Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 34

Hi guys I know yesterday episode was a bore apologies for that I can’t type more as I was in travel..Hope u ll feel this episode..Let’s get into the story..
Finally,Ya.. finally v r now double graduates and now v r in a job Pragya can u believe it I was so happy I thinks my life is gonna b smooth hereafter there is no exams..no tests..no practicals..wow.. finally v finished sorry..this ll only suits me not for u..u gonna do PH.d na in JNU i forgot that but one thing Pragya don’t study too much till ur life’s end..feel somewhat pitty on my poor friend Abhi..else he ll become old till waiting for u to complete ur academics,said Tanu.Abhi made a wide smile in response.Bulbul says,Haa..di just consider him before u joining in PH.d.Pragya says,Arey..I just had an idea to pH.d but u ppl r confirmed that I’m gonna do that.Abhi says,Dont wry abt me fuggi..if u want u can do I won’t mind..Pragya says,Abhishek..cumon they r teasing us u r flexing to them.Bulbul says,No..no..Jiju..just take di from our house as ur wife then only my way ll get clear.Alia says,Oh.. Bulbul it’s too much..Purab says,Haa.. Bulbul y u r in sucha hurry hmm?? Bulbul says,Coz if I leave u..u ll start flirt with ur office girl Tina.Abhi laughs.Purab says,Abhi thum bhi na..y u r giving false news yaar.Pragya says,Oh.. Bulbul Purab is not flirt type okay.Purab says,Oh..thank u Pragya Babhi..n gave a side hug.Bulbul says,Oh.. friendship Accha fine..Jiju u r my side na.Abhi says,Haa..hameshaa.. Bulbul n Abhi gave hifi.Alia says,Haa..Aagaya..future business tycoon.Tanu says,Nikkil tum late.Nikkil says,Sorry.. my dad didn’t leave me yaar.Pragya says,Accha..u ppl r talking abt our marriage Just ask this question to Tanu and Nikkil they r betrothed.
Purab says,Point.. when u both gonna get married.Nikkil says,Cumon yaar..v have much time..just u ppl completed ur studies.Alia says,Oh..hello..they completed 6 months ago.Nikkil says,Haa..but not even a year is completed..ryt..Pragya says,Drop this wedding topic.Purab asks,Kyun feeling shy or Wht.Bulbul says,No Purab di is irked of this topic..if v went to home maa also talking abt di’s marriage.. already match maker is coming home frequently.Pragya becomes sad.Tanu says,Cumon..Pragya don’t get moody v r meeting each other once in a week but u r sitting sad.Abhi asks,Y can’t u tell ur mom to postpone all this bull shit wedding arrangements for some years.Bulbul says,Kya..some years..no chance maa is on full swing..but di is in really bad condition she is refusing all the alliances without giving any reason to Maa..I don’t know what is gonna happen.Pragya looks at Abhi.Purab signs Bulbul to stop.Alia says,Oh..guys come on stop talking serious things.Pragya asks,Alia whr is Dadi..i had never met her till now..Whr is she.Alia says,She had went to Ludhiana for a wedding.Abhi asks,Y can’t u say about our relationship to ur mom Pragya.Purab says,Abhi.. discuss abt it afterwards just drop the topic.Abhi feels Restless n he keeps on thinking the same.Pragya looks at Abhi n thinks,Oh..no again I brought this topic to him he ll be upset of this.Pragya says,Abhishek..leave it v ll discuss that later y u r feeling disturbed.. Don’t.. she didn’t even completed her words within that Abhi got up n left the place with anger n frustration.
Pragya holds her head n says,Bulbul I had told u na..y u said all these before him n she too left by following Abhi.Purab says,Bulbul.. don’t u have sense I signed u na not to tell anything then y u r doing like this.Tanu says,Pls..now u both atleast be calm.. don’t fight.Purab gets irked n left the home.Bulbul says,I said it casually y all r scolding me.Alia says,Leave it.. don’t wry.. Bulbul too left the home.Abhi was standing in terrace by looking at the pale dark sky.Pragya entered the terrace.Alia Suddenly gets a call after speaking that she told,Tanu Nikkil I’m really sorry.. Bulbul is calling me to park..i wanna leave ryt now else they both ll fight..Tanu nods.Alia left.Tanu looks at Nikkil.Nikil says,Come wht v gonna do..let’s leave.Tanu says,Oh..no I didn’t thought that this day ll end up in such a mess.Nikkil says,Utoo.. let’s go.Tanu nods n left with Nikkil.
