Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 30

Thank u guys for your cute lovely lovely comments and love I’m happy that u ppl r enjoying everyday keep on enjoying loads of love to each and everyone love u all ?? stay blessed always God bless all my sweetos ???? Let’s get into the story…..

One week passed for Pragya with the hell fracture but she is enjoying that all were treating her as princess especially her Abhi and Tanu.Bulbul had came to visit Pragya.In the meantime,Purab proposed Bulbul fortunately Bulbul accepted their home became a paradise of love.Bulbul scolded badly Pragya for being fractured.Abhi is thr to defend her and he said he ll take care of everything.Bulbul too accepted the words of her to be Jiju n she gone back to Mumbai with heavy heart of leaving her loved ones here on leaving she had gave an instructions to keep an eye on her Purab.Pragya thought this girl ll never grew up.All was fine except her leg n hand.It was around 9PM,Pragya in her room leaning towards wall n resting on her bed.. actually she is in full anger.Tanu says,Pragya..don’t be adamant like a 5year old kid..Abhi ll come whenever he ll be free now have ur dinner..it’s getting late na..u wanna have tablets..Pragya says,No..Tanu says,Fine..then Abhi ll come n twist it ears then have ur dinner n abt to left the room.Abhi was rushing in with a hurry n thinks,Oh..god too late Abhi today u gone..n entered her home.Tanu sees him n says,Haa..Aagaya Abhi..Pragya u deal with him n left.Pragya turned her face away.Abhi entered her room n sees Pragya in anger n thinks,Oh..no..she is in peak..all the best Abhi..n he goes in n sat besides Pragya.

Pragya saw him n twisted her lips n turns her face.Abhi says,Have u had ur dinner.Tanu from living room says,No..she said she won’t eat.Abhi asks,Really..fuggi..Pragya took her tweetu n says,Tweetu now a days no one is taking care of me u n me r alone here.Abhi smiles n says,Accha..tweetu so ur friend won’t talk with me uh?Pragya says,No tweetu I won’t talk with him..tell him.Abhi says,Tweetu I’m sorry..Pragya looks at him b says,Tweetu..his apologies r not gonna work today.Abhi says,Really n took a chocolate from his pocket n placed in her lap.Pragya took the chocolate n says,Tweetu tell him still u didn’t forgave him.Abhi says,Acccha tweetu this is not fair na..how one could took gift from a person n still anger on them..it’s not fair.Tanu watches this n thinks,Oh..god..these two na..if I been here they ll make me mad n left the home.Pragya says,Tweetu ask him y he didn’t take me for walk today.Abhi says,Im Sry tweetu say her I was strucked in a work.Pragya stares him n says,Okay tweetu say him to carry on his work n I don’t need anyone..see tweetu I’m for u and u r for me that’s it.Abhi says,No tweetu thr is a rockstar for u..Pragya says,No tweetu.. Rockstars ll lie always..they won’t attend ur calls if u call them..they ll cut ur calls.Abhi says,No tweetu..this Rockstar is not like that..he is so sweet as u.Pragya says,Ask him to shut up tweetu.Abhi says,Come on tweetu..I ll introduce ur Rockstar.Pragya looks on.Abhi took a Rockstar doll n from his side n says,Tweetu this Rockstar is so sweet as me.

Pragya smiles at the doll n took that from his hand n says,So pretty..Abhi smiles by seeing such a pure smile in her face like a kid n says,So..u forgave me..Pragya says,No..Abhi says,This is not fair..u accepted this Rockstar but not me.Pragya says,He is so cute but u r cheater n pouted.Abhi says,Okay baba..I’m Sry..If u want I ll do sit-ups for u.Pragya beats him with pillow n says,I hate u…y u didn’t take me to walk..y u didn’t attend my call..Abhi says,Ufooo…stop stop..ur hand ll get pain again..stop this..Pragya stopped n asks,Y u didn’t came.Abhi says,Strucked in a cricket game..sorry,holding his ears.Pragya pulled his hands from his ears n says,Apology accepted n smiles.Abhi says,Thats good..Pragya says,Dundoos..this doll is exactly like u..so sweet n lovely..Abhi smiles n says,U love it??Pragya says,Yes..alot..Abhi says,Happy..Pragya says,Whts the name.Abhi says,Hm..U keep some name..ur choice..Pragya asks,U r best in keeping names so better u try.Abhi says,Hmmm…..sweetu..how was that..Pragya says,Tweetu and sweetu.. perfect couple..Abhi says,Just like us..Pragya says,Exactly..n smiles..Abhi says,So let’s have dinner..Pragya says,Sure..Abhi shouts,Tanu…Tanu….Pragya smiles n says,Tanu left when v started.Abhi laughs n says,Fine..i ll bring our food n brought food for them.Abhi feeds Pragya n he too had at the same time.Tanu comes thr n asks,Oh..finally she had dinner…Abhi I think v r pampering her too much that’s y she is getting adamant more..Abhi says,Ya.. exactly Tanu..Tanu took tablets n gave that to her.Pragya had tablets n says,Okay..good night Dundoos u leave I’m gonna sleep..
Abhi n Tanu stares at her.Pragya ignored them n abt to lay down.

