling in crayons n acrylic paint.He wonders whts all this.Suddenly a small girl sat in Pragya’s lap n says,Aunty see this I had drawn this give me some color suggestions..u ll always give me na.Pragya made a smile but she doesn’t respond.Another boy says,Aunty take that paint box.Pragya nods n took that but her hand slips n the box fell down.

The boy says,Aunty wht happened..u broke my paint box.Pragya’s hand shivers n says,I ll buy another box for u.Abhi knows coz of him she is feeling nervous but Abhi’s gaze was still on her.Taiji says,Bachu..it’s getting late n go to ur home n get ready.Pragya says,Haa..come on come on hurry up..Kids said okay n left to their home.A small girl goes near Abhi n asks,U r staring at me na.Abhi says,No..I was..The girl cuts him n says,U wanna see my drawing,asked with a pout.Purab n Nikkil smiles at her innocence.Abhi smiles n says,Yes..show me..I ll see ur drawing.The girl shows that n asks,U r a Rockstar na..i love ur songs..Abhi says,Thank u so much..will u give this drawing to me.The girl said,No it’s for aunty..I ll do another one specially for u..tmrw mrng I ll come na at the time I ll do it for u..u ll b here na.Abhi says,Yeah…I ll b here..Pragya glares at Tanu.The girl said,Okay..n kisses him.Abhi too kisses her.The girl runs from thr.

Taiji gives them coffee and tea.Tanu gets into the room n got freshed up.Pragya goes to room n asks,Whts this Tanu..y u brought him here.Tanu asks,Who?Pragya says,He..him..Tanu asks,Who..Nikkil?Pragya nods no.Tanu asks,Then Purab.Pragya says,Come on u know whom I’m talking about.Tanu says,Look here..There is no use of hide n seek hereafter if u don’t want him here just tell him that u don’t love him n ask him to leave.. Don’t ask me anything I’m frnd for u both okay.Pragya asks,U r my friend first..leave it whts the need of getting him here.Tanu says,He wanna meet that’s y.. cumon Pragya don’t be silly u r beyond ur fights u still thinking of the same.Pragya says,Yes..

I’m beyond that fight but can’t u know how I felt that moment it hurts me still now.Tanu says,Fine..I won’t sry v won’t interfere in all this Its upto u n Abhi..okay.Pragya says,Tanu don’t make me things difficult pls.Tanu says,Okay shall I go n tell him that u won’t love him anymore ask him to leave.Pragya stood silent.Tanu says,Take ur own time..he ll wait.Pragya says,But.. whenever I’m seeing his face I can’t control my anger.Tanu smiles n asks,Really.Pragya asks,Y u r smiling..who called u now.Tanu says,Dont shower ur anger on me.Pragya irked n comes out of the room.Abhi comes thr n asks,Whr..Whr should..Pragya stares at him.Abhi thinks,Oh..no..y can’t I speak normal with her n asks,Whr should I.Pragya cuts him n says,Dont ever try to talk to me..I’m not the same Pragya anymore..I hate u and ur mus….Suddenly Abhi heard his song…

kuchh bhi nahi hai ye jahaan(this world is nothing)
tu hai to hai is mein zindagi(if u r thr,thr is life in it)
ab mujhko jaana hai kahaan(now Whr else do have to go)
ke tu hi safar hai aakhiri(u r my last journey)

Pragya closed her eyes n mentally cursed herself for not keeping her mobile in silent.Abhi smiles at her n says,Yes..u r not the same Pragya..u r looking so pretty honestly u r gorgeous u looking like aww..i wanna eat u now,said in flirtatious tone.Pragya was already in peak of anger she said,Look.. don’t check my patience else I ll throw u out..by saying this she walked away.Tanu says,Abhi..y u r doing like this give her some time..Abhi says,Already i gave her 2yrs.Pragya shouts,Tanu…Tanu says,Wait I ll b back n runs towards Pragya.Pragya shouts,Wht he is thinking of himself he is just flirting as normal as nothing had happened Tanu whts this..I don’t even wanna see his face.Tanu says,Relax..U know abt him ryt..Pragya says,Ufff!!!I’m leaving now give them rooms n u ppl take rest..i have an important work.Taiji ll leave after preparing lunch.Tanu nods.Pragya left by murmuring.Tanu says,This Abhi na..n goes in.Abhi was trying to open the door of a room.

Tanu runs towards him n asks,Abhi..wht u r doing..Abhi says,Whr ll I stay I was just trying to get into the room but the door is not opening.Tanu says,Its Pragya’s room it ll b locked always she only use this no one ll go inside this room.Abhi asks,Y.Tanu says,I don’t she ll always lock this room..leave it.Abhi things,Fuggi is maintaining secret hmm…let’s find all her mysteries.Tanu says,I already took one room only two rooms r thr decide urself who two gonna share a room.Abhi says,I ll share with Purab..Nikkil u take a room.Purab says,No..I won’t share with u..u r a person in danger zone..wht if Pragya throwed u out then I ll also have to come with u.. better I’m on neutral I ll share with Nikkil.Abhi says,Smartyy…no way come u have to share with me n drags him to a room.After the lunch Tayiji says,Tanu I’m leaving if u want anything just call me i ll be in near by house.Tanu nods.

