Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 36


Hi guys lets get into the story directly….
Atleast today u have to be earlier how many times I had told u this Everytime u habited to come late..u know i have loads of work to done here..but I just came to receive u..come soon here is ur seat card Tanu and Alia ll b thr go n join them,said Purab by wearing a blue tooth in his ear..by saying this he left.Bulbul was highly irked for the words that spoked by Purab ryt now.Bulbul was seeking for her seat number..it was dark only spot lights r thr..the program has been started already.Bulbul murmers,How ll I find my seat number..how could I find Tanu in this crowd..she ll b in VIP row..so have to go thr..for this mess I thought not to come here..it’s all bcoz of him..Idiot Purab..by saying this she was moving to the VIP row.The performance was going on..
ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin(It’s not possible to live without u)
na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley(don’t ever keep me distant from u)
main tujhko kitna chaahati hoon(how much I love u)
ye tu kabhi soch na sake(u can’t even think)
Ke tere liye duniya chhod di hai(I I’ve left the world for u)
tujhpe hi saans aake ruke(my breath stops at u only)
main tujhko kitna chahta hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake
As the song got over she finally able to reach Tanu n places her hand on her shoulder.Tanu turns n sees Bulbul n hugs her..and asked her to sit.Bulbul sat besides her.Tanu asks,Y u r late.Bulbul says,Well..u know the reason.Tanu says,I know u didn’t want to come.Bulbul says,For the sake of Purab I’m coming here.Tanu says,But u missed his first performance his signature..u know it’s ur di’s fav.Bulbul says,I had heard it 1000 times..Tanu smiles..but this gonna be a special eveng.Bulbul asks,Y.Tanu says,Nikkil told me this his 50th concert in this year so thr ll b more performance.Bulbul says,Whatever.. Within their talks a creamy voice from stage craved their attention..
na hai yeh paanaa naa khonaa hi hai( isn’t a gain,but it also isn’t a loss either)
tera na hona jaane kyun honaa hi hai(u are not here,but still i am feeling that u are here)
Tum se hi din hota hai(my day starts with u)
surmaiyee shaam aati hai(the melodius night comes with u,only with u)
Tum se hi(because of you)
Tum se hi..Tum se hi..
har ghadi saans aati hai(I take each breath)
zindagi kehlaati hai(I live this life)
tum se hi….tum se hi…. tum se hi…
Bulbul ears was just hearing the crowd chanting his name unconditionally she could only hear”Abhi…….Abhi…….Abhi…..Abhi…….”And the man was singing in the stage is none other than Abhi… Abhishek Mehra now Abhi the Rockstar not Rockstar exactly he is the king of love songs… Tanu too shouting n encouraging her frnd..but Bulbul’s mind is thinking of her lovable pyari sister..she misses her badly..and except Bulbul many of them missing her..but more than others one heart is missing her to the death… Bulbul thoughts broke when the crowd’s claps increased her gaze fall on stage..
Abhi’s lips still singing,Tum se hi..Tum se hi…he just bends down n falls on his knees at the end n he waves his hand n kisses the guitar..and the song ended..Abhi was heading towards his green room.His new PA the poor boy comes thr n removes his head Mike n abt to get the guitar from his hand.Abhi moved his hand n yells,Wht the hell r u doing.. Don’t dare to touch this..do u got it..wait..who r u man…Purab!!!Purab!!!, almost he yelled.Purab comes thr n asks,Ab Kya hua..I ll see u or the arrangements.Abhi asks,Who the hell is he..by pointing the boy.Purab says,He is Robin..ur new PA.Abhi says,PA..my foot..u know wht he had done.Purab asks,Robin wht happened?The poor Robin says,I didn’t do anything I just tried to help sir.Abhi says,No..he is lying Purab..he tried to take my guitar from me..how dare he is.Purab says,Abhi..stop complaining go n relax till ur Next performance..he is new so he don’t know abt u n ur guitar..I ll explain him later..u go.Abhi gave a glare n left to the green room.
