Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 26


Hi guys I couldn’t upload episodes for past two days coz I had exams so I couldn’t upload apologizing for that..I had mentioned thank u note in end of the episode..Okay let’s get into the story…

Abhi’s birthday,After a late night celebration.All were collapsed in their respective rooms.Time was around 9AM.PraNu were in deep sleep.In Abhi’s home the trio too sleeping.Their door’s bell was pressed.Abhi shuts his ears with pillow.Nikkil asks Purab to open the door.Purab asks Abhi to open the door.Abhi didn’t respond.Purab gets irked n opens the door.Vikram asks,Kya hua beta..still u ppl r sleeping.Urvi asks,Whr is Abhi..she asked by holding a cake in her hand.Purab yawns n says,Woh..Uncle v slept late that’s y.Vikram n Urvi gets in n shouts,Happy birthday Abhi…Abhi jerked n sat up on bed.Nikkil too.Abhi doesn’t get whts happening for a second n then responded,Thank u uncle,said with a yawn running his fingers through hair.Vikram says,Cumon..Uto beta..Cumon cut the cake.Abhi asks,Phir se..Urvi says,Cumon.Abhi got up from bed n cuts the cake..All sings Happy birthday for him with yawn.After feeding cake for each other.Abhi again lay down on bed.Urvi says,Guys..get ready soon n Come n have breakfast.Abhi again sat up n says,Okay aunty.Vikram n Urvi left.Purab goes to fresh up.Abhi holds his head n asks,Nikkil still I’m feeling Sleepy..Ask.her to bring coffee.Nikkil says,Hey..I feel hungry I’m gonna fresh up n gonna have breakfast..U itself go n ask for ur coffee..if gone now the two ll kill me,by saying this Nikkil left.Abhi holds his head n asks,Wht the fuggi is doing..She know na if I feel sleepy then my migraine ll start its work n goes to her home.

Abhi prsessed the Bell.PraNu irked but they r not ready to open the door.The Bell was pressd without a gap.Tanu shouts,Pragya..by the bell sound u could know who is pressing the bell pls go n open the door.Pragya irked to the core she doesn’t even wanna open her eyes.She just walked by closing her eyes n opened the latch n returns back to the bed.Abhi wonders,Arey..this girl is getting back to bed then how ll I get my coffee.Abhi proceeds into the room n shouts,Hey..girls its already morning still u both r sleeping..Cumon wake up..Uncle n Aunty is waiting for us..Cumon wake up soon..he keeps on talking without a break..Pragya doesn’t mind..Tanu got irked n sat up on bed n screeched,Whts the problem..bcoz of u my sleep spoiled..y u r talking like this without a break..U know how it irks while sleeping..u idiot n throws pillow on him.Abhi smiles n says,Tanu..pls wake her n ask her to make me coffee..okay n abt to leave.Tanu says,Hey..I won’t come in between u..u itself manage ur pyaari fuggi n left the place to fresh up.Abhi shouts,Fuggi…fuggi…Pragya blabbers,Pls..Let me sleep..pls..Abhi smiles n goes near her n dragged her tweetu from her tight hug.Pragya woke up n sat on bed n asks,Y..u r waking this much early u know na v all slept late..then she says,Yeah..today is ur bday na..Happy birthday Dundoos,said with a yawn n hugs him.
Abhi says,Fuggi..U know my migraine started..my head is spinning by saying this he rests his head in Pragya’s lap.Pragya smiles n says,U slept late na that’s y..it ll b alryt..don’t wry..Abhi smiles n says,Haa..after resting in ur lap really I feel relived.Pragya says,Accha..n gave a massage to his head.Abhi says,Aww..fuggi u r so good..it was so good..just don’t stop..Pragya smiles n massaged him.Abhi says,Fuggi..still I’m feeling Sleepy..can I get my coffee..Pragya says,Okay..wait for 15 mins.Abhi nods.Pragya placed his head on pillow n left to make coffee.Tanu after freshing up came back to room n sees Abhi sleeping.Tanu thinks,U spoiled our sleep n u r sleeping uh..wait n watch n says,Abhi..Abhi..Meetu had u birthday note..she wished Happy birthday with lots of love n kisses..Abhi murmers in sleep,Oh..wish her same lots of love n kisses..Tanu says,Hey Pragya…come come..see Abhi is saying something.Abhi jerked n sat up on bed n started to blabber,No fuggi..I didn’t mean…but Pragya was not thr.Tanu laughing at him.Abhi asks,U stupid Tanu..Pragya comes thr n gives coffee to him n asks,Wht happened.Abhi says,Ur frnd is devil..Tanu laughs.Pragya asks,Kya hua Tanu.Tanu says,I didn’t do anything ur Dundoos is giving kisses to Meetu.Abhi says,No..fuggi she is lying,complaint like a kid n pouted.Pragya smiles n says,Okay..leave it how u r feeling now?better?,she.asked by running her fingers through his hair.Abhi says,Better uhh?Feeling super good..Okay I’m gonna get ready u too fresh up soon n Come to hav breakfast okay.Pragya smiles n nods.
After a while,Finishing their breakfast they all r plotting plans to go out.Pragya says,Uncle aunty u itself say..Whr shall v go..Urvi says,Mm..Shall v go for a picnic.Tanu says,Good idea..it ll b more fun..is that okay for u all.Pragya says,Anything I’m okay with that.Abhi says,Ya..even I’m okay with that Kya Purab Nikkil.Purab n Nikkil to said,No objection for us.Vikram says,Okay..then pack stuffs let’s leave within half an hour..I’m getting car ready.Abhi says,I ll help u.They all abt to leave to pack.Meetu comes thr n with a cake n shouts,Happy birthday my darling Abhi..hugs him n kisses his cheek.Abhi feels uncomfortable n says,Thank u Meetu..Meetu says,Cumon Abhi..cut the cake.Abhi says,Phir Se..this is my fourth cake today..All smiles.Pragya was lil bit uncomfortable but she knows Abhi is considering Meetu as a good frnd..nothing than that.Abhi cuts the cake n abt to feed for Pragya first.Meetu comes in between.Abhi feeds her with a forced smile.Pragya smiles n sighs him”it’s okay”Abhi smiles.Urvi Tanu n Pragya was packing some snacks.Tanu asks,Pragya..don’t let Meetu to come btwn u n Abhi.Urvi says,Haa..even I didn’t like that girl..her intentions aren’t good.Pragya says, Aunty..she is his friend even a best frnd..how could I tell him moreover u know na Tanu he knows his limits too.Tanu says,Talk is not abt Abhi..we know abt him..but Meetu she is too bad..Pragya smiles n says,Don’t wry she is just obsessed that’s it..Tanu says,No Pragya..such girls could go cheap to attain their Obsession..we had seen many people like that na.Pragya says,Ha..let’s see..Urvi says,Tanu is ryt..Pragya nods.

