Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 32

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Purab asks,Abhi Wht happened to u yaar..Y u r behaving so rude with Pragya.Abhi says,Purab y u always bagging her side.Purab says,Whatever Abhi u r doing wrong..u accepting her words or ignoring is not a deal but u shouldn’t behave like this first of all..she trusts u yaar she has rights on u..she had said Wht she felt if u r not okay with that just leave that don’t argue with her..It ll hurt her more..she is also a good friend of u Abhi do u think she doesn’t have any rights on u.Abhi says,No Purab if she can’t accept the fact y she is blaming Meetu.Purab says,Thats ur problem if she is blaming Meetu don’t take her topic before Pragya..that’s it so simple..do u wanna spoil ur relationship for such silly things..ur anger ll spoil everything got it..if u wanna do ur work with Meetu then do that..but I don’t have any trust on her so I had done my part with u..

Pragya too explained how much she could do..now it’s all upto u..we won’t interfere in that but it doesn’t mean v r not supporting u.. remind one thing v ll b always thr for u.. that’s it Abhi don’t take it too much..If its really gonna be a good work for ur career start then me and Pragya ll b the most happiest persons but v don’t have trust on Meetu and moreover anything else v can’t see ur disappointment..v can’t see u hurt that’s y v r saying this..v care for u Abhi..if Meetu is really good then v hav no problem but v don’t think so..now u r trusting her but soon u ll realize..v r just scared of how u ll react when u r hurted v can’t see u like this that’s y Pragya behaved like that..she may shouted out in anger but wht she wanna say is ryt..try to understand Abhi.. just go n talk with her n don’t take the topic before Pragya.Abhi nods n hugs Purab n says,Thank u Purab..Purab smiles.Abhi left.Purab thinks,But Abhi sure i ll bring Meetu’s real face infront of u.

Abhi thinks,Wht if Purab and Pragya was saying the truth.. whatever first I have to check full details with Meetu before getting into the work n took a deep breethe n went in to see Pragya.Tanu was having dinner.Pragya was busy with her books.Abhi gets in n asks,Tanu did Pragya had dinner.Tanu stares him n didn’t respond.Pragya lifted her head n sees him.Abhi raised his eyebrows n signs wht.Pragya nods nothing n shifted her eyes back to her book.Abhi thinks,All r mad at me..should make things normal n sat besides Pragya.Abhi rests his head on her shoulder.She doesn’t respond.Abhi thinks,Oh..god..wht to do n looks at her n asks,Always reading novels hey na fuggi.Pragya says,Novel nahi..it’s syllabus.Abhi says,whts the difference all r books hey na.Pragya nods uninterestingly.Abhi thinks,Still she is in bad mood.Tanu asks,How Abhi u could do this..u r behaving like nothing had happened..better u try urself as an actor..I’m irked of ur behavior n left the place.

Abhi took a plate n served food n takes it to Pragya’s mouth.Pragya pushed his hand n says,I don’t want u have it urself..Abhi says,Itna gussa.. acchha..u won’t have dinner na then I too won’t have my dinner.Pragya says,I already had my dinner that’s y I said I don’t want.Abhi says,Too bad..u are dinner without me na.Pragya says,I thought u ll won’t come..I can’t wait for a while I wanna take tablets so I had my dinner.Abhi smiles n says,Cute..Pragya asks,Kya..Abhi says,Nothing n smiles.Pragya says,Okay..Abhi asks,Y u r not giving me any attention answering in monosyllable.Pragya says,Feel happy that I’m atleast giving that answers.
Abhi says,Sorry..Pragya says,Im not angry with u no need of sorry.Abhi asks,U r not in anger but y u r not seeing into my eyes..y u r giving monosyllabe answers.Pragya says,Nothing Abhishek leave it..i was feeling sleepy wanna go college tmrw.Abhi asks,College..but u r not full recovered.Pragya says,Im okay Abhishek..if I can walk 1KM alone why can’t i go for college.Abhi holds her hand n says,Im sorry..it’s feeling weird when u r calling me by name.Pragya says,Whts the big deal Abhishek..leave it lets sleep.. feeling sleepy.Abhi didn’t wanna force anything else n says,Good night n abt to leave.Pragya holds his wrist.Abhi turns.Pragya smiles n says,Im not anger on u..go n sleep well..don’t wry.Abhi feels guilty n says,Actually..it doesn’t mean I didn’t trust u.Pragya drags his hand n makes him to sit back.Pragya says,I was thinking how to Start this but if I start u ll scold me again for bringing this topic btwn us thankfully u started it so that later u can’t accuse me na.

