Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 31


Hi guys how are u hope all r fine..Sorry I couldn’t upload regularly for past days but hereafter I ll try to make it regular..Let’s get into the story…

Meetu hugs Abhi.Pragya stood up n sees them.Abhi broke the hug n asks,Wht happened Meetu.Meetu smiles n says,Abhi…u know one thing.Abhi looks at Pragya n Pragya to looks at him clueless.Meetu says,Hey..u dumbo..ur most awaited day is gonna come.Abhi smiles n asks,Awaited day..wht u r saying.Meetu says,U on that day told me na ur own single live in.Abhi says,Haa..tho..Pragya looks clueless n with anger.Meetu says,I had said to my dad he assured me he ll do that for u..so he wanna meet u ryt now..see he is waiting in car.Abhi smiles n says,Thats really great..thank u so much Meetu.Meetu says,No problem..no thanks btwn us..come let’s go Dad is waiting for us.Abhi says,But Meetu..Wait for a while..I ll drop Pragya in home n I ll b back.Meetu says,Abhi..just ask her Tanu to pick her v have to leave ryt now.Pragya gets irked n says,Its okay..I ll manage.Abhi leans towards Pragya n says,Dont wry I won’t let u alone n smiles.Meetu says,Abhi..come on make it soon..Abhi says,But Meetu..Meetu says,Pragya call ur Tanu n ask her to take u.Pragya says,I know u don’t wanna say anything.Abhi asks,R u sure fuggi..u ll go with Tanu?Pragya irked n nods.Abhi says,Okay go safe I ll explain everything once I came back.Pragya remains silent as expression less with anger.Meetu holds Abhi’s hand n drags him.Pragya gets irked.Meetu turns towards Pragya n shows thumbs down ?n smiles.Pragya stares her n looks away.As they gone Pragya sat back on the bench n thinks that day on college.A FB shown,Meetu says,Pragya.. don’t feel much as Abhi loves u..it’s not love it’s just his obsession on u..he ll back to me as my love and I ll make him as mine.Pragya says,Meetu he is obsession for u okay..hope u ll get that soon..Tanu says,Meetu..go n say this to Abhi why u r screeching here.Meetu says,Pragya just wait n watch by saying this she left.Pragya got upset n sat with tears.Tanu says,So u r upset of that Chudail ‘s words..oh come on Pragya..Pragya asks,Wht ll happen if she does as she said.Tanu says,She can’t do anything..Abhi loves u to death how could it be happen..come let’s go.. anyhow Tanu is consoling her Meetu’s words rang in her mind.FB ends.Pragya thinks,So for sure Meetu is planning something before she could trap Dundoos I have to alert him..oh..first how I ll go home lemme call Tanu n calls Tanu.

Tanu attends the call.Pragya asks,Whr r u?Tanu says,Im in movie with Nikkil Kyun.Pragya says,Nothing..just called u to ask Wht u r doing..Koi baat nahi u carry on n smiles.Tanu says,Okay..meet u in home.Pragya says,Sure n ends the call n thinks,She is with Nikkil I should never disturb her..Im okay now I can go by myself n starts to walk slow with pain.She fell down n she again managed to walk n after an hour of struggle walk she reached home.As she entered Urvi saw her n rushed towards her n holds her n asks,Hey..u came alone..Pragya says,No aunty.. Abhishek had come till gate suddenly a phone call came he ask me to stand thr but I came by myself n smiles.Urvi says,Thum bhi na..n takes her to room.Pragya layed on bed Urvi left.After a while,Pragya had a little nap n she thinks,First have to say all this to Tanu..she ll give some better idea.Abhi was coming back.Urvi sees him n asks,Abhi how long u ll speak in phone..more than hour uhh??Abhi didn’t understand n asks,Wht aunty..Urvi says,U came with Pragya till gate then Whr u gone.Abhi thinks,When I came with Pragya..wht she is saying n asks,Did Pragya came.Urvi says,Haa..u only take her to home na then u r asking me.Abhi thinks,Me??Aunty become mad or Wht n asks,Whr is Tanu.Urvi says,Tanu n Nikkil left home in morning they gone for Movie.Abhi thinks,Then how Fuggi came home n asks,Whr is Pragya.Urvi asks,Wht kinda question is this..u drop her here so she ll b here only na by saying this she left.

