Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 25


Thank u guys for all ur comments n love!!Keep supporting!!this is somewhat long episode and very special to me..hope u ll love this..
All were watching movie.Abhi was feeling bored n he badly missing his fuggi it was early in afternoon.Pragya just came in n stood in the door n watched her fellas.All were watching something in laptop.Pragya goes hidingly they didn’t see her.She comes in silently n blindfolded Abhi with her palms.Tanu was abt to shout.Pragya signs no.Abhi asks,Who is this..Purab ryt..Purab says,Hey..idiot I was sitting with u whole day.Abhi asks,Then who it is.Pragya laughs.All smiled at him.Abhi touches her hand n thinks,Damn sure it’s fuggi..playing with my patience na now see..n says,Meetu ryt..I know it’s u..Whtta surprise Meetu n smiles.Pragya takes her hand n stares at him.Abhi sees her n says,Oh..it’s u..I thought its Meetu..Pragya asks,Acchaa!!She started to beat him with her bag.Abhi shouts,Ouchh!!n holds her hand n shouts,Stop..Stop..Purab Nikkil save me.Purab n Nikkil laughs n says,U deserve this.Abhi says,Oh..meri Maa..stop it..I’m Sry..Pragya stares him n says,Meetu uhh??n again abt to pinch him.Abhi says,Hey..I know it was U that’s y I played with u.Pragya stares him n settled herself in sofa.Tanu picks her bag n takes chocolate from her bag n says,Yeah!!Chocolate got it.Pragya giggles at her n says,Ya..it’s for u.Tanu says,I knew it.Abhi sits besides Pragya n wraps his arms around her n says,Hey..Nothing for me.Pragya says,Who told n took a chocolate from bag n gives it to him.Abhi asks,Kya..chocolate do u think I’m a baby to have this chocolate.Pragya says,That’s Wht I have..Abhi stares at her n says,U never missed me ryt.Pragya says,No..I enjoyed alot with Maa n Bulbul..never missed u.Abhi stares her n left from thr immediately.All calls him n asks Pragya,Why u r doing like this.Pragya says,I just said for joke..he too played with me na..whts wrong with him.Nikkil says,Just go n talk with him.Pragya nods n left.

She went to his home.Abhi was standing near a window.Pragya could see his back n calls him.Abhi doesn’t respond.Pragya goes near him n placed her hand on his shoulder.Abhi turns.Pragya screamed??Abhi was wearing a ghost mask.Pragya abt to run from thr.Abhi laughs n removes the mask n says,Hey..how was my joke.Pragya slaps him(not so hard)n asks,Idiot..U scared me.Abhi laughs.Pragya says,I thought u were angry..but u r pranking me.Abhi hugs her tight n shouts,I missed u alot Fuggi.Pragya too hugged him back n says,Even me too Dundoos.Pragya broke the hug n says,Okay..Come let’s go..all were waiting for u..they thought u are in anger.Abhi laughs n says,Okay..Come let’s go.All had lunch n have their talks..it was around evening…all were watching movies..Tanu asks,Abhi..now the film is interesting for u na.Nikkil says,Ya..Tanu Pragya came na.Abhi smiles.By staying in same room.Purab texts Pragya.
Purab:Hey..Tmrw is Abhi’s bday..whts the plan.