Pragya places her hand on Abhi’s shoulder.Abhi turned immediately n hugs her tight.Pragya too hugged him her eyes filled with tears.Abhi’s eyes too filled with tears.Pragya just calmly pats his back.Abhi broke the hug n says,Im scared of losing u Fuggi..I’m scared of losing my passion..I’m just scared of everything I don’t know wht I’m gonna do..my confidence level was sky high before years but now it’s utter zero.Pragya says,Just calm down Abhishek sit here n makes him to sit in a place.Abhi just sad down.Pragya sat opposite to him.They didn’t talk anything for a while.Their minds r completely filled with lots of thoughts.After a while,Pragya break the silence.Pragya asks,Abhishek..don’t wry I ll tell my mom abt our relationship..Abhi asks,Wht u ll say.Pragya says,Abt us..that v love each other v wanna get married.Abhi asks,Do u think ur mom ll accept me.Pragya says,Y not Abhishek sure she ll..Abhi asks,Ya..she ll accept me if I was in a good position but I’m not in such position now.Pragya says,Whts the big deal..u r now in good job..whts wrong in that.Abhi says,Wrong is that I’m in a job..I’m not yet attained my passion or goal.Pragya says,U r trying for it na..u ll attain one day.
Abhi says,Im Just trying it that’s the problem for years I’m just trying I didn’t do anything..I’m just thinking of quiting my job n wanna move on to fill time musician.Pragya says,Thats fine Abhishek I ll support u whatever decision u take.Abhi says,But wht ur mom ll say if she ll agree.Pragya says,I ll wait for u till u acheive..I ll wait for u over my lifetime.Abhi asks,Will ur mom ll wait..i mean ur mom ll accept n respect ur decision of waiting for me.Pragya remains silent.Abhi says,No na..that’s the problem.Pragya says,Y u wana quit the job.Abhi gets irked n says,I told u ryt..I can’t concentrate more on music Pragya..get that.Pragya blinks n says,But..Abhi asks,Wht but..u know coz of u I was sitting in that potty job..I don’t wanna hurt u by refusing ur wishes that’s y I agreed for that but I’m done with that I can’t take it more…Every moment in that office is not less than a hell for me..i was just killing my inner feelings when I sat thr..every moment reminds me that I curled up in responsibility of making others happy..I’m scared of losing my passion..my music..I can’t take it anymore.
Pragya asks,Then tell me Wht I wanna do..i want to leave u.Abhi stares at her.Pragya asks,Then tell me Wht I wanna do..Abhi says,Just don’t take the topic of marriage okay that’s enough.Pragya asks,Okay fine then to whom I ll tell abt this..Abhi says,Okay..tell me if u said this to me..wht u ll expect from me to answer.Pragya remains silent.Abhi shouts,Speak out damn it.Pragya jerks n says,Just calm down if v talk in anger v can’t make ryt decisions just calm down v ll sort it out..Abhi says,V had discussed this many times but v r not sorted out till today.Pragya says,I have an idea..Abhi glares at her.Pragya says,Just come n meet my mom..sure she ll like u she ll accept my decision she ll never regret our relationship once she met u..she ll b proud of u..it’s the only way..Abhi asks,So u wanna me to take extra responsibility ryt?Pragya asks,Whts the responsibility u mean..i just want u to Meet my Maa..Abhi says,Thats the responsibility it’s like a deadline for me.Pragya asks,So u r not ready to take any responsibilities ryt,she asked with a glare.Abhi says,I didn’t mean that..y can’t u understand v r not in age of getting married..it’s the age to attain our passion..do u wanna me to settle down in such a potty job.Pragya says,U r the one not understanding Wht I meant..I’m just asking u to meet my mom it doesn’t mean she gonna get us married immediately..Abhi says,But..ur mom ll ask me the time assurance na..u ll wait for me for years wht abt ur mom..she ll allow u to wait for me till 5 yrs..i can’t give any time assurance..got that.Pragya has no words to reply.