Welcome,Rockstar sorry Love star,Said Nikkil.Abhi smiles n asks,Wahh..wht u r doing here man.Nikkil says,I think u r suffering from short term memory loss..Abhi giggles n says,Okay my co-producer..Nikkil smiles n asks,Y u r mad at that poor Robin.Abhi says,He tried to touch my guitar.Nikkil says,Just u n ur funny sentiments.Abhi says,Nikkil just stop this..i wanna be alone for sometime.Nikkil says,Cool.. don’t spoil ur mood..I’m leaving n he left.Abhi looks at the guitar..the same guitar his Fuggi gave her..He just touched the letters FUGGI n kisses it n says,Im living in the hope sure u ll come to me..Whr r u Fuggi..Come soon..See ur absence also giving me this much strength..then how it ll b when u r with me..i ll b the best..come to me..u know wht I’m today is all bcoz of u..u r my everything..U know whts my next performance..it’s for u.. Ofcourse all my songs r only for u..but this is so special I’m gonna launch this song today not coz of its my 50th concert..is that 5yrs completed since v love each other..our 5th love anniversary..so this is so special for us..Thank u Fuggi..u gave all this to me..but u r not with me now..U r always been with my difficult times but y u r hiding urself somewhere when I’m in good position..I didn’t deserve all this luxury and applause..u the one who deserve this..today world ll know the real person who deserve all this applause..It has been 2 years..I’m incomplete without u..pls come back to me..n kisses his guitar again..a drop of tear rolled down.. Suddenly,The door opened..Abhi wipes his tears n sees Robin thr..Abhi asks,Now wht..Robin says,woh..sir..Ur stage is ready for next performance Purab sir asked u to come.Abhi nods n he left to stage.
As Abhi appears in stage..the crowd was so excited..Abhi took the Mike n says,This performance is very special and its to my special person who is everything in my life.Bulbul n Tanu ‘s eyes widened.Bulbul asks,Is he talking abt di.Tanu says,Ofcourse.. Bulbul I’m scared wht if he came to know Pragya’s whereabouts.Bulbul says,U know na Tanu I won’t talk with him.Tanu asks,Then wht abt me.Bulbul says,Relax..he won’t know..Nikkil says,Girls stop ur gossips n listen to his music..he gonna launch a new song here… Crowd starts to chant his name again… Bulbul irked..Abhi stringed up his guitar n starts to sing…..
Kyun itno mein tujhko hi chunta hoon har pal(Why do I choose u Everytime)
Kyun tere hi khwaab ab bunta hoon har pal(Why do I weave the dreams abt u always)
Kyun itno mein tujhko hi chunta hoon har pal(Why do I choose u Everytime)
Kyun Tere hi khwaab ab bunta hoon har pal(why do I weave the dreams abt u always)
Tune mujhe jeene ka hunar diya(u provided me talent to live)
Khamoshi se sehne ka sabar diya(u provided me patience to bear silently)
Tu hi bharosa zindagi ka(u r belief of life)
Tu hai mera honsla(u r my motivation)
Mujhe jeena sikha diya(u taught me to live))
Marna sikha diya(u taught me dying)
Teri wafaaon ne tumsa bana diya(ur faithfulness made me like u)
Tere khayalon mein ho gayi gum(I lost in ur dreams)
Ye meri tanhaiyaan(This loneliness of mine)
Ab rooh meri karne lagi hai teri nigehbaaniyan(now has begun to observe u in my soul)
Tu hi bharosa zindagi ka(u r belief of life)
Tu hai mera honsla(u r my motivation)
Mujhe jeena sikha diya(u taught me to live)
Marna sikha diya(u taught me dying)
Teri wafaaon ne tumsa bana diya(ur faithfulness made me like u)
Jeena sikha diya(u taught me living)
Marna sikha diya(u taught me dying)
Teri wafaaon ne tumsa bana diya(ur faithfulness made me like u)
He falls on his knees n hugs his guitar n murmers,Love u Fuggi..all clapped hard n even girls were blowing kisses.. Bulbul Tanu Nikkil Alia n Purab had tears in eyes..Abhi got up n says,Thank u guys for All ur love..i always love u.. Crowd too replies Love u Abhi..Abhi smiles n says,The show is not ended..Purab looks surprised.Abhi says,For the First time im gonna give a press Meet..I ll back in 10mis..so u reporters focus ur camera n be ready with ur questions..by saying this he left..Tanu asks,Nikkil whts This..He gonna give press meet..if he talked abt Pragya..then wht i ll say to her..Nikkil do something.Bulbul rushed towards Purab n asks,Purab..if di came to know this..pls ask him not to speak abt di.Purab says,Wait..lemme handle..Abhi just comes thr n sees Bulbul.Abhi rushed towards her n asks,Bulbul..did u came to know anything abt Pragya.. Bulbul says,How many time I ll say this..V didn’t know abt her..y u r keep on asking this..by saying this she left.Abhi glares her n says,If she wasn’t Fuggi’s sister I ll..Purab comes thr n asks,Abhi..u gonna give press meet..y u didn’t told us.Abhi says,Y..I can’t give interview.Purab says,Okay..but don’t talk abt.Abhi says,Im getting late n left to meet reporters.
