Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 29

Thank u so much for your love for this ff..Keep on enjoying Rajesh anyways thank u for the name..Sherly its okay don’t wry..dint bother for comment..concentrate on studies all the best..let’s get into the story..

It was fore afternoon,Urvi made Pragya to have lunch n tablets.Pragya says,Aunty u seems to b tired go n sleep..u had gave me lunch n tablets so thr is no needs for me u may go n sleep for now.Urvi says,Its okay Pragya.Pragya says,Its okay aunty I know even my Maa ll also do like this now pls go n rest urself.Urvi smiles n says,Okay..if u need anything pls just call me.Pragya smiles n says,Sure..And aunty just close the door.Urvi nods n left the home.Pragya says herself,Pragya u r disturbing others alot..oh god it’s just embracing pls cure me soon for ur sake n shouts,Ouchh!!Oh god it’s paining..she was just keeping her bandaged right leg over a pillow n same to her bandaged right hand..she got her mobile n plugged headphones with much difficulty n started to hear music by leaning towards wall.On other side,

Abhi just arrived Pune station n started to move towards their home on the way to his destination he was thinking about Pragya’s reaction when she saw her thr unexpectedly n smiles himself.After a 30 minutes of excitement he finally reached his home n dropped his bags n moved out of his home towards Pragya’s home.Pragya was slightly in a sleep in sitting posture as her tablets effects on it.Abhi just setted his hair n pressed the bell.Pragya opened her eyes from her nap n thinks,Who was it n looks the wall clock it was 3PM..Pragya thought it may b Tanu had came from college early n shouts,The door is open Tanu.. come in n murmers,This girl is teasing me by pressing the bell..she know na I can’t lock or open..n turns the page of her novel.As she was turning the page she could see glimpse of a person standing side straight to her room door n says,y u r standing thr Tanu n turns towards her room door.

Pragya was shocked to the hell as she saw her Abhishek standing thr with a bitter red eyes n rage of anger with a mixed emotions he didn’t utter a word.There was a huge silence.Pragya broke the silence n asks,Abhishek..when did u come..have ur paper works r done so early that was so great our system had been changed alot na..so soon ur work has been over,she tried to show that nothing big happened to her n she continued by saying,Come on Abhishek y u r standing thr..it’s me..Abhi with a glare came in still glaring at her.Pragya says,U didn’t told me that u r coming today..this was such a..Abhi cuts her n says,Such a hell shock for u ryt,glared with a rage of anger.Pragya stumbled n says,N..no.. Abhishek.. actually I’m.. surprised..hone.. honestly..She just lifted her head n asks,How long u gonna stand like this..just sit here n points her right side n with her hand..then she scrunched her face coz of pain.Abhi just throws her tweetu that on her right n he took the place.Pragya looks at her tweetu n thinks,Oh..my poor tweetu don’t feel bad that he throwed u..just wait n watch Wht he gonna do with me..and don’t laugh at me..Abhi didn’t utter a word yet.

Pragya asks,Y u r so silent..Hmm..she just spoke non stop.Abhi finally broke his silence n asks,So.. doing well ryt.Pragya looks at her condition n thinks,For his eyes I’m looking fit n fine.Pragya asks,Do u think so.Abhi says,Well ya..if u r not well u would have informed me na.Pragya says,Come on..speak up..u wanna scold..then scold me up don’t behave like this it’s just irritating.Abhi asks,Oh..okay fine..I don’t wanna scold u r I never wanna know wht the hell or Wht the sh*t happened with u..got it..just live ur life as ur wish..fine..Pragya says,Okay fine.. Don’t ask me anything it ll b fine enough..and if u don’t wanna support me then leave don’t hurt me more than this..Abhi asks,Oh..wow..super fine u r..u r raising this broken finger on me ryt..Pragya says,Excuse me..my fingers r not broken..only my right hand n right leg.Abhi asks,Wish..ur mouth should be sealed I wish to break ur teeths..Pragya says,Just shut up..I won’t talk with u..tweetu come here to me..some idiots r irritating me n abt to tried to take that but she couldn’t.Abhi took her tweetu n throws on her lap.Pragya glared at him.Abhi says,Dont glare at me.

