Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 28


Thank u guys for your comments feeling happy after reading it..Let’s get into the story..
Pragya’s eyes started to move she slightly opened her eyes all she could see is like a white wall..she just recollected her thoughts she was send off Abhi n she heard Tanu’s voice on road after that she doesn’t know wht happened her body if feeling heavy for her then she opened her eyes fully she could see her fellas Tanu besides her along with Nikkil n Purab sleeping in sitting posture.She slightly opened her mouth in mild voice n called,Tanu.Tanu Nikkil n Purab opened their eyes n rushed near her.Tanu asks,How u r feeling now.Pragya says, Don’t know Tanu my leg n hand is paining alot.Purab says,U have fracture in right leg n right hand n a slight scratches in forearm n forehead.The next word came from her mouth is,Did Maa know this.Tanu nods no.Pragya says,Pls don’t tell her.. nothing serious na..she ll b scared.Tanu says,I know.. first I thought to call her but after knowing nothing serious I didn’t told her but I informed Bulbul she panicked n urges to come here but I consoled her so see agreed to come on weekend.Pragya gave a deep relief breathe.Pragya asks,Whts the time now.Nikkil says,10PM.Pragya just closed her eyes in tired n jerks n opened the eyes n asks,Did he know this.Purab says,No..I was trying for him still he is unreachable I think he is still in train.Pragya says,Dont tell him anything pls.Tanu asks,R u mad..Pragya says,Pls..if he knows he ll come immediately.Nikkil says,Anyhow he gonna know this if not today then tmrw whts the big deal in that.. shouldn’t hide this from Abhi.Pragya says,No..he had went to some legal work it’s really important so pls.Suddenly,Pragya’s Mobile rang from Purab’s pocket.Purab took the phone n says,Its Abhi..Tanu asks him to attend.Pragya says,Pls Purab don’t tell him..Purab nods n attends the call.

Abhi says,Hey.. fuggi.Purab says,Abhi..Abhi asks,Purab.. Wht u r doing with her mobile.Purab slapped himself n blinks n says,No.. nothing Abhi v r just chatting wait I ll give to Pragya.Nikkil murmers,U fool y did u attend the call.Purab says,This hell Tanu asked me to attend.Tanu says,I didn’t think so logical I’m Sry.Pragya laughs n shouts,Ouuchh!!Even I can’t laugh in this pain.Purab says,Hey.. Abhi is online n gives phone to Pragya.Pragya says,Hello,her voice was so dull.Abhi asks,Fuggi..wht happened again u r so dull..wht was bothering u Fuggi..I had vanished ur dullness na did u forgot that so easily but even now I’m thinking of that,said naughtily.Pragya smirked n blinks at her frnds n says,No Abhishek I’m fine I was sleeping that’s y voice is so dull.Abhi asks,Pirab said u ppl were chatting but u r saying that u r sleeping.Pragya says,Woh..they r chatting but I’m sleeping.Purab laughs hidingly.Tanu smiles n beats him n signs Pragya to end the call soon.Abhi asks,It seems to b u ppl r having fun.Pragya says,Haa..very much of fun..okay.. feeling sleepy let’s talk later.Abhi says,So mean fuggi I didn’t asked even I reached home or not.Pragya asks,Have u reached home.Abhi says,Yup reached home in my room ryt now.

