Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 3


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In Mumbai,Hey..U both wr here I was searching u both,said Alia.Oh..madam so whts the time now..u r so late,said Neil.Haa..Alia v r just waiting for u thats y v didn’t go for class,said Bulbul.Alia says,Oh..really Ms.Drama Queen u both bunked the class for my sake..Oh..I believe..today is that kadoos class na that’s y I came late.Neil says,That’s y v also sitting out.Bulbul says,Come let’s go for canteen.Alia says,That’s my Bulbul n gives hifi.Back to Pune,Abhi says,Purab..u know it’s so boring y thr is no classes today.Purab says,Professor told us na coz all professors r busy with freshers.Abhi yawns n says,So let’s leave to home na.Purab says,Wait yaar..let’s enjoy of being boredom.Abhi says,U r impossible.Purab says,Let’s go to canteen n shall v have lunch.Abhi nods n both left to canteen.In Pragya’s class,Tanu yawns continuously n asks,What clg is this first day itself they r giving boring lectures.Pragya yawns n asks,When is the lunch time my stomach is rumbling.Sara asks,U both feeling bore uh?Pragya says,No..I’m feeling sleepy stars r visible to my eyes.Tanu says,I could see Moon too.Sara says,1 more hour is thr for lunch time.Pragya and Tanu shouts,Kya??Professor noticed them n asks,Whts going on the?Pragya n Tanu blinks at each other n smiles.Professor gets irked n says,Out!!!?Pragya n Tanu took their bag n came out of the class without a worry.After coming out of class they gave hifi n shouts,Bachgayaaa!!

In canteen,Abhi was hearing music via headphones.Purab was getting bored he calls Meetu n asks her to come to canteen.Meetu comes thr n asks,Kya hua Purab?Purab says,Abhi was lost in his music feeling bored that’s y.Mitu smiles n waves her hand infront of Abhi.Abhi smiles at her n continued his music.Pragya n Tanu comes thr n abt to sit in table behind Abhi but Purab n Meetu r facing them Tanu Pragya couldn’t see them.Purab says,Abhi..she is that girl.Abhi doesn’t respond as he is hearing songs in headphone by closing his eyes.As Pragya tries to drag the chair her duppata strucks in Abhi’s chair.She says,Oops!!I’m Sry n relives her duppata she didn’t see him.Abhi feels something n removes the headphone n asks,Purab did u called me?Purab says,No..y.Abhi says,No..I heard some familiar voice called me.Purab asks,How could u hear..U couldn’t hear even the siren then how could u hear my voice.Abhi asks,Arey..y u r so tensed.Purab says,Nothing.Abhi receives a call n he left.Meetu asks,Purab y u r staring at the girl.Purab says,She is the girl who teased me.Mitu says,Wait..lemme make her to taste her own medicine.Puarb says,Hey..don’t do anything leave it.As Abhi sighs Purab he says,Meetu Abhi is calling me bye.Mitu smiles n says,Bye.As Purab n Abhi left.Mitu goes to Pragya n Tanu’s table n Sat thr.PraNu doesn’t mind.Mitu waves her hand before their face n asks,Wht u both thinking of urselves.Tanu says,Excuse me!!Who r u?Mitu says,Don’t dare to talk like this anymore.Pragya asks,R u mad?Who r u?Mitu shouts,How dare u?This is the way u behave with ur seniors..morning u teased my frnd now u insulting me.Pragya says,Hello..u r a senior not God..k..If u wanna save ur respect leave from here.