Abhi smiles n says,Thum bhi na..ab bolo I won’t accuse u if u brought this topic first.Pragya wonders n asks,Ur mood is on swing I think.Abhi smiles again.Pragya says,Okay..u r in good mood ryt.Abhi says,Haaa..baba tell me.Pragya says,Dundoos..I’m not saying that u have to suspect ur frnd..i know no one could suspect their frnds..I know if Meetu had told something abt us like this u won’t believe that u ll behave like this..but the fact is I’m feeling that she is playing with u..she said she ll separate u n me..but leave it aside its not important now..i just wanted now is u have to cross check the details before u got over excited that’s my point..if she played around u with this matter then u ll b hurted na..I can’t see u like that..Hope u understand.Abhi says,I understand fuggi..Till now I can’t suspect.Meetu.Pragya says,I know it ll b hard..anyways..n took a deep breethe.

Abhi says,I just wanna say this but u blurted out in anger n shouted n screeched..And I too believed her lil bit blindly n yelled at u.. Actually I couldn’t even get a doubt when she explained everything with her dad..and I too got lil bit over excited.Pragya says,And I too did a mistake.. actually I should explain the fact calmly as I did now..but I can’t do that at that moment so I conveyed it u in a wrong way shouted in anger..I know no one ll understand the fact when v conveyed in anger..I’m too sorry for that..but I didn’t intentioned to hurt u..Abhi says,I know..and even I too over reacted okay let’s drop this..I ll handle it.. atlast on thing ll happen..One..Ur thought abt Meetu is gonna change or she gonna fell from my good eyes..that’s it but I hope she is not that much bad.. anyways..U had walked huge distance na is that paining or Wht.Pragya says,Not now..leg is okay but hand is paining alot..u squeezed my hand in anger.Abhi says,Im really sorry n kisses her hand.Pragya says,Oh.. hello ur kisses won’t cure my pain take that oil n give me a massage then I ll sleep peacefully.Abhi smiles n says,Okay baba lay down.Pragya smiles n laid back on bed n says,Btw Mr.Rockstar ur kiss too eased my pain n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,Naughty…close ur eyes first.Pragya smiles n closed her eyes.Abhi smiles at her n starts massaging.Pragya falls asleep.Abhi stops massage n kisses her forehead n says,It ll b nice when v talk each other calmly..u just made me easy..thank u Fuggi..Good night n leaves with a smile.

Days passed…
In college,Purab says,Nikkil days had passed Is still Abhi is trusting Meetu.Nikkil says,Lets ask him.Abhi comes thr n asks,Whts going on guys.Nikkil asks,Did u asked Meetu abt ur live in.Abhi says,No..I have been looking for her for days but she is always engaged.Purab thinks,She is pretend to be engaged n sees Meetu who hiding from Abhi’s eyes n abt to escape.Purab calls her.Meetu thinks,This Purab is the biggest enemy than Pragya n goes thr with cheesy smile n says,Ya..Purab did u called me.Abhi says,Haa..it’s good finally u had came..sit here.Meetu sat down.Nikkil asks,Wht abt Abhi’s live in did u took any step.Meetu blinks n thinks,Wht to say… Anyways it had created a rift between Abhi & Pragya that’s enough now just cover up the matter n says,Woh..Nikkil that can’t be done.Purab smiles n thinks,Yeah… finally she came to the point.Abhi asks,It means?Meetu says,Come on Abhi..u know na no one could arrange this without sponsors ryt.Abhi says,I know that and I asked I abt this ryt but wht u said u ll handle even without sponsors.Meetu says,No u r mistaken.Abhi says,Hey..just admit that u can’t do that no need of lieing Meetu I understand I won’t force u.Nikkil asks,So Meetu thr is no preparation everything is just a prank ryt.Meetu says,No Nikkil..Abhi asks,Then wht..Meetu says,No I just did that to gain ur attention on me.Abhi asks,Wht,in a shocking tone.Meetu says,Haa..u r completely avoiding me Abhi after Pragya came so only I said like that so u could spend some time with me na..Abhi gets anger n asks,Tell me one thing u had challenged to separate me n Pragya?? Meetu says,Haa..I did..coz..Abhi just slaps her.Purab n Nikkil was looking at each other with immense happiness.
Meetu says,Im Sry Abhi but I don’t know wht to do.

.Abhi says,I thought u as my good friend like Purab n Nikkil but u don’t Deserve my frndship I didn’t expect this from u Meetu..u may create misunderstandings between me n Pragya but v won’t go apart..tell me damn it y u r doing like this..I was almost fighting for u with my ppl..no one can fill the place of Pragya..u r my friend Meetu but she is my soulmate..my love can’t u differ that..u hav a certain place in my heart u can’t replace Pragya doing this things..yes she was ryt I’m mad fool n idiot..I never ever seen like this a friend is betraying their frnd for pitty reasons..so it’s hard for me to believe but u taught me a lesson Meetu.. did u got my passion to play ur plot..it’s really disgusting..u punished me for being ur frnd this much days..such a big fool I’m..I don’t wanna argue anymore Meetu I just feel disgusted to speak with u.. worst ever frnd I had in my life..by saying this he left.