All got ready n came down.Abhi was in driving seat..Vikram.besides him in passenger seat..Purab n Nikkil in back along with Meetu.Tanu irked n asks,Pragya wht she is doing.Pragya says,Don’t know.Purab says,Meetu is also coming with us..she wanna join us..n he made faces to express his dislike.Tanu says,See I told u na..Pragya too feels disturbed with Meetu is taking advantage over Abhi.Abhi says,Oh..come on ladies get in lets start.All nods.Nikkil n Tanu sits in back along with Tanu.Purab n Pragya with Urvi Sat behind in last row.Tanu turns to Pragya n murmers,Oh..god..this Meetu besides me..She won’t give privacy btwn me n Nikkil she is just n grinned her teeth.Pragya smiles Purab eavesdrop this n smiles n says,Enjoy..Tanu.Meetu asks,Y v all r going na u r wishing Tanu alone.Purab says,Nothing u won’t get that.Pragya laughs.Purab gives hifi.Abhi asks,have u ppl settled down shall v move.All shouts,Yes…Abhi says,Okay..let’s rock n starts the car.He drives rash.Pragya shouts,Hey..slow down v r with family v all r ur responsibility slow down.Tanu says,Leave it Pragya..it ll b fun.Pragya stares her.Abhi came back to moderate speed.Urvi says,Abhi..now a days..U r giving attention n respect to only one person’s words hey na.Abhi smiles.All giggled.Meetu asks,Who is that person.Purab says,Who else..it’s Pragya Bhabhi hey na,he laughs.Pragya poked him.

Meetu asks,Pragya??Wht u guys r saying.Abhi was adjusting the rear mirror n set to see Pragya’s face.Vikram noticed that n says,Beta..Rear mirror is to see the vehicles.Abhi laughs n says,Oh..Uncle u were seeing aunty via this mirror na so I thought its for that n winks.All laughs at Vikram.Meetu was still in confusion as she doesn’t know abt AbhiGya’s relationship.Meetu asks,Purab y u r calling Pragya as Bhabhi.Purab whispers Pragya,Now see how she gonna b restless..I’m gonna make her restless today n says,Meetu..Abhi is like my brother u know.Meetu says,Haa..Purab says,Haa..as simple as that so Pragya is like my Bhabhi na.Meetu blinks.Tanu n Nikkil laughs.Meetu asks,Abhi..Pragya..Wht Purab is blabbering.Abhi says,Arey..he is not blabbering Wht happened to u..y u r asking this much of questions..u know na me n Fuggi love each other..U r reacting that now only u hear it for the first time.Meetu shocked n asks,Really..with a disbelief.Tanu asks,So whts ur problem.Nikkil whispers,Tanu y u r taunting her like this.Tanu says,Shut up.Meetu says,No I..actually don’t know that’s y..anyways congratulations Pragya..lucky to have Abhi..Pragya smiles n says,Thank u..Abhi says,Arey..Meetu u have congratulate me coz I’m the luckiest man to have fuggi in my life hey na fuggi.Pragya says,Abhishek!!!Abhi winks at her via rear mirror.Meetu fumes in anger.