Mitu asks,Hey..u know who r all my friends they won’t leave u.Tanu says,Hey..Ms.Chudail..just get out of here v don’t need any boy friends to spare u..v both ll slew u.Mitu gets anger n abt to slap Tanu.Pragya holds her hand n says,Hey u Miss..First u learn to respect others then expect respect from others Junior senior is not a matter here n v r warning u don’t even mess with us.Mitu says,Sure u gonna pay for this.Tanu says,Go go n complaint ur boyfriend.Mitu leaves in anger.Pragya says,Let’s go to hostel.Tanu says,Haa..She spoiled my mood I can’t concentrate on class.Pragya asks,If she doesn’t spoiled ur mood u able to concentrate on class uh?(In kidding tone)Tanu says,Whatever..come let’s leave.Pragya laughs n they both left to hostel.In Abhi’s home,Hey Munni come come,said Purab.Abhi says,Whatta surprise?Munni says,Hey Abhi u know I came here for help.Abhi asks,Wht man?just tell me.Munni shows his wrist n says,Had an argument with junior he suddenly cuts my wrist.Abhi n Purab shocked n says,Don’t wry let’s c him tmrw.Purab says,Haa..don’t wry how dare he is.Munni says,Thank u dudes.Suddenly,Mitu comes thr by crying aloud.Abhi rushes towards her n asks,Wht happened Mitu.Mitu said everything that happened between her n PraNu.Abhi smirked n says,I can’t do anything.Purab says,Mitu I told u na don’t do anything then y u did this.Mitu asks,R u r my friends go to hell n left the place.Abhi laughs n says,Funny yaar..Purab too laughs.

Next morning,Pragya n Tanu was sitting in class room.Tanu was busy in talks with Sara.Pragya was seeing Vijay n thinks,Y he is so rude.Suddenly all hears an noise.Pragya’s eyes moved towards the door from that moment she lost her world.She looks a person entering classroom.She gazed at him he just came near to Pragya’s row she was gazing at him from top to bottom her heart was fluttering She looks at him her eyes falls on his button sized black studs,black colored tags exactly dog tags,full sleeve black T-shirt with blue jean.The person she gazing was standing besides her n scolding Vijay by pointing his fingers towards him she tilted her face here n thr n looks at his face which has 3days unshaved beard n thinks,OMG!!His face seems familiar to me..but y he is in full sort of anger y he is scolding Vijay..Is he is big rowdy than Vijay..When she was in thoughts of thinking he left the class in peak of anger.Suddenly she feels someone is slapping in her cheek.Pragya came back to sense n shouts,Ouchh!!Tanu y u slapped me.Tanu shouts,I was calling u for past 10 mins u r sitting like statue.Pragya asks,Woh..Woh..Tanu asks,Kya..Woh..Woh..I told u na here after don’t turn to that Vijay’s direction.Pragya asks,Y?Tanu says,He cutted our seniors hand u didn’t heard wht happened here ryt now.Pragya says,No(innocently)Tanu says,Arey baba..He is dangerous.Pragya asks,he cutted the person who came in black dress uh?Tanu says,Huhh??Pragya r u K?Pragya says,Tell me first.Tanu says,No..He is Abhi he cutted his friend’s wrist.Pragya had a small smile n repeats the name n murmers,Abhi!!

Tanu says,Pragya!!Wht happened to u?Pragya says,Nothing..first u tell me how u know all this u r always with me na?Tanu says,OMG!!Buddhu!!Just now all shouted na from that I came to know.Pragya asks,Who shouted?Tanu gets anger n drinks water n says,Nothing..leave me meri maa.Pragya asks,Sara..u say me na.Sara says,Pragya he is Abhi our senior..As I heard he is heartthrob of all girls..and gossips r thr he is relationship with Mitu the girl u messed with.Pragya says,Oh..Tanu asks,Kya ohh..Here after don’t turn to Vijay’s direction.Pragya nods.As the class gets over.PraNu was in room.Pragya says,Tanu..Tanu says,Hmm…Pragya asks,His face seems to b familiar na.Tanu asks,Who?Pragya says,Woh..Abhi.Tanu says,No.Pragya says,I feel that he is more familiar to me.Tanu asks,How is that possible?v didn’t saw him before na.Pragya says,Haaa..but y I’m feeling like that.Tanu says,Who knows.Pragya asks,What name is that Abhi..wht ll b his full name..Abhi..Abhimanyu..Abhinav..what else.Tanu asks,Y u r asking abt him repeatedly.Pragya says,Don’t know..when I saw him I feel something different.Tanu comes close to her n says,Pragya..I think u.Pragya says,Nothing Gud nyt n covers her with blanket.Tanu removed the blanket n says,I think u became mad.Pragya says,I know u ll say this.Tanu smiles n says,Nikkil is coming tmrw evening.Pragya asks,Ur dad said he ll b back after a week.Tanu says,So Wht he is missing me.Pragya laughs love makes u mad.Tanu says,Sure u gonna become mad soon.Pragya says,Never.Tanu says,Let’s see.Pragya smiles n says,Good night.Tanu says,Good night.Next morning in class,Tanu asks,Pragya have U bring water bottle.Pragya says,Oops!!No..I forgot.Tanu says,How can b so irresponsible u know i can’t control my sleep so I need water.Pragya says,Sry yaar.Tanu says,Move I ll bring water n she left.Pragya noticed Sara n asks,Hey y u r so sad.Sara was abt to say.Suddenly a girl from back bench calls Pragya.Pragya turns back n they both were cracking jokes.Suddenly the girl speaking to Pragya is Looking behind her.Pragya noticed n turns.Suddenly she felt a strong hand on her desk.Pragya looks shocked.