Abhi: Hi..guys..
Reporter:Sir,y u didn’t met press for a year till u made ur entry n Whts the reason u r Meeting us today.
Abhi:*smiles* well,This day is very special so I decided to meet u guys..via u ppl I got a chance to interact with my fans.
Reporter:Sir,U had just made ur entry this year beginning and now u r doing 50th concert in the end of the year..how u feel.
Abhi:*smiles again with a tactical glare*Ppl love my music that’s y I reached here.. Ofcourse I’m happy.
Reporter:Y ur songs r only on love.
Abhi:*laughs*well,Coz I could feel only love inside me so all my songs r made with love..made on love.
Reporter:But…y u r always starting ur all concert with a same song..when u had given lots of hit than that song.
Abhi:Ya..I expected this question*smiles little*..well,Its my boss’s wish to sing this song as a signature so that’s it..my boss’s wish is my command.
Reporters wondered he had a boss.
Reporter:Sir..u have boss??v thought u r independent.
Abhi:Not at all..i have a boss.. who is ruling my heart,ruling my world,..
Reporter:We heard u have an emotional bonding with ur guitar..
Abhi: Ofcourse I have I didn’t let anyone to touch my guitar.
Reporter:U said u r singing this song for some special person..Shall v know who was that.
Abhi:*smiles*and ya..the song is for my boss..who is my love..and ya today is our 5th love anniversary so i thought to launch this special album today.
Reporter:Who was that.
Purab interrupts n says,Thank u all media frnds..Thanks for coming..He ll meet u soon on another day as today an emergency call from his home he have to leave now sorry for the inconvenience.By saying this Purab dragged Abhi inside.Abhi asks,I know u r doing this purposely..Purab says,U know na..then keep quiet n go to ur green room.Abhi thinks,This Purab na..he won’t let be myself n goes to his green room.Tanu says,Thank god Purab did a good thing on timing else I ll b dead in Pragya”s hands..let Abhi come here I ll screw him.Abhi came to green room he saw Tanu n asks,Oh.. now it’s u last time ur fiancee was here now u.Tanu shouts,Abhi..u r abt to say abt Pragya na.Abhi says,Haa..y whts ur problem y u ppl r stopping me from talking abt her to media..I’m suspicious on u ppl..did u all know abt her whereabouts..Tanu says,No..Abhi we didn’t know abt her..y u r getting suspicious on us.Abhi says,Oh..yaar..leave it.. don’t increase my head ache.Suddenly Tanu’s phone rang.Tanu looks at phone and Abhi with a nervous ness.Tanu thinks,Oh.. whether I have to attend the call or not she blinked at the phone.Abhi says,Tanu attend the call..ur ringtone is increasing my head ache.Tanu nods n abt to leave to attend the call.Abhi says,U can speak here itself.Tanu says,Its okay Abhi n came outside of the room.Abhi thinks,Y she is blinking like this..these guys r avoiding me they r meeting me only in such concerts n he came outside..he stopped by hearing Tanu’s voice.
Tanu in phone,No..no..I ll send u immediately I already collected the data..just mailing is bending..I ll mail u once I reach home.Abhi thinks,Whom she is talking with..wht the person on other side is saying Tanu is not going for job then wht she is talking abt.Thn Tanu says,No..Pra..she stopped n looks here n thr n says,No sweety..i was in frnd’s home..Abhi thinks,y she stopped in btwn n y she is checking whether anyone is noticing her..why she is lying.Tanu says,I swear I’m not in concert now.. concert is over i left from thr..I didn’t lied u..i ll send u within an hour..trust me..Abhi thinks,Whether the person on call is my fuggi or Wht…no if it’s fuggi Tanu ll informed me..but y I’m feeling that she is hiding something..Tanu in phone,Okay..bye take care..Haa..love u too..she ends the call.. Abhi again thinks,If it’s fuggi or Wht… whatever I have to check her phone then my confusion ll get clear..but how to check her phone..he Thinks by hiding behind the door…
. . .
Hope u like it…I thought songs r mainly important for this part so I used full songs.. Thanks for all ur support Keep supporting…. I ll post next update on Monday till then bye take care..Love u all..God bless:)

Credit to: Tisha

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