Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 37

Hi guys hope all r fine!!!Thank u so much for all ur response and love u all for ur immense support.Lets get into the story..
Abhi thinks,How to get Tanu’s mobile.Robin comes thr with a tray of Soft drinks.Tanu turned to leave.Abhi bumped with Robin purposely and unfortunately Robin spilled the drinks over Tanu.Abhi thinks,Yes..u have done it Abhi n smiles.Tanu shouts,Wht the hell u had done.Abhi comes thr n asks,Robin..wht r u man?Y u r like this.Robin says,Sir..u bumped me coz I spilled the drinks.Abhi says,Its okay u go.Tanu says,Oh..no..I gotta go I have important work..now how I ll go in this condition.Abhi says,No problem Tanu u go n clean inside the green room.Tanu says,Thank u Abhi.Abhi smiles n says,My pleasure.Tanu abt to get in.Abhi says,Give ur purse n go..i ll wait outside.Tanu says,Ya..okay.. don’t go anywhere then I can’t search u.Abhi says,Okay baba I ll b here.Tanu nods n goes in.Abhi says,Yes..now start the process Abhi n picks her mobile n seeks for name of Pragya in her contact list.Abhi says,Oh..no..I was wrong no contacts in name of Pragya..wait wait..i got suspicious abt her last convo ryt..okay let’s check her logs n he checked last call in log list.Abhi reads,Sweety??yeah..she was talking to this girl I heard Tanu saying sweety n saves the number to his phone n thinks,Is this really Pragya or some other girl.. anyhow let’s try.Tanu came out of green room.Abhi gives her purse.Tanu says,Thank u Abhi..Gotta go.Abhi says,1 minute.Tanu asks,Wht?Abhi asks,Y u ppl r not talking with me..u r my frnds na..u r meeting me only in such concerts.Tanu says,Oh..Abhi not like that v all r got into our busy schedule na that’s y don’t bother about that..Purab and Nikkil r always with u na.Abhi says,Haa..they r with me but they r just discussing abt official stuffs..v didn’t even shared a hearty talk.Tanu says,Nothing like that Abhi..u r over thinking okay..I really have an important work sorry..Abhi says,Its okay..carry on.Tanu says,Bye..n left.
Abhi thinks,Fuggi.. nothing is good here after u left..I was surrounded with many ppl but still feeling alone without u.Purab comes thr n asks,U r still here.Abhi says,Yeah..I’m leaving Whr is Alia.Purab says,She left with Bulbul.Abhi says,Fine..I’m leaving wht abt u.Purab says,Still I hav some work u go I ll come later.Abhi nods n left.Abhi on the way thinks,I don’t y..but today I’m feeling weird.. And happy too..he reached his home.Mehra Mansion,Abhi enters MM n goes to Dadi’s room.Dadi says,Abhi.. nailed today beta.Abhi goes n rests his head on Dadi’s lap n says,Dadi..Today I’m feeling weird Dadi I don’t know y.Dadi says,U had worked hard na u must be tired that y go n take rest u ll b alryt.Abhi nods n moved towards his room.Abhi sat on bed n says,Today I’m Missing my fuggi alot..Fuggi Whr r u..see I had done this room for us.. painted in ur fav color.. everything is thr with me except u n lays on bed n closed his eyes.Suddenly he jerked n took his phone n opens the number that he took from Tanu’s phone.Abhi thinks,Wht ll I do if it’s not fuggi then it ll turn to embracement.. okay fine whatever i ll end the call by saying wrong number n he touched the call icon.As the call gonna connect he ends the call n says,Oh..y I’m feeling like a coward come on Abhi u can do it and again he calls the number.Call was on connect..Abhi feels that his heart gonna pound n jump outside.