Tanu Purab Nikkil was sitting in sofa.Abhi was looking at the wall in which the kids charts r framed n hanged on the wall.Abhi asks,Tanu this home is different is she is living alone here.Tanu says,Haa..Abhi it’s quarters given for her..all the neighbors r working with her.Purab says,She is working in MNC ryt once Bulbul told me.Tanu smiles n says,MNC..she quited the job long ago.Abhi asks,who r the kids is she taking tuition or Wht.Tanu says,No Abhi.. actually our Pragya had changed alot..yes Purab she came Odhisa to join in a MNC she joined in that she worked for 3 months..u all know ryt Odhisa is the place which ll frequently affect by flood..when Pragya was here the whole state is affected by massive flood..many ppl died in that flood..v all ll think if flood issue resolved all the problem ll b finished but it’s not like that.The kids of this state ll suffer by nutrition loss n by water disease..and especially this area is the most affected district..Pragya n her colleagues came here for rescue operation n to give counseling then only they get to know the kids of this area doesn’t have any basic amenities for education and food.Then Pragya n some her colleagues quited their job n came to this village n they started to build sanitation facilities in their money..

Then seeing this some NGOs came forward to help them.Then they all settled here n started to take some basic awareness program to the villagers.Then they started a small school to the kids in this district and with the help of the collector they got a infrastructured classes.Pragya n her some of colleagues r now doing as teacher in that skl..and the kids r still suffering alot from nutrition loss more than 100 kids r dieing of this per year..now they had reported this to UNICEF n they r working day n night to get some help from the UNICEF..only some of NGOs r helping them financially.Our Pragya changed alot she doesn’t have time to anything her full motive is to get some recognition for the kids.And u asked abt the kids who were here na..they r few of the kids who r affected by the flood water disease..

Some kids have incurable disease..for example morning u spoke with a boy Abhishek na..he have a cancer can u believe that the small kid is suffering from cruel disease..so just Pragya is spending time with them to see them happy..u saw na how the kids r happy to b here..these r the paintings that done by them..Abhi touches the painting n his eyes filled with tears n thinks,Im really proud of u Fuggi..u r really doing a great work..U r never the same silly girl..u had became a Beautiful woman now..Hatsoff..u making me to love u more n more.Purab says,Really Pragya is doing a great job.Tanu says,Not only Pragya many persons r thr here..I’m just saying the small part many things r happening here which v can’t even think in our dreams..Abhi says,Now she is working in skl..in this village?Tanu says,Ya…Nikkil asks,I don’t know how ppl r in this village no shops here..no proper roads..Tanu says,One incident ll change a person Nikkil like wise Pragya had changed coz of this incident.

Abhi asks,Wht it means she changed.. she is still the same fuggi for me..i agree she changed her career path..she is doing a service I really appreciate she became strong woman but by heart I could see her still she is my fuggi..who loves me unconditionally..I Know when ppl start to concentrate on their goal or ambition they ll forget the rest of the world n they ll work hard.. but I know every stressful day ll end in a night at the moment any person ll need someone to share all the stress..to rest peace I had gone through the same in past 2 years I’m sure Pragya also going through the same.. she may strong before others but inside by heart she is alone.Tanu says,Yes..u r ryt..but she is mad at u still.Abhi asks,Still?Tanu says,Haa..she is scared of u.Abhi asks,Matlab..Tanu says,She scared of that u ll take her with u n u ll hurt her again..she had gone through many difficulties by being alone..the words that said by u hurted her to the core..she can’t bear any pain anymore.

Abhi says,But Tanu.Tanu says,Abhi don’t try to justify.. just think from her situation she was in a helpless situation at the time u had told her coz of her u can’t get into ur passion just think how it ll hurt a person who loves ur passion along with u..that is not so easy for her..she is scared of her pain Wht she gone through she was emotionally broken down..she decided to move from u coz she don’t want to b hurdle in ur success path.. whatever it’s time now she may come at anytime..Im leaving to my room..Abhi just think before u do anything.Purab says,Haa.Abhi Tanu was ryt.Abhi just looks on.
. . .
Sorry if I bored u..It was real incident that happened in odhisa n still most of the kids r suffering from nutrition deficiency..kids r dieing coz of that.. Only some NGOS is taking care of a village even they didn’t get their basic needs..I just wanna show that fact here..that’s y I made Pragya ‘s profession like this..Sorry if I’m bored..Let’s meet in next episode..love you all ??

Credit to: Tisha

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    And current wasn’t there…I literally started crying… Then Now again crying after reading!!
    U always say stay blessed at the end!! I am blessed as I got the opportunity to read all your writings!! I would never ever forget u or your writings! And that’s this sis ‘s Promise! Love u Loads……Tons……Even more than that!!
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