They reached the place.All got down.It was like a park.All were admiring the place which is surrounded by colorful flowers.Tanu says,This place is beautiful.Purab says,Uncle last year..v came here na..with Nikitha di(Vikram n Urvi’s daughter)Vikram says,Haa..but this time she missed..Abhi says,After getting married she forgot us she didn’t even wished me.Urvi says,Arey..Abhi she asked me to convey her wishes to u..I forgot.Abhi says,Itz okay aunty.Pragya says,Tanu..this place is so calm I like this.Tanu says,I think v should come here every week..only u n me..it ll b fun na..v had lots of fun in our past college.Pragya laughs.Nikkil says,Hello madam’s..v all came here but u both r having private moment uh..Tanu says,Haa…tho..Pragya says,Leave it..Tanu.Abhi thinks,Wht this fuggi is thinking of herself today is my bday or Tanu’s..she is residing her.Pragya asks,Y u ppl r standing like this lets visit..but all were busy in talks..Abhi was thinking something n Meetu was continuously talking with him.Tanu says,Come let’s go Pragya they r waste fellows.Pragya smiles n says,Come let’s go..they both went through the park.Abhi n all r on other side they started to play something.Abhi was upset with his fuggi.After an hour,PraNu came back to them by giggling at each other by licking ice cream.Purab asks,Girls..Whr is ice cream for us..Tanu says,We bought thr..actually thr was a shop.Purab asks,Is the answer for my question.Pragya smiles n says,Wait lemme get ice creams for all of u..Tanu come..Tanu says,Again..that much distance no I can’t.Pragya says,Okay no problem n left with a smile.Abhi says,I ll go with her.All nods.

Pragya was licking her ice cream by humming a song n seeing the flowers that r on the way of her walk.Suddenly,Abhi drags her from behind by holding wrist.Pragya turned n the ice cream fell down.Pragya says,Oh..no..ice cream..u idiot..u spoiled my ice cream.Abhi says,U spoiled my birthday.Pragya asks,Wht I did.Abhi says,U r not at all spending time with me..atleast today u can b with me na.Pragya says,Arey..I was being with u from morning then wht..Abhi says,No..not like that…U r not spending time with me..Pragya says,Y u r thinking like that..Abhi says,I’m not thinking this is Wht real..Pragya says,I thought u r busy with ur so called girl friend n smiles.Abhi says,Oh..really did u thought like that,lil bit in anger tone.Pragya says,No..I was just kidding..okay I’m Sry..forgive me..pls..pretty pls.Abhi says,No u have to get ur punishment.Pragya asks,Wht punishment.Abhi says,1000 sit-ups..Pragya asks,Wht..I can’t do that..Abhi says,Okay..I ll give u option.Pragya says,Hmm..Abhi says,Okay give me a kiss..I ll forgive u.Pragya asks,Wht..Abhi says,Chose ur own option else I won’t forgive u.Pragya says,Achaa!!Don’t forgive me..I won’t chose anything from ur option..u stay anger no problem n abt to leave.Abhi holds her wrist n says,Who said I’m angry with u..I was just joking..I forgave u..Pragya laughs.Abhi smiles n asks,Y u r laughing.Pragya says,U r just impossible.Abhi says,U know na..Im possible but it’s only for u.Pragya smiles n says,That’s good.
Precap: Abhi gives his guitar to Pragya.
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By Tisha(Srimathi)

Credit to: Tisha

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  1. past two days waiting sri sis ur ff is my faver really awesome..really u r author this not only words really i feel it….

  2. sri..u r really awesome today..epi so nice..keep rocking sri…thank u for remembrng mycomment…well done sri..i m eagrly waiting for nxt epi….

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  4. Omg u ve done it again awesome episode I loved everyvscene n meetu is very funny lol dey way dey treated her aoch lol ?????????????????

  5. u just rocked superrrrrrrrrr. no words to comment u.such a super story. if u didn’t upload 1 day I feel like 1 month . so try to upload daily. thanks akka for such a story

  6. this is soo good. don’t make this like the other ff where the other girl comes in between. make meetu and munni a couple. you sould include bulbul and aliya. bulbul and aliya should do something so that meethu stays away from abhigya

    1. this is just my thought

  7. Hey even I like her pride and prejudice more than Emma…

    By reading ur 2 ff’s I am clear about 2 things…
    1. Frm love of life I can understand tat u have a wonderful,jolly family like the mehra family… definitely u should have a sis or bro or in-laws.. whose kids are ur fav.. only then you can define kush’s character this briefly…

    2.frm ur eternal love I understand tat u ‘ve got wÖñDêRfŪl college friends…

    I am feeling very jealous about ur family and friends…

    And hw is ur mum nw… is she Alright nw…

  8. Today’s episode was superb Tisha di
    I like the way of writing
    Thankq for hugeeeeee love
    Stay blessed….

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