Pragya says,I ll..Abhi wraps her arms around her shoulder.Pragya pulls his hand.Abhi says,Achaa..U don’t wanna me to b here na.Pragya remains silent.Abhi again wraps his arms around her shoulder n says,I told u to take care of urself but wht the hell u have done hmm.. Pragya really scared of his changing tone.Pragya says,Actually..I was thinking of u while cross the road a mini truck hitted me.Abhi just closed his eyes after hearing the word that she hitted by truck..tear drops rolled down from his eyes.Pragya says,Im sorry..i know u ll b hurt that’s y I didn’t told u..I’m Sry n sobbed in his arms.Abhi wrapped her close n says,I don’t know wht r the pain u going through physically..My fuggi’s soft poor leg n hand r wrapped with heavy bandages..n carres her fractured hand.Pragya smiles n says,No.. Abhishek I felt the pain but not now..u r with me na..u r my strength and weakness too..Just support me I ll b okay soon..Stop crying like this..see if u cry..Abhi says,Oh..okay..my lil drama queen I won’t cry..sure u ll b okay soon..Is that paining alot.Pragya smiles n says,No..not at all..it’s not paining n smirked at him.Abhi asks,Really n pressed her hand..Pragya shouts,Oucch..Idiot have u lost it or Wht..Abhi says,U only told that..it’s not paining.Pragya says,then u r asking like idiot.Abhi says,Okay..chalo..it’s suffocating here lets go out.

Pragya asks,U r crazy or Wht..I can’t walk for 2 weeks.Abhi asks,Really..that’s was great..it ll b much better if u can’t speak for 2 weeks.Pragya glares at him.Abhi says,fine..so life struked up here for upcoming two weeks ryt?Pragya nods like a kid.Abhi says,Thats okay..v ll b having fun here.Pragya asks,Fun..excuse me Wht abt ur word “we” u gonna stay home for two weeks.. don’t say yes..Abhi says,Yes.. Ofcourse then who ll take care of my Kishmish n pulls her cheeks.

Pragya says,Stop it..U r in final year..u know that ryt..u cant take much leave..be a good boy n go to college I ll manage myself and Urvi aunty is thr.Abhi asks,really..u know to manage urself that’s Why u r met with accident n laying like a horrific mummy wrapped with dirty white clothes.Pragya asks,Really..I’m looking horrible uh..Abhi says,Haa..very horrible..Pragya abt to slap him with her left but she couldn’t reach him.Abhi laughs,Oh god..u can’t even slap me..that’s good..Pragya says,If u have dare come to my left then u ll know how powerful slap u ll get.Abhi says,Right is right of a right boy..left is for faking boys.Pragya asks,Really..Abhi says,Dont u know this.Pragya says,No.. Abhi says,don’t wry I ll teach many things like this.Pragya says,Fine..Abhi asks,Did ur mom know abt this.Pragya says,No..I didn’t told her..same reason as with u.Abhi says,I guess it..n plays with her finger ‘s nails of fractured hand.Pragya smiles n asks,Do u know onething.Abhi says,No..I don’t know anything..wht else thr u were hiding.. apart from this.Pragya pinches his finger with her nail tip.Abhi shouts,Ouchh!! Pinching me even in this condition very bad behaviour okay..i forgave u as u were fractured now tell me Wht was that.Pragya smiles n says,U can’t be serious ryt.Abhi checks her head.Pragya asks,Wht u r doing..Abhi says,No..I’m just seeing that..do you got any hurt in ur head..Pragya stares him n asks,Why,with a strong glare.

Abhi says,No..I think u had became Gajini..short term memory loss.Pragya asks,Kya..Abhi says,Arey..u just said minutes ago don’t cry it ll make me weak but now u r saying u can’t be serious.. serious means u wanna me to cry ryt.Pragya’s wondered with his circle talks on stupid thing n says,Abhishek..u r just..Abhi says,Impossible..that’s what u wanna say na..yes..but I.M.Possible.Pragya says,hoohoo..Mr.Possible..I wanna say that u can’t get ur coffee for 2 weeks.Abhi says,Not exactly.Pragya asks,Huhh??Abhi says,Do u wanna sit like this for 2weeks still ur fracture get heal.Pragya says,No other go..Abhi says,Come on fuggi..u ll b bored of tat..and I’m here na let’s go for walk every evening..u gonna prepare my morning coffee..Pragya asks,Have u gone mad Abhishek how could i do this all these things.Abhi says,Like this n lifts her in his arms.Pragya asks,This is what ur kind of eveng walks gonna be n giggles.Abhi says,Oh..just stop ur over imagination I can’t hold u like this for awhile..u know u r too heavy.Pragya says,Really..but Purab told I’m lite..It means I’m not heavy..u r weak.Abhi glares n asks,Purab..did he lifted u,with a stern.Pragya says,Looking cute on jealous n pulls his cheek.Abhi says,Stop buttering me.. actually u gonna make me my fav coffee..