Tanu n Abhi says,We won’t leave u today..v gonna change ur bandage by applying oil.Pragya pouted n says,Pls..u both r my sweet pies na.Tanu n Abhi says,Naaa….. Pragya says,This is not fair..u both r giving me pain while applying it.Abhi says,Its massage therapy it ll cure ur fracture no more questions..Tanu come n let’s do it.Pragya says,No..no..pls.Abhi says,Stop this..else I ll break ur mouth.Pragya shouts,Help me..help me..they r killing me..Abhi laughs n says,No one ll come rather Purab n Nikkil.Pragya says,Tanu pls b gentle..pls..Tanu says,Im not rude intentionally..Pragya says,Im sorry..Tanu cutted the bandage of her leg n wipes her leg n applied oil gently.Tanu asks,Is that paining.Pragya smiles n says,No..not that much.Abhi says,Which means u r recovering well n smiles.Pragya says,Tanu..see this new member n shows sweetu Rockstar.Tanu says,Oh..wow..so cute..Pragya says,His name is sweetu..my tweetu’s boy friend.Tanu says,Ufoo..i can’t tolerate ur tweetu now sweetu too.Abhi smiles.Pragya smirked n says,These two gonna b with me hameshaa kay liye hey na n hugs them…Abhi smiles n nods n cuts her hand bandage n applies oil in her hand by giving talks..Abhi thinks,Abhi..just melt her in talk n massage else she ll shout.Abhi slightly pressed hard n massaged her.Pragya shouts,Oucchh!!Be gentle Abhishek.Abhi says,Ofcourse..I’m being gentle..Pragya says,No..it’s paining..Abhi says,Okay..okay..n they finished their bandage n says,Now u can sleep..Pragya says,Thank u..both good night.Abhi sets her pillow n says,Its okay..sleep well good night n gave a peck in her forehead.Pragya smiles n dozed off coz of medicine effects.

Abhi says,Thank u Tanu..u r doing alot.Tanu says,Shut up Abhi..she is my friend from my childhood so no need of thanking me.. Actually I should thank u.Abhi says,Thanks for this..crazy or Wht..I’m doing it for my fuggi.Tanu says,Excatly..I’m doing it for my Pragya..Abhi says,Haa..that’s fine no thanks okay..Tanu says,Thats good..Abhi says,Haa..good night just keep an eye on her if she need anything in middle of night.Tanu says,Abhi..i know that better than u..don’t wry n smiles.Abhi says,Dont mistake me okay.Tanu smiles n says,Not at all..Abhi smiles n left.Next morning,Abhi came to wake Pragya.Tanu says,Abhi u r late..See Purab and Nikkil r awake before u.Abhi says,Tanu u know na I ll b sleepy till I drink my coffee..that’s y I’m late..this girl is still sleeping??Tanu says,Haa..today is leave na.. Saturday that’s y..Abhi says,Thats for us she is in leave for past 10 days..Tanu laughs.Nikkil says,U know Purab gone to Mumbai to see Bulbul.Abhi says,Fine..Tanu pls wake her.Tanu says,I won’t..if u want u have to.Abhi goes to her room she was sleeping by hugging a pillow.Abhi thinks,Whr is those 2,oh..thr..they both r sleeping together my sweetu n tweetu..fine n smiles.Abhi sat besides sleeping Pragya n says,Fuggi wake up..Pragya doesn’t respond.Abhi pats her n says,Fuggi wake up..wake up..Pragya flutters her eyes n shifted her head to his lap n continued her sleep.Abhi thinks,I think she is female version of kumbhkarn n says,Fuggi wake up na pls..Pragya murmers,Pls Bulbul lemme sleep..Abhi asks,Did Bulbul has moustache and beard..Tanu and Nikkil laughs by hearing this.

