Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 27

Hi guys hope u all doing well!!I’m very happy after reading all ur comments thanks for that..Hope u all loving it..Let’s get into the story..

After finishing the picnic they were back from thr.This time Abhi was exhausted of playing n he came back n Purab was the one driving the car.Abhi says,Hey..Purab go fast man feeling sleepy..Pragya says,Dundoos..U just keep quite n sleep..He is in moderate speed.Abhi pouted n rests his head in Pragya’s lap.Pragya says,Stop pouting..Tanu says,Hey..when u both gonna reveal ur relationship with Bulbul n Alia.Pragya says,Tanu..u don’t know na..Purab also in relationship.Abhi sat up n asks,Kya..Purab..u didn’t told me but u told that to Pragya.Nikil says,Hey Abhi I told u on that day na..U only ignored my words.Purab stops the car n says,Hey..Pragya is lieing..Nikkil.. what u r blabbering.

Pragya says,Im not blabbering Purab..I know..First u start the car.Purab hesitates n starts the car.Abhi asks,Hey fuggi..tell me who was that.Pragya says,Its Bulbul..hey na Purab.Abhi asks,Ur Bulbul..I mean our Bulbul Really wow..Purab asks,How u know that.Abhi asks,So it’s true hey na Purab.Tanu asks,Wht the hell friendship is this..U ppl r so close but when it comes to love u ppl ll hide that na.Abhi says,Haa..Tanu is ryt..Purab how could u do this.Tanu says,Abhi it includes u.All laughs.Purab says,Abhi..even I didn’t proposed her.. Pragya says,Dont wry Purab..As far I know she too loves u..U just propose her..Purab asks,Really..Abhi asks,Whts going here.Tanu laughs n says,They r discussing family matters Abhi..Abhi asks,Even I’m in that family na..Hey Purab..I won’t give permission to u to love my saali.Pragya says,oh..hello..She is just my sister not ur saali yet.Abhi says,But ll in future na.. anyways just joking happy for u Purab..Anyways next weekend ll b for only couples..hey na aunty..

Tanu says,So Abhi..u r coming to say that next week Meetu won’t come with us ryt..Pragya shuts Tanu’s mouth.Abhi blinked n says,Good night I’m gonna sleep n lays down in Pragya’s lap.Meetu asks,Abhi..u r insulting me..Abhi..Abhi,she screeched.

Abhi says,Pls..Meetu I’m feeling sleepy n laughs silently.Pragya smiles n pokes him.Meetu irked.As they abt to reach just few kilometers away.Pragya says,Purab stop the car I have some work here.Abhi comes from sleep n asks,Whr r u going Fuggi.Pragya says,I have small work u ppl go..I ll come by myself.Abhi says,I ll come with u.Pragya says,U go n Sleep..ur eyes were red..I ll manage n got down of car.They started to move.They all reached their home n they dropped Meetu in her home.Abhi just laid on bed n falls asleep.All were doing some other works.While,Tanu in her home just busy with her mobile.Abhi woke up after an hour n asks,Purab..did Pragya came.Purab says,No..Not yet..Abhi thinks,Whr this fuggi gone n he goes to her home.Tanu sees him n says,Come Abhi.. u were in half sleep..y u came here.Abhi sat on sofa n asks,wh the fuggi had gone did she called u.Tanu says,Haa..she ll b back in 30minutes.Abhi thinks,Whr she gone..this fuggi na..n just waits for her.Abhi rushed towards the door as he saw her.

Pragya says,Hey..i thought u were in asleep.Abhi says,Hey fuggi Whr u had gone.Pragya says,First go n bring ur guitar.Abhi asks,I asked Wht gone.Pragya says,I said go n bring guitar.Abhi smirked n goes to bring the guitar.As Abhi leaves Pragya brings a huge parcel in.Tanu asks,Whts this..Pragya unwraps it with a smile.Tanu says,Oh..wow..guitar..Pragya says,Haa..Abhi comes thr Pragya shuts the room door by keeping guitar inside.

Abhi says,Here I brought guitar.Pragya says,Give this guitar to me.Abhi gives her.Pragya says,I ll keep this forever I won’t give this to u again okay.. without any protest Abhi says,Oh..keep it as much u want..it’s not a big deal.Pragya wonders,Abhi loves his music n guitar more than anything else but today he gave me the guitar without any refusal n feels happy.Abhi asks,Now say Whr u had gone.Pragya smiles n says,Close ur eyes Mr.Rockstar..Abhi asks,Wht again cake.Pragya says,Close ur eyes..Abhi says,Okay baba n cloehis eyes.Pragya took the guitar she brought for him n placed it on his hands.Abhi opened the eyes n says,Its guitar..then he noticed n says,Hey..it’s not mine..Pragya says,Its urs from now..My small gift for my Rockstar.