Abhi says,Thats the problem u r always guiding me..do this..do that..y u r not letting me as myself.Pragya asks,Wht I had done Abhishek,her eyes filled with tears.Abhi says,U r asking me to get into the job..i did that it was a great mess I had done in my life..it sucks n hitted his leg on wall.Pragya still remains silent.Abhi says,I don’t know wht u wana me to do..u r just pulling me back.Pragya says,Not again.. Abhishek don’t tell that again..Abhi says, then wht,I don’t know wht u r upto.. Pragya asks,So..coz of me u r not succeeding in ur passion.Abhi says,I didn’t mean that but I’m saying that coz of u I got into that job..u know that..coz of that i was not able to concentrate on my music..u know I’m tried of the work in office n dozing off too early..i didn’t get time for my music U know that office that computer jamming me..and that uncle he won’t miss a chance to taunt us..and u know those files aww it’s butty potty..i hate that my fingers not even touching my guitar strings now a days..u know after so many days just today I attended an audition..I’m fed up of that work..I’m already in a mess but now u again came up with another problem..Pragya asks,Then wht ll I do..Abhi says,Just say ur mom urself try to make her understand just tell her u wanna do job or wanna do higher studies just like that give me some time Pragya we r not matured to get into marriage.
Pragya says,I know that Abhishek I had told her I wanna continue my job..i wanna do my pH.d but she told u can do whatever u want after ur marriage..just think from her side she is a single parent she is much worried abt our future she had sacrificed alot for me n Bulbul..so I just have to respect her..So only I’m saying that come and meet my mom sure she won’t regret u or ur passion..she won’t ask for any time assurance..If I told her that I’m in love with u she ll ask me to make her to meet u but u r not ready for that wht ll I do..i can’t lose u or my mom..Abhi says,Ya..that’s it..if u said like this I have no option I Have to come n meet ur mom..then my problems ll grow like a air ballon and it ll burst on my head one day..Pragya cries.Abhi says,Just stop crying don’t irritate me..u know I hate ur tears then u r purposely doing this to irk me more..hmm..Pragya wipes her tears n asks,whts ur problem.Abhi says,Y u gonna solve my problem.Pragya says,haaa…I know I’m ur problem hey na..if I Leave u then all ur problems ll come to end na..u ll b happy..no one ll give u any pressure no ll pull u back..she keeps on talking like this.Abhi shouts,Yaa..u r ryt u r my problem my life ‘s biggest problem when u gonna leave me I ll b happy on that day..till u r with me I can’t attain my passion..u ll stuff me with huge responsibility that r beyond my age..My mind is thinking that y I got into this relationship..u r making me to think like this..y can’t u understand anything..Pragya says,Okay.. Abhishek I won’t come in ur life..i won’t create any mess in ur life..I won’t give u any responsibilities..i won’t b a problem for u..Okay..I ll leave u forver..Good luck n good bye..by saying this she left.
Abhi thinks,Jaaoo..ur drama won’t work this time.. always saying this I won’t create any mess blah blah..i won’t come to console u this time..u had made this as a habit..get lost idiot..n he sat down n thinks,Y this girls r emotionally cornering the men with tears by emotional dialogue good bye..and all..good bye my foot n he banged his fist on floor with anger.. Abhi shouts,Pragya.. Pragya..!! But no response she left already.Abhi says,Okay go Whr u want.. mistake is urs y u r not getting Wht I’m saying..I can understand it situation but y can’t u Pragya ..she is just a ……how she is this much stubborn..y can’t she understand me and my situation…I hate u girl for making me mad like this..n he flated on the terrace with a fuming anger.
On other side,Pragya was walking on road by wiping her tears.She says,U hate my tears but I hate u..u had changed alot..y can’t u understand my situation..y u r this much stubborn..I’m the one who troubling u ryt..coz of me u can’t get ur passion ryt…fine..U r thinking that y u get into a relationship with me..it’s okay.. nothing is late now..go n do ur work..ur music whatever u want but I won’t be in ur life anymore I’m just an obstacle for u na.. hereafter there is no obstacle in ur life..I won’t disturb u ever..by saying this she just cried alot..She went to her home n got into her room n started to cry alot n lot.. Suddenly her eyes fall on a sealed envelope……
. . . .
So guys….wht ll happen next….stay tuned….hope u ll enjoyed……hope u ppl ll feel this…