Abhi thinks,Then this fuggi came by herself..this fuggi bhi na..y she is doing like this n enters the home.Pragya was lost in thinking about Meetu n she was in anger on Abhi for he doesn’t share anything abt his career with her but he is saying all his wishes of his career with Meetu.Abhi comes thr n asks,Fuggi how did u came.Pragya was still in her thoughts she doesn’t respond.Abhi snapped before her eyes.Pragya Came back to sense n looks at him with anger eyes.Abhi asks,How did u came here.Pragya looks away from him n says,Kyun I have legs I came by myself..I don’t need anyone’s help hereafter.Abhi asks,Wht happened to u.Pragya was in damn serious anger.Pragya says,Nothing as expression less.Abhi thinks,Wht happened to her..y she is mad at me.Pragya stood n abt to leave the room.Abhi holds her n asks,Cant u sit in a place y u r trying to walk u r not fully cured.Pragya says,I know Abhishek.. leave me I can manage u leave n turns her face.Abhi shouts,Whts ur problem..y u r behaving like this that I’m a stranger to u.Pragya says,Its not me u r the one treating me as a stranger.Abhi says,Haa..I’m treating u as stranger ryt that’s y I’m taking care of u like this.Pragya says,Oh..really that’s great.. thanks for taking care of me n sorry for troubling u these days.Abhi loses his cool n shouts,Whts wrong with u..hav u gone mad or Wht..Pragya balanced with wall n stood thr by starting Abhi n says,Nothing had gone wrong with me and I’m not mad.. hope u got ur answer.Abhi says,U know u ll never lemme to b happy for a short time too.. don’t u have such manners how to talk with a person when he entering the home after work.Pragya loses her cool this time n asks,U r teaching me manners when u itself don’t know what It was.Abhi says,Excuse me!!With a glare.Pragya says,Ya..if u have that..if u have least humanity then u would never leave me alone in the park as u did today.

Abhi shouts,I asked u ryt u r going with Tanu or should I drop u..u said I’m okay..that’s y I left..and u don’t even have any idea whr I had gone.Pragya says,First of all I said okay coz I don’t wanna create any scene before that Chud..that Meetu..and I know whr u gone..to fall in her trap.Abhi asks,Trap??Kya trap.. actually whts ur problem with Meetu she is behaving sweet with u but u r always doubting her intentions she is not bad as u think..she is a good girl..u know whr I had gone..Once I had told her about my own live in she took that so serious n she approached her dad…and it almost gonna be finalised..she was my bestie that’s y she is helping me this much.Pragya smirked n says,she is organizing own live in for u..and u too believed that..wow..that’s great..she is making u fool n u r also becoming a fool..can’t u even think how could her dad ll organise ur own live in..that’s too ur first live in..she is making fool out of u.Abhi shouts,Enough Pragya u r going beyond limits.Pragya says,U r really a mad man Abhishek..how could a person could launch u in own live in without sponsors..they r playing prank on u to just gain ur attention n Meetu is fooling u to get into ur good books..u know even she told me this face to face..she is having problem with our relationship..she obsessed on u..to get u she is doing like this..Abhi shouts,Stop it u idiot..wht u know abt her..u r sitting idle n dumb for these days na that’s y ur dumb brain is thinking like this..she is not a that kinda girl..u always have this issue na Meetu is obsessed with me..Meetu is in love with me..wht the hell is ur problem..I didn’t expect this from u.. Actually Meetu said Pragya ll be the happiest person to hear that u gonna do ur own live in..even I too thought the same..but u r cursing the person n doubting the person who helping me..I never ever expected this from u..u r pulling me back off from my dream..passion.