Pragya asks,But how..Abhi takes her to kitchen n make her to sit in the slab n says,Just guide me..we ll make coffee together then v ll have that together n then we ll leave for walk together how was the plan n smiles at her.Pragya asks,Seriously..u gonna make it for me.Abhi says,For us..I’m lil bit selfish Kishmish.Pragya laughs n guides him for coffee..Abhi does it.He settled on slab besides her n both sips his coffee.

Abhi asks,How was that.Pragya says,Horrible..Abhi says,Just like u..Pragya stares him n says,Not that much horrible.Abhi asks,Ur face?Pragya says,Coffee,in a stern voice.Abhi says,Just chill my coolpix.Pragya asks,Coolpix..wht sort of name is this.Always making funny names on me,chashmish Kishmish fuggi cool pix..Abhi says,Oh really I’m ready to give the reason for all names could u able to give meaning or reason for the name u used to call me.Pragya smirked.Abhi says,No na..then just drink coffee v have to leave for walk.Pragya asks,Are u serious about walk..I don’t think so.Abhi says,We ll..Tanu Purab Nikkil enters the home.Their eyes widened in surprised shock.Nikkil asks,when did he came..Purab asks,He is so cool..no arguments.Tanu says,Point..they both r looking cool together how was this possible.AbhiGya looks at them.Abhi lifts Pragya in hand n move towards the door.They stood as statue.Abhi by lifting Pragya in arms goes near them.Abhi asks,Tanu..did she have any wheeled chair I didn’t saw anything till now..is anything is thr.Tanu thinks,God ji.. really he is so cool..not scolding anyone.Abhi raised his voice n says,Tanu..

says,haa..Abhi..wait a minute n drags the chair from another room.Abhi says,Thank u..n make Pragya to sit in the chair n placed her leg carefully on foot board n says,We r going for a walk n he left by pulling her chair.Purab says,Im dreaming or Wht.Nikkil laughs n says,No its real.. don’t worry v escpaed.

Abhi pulls her chair n took her to near by park.Pragya asks,Is this walking for u.Abhi says,Sure..this is ur legs for next days..but tell me u r enjoying this ride ryt.Pragya says,Ofcourse..Abhi says,U ll feel better so we gonna come here every day.Pragya thinks,How Lucky I’m n gazed at him.Abhi was seeing the kids playing thr n asks,Y u r gazing at me Fuggi.Pragya smiles n says,Im troubling u alot ryt..not only u I’m troubling Tanu n all..Abhi says,I don’t know abt others..and exactly u r troubling me alot n U know that I love that too..Pragya giggled with teary eyes.Abhi leaned down n hugs her from back n placed his chin over her neck n says,Dont get too emotional fuggi..u only said na u ll b okay..don’t feel guilty or embraced.. honestly I’m enjoying this..to take care of u..and one more thing don’t shed tears infront of me I hate tears.. especially urs..n pecks on her cheek.Pragya smiles n says,All okay..but u r resting it hand on my broken hand it’s paining.Abhi says,Oops!!No problem it’s also a exercise.Pragya shouts,Ur exercise is paining take ur hand away idiot.Abhi says,Unromantic n pouts.

Pragya says,Unromantic..fine..thank you it’s better to be unromantic with u.Abhi says,No problem my romance is enough for both of us.Pragya poked him.Abhi sat besides her in bench n holds her left hand n starts playing with her fingers n nails.Pragya was smiling at the kids on park n their antics.Pragya noticed Abhi that he was seeing her fingers.Pragya asked,Why u r seeing my fingers like this..Abhi says,No..I’m just thinking if I broke ur fingers u can’t able to beat me na..Pragya asks,kyaa..n pulls her fingers out of his.Abhi drags again n laughs n says,Just joking fuggi..Pragya says,Bad joke..Abhi says,Not bad than ur condition.