Call answered,The person on other side said,Hello..Abhi was just holding the phone to his ears speechless he just frozed.The person again said,Hello..who is this.. Abhi’s eyes were moist now..his mind is thinking that,It was his Pragya..his Chashmish..his fuggi..As Abhi was dumbstruck a person on phone again asked,Hello..any one thr..hello.. Suddenly Abhi heard a voice from the phone saying,Pragya come soon..have to complete this tonight..Abhi’s mind says,Yes..it’s his fuggi..his fuggi..Pragya says,Haa..one minute I’m coming,she said to the person who called her..n asks in phone,Hello..is anyone thr.. speak up.. Abhi’s eyes filled with tears n disbelief an unexplained emotions curled him..he suddenly hang up the call..just tears rolling down from his eyes.Abhi immediately calls Tanu Purab n Nikkil n asks them to come to his home immediately.They questioned him.Abhi says,Its just a personal party n asked them to come.An hour passed,Abhi’s minds was running on 1000 questions..wht is happening around him..y all this guy’s hiding abt Pragya n all..his chain of thoughts broke when his fellas entered his room.Purab Nikkil sat on bed n Tanu sat on sofa n asks,Abhi..u told abt party but no one is here.Abhi asks,Whr is Pragya.Tanu shocked n asks,Abhi..how we know.Purab says,Haa..how v know..Abhi asks,Im having doubt really u ppl r my frnds r wht.Nikil asks,Whts this Abhi..wht u r talking.Abhi shouts,Then..y u ppl r hiding me abt Pragya.Purab says,Abhi..we don’t know Whr is she.Abhi says,No Purab..u may not in but someone here knows everything n glares Tanu.Tanu asks,Abhi..u r doubting me..this can’t b done Abhi.Abhi shouts,Stop ur acting Tanu.Tanu jerked.
Purab says,Abhi..come on..y u r yelling at her.Abhi says,Today she was talking with Pragya n I heard that.Nikkil asks,When.Abhi says,After the concert.Tanu says,Abhi it’s not Pragya it’s my frnd.Abhi says,Ya..that frnd is Pragya I took the number from ur mobile n checked the number..it’s my fuggi.Tanu asks,Wht..did u talk with her.Abhi says,No..i just heard the voice..it’s not the matter y hiding her from me.Tanu says,No Abhi..Abhi shouts,Tell me damn it.Nikkil shouts,Enough Abhi..not only Tanu v all know abt Pragya okay..Abhi shocked n shattered down on bed.Purab says,Haa..Abhi on that day Bulbul gave the letter to us na..i gone to drop Bulbul in home at the time Pragya called her maa.. Bulbul too talked with her..then I said Bulbul I too want talk to her.. first she refused then Bulbul forced her hence Pragya spoke with me..she told me she can’t b in this city..she said coz of her u lagging behind from ur passion..she said that u told her to get lost of ur life so she didn’t want to trouble u more tats y she left..and she begged me,Not to tell this to u..that’s y.. moreover v thought she was ryt..coz her maa also wanted her to get married at the time u were not in such situation.. so v agreed with her..but after that I didn’t spoke with her..Tanu only still in touch with her.Abhi got tears in eyes n asks,Tanu did she ll ask anything abt me.Tanu cries n nods no.Abhi cries n says,Yes..i shouted on her badly but I didn’t thought she ll left me like this..Tanu Tanu I wana meet her..Whr is she..wht she is doing..
Tanu thinks,Wht to do..fine.. enough is enough Pragya..let’s finish this n says,Abhi I can’t say anything but I ll take u to her.Abhi asks,Whr is she.Tanu says,I told u na..i ll take u to her.. enough is enough.. hereafter u both decide of ur lives..Abhi asks,When v r going..take me now.Nikkil says,No..Abhi v ll leave tmrw..Abhi says,U both ll surely take me to her na..he asked by kneeling infront of them.Nikkil makes him stand n says,Haa..Abhi..sure v r leaving tmrw morning..Abhi says,Thanu so much..but tell me Wht she is doing.Tanu says,Abhi..we can’t say anything as v promised her not to speak abt her with u..but v didn’t promised her abt taking u to her..so don’t wry..u itself see her situation..Now v r leaving..Tanu n Nikkil left.Purab says,Im Sry Abhi..Abhi asks,Kyun Purab..u too did this..u r seeing my pain everyday..but u too hided this na.Purab says,I don’t have any option Abhi..Sorry.Abhi says,Im dieing here every day..but whatever Purab I’m happy today that I’m gonna meet my fuggi back..I ll get my fuggi back..i never expected I ll meet my fuggi..i was waiting here for while.. anyways i should thank u ppl.. Atleast now u had mercy on me.Purab says,Sorry..Abhi n he cried.Abhi says,Leave it.. whatever happened is happened.. Don’t cry I’m happy today so excited.Purab wonders n asks,Is this Abhi??How could u forgave us so easily.Abhi says, Forgiveness i learned that from my fuggi..i believe whatever she do..it ll b for my goodness..but hereafter I won’t think of my goodness or anything I just need my fuggi back..Im ready to lose anything for her now..i won’t miss her again..Purab hugs him n says,Love u bro..Abhi says,Love u too..now sleep..v have to leave tmrw na.Purab nods.Abhi says,Purab..don’t inform to Bulbul..if u informed then she ll inform Pragya..then it ll b risk if she left from thr too.Purab says,No..i won’t say..Abhi says,Thanks.Purab says,Gud night..sleep well..I ll wake u morning.Abhi nods.Purab left.