Abhi feels happy n hugs her n says,Its a huge gift thank u so much..u made this day more memorable again I’m saying it’s my best birthday..so that’s y u took my guitar.Pragya smiles n says,Haa..i ll keep that guitar..Abhi smiles n says,Ofcourse,u can keep this.Pragya says,Hey..in ur guitar u printed ur name na ABHI.Abhi says,Haa.. Pragya says,Now see ur new guitar..Abhi says,It was so pretty like u..Pragya says,Hey..u didn’t noticed that still,she pouted.Abhi asks,wht in that..n he sees the guitar n words were printed on it he reads it, “For my dundoos” he smiles n says,So cute..Pragya says,Flip and see the other side..Abhi flips it n reads another printed words on it “By ur Fuggi” by reading this he laughed aloud n says,Thank u so much fuggi..i love it..I ll keep this forever n ever till my life time..but..Pragya asks,Wht..u need ur old one too,asked with a sad face.Abhi smiles n says,Arey no no.. Actually u r still immature n laughs.

Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Come here n placed a kiss in her forehead.Tanu says,Oh..loads of love n winks at them.Pragya says,Come on Dundoos play any tune..Abhi says,Arey..Buddhu first have to set strings tight then only v could use new guitar.Pragya says,Oh..Abhi says,I ll play tomorrow okay.Pragya nods n says,Okay now go n sleep u r already feeling sleepy na.Abhi says,Haa..and thanks again.. Pragya says,Keep ur thanks urself.Abhi says,Okay..meri Maa.. Good night…have Abhi the Rockstar in ur dream.Pragya says,I won’t dream on boring persons.

Abhi pinches her.Pragya says,Ouchh!!Go n sleep..good night.Abhi smiles n says,Good night fuggi..good night Tanu..just kick her in sleep okay.Tanu smiles n says,Sure.Pragya pokes Tanu.Abhi smiles n left to his home.Tanu says,Come let’s go for sleep.Pragya nods.Abhi entered his home.Nikkil asks,Hey Abhi y u took guitar now back with tge guitar whts going on.Abhi says,Thia is my fuggi’s gift..my new guitar,he said like a kid.Purab says,Here give it to me.Abhi says,No..I won’t..just see from thr.Nikkil n Purab laughs.Abhi says,Laugh as much u can n went to his room n placed guitar in his bed n he sat down n thinks,How lucky I’m..i gotta girl who loves me n my passion and everything..Thank u so much fuggi n kisses the guitar n lays on bed.
In college,Abhi n Purab was chatting in class.Nikkil says,Hey..Abhi did u notice Meetu is staring at u.Abhi says,Ya..Nikkil now only I noticed..wht happened to her.Purab says,May be she ll b in anger that u didn’t tell her abt ur love.Abhi says,Oh..may be..he goes to her n asks,Wht happened Meetu.Meetu says,Nothing Abhi..I’m okay..Abhi says,I thought u were anger on me.Meetu says,Not at all..just having head ache that’s it.Abhi smiles n says,Okay..take care n he left from thr n joins with Purab n Nikkil.Abhi says,Tmrw I’m going Mumbai to visit Dadi..

she asked me to come something related to property papers.Purab asks,When u r leaving.Abhi says,Today evening n ll b back on tmrw evening.Suddenly,They heard a noise from outside.The trio rushed out.A gang of juniors were laughing aloud and cracking jokes.Purab says,They r laughing I thought something serious.Abhi says,Ya even I too thought the same.Nikkil says,Even I too.Abhi says,Lets go n see whts happening thr n the trio goes thr.Ronnie was cracking jokes on Sara.Sara staring at him.Abhi Purab n Nikkil watched them.Vijay says,Ronnie stop this..u r making everyone as joker.Pragya n Tanu cross the place.Abhi n all noticed them.But PraNu didn’t noticed Abhi Purab n Nikkil.Ronnie says,Aagaya Sundothari n Mandothri..Tanu n Pragya was silent.Pragya’s eyes were filled with tears.Vijay asked,Why u both r silent.Pragya says,Nothing n left from thr.Tanu too follows her.