Pragya pinches him with her nails.Abhi says,Ya.. exactly for this..I thought to break ur fingers.Pragya giggles.Abhi says,Thats good..keep smiling.Pragya says,Sure I ll ..as long u r with me.Abhi says,Then..it’s abt life time..u gonna stay with stretched lips.Pragya pecks on his cheek n says,Tu mera Sanam re..I’m saying this for u..ur lines..Abhi smiles n says,Its not that..it’s..Tu mera Sanam hua re..u missed hua..Pragya smiles says,Huaa??Abhi smiles.

Credit to: Tisha


  1. Sruthi

    Awesome ??sissy pls do give precap dear pls
    Pls do keep SRI as if they I’ll have a child in future bcs I love that name and that person too
    Sorry for over imagination.,,??
    I’m Lil bit selfish kismish(loved this line)

  2. karthu

    Omg…its really superb… Its seems to be reality.. n no words to express my happiness…. Love alot.. Its really a magic.. Abhigya chemistry is superb…

  3. Saranya

    Omg tisha diii iam really getting angry on you?if u keep writing so nicely day by day one day we all wil melt or die or become mad?diii u r incredible☺dii dnt mistake me if i had been a boy i would hve fallen in love wit u???anyway nw also love u diiiiiii?????

  4. Varsha

    As usual rocking…..cool man……I expected dat Prags will cry wen Abhi scolded her…. but its juz d opp….loved it tisha akka

  5. Rose

    …………….,……………………………………………………………………………………………….,………………………………………………………………………………………wat u r thinking……there r no words to express my feeling today its not fair k……I could not express it how I m feeling…… Day by day u r rocking…. On d other hand my words r drowning….. Its really not fair ……I m really angry with u….how u can steal my words with ur mind blowing ff……but one thing I have to say u r a best writer……my dear Frnd……. Ooooooo I loving it a lotttttttttt……as usual waiting for the next epi……

  6. Wowww tisha akka i am great fan of you and ur ff..really akka ur daily updates makes me 2 feel abigya’s luv..really superrrrrr..no wrds 2 explain…and tis is d best ff i hav ever seen nd lov of life also actually every day i’ll wait 4 ur ff nd i’ll check every half an hour tat whether u hav updated r not….luv u so much akka………… TISHA ROCKzzzzzzzz.,.

  7. Varsha

    Seriously Sri ma i am really scared of abhi reaction…how will he react??? OMG!!!! Its…its…just incredible and loved one..i never expected this from abhi…what a bonding and caring yaar between the two….love u tisha like ur ff very much…..

  8. sweety

    super da always your rocking the ffworld its really super tisha. The episode is show absolutely how lovable one hart like this we only behave like this thnq da and when i read u r ff this make me smile dr thnq for u r regular update

  9. diii honestly read it fr 13 times already dont knw yyy I kpt on smiling nd mostly I laughed a lot nw I really regret fr being a girl if at all I hv been a boy prmse I would hv found u anyhow to propose uuu r I say to confess fr uuu my god ur just awesome INCREDIBLE each nd evry scene was really super duper hit tht pragya talking to tweetu is really so hilarious fr me nd tht abhi playing with pragya fingers is sooo sweet wish I can also find a love lyk him my god diii takhil nd purab reaction on abhi’s presence is really funny nd diiiii most importantly I kpt on thnkng tht abhi would yell at pragya r smthng lyk tht but u again proved me wrong my god diii such cute abhigya scenes haa really lovely ayoooooo dont knw wat is hppng around me I am laughing insanely nd blabbering smthng diiiiii plzzzzzzzz only ones tell me ILU plzzz bcoz I want to prepare a machine to measure sweetness of persons sooo u r the frst to be fr tht test bcoz I know tht no machine can measure ur sweetness its UNMEASURABLE one proposal one hug frm u makes my world sweeeet

    • Tisha

      Awwwwwwwwww Maahi Thank u Thank u sooooooo much!!!Loads and loads of love ???????Love you da????a big tight hug……stay blessed and happy always God bless sweeto ?