Precap: Abhi was in gang of boys and enquiring abt a girl.

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. superb episode sri i love it..waiting for the next episode and srimathi rocks….

  2. Can’t wait 4ur nxt episode plc post it today itself.. Plzz fast…

  3. srimathi akka u rocked it…waiting 4 next one…..

  4. Trisha sry to say i felt lyk littlebit boring this ff juz give more twist…abi pragya 1st meeting become lyk magic world…both forget conscious…anyway this ff 2day is gud…

    1. Hey dude it’s just the 3rd episode Na. y u want more twist now also. Wait she will do it.

  5. hiiii diii seriously evry incident or remembering me my clg nd I am missing it nw bcoz of holidays my god I tooo need water to stop my sleep nd often v use to speak louder to come out of the class nd glad it repeats all over students life thnq uuuu fr dizzz amazing clg lv story I think some of them may b related to ur clg life also if I am not wrong waiting fr nxt abhigya meeting nd who is playing Meethu character diii can u mention it plzzz

  6. super.. waiting next episode

  7. Amazing ka….. I eagerly waiting to know Who is the person…. Update it soon ka

  8. Awesome episode. Nice scenes of PraNu. Update next one

  9. Awesome eagerly waiting for the nxt one!

  10. All the stories when use start it will be boring… But urs Its just amazing eagerly waiting for next episode ..first I thought of stop visiting this website after ur love of life …but today I was really superb….plss yaar little bit long episode and eagerly waiting for abhi pragya reunion….

  11. Super

  12. sri.wow..u show the clg days ….like film..very well.

  13. Sri superb…. Awesome… Waiting for the next epi

  14. Superb

  15. Hey tisha it’s senior na give some respect
    Otherwise superb….

    1. It is somewhat real incident yaar that’s y sorry if anything hurts u

      1. I’m our clg if junior teased senior then we will be finished. That’s nly I said. Nothing is hurt. Don’t need to say sorry u are a perfect writer.

  16. hey tish i just loved it.i want to share the incident my friend has faced as like pragya in this epi
    when we are freshsers my seniors came to inform about something but my friends eye just locked at one our senior she just became mad of him.from that day onwards she use to keep letters & choclates on his bike and he use come to our class daily to find her but the most funny thing is she use to hide under the bench when ever he cme to our class even though he dont no her.but the day when he singed a song for her in our freshers party she bulshed in such away i cn’t explain but finally the loved each other and they still in relation from 6 years
    i hope they will get married soon.sorry yaar if i irritated you by reading this ff all many memeories came back to me it has became 4 years i did not met her but i remember every funny & silly thing she has done.
    sorryyyyyy so sorry if i irritated you please ignore it i just want to shae with you
    sorry once again

    1. Wow it’s so nice to hear!!!No need of sorry!!?

  17. awesome duperbbbbbbb. sasti. if they are senior its not mean they do whatever junior have respect anyway today episode was mind blowing.

    1. Sry yaar u r crct

  18. Shruthi Ravichandran

    Update next episode soon tisha i am waiting

  19. Superb yaar really awesome tat pragya lost in her world n dint hear anythg n make tanu to get angry s sooooooo cute n awesome

  20. nice episode.you always rocking

  21. getting interest slowly

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