Pragya says,Okay.. Abhishek u won’t believe me na..no problem I’m nothing to do with making Meetu as bad infront of u..I just said the truth..and one more thing I never even thought to pull u off from ur dream or passion…it’s waste of arguing with u or trying to make u understand.. anyways i won’t interfere in any of ur music issue or ur live in or anything okay..U told me na u gonna do ur own live In and congratulations and my best wishes for u..fine.. hereafter don’t bring this topic between us and even I won’t ask u anything abt it..and I won’t talk anything about Meetu too..r u happy..and I ll never pull u back..drop this topic here.Abhi says,No use of talking with u..go to hell…I ll b happy if u behave as u said..better don’t interfere in this.Pragya says,Sure..i won’t..u r not a person who understand in words..u ll understand when u gone through it..Abhi says,Its okay..i ll manage if it fails..this is not gonna b my first failure.Pragya says,But it may ur first time to gone through betrayal..u can’t bear that Abhishek that’s y I’m saying but u r not in mind of hearing this.. anyways do as ur wish as I said..as ur wish I won’t interfere in this..and pls don’t tell me anything about this hereafter.Abhi asks,Do u even think I ll say after Wht u spoke.Pragya says,Just drop this..I don’t want to hear anything abt this.Abhi stares her in disbelief n left.Pragya thinks,U r blindly believing her..i swear thr is only chance of disappointment and betrayal pls don’t get excited Dundoos it ll hurt u badly..god just give him the strength when he came to know true colors of Meetu.

Abhi sat in his bed n thinks,Wht happened to this fuggi..y she is behaving like this..she is upset on me for leaving her like that in park..ya it’s loyal too..that’s y she is speaking like this..and more over she doesn’t like Meetu so she is feeling insecured that’s y she is talking like this..she ll b okay..she is not such a person who pull me back of music..but.. anyways let’s drop this.. Hereafter v should never bring this topic btwn us..it’s good for relationship..okay..fine..lemme have some practice..I’m so excited about my own live in..how it ll b if my fuggi understood my situation I just wanna share my excitement amd happiness with her..but she..Okay Abhi leave it she ll b okay.. anyways the fact is missing my fuggi this moment n layed down on his bed.

After a while,Purab Nikkil Tanu came back to home.Pragya was sitting in sofa.Purab asks,Wht a miracle u r sitting alone..Whr is ur Romeo..v thought he ll b here that’s y v Came here directly.Pragya says,Tanu.. finally tum Aagaya..u know wht happened a Mahabharat hogaya.Tanu asks,Kya hua..Pragya whispers in her ears,About Meetu.Tanu says,I said everything to Purab and Nikkil u can say wht happened.Purab says,Haa..Pragya I know Meetu is not such good..but wht she had done today.Pragya narrates the whole incident in park then convo with Abhi everything.Purab n Nikkil shocked they couldn’t even think that Meetu ll go this extent.Tanu says,Whatever she is helping Abhi ryt.Nikkil says,Dont Talk like an idiot..Meetu is fooling him making him a fool..she is just pranking him.. atlast she ll give lame excuse n get escape from her words..At last Abhi is the one who gonna suffer of disappointment.Pragya says,Exactly..Tanu says,I never seen such a girl..Pragya says,She..is just..just a..b***ch by saying this banged her fist in anger..she showed me thumbs down after taking Abhi from the park.Purab says,How dare she is..I won’t let anything happen to Abhi..I’m going talk with Abhi ryt now n Purab left in anger.