Nikkil n Purab rolled their eyes n says,They won’t end the call I think v have to go home but doctor have to come n give the discharge papers.Pragya says,Shh..Abhi asks,Kya shh..Pragya says,No I said here.Abhi asks,U were sleeping ryt..how all came to ur room.Pragya thinks,Oh..no..this Abhishek na.Abhi says,Fuggi…r u thr.Pragya says,Haa..ha..y u r asking this much of questions.Abhi says,Okay no more questions..tell me how was our first kiss.Pragya says,Abhishek.. really I’m feeling sleepy..pls..lemme sleep.Abhi asks,Feeling shy ryt.Pragya rolls her eyes.Tanu murmers Pragya end the call v have to leave.Pragya says,Not at all Abhishek I’m feeling sleepy..pls end the call.Abhi wondered n asks,U r not feeling shy?Pragya realized Wht she said n says,Yes..I was butt… idiot end the call…u idiot..Abhi asks,Oh..fellas r thr with u ryt I understand n smiles.Pragya smirked n says,Happy..good night.Abhi too says,Good night n ends the call.Pragya gave a relief breathe n asks,Shall v go now..I’m really feeling so tired n sleepy..Tanu says,U can’t walk for 2weeks sweetheart.Pragya asks,Then how I ll come to home.Purab says,Like this n lifts her in arms n makes her to sit in wheeled chair.Pragya asks,Kya..for 2 weeks in this wheel chair like this..better I wish to die.Purab says,Oh..hello drama queen just hitted by a small truck..u won’t die coz of small injuries.Pragya says,But the pain is more than death.

Tanu says,Shut up n she was doing the formalities.Vikram n Urvi comes thr n takes them to home.In home,Purab gets Pragya into room Tanu followed them.Purab lifts her n makes her to sit in bed.Pragya says,Thank u Purab..Purab says,For Wht..for lifting u..oh come on Really u r not that much heavy..but I think ur sis ll b so heavy.Pragya laughs n says,Ouchh..leg is paining alot.Tanu says,Haa..to reduce ur pain u have to eat food first then tablets.Pragya nods.Tanu feeds Pragya n gave her tablets.Urvi says,How u r so careless Pragya.Nikkil too asks the same n says,Yes..i too saw that Whr ur thoughts were.. luckily the injury is not heavy.Purab says,This is more heavy Nikkil.Nikkik says,Haa..Whr u were lost.Pragya says,I don’t know..I’m feeling sleepy.Tanu says,Okay..lay down n sleep..Pragya nods n laid down.Tanu covers her with blanket n all left the room.Pragya falls asleep as her body was too heavy for her.Next morning,It was around 8AM.Pragya slightly opened her eyes,Tanu says good morning Pragya.. feeling better.Pragya says,No..still the same,said with a yawn..n asks,Hey..u r not going for college still u didn’t got ready.Tanu asks,R u mad..how ll I go by leaving u like this.Urvi comes thr with breakfast.Pragya says,Here Urvi aunty is thr na hey na aunty.Urvi says,Haa..I ll take care Tanu.. don’t wry.Tanu says,But aunty.Pragya says,No if buts Tanu..I know Ostrich ll scold u..I ll escape by giving medical papers Wht abt u..if v said u was taking care of me..sure he won’t believe.

Tanu still unconvinced n looks on.Pragya says,Come on Tanu go n get ready.Tanu nods n freshed up.Urvi helps Pragya to fresh up.They all had breakfast.Tanu gave tablets to Pragya..n says,Here is ur afternoon tablet n made note on that.Pragya nods n says,okay Meri Maa..Tanu n all abt to leave.Pragya calls Purab.Purab asks,wht Prags..do u need something.Pragya says,Sorry for disturbing Purab can u pls make me to sit in sofa.Purab says,If u said sorry or thanks I won’t do anything for u.Pragya smiles n says,Oh..okay..I’m sor..oh..no.. Purab smiles n lifts her n makes her to sit in sofa.Pragya says,Than..oops..sor..Ohhoo.. nothing.Purab smiles n says,Thats good.Pragya says,Come soon guys else I ll bored of being alone.Tanu says,Ur bae ll come today na then wht v all gonna get entertainment he gonna scold u for met with accident then he ll yell at us for hiding this..so v hav lots of drama tonight n smiles.Nikkil says,No..he will b back on next week only.. morning I spoke with him..he said papers ll settle next week..so he’ll come after finishing that.Pragya relived n smiles n says,Thank god.Tanu says,U escaped Prags..Okay v r leaving tc..aunty gave her tablets if she refused then inform Abhi.Pragya says,No I wont..refuse,she said with a scary face.Tanu says,Thats good n all left for college.Pragya texts Abhi…
Pragya: Returning after a week?