Pragya was wiping her tears n Tanu was consoling her.Abhi came towards them.Tanu says,Pragya..Abhi is coming here.Pragya hurrily wiped her tears n pretend to b normal.Abhi asks,Wht u both were talking.Tanu says,Nothing Abhi just abt random things.Abhi says,Hm..Kya hua fuggi.Pragya says,No I’m fine.Abhi asks,Really..then y u r sitting sad.Pragya says,No.. Abhishek..I’m fine just head ache..Tanu says,Haa..some stress over syllabus.Abhi thinks,Fuggi won’t be upset for syllabus stress something is bothering her.Abhi further asks,Wht happened fuggi.Pragya says,How many times I ll say this Abhishek nothing happened pls don’t increase my head ache.Tanu looks on.Abhi says,Okay..I’m Sry..Pragya calm down n says,Sorry..Abhi says,Its okay..Come let’s leave to home.Tanu nods n Pragya n Tanu started to move.Abhi calls Nikkil n Purab.On the way to home,Abhi was looking at Pragya..Pragya just lost in thoughts.As they reached home.Abhi was packing his stuff as he leaving today.Pragya was laying on bed.Tanu says,Pragya take some rest I ll b back.Pragya nods.Tanu left from thr with Nikkil.Abhi packed his stuff n goes to Pragya to inform her.

Abhi entered the home n sees Pragya laying on bed.Abhi drops his bag n sat besides her n carres her.Pragya opened her eyes n sat up on bed.Abhi asks,How u r feeling now.Pragya clutched his arms n rests her head in his arms.Abhi wrapped his arms around her shoulder Pragya rests her head in his chest n says,Im Sry..Abhi says,I never mind fuggi no need of Sry,he said by caring her head.Abhi says,Take rest fuggi..have a sleep everything ll b alryt okay..Pragya nods.Abhi says,Im leaving to Mumbai now Dadi wanna me to come thr I ll b back tmrw..Pragya asks,Is anything serious.Abhi says,Nothing serious fuggi..just to sort some paperwork.Pragya nods.Abhi says,Come u sleep now then I ll leave.Pragya says,No..pls stay with me for sometime..I don’t know I was feeling restless feeling better in ur embrace.Abhi smiles n wraps her n says,Im always thr for u.Pragya smiles.Abhi thinks,Still she is sad.. wanna break her mood n says,Fuggi u ll always ask me na to teach u guitar..now im ready to teach u.

Pragya asks,Really.Abhi says,Haa..Pragya immediately ran n took guitar n came to him n says,Teach me ryt now.Abhi says,Okay..come sit here.Pragya sat besides him.Abhi says,First u have to stretch the strings n have to tighten like this n he tightened the string.Pragya says,Wait I ll do it..Abhi smiles n gave it to her n says,Be careful it may hurt ur hand.Pragya says,I know everything.Abhi says,Haa..haa..be careful n thinks,yes..she came to normal n smiles at her.Pragya shouts,Ouchh!!Abhi sees her finger which was bleeding n sucks her finger immediately(Sayiaara plays in BG)Abhi asks,Whr is first aid box..Pragya shows the cupboard.Abhi treats her finger n says,I told u na it ll hurt..can’t u be careful always so careless always getting injuries like a kid.
Pragya says,Im Sry..Abhi says,kya sorry..tears rolled out from his eyes.Ptagya wipes his tears n says,Im Sry hereafter I ll b more careful I promise.Abhi asks,Really then promise me.Pragya says,Yaa..i promise I won’t b careless hereafter I ll never get on injuries okay.Abhi says,okay..it hurts me alot.Pragya says,Im Sry..I’m Sry..I’m Sry..Abhi says,Okay u had promised me so u should never break that.Pragya says,Sure..Abhi says,Okay..take care I’m leaving..Pragya says,I ll come thr to drop u.Abhi says,Sure..come let’s go.Abhi stood up n picks his bag.Pragya says,Dundoos..Abhi turns n asks,Hmm..Pragya gave a deep kiss in his cheek.Abhi says,Wow..Pragya says,I love u n hugs him.Abhi asks,Wht happened to u n smiles.Pragya breaks the hug n says,Nothing..shall v leave..Abhi says,Yes but..Pragya asks,Wht but..Abhi crushed his lips on hers.Pragya was shocked first n then she too responded to his kiss.After a moment,Pragya took back n sees down in shy n says,Lets move..u..u..r.. getting late na.Abhi bends down n smiles n says,Fuggi don’t tell me that but blushing.

