Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 33

Thank u guys for ur love hope u r enjoying the story..Keep on enjoying..let’s get into the story..
Tanu says,Pragya just 2 months more they gonna leave us..I don’t know how time flies it seems to b 2 yrs now after joining here.Pragya was busy in reading book n says,Hmm..Tanu asks,Kya hmm..don’t u feel bad that they gonna leave.Pragya says,They gonna leave this city they r not gonna leave us..its quite normal we also leave this city after a year.Tanu says,But they r leaving before us.Pragya says,Meri maa..coz they r senior to us.. don’t forget that.Tanu says,I didn’t forget anything.Pragya says,Fine..Nikkil n Abhi comes thr.Nikkil asks,Wht u both r discussing.Pragya says,Accha..u came ur bae is feeling bad that u gonna leave her in 2 months.Nikkil asks,Wht do u mean Pragya I didn’t think off breaking with her.Tanu asks,Wht..so u ll think of breaking with me.Pragya laughs n says,Nikkil I mean u ppl gonna leave college in 2 months na that’s Wht she is feeling bad.Nikkil says,Accha.. feeling bored let’s go for coffee.Pragya says,No yaar..I’m not feeling good u ppl carry on.Abhi asks,Kya hua fuggi..r u okay.Pragya says,Okay okay..no problem.Abhi says,Nikkil u both go ahead.Pragya says,Tanu u have to come soon see I completed my part of 2 chapters..wht abt u if u didn’t finish it part I won’t tell the overline story of my chapters do u got that.Tanu says,I know I completed 1 and half..i ll tell my part’s overline once I came.Pragya says,Okay..now u can go.Nikkil asks,Wht u r talking abt.Tanu says,tmrw v have exams na regarding that come let’s go n return soon n left from thr.Pragya smiles.
Abhi smiles at them.Pragya asks,Tmrw u have interview na.Abhi says,Haa..but I’m not interested.Pragya says,I know..but just try it.Abhi asks,Whts the use in that..I’m not interested in such jobs.Pragya says,I know..I know..I know everything but wht u gonna do till u get ur entry u gonna sit idle..just try this as an option.Abhi irked to the core.Pragya says,Will u do it for me.Abhi has no other go but he said,Yes I ll with a forced smile.Pragya says,Thank u so much n hugs him.Abhi thinks,Im really scared of my future wht I’m gonna do.. will I won’t attain my passion or such a corporate job is my life.Pragya says,Dundoos.. don’t wry u feel stressed..U ll attain wht u want I’m just saying it as a option till u attain ur passion.Abhi smiles.Suddenly Abhi’s phone rang.Abhi picks the mobile n says,Fuggi it’s ur Bulbul.Pragya asks,Why she is calling u.. attend n put on speaker.Abhi smiles n attends the call.Bulbul says,Jiju..I know u r with my so called sister just tell her I won’t talk with her hereafter.Abhi asks,Kyun..this much of anger.Pragya looks on Abhi.Bulbul says,Jiju..Aap bolo..she called Maa n she talk with her more than an hour but she didn’t talk with me..I called her but she said I ll call u back but she didn’t.Pragya slaps herself for forgetting her sweet sis.Abhi says,Yes u r ryt..ur sister is too bad na tell me Wht favor I wanna do for u my sweet saali.Bulbul says,Just twist her ears that I have to hear her scream.Abhi looks on Pragya.Pragya’s eyes widen n nods no.Abhi winks at her.Pragya pretends to be scream in pain.Bulbul says,Enough di stop over acting I know Jiju won’t do anything to u.Abhi smiles.Pragya snatched his phone n says,Arey Bulbul u know I was lil bit busy here exams na..but when u called me I was on the way to home from college that’s y I’m Sry.Bulbul says,Okay..o.forgave u..now off ur speaker switch to hand.Pragya nods n says,Now tell me..Abhi says,This is not fair yar..u r talking secrets infront me.Pragya says,Okay fine and she moved out..Abhi smiles.
Days passed…….
It was only one month for Abhi to finish his PG.With a huge pressure that given by his fuggi he too got 3 to 4 offers which he kept on hold he can join whenever he prefer.Purab too got offer in his preference.Nikkil started concentrating on his father’s business now.Pragya was feeling bad for Abhi she knows she is insisting him but she had no other option than pushing him onto that..she just wanna secure him..she just want a backup..she know Abhi was on upset with her for pushing him like this she could see irkness on his eyes whenever she is insisting him on his career path..For Abhi,He is too upset on wht fuggi is insisting him alot..he is just don’t wanna hurt his fuggi so he accepted for her wish..but he is not at all willing to do but fuggi was so concerned for him thats y she is doing like that.. whenever she is pushing him he just wanna shout out but he suppressed everything n burried in his heart..some days he was upset for this n he avoided his fuggi to get out of such talks.. He is feeling that he gonna be separated from his fuggi..it’s not only bcoz of this reason both were worried that his college life had gonna end so they gonna b part away till they set got into their goals..till they getting approval from their elders for their wedding..They r feeling tired of upcoming responsibility Abhi is much worried as how he gonna attain his passion under this mess responsibility had curled him like a anaconda.
One evening,Pragya was standing in balcony n thinking something.Abhi was making up some tune and he looks for Pragya n reached terrace balcony n sees Pragya standing.Abhi goes near her n hugs her from back n places his face over her neck n kisses her cheek.Pragya smiles n asks,Kya hua..Abhi says actually he sings,
ke tere bina jeena mumkin nahin
na dena kabhi mujhko tu faasley
main tujhko kitna chaahati hoon
ye tu kabhi soch na sake…..Pragya smiles n looks at him with a widened eyes n asks,Its urs ryt..how could u think like this..i love this..Abhi says,Again I’m saying u gave this to me.Pragya smiles n says,Will u use this song in all ur concerts as a signature of u.Abhi says,Im not yet done any concerts.Pragya says,Sure u ll b in future..u ll always say na v ll rock our future.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,Okay..u have to use this as ur signature performance.Abhi says,Fuggi trust me I Can do better than this After all u r with me na.Pragya says,No..i was thinking something abt us..at the same time u sang this it feels something divine for me that’s y I’m asking u..if u can’t do this then I ll file a case coz u ll always say na I have equal ryts on ur songs so u hav to accept my demands..Abhi giggles n asks,So wht u wanna conclude.Pragya says,U have to use this as ur signature..that’s it.Abhi smiles n says,Okay boss..sure..Pragya smiles n asks,Boss??Abhi says,Haa…u have given all these then u r my boss ryt.Pragya says,Haaa…thank u..my employee..Abhi says,Oh..Boss Fuggi come let’s go down.Pragya smiles n they both got down.
Months passed…
Abhi Purab Nikkil finished their college n they shifted to Mumbai..back to their home.Nikkil was now fully concentrating on his father’s business Purab had joined with his uncle along with Abhi.Abhi is not much interested wht he is doing with Purab in office by sitting idle n earning money..he was still doing his music as a part time..he just wanna throw all the office works n wanna do his music full time..he didn’t get a perfect platform to exhibit..he was just sticking with a mess off his future..he was still attending auditions but he is attending auditions in big music companies..Tanu and Pragya was in last 6 months of their studies..They had shifted to Mumbai as they was going on real time projects so they ll go for college only a day from home.
. . . . .
I know this episode is too short but I can’t type a long episode coz I was in travel I’m really sorry..I ll give long episode in next update…

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    1. S..I had commented on that …it was a good start lovely best wishes love u sissy??

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