Abhi keeps on talking Pragya irked n woke up n sat besides him n stared him.Abhi says,Good morning kumbhkarni…Pragya says,I had never ever seen an annoying person like this..don’t sit near me hereafter u know how it ll b when u r sleeping and some one is keep on blabbering like u..Abhi smiles.Pragya says,Im scolding u idiot.Abhi says,I know idiot..now go n freshup u gonna walk today.Tanu says,Haa.. doctor said u have to start walk today.Pragya asks,It won’t be painful na..Abhi says,It ll be..n left the room.After a while,After having breakfast Abhi says,Cumon fuggi..let’s go for walk..Pragya nods n by holding Tanu’s hands she stood up.Nikkil says,Thats good..u had recovered Pragya..Abhi says,Exactly..n holds her n says,U gonna walk after 10 days..okay fine hold my hand.Pragya holds his hand.Abhi says,just walk..Pragya asks,I won’t fell down na.Tanu says,U won’t u r holding his hands na.Pragya nods n took a step forward by holding Abhi’s hands.Abhi says,Thats like my fuggi..

Pragya says,Its paining Abhishek.Abhi asks,Paining alot??Pragya says,No..lil bit..Abhi says,It ll be fine..cumon n makes her to walk they reached the door.Suddenly Vijay comes thr.Pragya looks at him n smiles.Abhi turned his face.Pragya says,Come in Bhai..just now u remembered me.Vijay feels uncomfortable with Abhi’s presence n asks,How you feeling now.. feeling better.Pragya smiles n says,Ya..much better see just now started to walk.Vijay says,Thats fine..Pragya says,Come in..why u r standing out.Vijay comes in.Tanu gives him coffee.Pragya says,Come Dundoos..let’s go in.Abhi glares at her n says,We wanna go for walk.Pragya says,He came to see me Abhishek..Abhi says,Fine..come n smirked n goes in..they had a talk n Vijay left.Abhi says,Shall v move..Pragya nods.They started to walk.Pragya asks,Y u r uncomfortable with him.Abhi says,I didn’t like him.Pragya says,He is so good..Abhi says,I don’t know why just drop the topic.Pragya nods..they both end up in resting on Park’s bench..Pragya was looking her mobile n says,Dundoos look at this.. Bulbul n Purab’s new pic.Abhi says,Good…it was funny.

Pragya laughs.Meetu comes thr by shouting Abhi’s name.Abhi stood up n asks,Y she is shouting my name like this.Pragya irked.She runs n came towards her hugs him.Pragya stood up n Abhi too shocked of Meetu.

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  1. Soooo luvlyy….and caring uaar……only u can write like this……I m really overwhelmed on ur ff…..once again soon luvlyyyy????ur ff always refresh my mind…….thank u sooooo much…..

  2. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    Sweeto? tweeto’s boy frnd??
    Sooooo nice… al tis crazy stufs can b done only with our loved ones?? sometimes when I read ur ff ‘ll start missing my bestieesss badly??

  3. Today episode was also good…

  4. Awesome awesome awesome dii amazing episode abhigya scenes were so so so cute sweetu tweet us boyfriend loved it dii awesome…

  5. Nice episode yaar

  6. Cute ??. Finally rabul in ?.
    Why Meetu is behaving like this ?? Waiting for the next episode

  7. WAT???MEETU HUGGED ABHI INFRONT OF PRAGS???….OMG!! Waiting for nxt episode

  8. Cute sweetu epi ;-).. Usual awesome… Waiting for nxt one ….
    Tht meetu na I just hate her

  9. Akka u r just amazing. superrrrrrrrrr episode. and y u didn’t post yesterday. please post regularly Akka.today’s episode was superrrrrrrrrr.