Purab sees Abhi sleeping n wakes him.Abhi says,Hey..Purab when did u came.Purab asks,Whts happening..I know u r a fool but I don’t know u r a fool to extent.Abhi says,Pragya had told u this.Purab says,haa..Abhi gets anger n goes to her home.Tanu was applying oil go to Pragya.Abhi comes thr n shouts,Wht u thinking of Pragya..I said na u won’t bring the topic btwn us.Pragya asks,Haa..i didn’t talk abt that na whts ur problem..by saying this she stood up.Tanu says,Pragya u sit down.. don’t hurt urself by standing already u had walked long distance just sit down.Pragya shouts,No Tanu I wanna sort it now..Whts ur problem Abhishek just u wanna do wht u thinks..okay..I said u I won’t interfere in that then whts ur problem.Abhi asks,Y u r Complaining to all.Pragya says,Im not complaining..I’m just sharing it with my frnds..can’t u see how u blindly believing that Meetu.. so she is more trust worthy than us..okay leave me n Tanu.. leave Nikkil too..U believe in Meetu ‘s words than ur Purab’s.. whatever why I’m talking this to u..just leave Abhishek I don’t wanna talk with u..I never thought u r this much dumb..y u r behaving like this.Abhi asks,Actually..whts ur problem..Pragya shouts,Whts my problem..whts my problem.. nothing is my problem..again I’m saying this leave this topic don’t take this before me..I don’t wanna hear anything do got that.Abhi holds her arms n says,Just stop yelling n screeching..I ll never bring this before u n u too stop complaining to others.Tanu shouts,Stop it Abhi u r hurting her..take ur hand away.Purab shouts,Abhi..she didn’t did any complaint just come with me..n drags him.Abhi leaves her hand n moved out with Purab.

Pragya sat down n says,Y Tanu..y he is not believing us..buy he is believing Meetu..he gonna suffer alot of disappointment..I can’t see him broken down.Nikkil says,Pragya don’t worry..We ll sort out v r thr na..just give me time I ll sort everything I ll bring real face of Meetu before him u pls don’t wry..Tanu take care of her n leaves.Pragya cries.Tanu consoled her.

Note: Don’t mistake as Abhi is trusting Meetu alot.Its just a real incident that happened with my frnd and her boyfriend so I wanna take this incident here so I did this.Soon Meetu’s chapter ll end forever.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. Superb epi.life has many emotions. So today epi was toooo gud like other epi.

  2. Plzzz reunite abhigya soooon

  3. Tq soo much for sharing this with is sri akka…..even I’m totally broken today n I’m juz fed up being in relationship lyk frndship ….It really gives pain…..I’m a sensitive person…so only my heart gets relieved wen I cry……I’m really sry to share these in d cmnt box but im vexed, irked,annoyed…many more emotions….I really feel dat I was happy wen I had no frnds…..but after being with frnds it really make me mad…..I juz wanna shout at them but I cant as I’m soft hearted too….I’m srt once again…. I really agree with Prags as wat she told was ryt….todays was a fantastic n true episode

    1. It ll happen in every relationship just took a deep breethe n let it go n have a hot shower everything ll b fine and u ll feel better..Just a kind advice from my side..

  4. Nice epi but I hate meetu

  5. Nice epi but plzz close r end this meetu’s chapter asap yaar….plzzz

  6. really really interesting what gonne next?how do find meetu real color..

  7. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    Woowwwww amazing episode Tisha… I liked d episode so much…
    Don’t worry v won’t mistake u even v know tat any relation can’t b happy n cloud nine al day… these kind of anger in complete care only takes relation further…
    Kudos tish? super chweeto??
    Rock on?☺?
    Btw missed u sterday very badly??

  8. first of all i missed ur ff a lot..
    Tdy i was totally heart broken how can’t abhi trust his own fuggy..
    he is totally dumb in ur ff and also in epi also!!
    i think this is the incident which u share with me on dm ur friend right?

    1. Yeah Sruthi that’s this..

    2. How u said abhi is dumb… If he likes him/her, he will do anything for them and he doesn’t believe if anyone said bad about them… that’s his character. if u r in abhi’s situation what will u do???? Just assume if Ur loved one said wrong about Ur close frnd like Ur frnd betray u etc….. even if it’s true.. But u don’t know na Ur frnd is wrong with u. U can’t suspect Ur frnd na…..