He was standing on a pillar back he could see Pragya n Tanu coming towards him.His mind was filled with thoughts that how Meetu could do this for him..he cursed himself for trusting her but Wht could he do she was his friend so his mind didn’t think to doubt on her frnd..he thought Pragya is saying all this with some misunderstandings.Abhi’s thoughts broken when Pragya pressed her finger in his arms.Abhi just gave a look at her.Pragya asks,Whr u were lost Mr.RockStar.Tanu asks,Whr is Nikkil.Abhi shows the hand behind PraNu.Tanu says,Thank u..wait I ll b back with Nikkil then let’s leave.Pragya nods n says,Come soon..else v ll leave.Tanu nods n left.Pragya was looking at Tanu going towards Nikkil n says,It seems Nikkil was in serious talk with someone he won’t come so easily Tanu gonna drag him n shouts,Tanu come soon okay.Tanu turns towards her n says,Okay idiot don’t shout.Pragya says,This girl is always making me to wait..i have to wait for her near cooler till she drinking the water..

I have to wait for her outside the staff hall till she come back..but she won’t wait for me..u know Abhishek if u were in such talk like Nikkil if said like Tanu..u know wht she ll tell..she ll tell,Pragya u come with Abhi..u have company na I’m leaving my head is spinning my leg is healing like that she ll give excuses.. selfish girl..see if she didn’t came after 5 minutes let’s leave then only she ll understand..by saying this she looks Abhi he didn’t listen even a word n asks,Excuse me!!Mr.Abhishek Mehra r u thr.Abhi says,Hmm.. tell me fuggi.Pragya asks,Wht to tell.Abhi asks,U r saying something na.Pragya says,I finished but u didn’t noticed me..whr u were lost..Abhi says,Nothing..tell me.Pragya asks,Arey..Kya tell me tell me..Wht to tell..u have to tell y u r like this.

Abhi says,Wht u said was ryt.Pragya says,Haa..yes I know she won’t be back in 5 minutes come let’s leave n holds his forearm.Abhi asks,Who? Pragya says,Tanu.Abhi says,No I’m not saying about Tanu it’s abt Meetu.Pragya says,Ooo..so came to know the real.Abhi nods.Pragya asks,So y u r sad u have to b happy that u came to know the person who u r treating as ur frnd is not worth of it.Abhi asks,But..how could she.. Pragya cuts him n says,Ohho.. cumon Abhishek don’t waste ur time by thinking n feeling for the person who is not worth of u n ur goodness let it go that’s it.Abhi says,But.. Pragya says,So u gonna be sad like this na okay..just tell me once u r back to normal..till that don’t talk with me.Abhi says,Its not like that.Pragya asks,Then y ur face is so dull..Ek minute..u r feeling bad that I ll taunt u for disobeying n disbelieving my words..if u r scared of that..I’m assuring that I won’t taunt or tease u okay.Abhi smiles n says,If I wanna b sad for ur taunts n teases then I should b sad for entire day.. entire month entire year entire lifetime.Pragya stares at him n says,oh..so u r saying that I’m taunting and teasing more this is not fair how could u even say that I’m a quiet sweet girl na.Abhi says,Sweet okay but not quiet.Pragya smirked at him.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,This Tanu na I know she won’t come n shouts her name.Tanu showed 5 fingers indicating that she need 5 more minutes.Pragya waves her bye n drags Abhi from thr n starts move.

Abhi asks,Hey..v hav to wait for them na.Pragya says,Let them come..hey shall v go home by walk it ll b fun na..we can talk more n walk more.Abhi asks,Is that okay for u Just u recovered.Pragya says,Arey..I’m okay I can walk..I can run..I can jump..Abhi says,Okay meri maa..just stop ur running n jumping and walk with me.Pragya smiles n nods n holds his arm n they started to walk by talking.Tanu n Nikkil to saw them n goes near them n asks,Hey..u both still u r here..v thought u ll reached home.

Pragya says,We ll walk slow so that v could talk more n smiles.Tanu says,Okay..v r leaving u ppl just come home before morning okay..if u walk in this speed u ll reach tomorrow morning or night.Abhi smiles.Pragya stares at her.Nikkil n Tanu left.Abhi says,Tanu is ryt fuggi if walk in this speed v won’t reach home today.Pragya says,Cumon..v can walk as much we can then v ll go by vehicle whts the big deal.Abhi smiles n says,Okay.. Pragya smiles n says,Thats good..Abhi smiles n thinks,She know that I’m upset that’s y she is avoiding that n trying to cheer my mood thank u Fuggi..thanks for everything n gazed at her.(Itni si baat hai plays)

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