Abhi lays on bed n sees the picture of him n Pragya n says,Y fuggi..i know u r still anger at me..but u didn’t hate me na..u can’t hate me I know..hey..fuggi..u know wht..I’m so excited to meet u..but I’m anger on u Y u gave this such a big punishment..wait I’m coming thr then u ll get ur punishment..u know whts ur punishment u gonna bear all my sweet torchur life long..u know how I missed ur bak baks..ur smile..ur preparation my morning coffee..u know well I can’t start my day without ur coffee coz of u I’m getting head ache everyday..I missed the word Dundoos from u.. how could be so heartless fuggi..too bad..I know something is gonna happen today that’s y I’m feeling different..I just can’t wait n kisses her picture..And he just closed his eyes..It was dawn,Purab came n woke Abhi.Abhi says,Soney do na fuggi.Purab asks,Fuggi..hey Abhi if u wanna meet ur fuggi first u have to wake up.Abhi woke up immediately n says,Yes..I wanna meet her..Purab asks,Go n fresh up soon v gonna leave now.Abhi nods n says,I ll b back in 5 mins n runs to closest.Purab smiles n says,He is behaving like a kid.W within 5 mins he came.Abhi asks,How I’m looking.Purab says,Arey u r a Rockstar u ll b perfect..girls ll die for u.Abhi asks,Wht abt fuggi..for her I’m still her idiot hey na.Purab says,Cumon..lets go.Abhi took the bag n left by informing Dadi and Alia.
Abhi Purab got into car.Nikkil was speaking to someone for arranging cars after speaking he ends the call.Tanu says,Wah..Abhi u know to woke up in dawn ryt.Abhi says,Anything for fuggi n smiles.Tanu didn’t said anything.Abhi asks,Nikkil to whom u r talking.Nikkil says,I was talking to get car in that city..Tanu says,Its village.Nikkil smiles.Abhi asks,Whr v r going.Tanu says,Odhisa.Abhi asks,Odhisa?Tanu says,Haa..Abhi asks,Wht she is doing thr.Tanu says,U check by urself Abhi.Abhi says,i can’t control my curiosity..Tanu just say me she is still anger on me or Wht.Purab says,Abhi v r just getting u to her that’s it.Abhi says,Fine..I won’t ask anything okay.Nikkil says,Okay.After a travel,They landed Odhisa.Nikkil gets their car n says,Abhi v ll reach thr in 2hrs.Abhi says,Im so nervous.Nikkil starts the car Tanu sat on passenger seat n Purab was with Abhi in back.Abhi thinks,Why this guys r still hiding abt Pragya n just rests on header n closed his eyes..His mind says,wht if Fuggi is married thats y they r hiding the fact.. Really fuggi got married..oh..no..wht if she married to someone..will she call her hubby as Dundoos..will she ll prepare the same coffee for him..will she ll give him head massage as she done done for me..wht if she had a baby n she ll name the baby as Abhishek..he shouts,Noooooo……Nikkil stops the car n asks,Kya..Abhi asks,Is fuggi got married.Tanu says,No..Abhi got a big relief n says,Okay..u go fast man..Nikkil nods.Abhi was so much excited and nervous.
. . .
So I end my episode here..hope u enjoyed…stay tuned!!Love u all ?? Stay blessed ?

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