      1. In ur way its right but in pragz way he should convenve her not to be rude on her

  9. Big mahabharat yaarrrr … Amazing

  10. Wow akka really superb….u have clearly explained how the fight will be taking place when thr is a misunderstanding ……i madly addicted to ur ff

  11. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    What prayga spoke was so nice? if I was n tat situation I would hav done d same?walking home alone was superrrrr?very nice episode tisha

  12. Very nice episode sri…emotional too…but pls update daily dear… I’m desperately waiting for ur episode… pls yar..

  13. I’m a silent reader….superb tisha di……bt pls don’t separate abhigya….ur ff has a unique charmness……… really rocking with your ff di…

  14. LaDli 2day ff is too sad…u told it happened in ur frnd life…so how can boyfrnd never trust her girlfrnd becoz of other girl….itz not true luv…pragya felt very bad…pity to see her….god gave her beautiful frnds that y she feels little bit hpy…abi lyk dumb state how can he believe that meetu…pragya sacrifice lots of thing becoz of his happiness he never think abt that wat kind of boy he is….juz irritating…he is also never trust his frnds purab nikkil tanu…becoz of that girl meetu he trusted her alot when his trust broken lyk mirror no 1 can help and care him ever except his frnds….i lyk tanu in this forum…such a caring and understanding frnd….becoz it happened in someone’s so ly u created as story…this ff wil teach gud lesson for this kind untrusted boyfrnd/girlfrnd so create it weird manner…everyone want to understand who is gud /who is bad in this world…waiting 4 next ff ladli….

  15. Nice epi but as soon as meetu chapter is going to be over I will be happy darling

  16. really akka i agree with u every true relationship like this kind of thinks oneday happen in each life….this thinks gave more pains in our life….

  17. Very very nice Sri pragya’s scenes are very emotional awesome episode always rock yesterday missd u badlyy

  18. Really nice yaar yeah I agree with u all relationship vl never give only happiness bt it gives more pain than making us happy yaar really we not we me idiot just thk abt the happiness thy HV given n forgot the pain thy given the only reason s to not brk tat relationship my mind says u don’t want tat relationship n pain n my hrt wants it eat to do even if it gives pain I want till my life…ohhhh just cut tz crap soooo sad part of my comment really ur episode s nice n soooooooo sad 4m abhi thn pragya really betrayal s most painful thg in the world yaar really u just really awesome yaar

  19. very nice episode…n like it very much… I really like the way pragya handled abhi with that situation… n also in my opinion pragya did a great job… In friendship ya relationship .we didn’t hide anything from them . we can tell them..its harm them surely tell them… If we hide or think that we can find soln for that… Its really a foolish thing… We want directly talk to them.. This is wht pragya did.. n if we didn’t said that person about the prblm. After getting to know the truth they will ask us. Wht will be the reply we can give.. Nothing… From today episode its a great meaning I get that. To maintain a relation we should open minded n talk them directly .. Today ‘_s episode is superb… n waiting for another episode n revelation of mettu ‘_s true face…

  20. Abhi is always dumb yaar. …we are already seeing this in real kkb

  21. Superb

  22. Omg awesome dii it was very nice and emotional?but feeling bad as abhi gonna get disappointed aftr knowing truth anyway rockng dii waiting fr their union love u dii???☺

  23. Nice episode yaar u said was 100% correct….I had a same experience when my friends betrayed me? at my schooling….u remember me that ***….and I glad that u shared ur friend incident to us…..Abhi is such a dumb how can he trust Meetu more than his love and friends…..pls yaar end the Meetu chapter as soon as possible…..and a small request yaar pls upload daily…..pls…if u not pls give some Intimation to us….pls and sry If I said anything wrong or hurt u….sry

  24. ayooo diii frst of all missed u to death fr past days but its kkk tht u vil also hv work naa nd diiiiii yaaa its a vrrrry bigggg Mahabharath but yez I agree tht evry relationship shld taste both salt nd sweet r else v vil get annoyed smetimes both of thm r crrct frm their views indeed I say pragya is strong girl but cant imagind abhis position ven he knows abt betrayal nd u said tht diz incident belongs to ur frnd ani flng sad fr her but TRUE LOVE ALWAYS WINS THOUGH THEY IGNORE THEIR TRUST OUTWARDLY BUT STILL THEIR HEARTS HOLD YHM TIGHT AS USUAL U ROCKED ITTTT DIII I VIL B WAITING FR UR UPDATE

  25. superb sri… loving it.. u r always awesome

  26. so sad for pragya anyway it was nice waiting for abhi comes to know meetu’s real face

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  32. Reshma Pradeep


  33. Amazing

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