Pragya smiles n says,Abhishek..come let’s leave.Abhi says,That was divine fuggi..Our first kiss.Pragya says,And last too..Abhi shocked n asks,Wht..Pragya says,Yeah..hereafter I won’t let this to happen.Abhi pouted n says,U r bad.. Pragya says,Stop complaining.Abhi smirked.Pragya n Abhi reached station.Abhi was abt to leave.Pragya says,Go Safe..Abhi says,Sure..u too take care of urself..n placed a kiss in her forehead.Pragya says,Abhishek..get into train..Abhi nods n gets into train..Pragya waves bye.Abhi too waves n train starts to move..Pragya stood till train disappears.As train disappeared Pragya starts to move out..she remains her first kiss n smiles.Tanu n Nikkil saw Pragya by coincidence n shouts,Pragya…Pragya was lost in her world with Abhi n abt to cross the road.Tanu says,Nikil whts the hell she is doing.. crossing road in lost of mind.Nikkil shouts,Pragya…Pragya turned.Tanu shouts,Pragya move away..Pragya smiles n asks,Wht..n turns suddenly an truck auto hits her.Tanu shouts,Pragya..Nikkil rushed towards her.Pragya falls unconscious.

No precap?

Credit to: Tisha


  1. Kirthi

    Omg sri …daily ur episode is better than the day before…I really don’t know what to say..u r just impossible sri…loving it to d core..and at d end u finished it in serious way..I don’t know what will happen to pragya but I hope she ll be fine..just rock on …I’m going to be restless till u upload the next episode..

  2. Saranya

    Omg pragya met wit accident??i think pragya is disturbed due to meetu anyway awesome epi akka lovely abhigya scene???surely iam gonna become mad at ur ff one day

  3. Sindhu

    Omg it’s mind blowing awesome lovely cute superbbb epi …. I just loved it… Pragya met accident na wht ll happen.. Omg I’m just early waiting for nxt one…. Pls soon update ma…. I can’t wait

  4. karthu

    Ooo mggg .. Episode is awesome… But now egar to know about what happens to pragya n wht happen in clg? Why pragya is so sad? Lots of questions in my mind… I m waiting for next episode… Pls upload today itself.. Episode is really touching.. n awesome…

  5. Varsha

    OMG!!!!!!! prags met with an accident…….as usual mind blowing episode tisha akka…….I guess d reason behind her bad mood frm mrng was cause of Meetu n Ronnie…….n there will be an story behind Ronnie calling them as sundodari n mandothari……..but funny names , isnt it???In tamil , ladies used to call other woman lyk this as they interfere in their lyf n family matters……Loved ur episode tisha akka……..keep updating lyk this only…….

  6. di

    Memory loss or forgot abhi….? My mind asking like this… OMG… Waiting 4 next one…badly..

  7. riya

    Super super really very super Sri Abhigya scenes are very very cute eagrly wait for next upload

  8. nasima

    today epi sema sri..but i cant xpect that pragya had an accidnt..wat a shocking turns….pls make a some postive signs…and i m eagrly waiting for ur nxt epi.

    upload fast sri…..

  9. Mayaโ™กโ™ก(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

    Omg !!!Ena ma neenga ipadi panureengale na?? ini nalaiku varaikum wait pananume ??
    Secret ah enaku Mattum msg panna mudiyuma?? at least precap??

  10. Sruthi

    O no pragya accident… Pls don’t make her to lose her memory r love n don’t separate them pls i beg u…
    Awesome I’m waiting for tmrw epi.,,?

  11. Jayakumarisuresh

    Aiyo what happened to her. Y she is so sad. Has meetu done anything? Surprising….

  12. Oh no pragyaku accidenta!!! Pls di pls let her get well soon with abis love n concern n di to say abt tdays epi chanceilla sri akka ungala mattum epadi ipadiellam yosika mudiyudhu pls tell me tht secret

  13. krish

    Omg wow superb awesome diiiiiii abhi’ s love n care its really awesome dii ho no wat will hapn to pragya I thnk its coz of meetu….. Epi was awesome dii waiting fr nxt epi……………

  14. akshaya kannan

    You are awesome Sri akka and naughty too so only you didn’t write anything in precap and your story is awesome please continue soon

  15. Rose

    Omg wat a twist yaar…and today epi is awesome I luvit a lottttt…..superbbbbbbb……..luvlyyyyyy

  16. durga

    Oh my god pragya met an accident ah….plzzzzzzzz yaar don’t separate abhigya whatever problem comes make thm unite n slove tat n makes their relationship stronger yaar….

  17. Sandy

    Tisha noe only the love story started yaarr. Please don’t separate abhigya ??. I will cry for sure.

  18. diiii abhigya scene was soooooo sweeet but shocking last part diiii plzzzzzzz dont seperate thm nd hv to wait till tmrw no diiiiii ayooo I cant

  19. Abhigya

    Omg pragya met with accident…. Plz don’t separate abhigya…nd today’s episode was awesome

  20. devi

    So sad yar.don’t said it as last its their daily routine then only abhigya will rocks forever plz dont separate or any tragedy we already fully fed up if real kkb. You please continue it with our abhigya favor. Plz plz

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