Abhi didn’t replied back immediately Pragya thought he ll b busy in work n not to disturb him..So Pragya n Urvi started their chit chats and gossips.Suddenly Pragya’s phone rang.She looks at that it was Abhi.Pragya attends the call n asks,Wassup Mr.Dundoos.Abhi smiles n says,Lil bit busy on paper works..Pragya says,Haa..it happens and Nikkil told you ll return after a week.Abhi thinks,Bechari..she doesn’t know I’m gonna give her surprise for her n says,Haa..I ll b back next week..u gonna miss me badly ryt..I can’t able to come today na.Pragya feels happy n thinks,Thank god..he is not here..else he ll slew me for this accident.. moreover I had promised him I won’t get through any hurts..thank u God ji n smiles.Abhi says,Eyy!!Fuggi..R u thr.Pragya says,Haa..Haa..Abhi asks,I asked u ll miss me ryt?Pragya says,Haa..Haa..I ll miss u alot..I don’t know how I’m gonna b without u for a week,n thinks sorry Abhishek I’m literally happy that u r not here..but I have to tell all this things to make u happy.Abhi says,Oh..ya..but wht to do..have to fullfil family responsibilities na.Pragya says,Haa.. definitely.Abhi thinks,Oh..my poor fuggi..u r missing me alot ryt..u don’t know my works r done here..I’m gonna give u a unexpected entry thr today n smiles.Pragya says,Abhishek..Abhi says,Haa..u know even I’m missing u to the death..Pragya says,Leave it..Abhi asks,Btw..Whr u r..I thought u were in college when I received ur message.Pragya says,No..I took leave today..Abhi asks,Y..,in a shocking tone.

Pragya says,Having injuries na.Abhi shocked n asks,What??Pragya just realized Wht she said n says,Woh..Woh..I mean.. yesterday had a cut in my right finger na while setting guitar strings..that’s..that’s Wht I’m saying.Abhi asks,Its a cut fuggi not injuries,he stress the word”injuries”Pragya says,Okay baba..I’m Sry..Abhi asks,Still it hurts it Wht..I’m a fool for letting u to set the string..Pragya thinks,Wht ll happen if he knows that I met with an accident n says,Nothing Abhishek it’s not painful I took leave using this as a lame excuse n giggles.Abhi says,Dont joke on ur health fuggi.. remember that u had promised me that u ll never b careless n never get into any hurt or injuries ryt?Pragya thinks,Thats Wht I’m scared of.. what ll happen if you know abt this..oh no..it ll pain alot than this hell fractures n says,Yeah..I know sure I ll keep my promise don’t worry about me Rockstar carry on ur work let’s talk in ur spare time.Abhi thinks,Yup.. doing my work fuggi.. started to Pune to reach u n says,Oh..ya.. catch u afterwards take rest..take care.. Pragya says,Sure..the call ended.Pragya prays,oh..my god ji pls forgive me for hiding this from him..I’m under such circumstances pls never let him to know abt this..On other side,Abhi thinks,Oh..god I’m hell excited to see fuggi’s reaction when she saw me thr unexpectedly it ll b funny to see her big big eyes gonna widen more bigger n her face ll turn lovely oh..I’m just excited and smiles.

Credit to: Tisha

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  4. Awesome awesome awesome.. Kaaa unakala eppadi yosikamudithu.. I thought the track will go in different directions like memory loss.. But it was soo different u just solved it in a single episode.. Great ka????… For this itself I am loving ur ff????.. Semma pookanga.. Thalaivar style la sollunana haha ‘ magizchi ‘…???Really amazing ka.. It’s not going to be a surprise it’s going to be a shock for both of them.. Now I am eagerly waiting for it.. Thank god I read this episode today.. Otherwise I would have pulling my hairs to know what will happen next..I should thank my work for making me busy..hehe ? I started to blabber na.. Anyways ka pls update it soon ka I eagerly waiting for it…?????

    1. read this episode *yesterday

    2. Again spelling mistakes ( thank god I didn’t read this episode yesterday *)

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