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  1. It’s really a touching episode tisha but pls reunite them fast as possible I don’t want them to be separated and u r always rocking giving twists and turns u are an fabulous writer I guess the way you club the stories are really good

  2. Omg what’s this uaar…….soooooo emotional……and breaking……ooooo plzz I can’t tolerate this separation any more plzzz yaar…..unite them soon with a bang yaar….. Plzzzz but today’s epi solo awesome and true….this only happens in all love story…its really true…….nd u make it just like that …..wowwww….superbbbbb…..keep going and keep rocking…….

  3. Yaa it’s really feeling episode… Pls reunite them…. Really touching yaar.

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  5. pls dont sepertae them it’s lil bit emotional i think u might do this only with some focus!!
    awesome ya abhi is right by my side that he want to settle in his life but even though he can sarla ma atleast a once… 🙁

  6. O hoo tisha u r best every day every twist I think leap is gona happend I’m I right I love u dear I read a lot of times u r ff pls upload nxf one fast yar can’t wait for next one

  7. Karthi srithi

    Tisha this is my fav ff u r rocking waiting 4 ur twist

  8. As usual rocking……but todays was full of fight……I worry for abhi n prags separation ……if they separate thn their lyfs will b in a mess which abhi can never tolerate

  9. Semma epi :). Update the NXT epi fastly.

  10. U made me cry….

  11. Omg dii i literally cried wen i read it ?ur way if writing is awesome dii love u loads?? but pls unite them soon☺

  12. Ladli 2day ff is sad…i thought pragya did that right she is not stubborn…she is understanding girl…abi was created this much problem…here this is not needed for that..y abi can’t understand that..he is thinking easily be get a music concert…but he never know behind difficult thing…i thought abi did all mistake…after that he wil understand pragya was right….pragya 2day ur rocking…ur talked too mature…i know that u never separate abigya…abi can change his intentional and behaviour…so soon abi realize his mistake..make it lyk this way…2day littlebit intersting but not that much gud….this is sad episode…ladli waiting 4 tmr…let wil c wt is next twist???

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  14. Awesome

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  16. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    Omg!!!! Both feelings r true can’t decide who s wrong r who want to compromise ??? waiting for them to back to normal.. again amazing episode u made us feel

  17. Deepika bhaasker

    Awesome yaarrr plzz unite them

  18. what is this again saperate them yaar you dont let them happy

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  20. So sentimental, sooo touchy, what’s their in the sealed envelope ??

  21. Very emotional….

  22. Omg I didn’t except this twist but I am confused mistake done by abhi or pragya I can’t understand who done mistake this time anyway it was touching n awesome

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  30. Abhigya means only sad not happy right.

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