  10. riya

    Omg awesome Sri chancea illa yosikka mudiyatha alavukku write pandrenga no words to express day by day engala mad aakkidreenga ur a fantabulous writer

  11. Today’s episode chance eh illa….semmma….epd ungalala mattum ipd semaya ff creat panna mudiyuthu..cha semma akka naa en frndz neraya per kitta unga ff padikka sonnen avangalum paduchutu ippa unga ff ku fan aytanga…… really superrrrr ka …….awesome…..ithukumela NO WORDS 2 EXPLAIN………

  12. razia

    This episode was not tat much emotional .. Bt dunno y I got tears .. In the middle .. This is how u too felt or ? Do u feel the same as I do ? U wrote wid such impact or wat?

  13. Sandy

    Choooo cute. ??? I was smiling all over the episode and even after thinking about the episode. Every one asking me y ur laughing only the reader ( we guys ) know the reason ????

  14. Shruthi Ravichandran

    As usual nice episode.but one suggestion i felt little more kidding fight for accident will be one more cute for abhigya

  15. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    Such a sweet episode????unga ff padikum pothu mattum oru vithyasamana santhosam oru Chinna smile epothum iruku… orutharku pudicha mathiri eluthurathe kastam ithula daily ethana peru neenga sola varatha crct purinju feel panuranga… wowwwwwww ???u r blessed seriously jus don’t ignore it nd waste it… feed ur talent… lov u chweetoo May God bless u always ???

  16. akshaya kannan

    Srimathi akka your episode was awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?????? I really loved it and why didn’t write any story in India forums I was eagerly waiting for your ff in that too and in TU you are the best.

  17. Arora

    That was mind blowing…i was really waiting to see how will abhi take care of his fuggi…you gave more than what i expected

  18. Ayooo diiiii thnx fr telling lv u nd a biggggggggg thnx fr the tight hug nd yes u made my world chooooooooo sweeeeeeeet thts soo sweeeeet of u thnq uu fr gvng us LOL KKB nd nw ETERNAL LOVE diii dont knw hw to tell u tht hw much u entertain us a biggg thnqq uuu fr tht nd thnqq uu fr everything

  19. Dimple(kanishka)

    Really superb as always no words to express my feel completely enjoyed it keep going lovely one

  20. krish

    Diiiii seriously I don’t hve words to express my feelng Awwwwwwsomeee dii no no no even I don’t know how to express surely I’m gonna blaber dii becomng mad of ur ff dii seriouly k.. K..now I was whn Abi reactd lk tat thn oly I got it its really awesome diiiiii ur always incredible amazing dii always n forevr I’m very excited fr nxt epi diii…….

  21. no words to express my feeling akka….
    if i am a boy then defently i proposed u…..but what we do????
    but i will say I LOVE U…
    I LOVE U….
    I LOVE U….
    I LOVE U….
    U ROCKED….

  22. Nivethitha

    Oh my god?????????????…Wat a episode kaaaaa.. Nowadays u r always giving me more surprises ka.. Naa abhi reactions eppadi irrukuka podhu ninechu rombave bayanthen aana ennala etha nabbave mudiyala ka..ennoda reaction purab mathiri than irruthathu..semmiya kalakiringa ka.. Semma pookanga???????????… Really ennaku enna sollrathanu theriyala.. eena naa enna sonnalum unka ff nukku pathadhu..rombaaaaaa superb ah irruthathu.. Naa enaiku tamil la than comment panna eena santhosathala nambaloda language than varum solluvanga anthan eppa nadathathu..ennudaiya santhosathuku unka ff than karanum??…. A big hug from my side???..just one Nuthan sollalum ethu paathumanu theriyala but aanalum solren.. ‘Outstanding’.. It’s amazing to the core??????? kaa.. U nailed it asusual..Keep rocking and love you..?????????

  23. devi

    I am just loving this episode with full of smile. Wow wow what a story taking step by step. Mchhhh i couldn’t express my feels about this.love abhigya forever.

  24. Ladli no need thanks and all…v r frnds k so no need that…it suits u…so i put this name to u…2day ff is gud ladli…not bad…create it new way…little bit down my interest on ur ff…plze weird way create it…waiting 4 next ff…i hope so u wil do wt i said…ladli…

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