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  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Sooo Cute…..Sweetu & Tweetu…..Loved it……

  12. OMG!!! What a episode yaar….how cute pragya abhi and tanu..for the two episodes I missed the name dundoos.. And now we got a rock star toy(sweetu) wow double happiness da…is Meetu hugged Abhi friendly or…….. Waiting for next episode

  13. Very nice awesome Sri ungalala mattumthan ippdi yosikka mudium tweetu sweetu so cute and na ungala romba miss pannan yesterday mattum 50 times TU pathuiruppan miss u lot Srii pls nxt episode sekkarama upload pannunga pls….

  14. dont seprt them evn for a one epi. pls… what a caring love..

    nice epi yaar

  15. Hey 2day is gud one….i have a one more doubt who wil be pair of aliya..becoz everyone get a boyfrnd..and purab bulbul joined itz hpy news…i lyk that name sweetu-tweetu..i don’t lyk meetu..she is always hug with our abi..i can’t c pragya was suffer becoz of this girl…plze create new boyfrnd for this meetu…abigya is best couple….tanu,abi,his frnd caring pragya itz nice scene from this ff….but i lyk pragya jealous..ladli wt hpned for past days???y u update ur ff was too lately…ladli…

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  17. Awesome. Sweetu and tweetu. Nice. Eagerly waiting for next epi.

  18. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    Btw y pragya was sad on d day of accident?? more over she was even crying….
    Am I d only one thinking abt tat incident??!!!!!

  19. Wow….really …really u r awesome yaar….love u…why u have not updated yesterday..I was so restless u know..pls update daily…pls..

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    Very egarly watng fr nxt epi……..

  22. Really enjoyed it to the core very funny keep going lovely

  23. sri..congrats u reached 30 epi..wow..supr..keep going..very happy sri..today epi sema..keep it up…

  24. Wow it was really awesome

  25. Ayooo diiii tweetu got a bf sweetu my god nly u can match all the random sequences perfectly nd mould thm into a perfect figure my god pranu scenes was killing me badly bcoz nw I miss my bst buddy a lot but yy abhi is uncomfortable with vijay nd y tht day prags was crying nd Ronnie was teasing thm nw wat meetu gonna do my god cant wait till tmrw ur INCREDIBLE

  26. Very nice I loved it tisha

  27. Sri….congratzz on ur 30th episode dear…I loved it n was entirely smiling by seeing how abhi n tanu cares for prags…I liked abhi n tanu part that they thanking each other…its really good to see tanu so good..lovely episode sweety..:-)

  28. Hai srimathy akka this will b the last day tht i am comntng u ennala neenga enna ignore panratha feel panna mudiyudhu,so ini naan ungala com panni irritate panna virumbala ungaluku en charactr pidikalaya illa per pidikalayanu exacta theriyala but i think tht u have some prob with my name sry 4makng u feel bad by seeing my name pls 4give me 4makng u feel uncomfortable by seeing my com n haan ellarkum ellaraiyum pidikanumnu avasiyam illaye so i could undrstnd u n itha naan neenga enna ignore panra nalayo illa attension kodukalano sollala neenga ennala iniyum hurt aguradha naan virumbala enna naan surbhi di mathi ungalayum oru akkava mathikiren so ippa varaikum ungala hurt pannadhuku enna manichirunga pls 4give me if i had hurtd u by my wrds i didnt meant anything to hurt u n to say abt tdays epi asusal pinniteenga akka semma n frm tday i will b a sil readr of ur ff”LOVE U N UR FF A LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT KA”

    1. Pavi don’t say like this okay..I had commented for u in previous episode or before that episode so don’t feel bad I too thought all u ppl as my sisses… Don’t worry like this..be Happy always lots of love ??

  29. Soo cute when they are fighting. I loved it. Superb episode

  30. woow rockstar ki fuggy aur tweetu ki sweetu so nice!!!!………
    awesome epi what’s the meetu is planning is planning again MEETU!!
    i missed a chance to see u feeling bad for it better luck next time…

  31. Nice episode…

  32. Awesome

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  37. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    Is tat something lyk u won’t upload Sunday??!! If so jus tel na… from mrng checking this site… ufffo!! U know how it feels when checking again n again…

    1. Me too desperately checking the ff pls upload tomorrow morning yaar

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