Pragya:Ya Purab I remember..Just get 2 cakes one in the design of guitar.
Purab:U already told that..Wht else than cake.
Pragya:I have a surprise.. Just U ppl leave from here at 9PM..n when they r giving cake delivery.
Purab: Arey..Cake..cake..I ll manage that..u want the cake at 12 na..I ll make it on time.
Pragya giggles n texts:Okay..Just u ppl get gifts as ur wish..
Abhi asks,Oye..Fuggi y u r smiling at ur mobile who is on line.Pragya says,It’s..Bulbul.Abhi nods.All had their dinner.It was around 8.Pragya signs Purab to take him to their home.Purab nods n says,Bass yaar..let’s go n Sleep.Abhi Nikkil come let’s go.Abhi thinks,Wht..I thought to b with Fuggi..till 12 this Purab na..Pragya says,Ha..u ppl leave..even I too feel sleepy..Wanna sleep.Abhi thinks,What..she wanna sleep how mean.Purab says,Come on guys..Abhi stares Pragya n left the place without saying even a good night.Pragya smiles at him n says,Only for some time..then u ll get Wht u want.After a while as they left..Tanu asks,Whr u gone today..today u went to sara’s home uh..Pragya says,I ll explain everything but not now.Tanu keeps on asking,Whr u gone for 2 days..Suddenly their door bell rang.Pragya opens it was Purab hands over both the cakes to her.Pragya says,Thank u..Purab says,No problem..actually Abhi is still awake..Pragya says,Just make him busy with ur talks..okay..Purab nods.Tanu asks,Whts going on.Purab says explain her n left the place.Pragya says,Tanu tmrw is Abhi’s bday.Tanu says,Oh..It was now 11 just one hour more Wht was ur gift.Pragya sees her watch n asks,Oh..No..11 uh..I wanna go.Tanu asks,Whr..this time.Pragya wored her sandals n says,I ll b back..n left the home.Tanu holds her head n asks,Wht this girl is doing.It was around 11:30 Pragya came back she abt to open the door it was locked.Pragya uses the spare key n opens the door.She texts Purab,Hey..I’m gonna call him at 11:45 he ll b on terrace..u ppl just come thr at sharp 12:05 okay..Purab texts immediately, Okay..Prags..
Pragya called Abhi.Abhi cuts the call.Pragya called him again.Abhi attends.Pragya asks,Have u slept Dundoos..u cut the call.Abhi says,U pushed me away na u r feeling Sleepy na..u didn’t wanna talk with me na..thats y.Pragya slapped herself n smiles.Abhi says,Eyy!!Pragya says,Ha..actually I’m not feeling sleepy..Shall v talk in terrace.Abhi says,Anytime for u..Im coming..Pragya says,Okay..n ends the call.Tanu says,u came..Whr u gone n who..Pragya says,We have to go to terrace at 12:05 okay get ready.Tanu nods.Abhi gone to terrace n says,Wht the fuggi is doing..I’m waiting here for more than 10mins..It was around 11:55..Abhi thinks,She slept again..or Wht..How could she forgot my bday..this fuggi na n abt to leave.Just then,She comes with a cake n with lighted candles..Abhi stopped thr n thinks,Fuggi..u r always unique..She came closer to him it was around 12..She wishes “Happy birthday Abhi”..Abhi hears a word ” Abhi” n takes back n looks at her face.Abhi shocked n asks,U??Riya??Riya says,Haa..Abhi..wish u many more happy returns of the day Abhi..cut the cake..Abhi just took dumbstruck.

Riya says,Come on Abhi..Abhi shouts,What the hell u r doing here,He almost screamed.Pragya was just standing in the stairs reached fast over thr by hearing his scream.Abhi sees Pragya n says,Fuggi..this..this..girl.Riya says,Come on Abhi..stop this..Y u r behaving like this..Pragya rubs his arms n says,Wht happened..y u r behaving like this..I called her here.Abhi pushed her hand n says,Just ask her to get lost else I ll leave from here n I won’t come back.Pragya shocked n Riya as well.Pragya says,Abhishek..What..u..Abhi cuts her n asks,Is she leaving or shall I leave.All comes thr by shouting Happy birthday Abhi..But after seeing their faces Takhil n Purab stood clueless.Purab asks,Riya thum.Tanu wonders,Riya..Abhi again asks,Pragya..I’m asking u..is she gonna leave or..Pragya didn’t say anything n takes Riya from thr n left from terrace.Purab asks,What happen Abhi.Abhi says,I’m sry guys..Pls leave me alone..Nikkil says,Abhi..But..Abhi says,Pls Nikkil.All blinks at each other n left the terrace.In home,Pragya says,I’m Sry Riya..I thought he ll b surprised but I don’t know y he behaved like this..I’m sorry.Riya shouted,Wht the hell is happening here..I said u na I won’t come then y u took me here to insult me or Wht.Abhi could clearly hear this as she was shouting from bottom he just closed his eyes.Pragya says,I’m Sry..Riya shouts,Wht the hell..sorry..He is behaving like that I’m longing him to see him or patch up with him..U know he is the one who tortured me by frequent calls..And u Pragya..I already told u ryt.Pragya says,But..Riya says,I’m leaving I won’t stand here anymore.Tanu Purab Nikkil too thr.Pragya says,I’m sorry again..I’m the one who called u here..I ll drop u in station.Purab says,No..Prags..u stay here..me n Nikkil drop her.Pragya says,But..Purab says,Pls understand he needs u.Pragya nods.Purab Nikkil took Riya to station.

Tanu asks,Whts all this Pragya.Abhi just came down n stopped by hearing PraNu’s convo.Pragya cries n says,Tanu actually I didn’t went to home..I went to Delhi..to search Riya..I stayed thr in our Andra’s home thr..then I searched her in JNU n I found her I requested alot to come here with me..She refused but I almost begged her then however she accepted n came with me..Today I came to Pune in morning but I went to Sara’s home n settled Riya thr.I went out now na to bring Riya I gone to Sara’s home.Tanu shocked n Abhi too shocked.Tanu asks,Y u did this Pragya..Its everything is over btwn Abhi n Riya then y u did this.Pragya says,He said he missed her..Abhi hearing this he kept his hand on head n thinks,Wht the hell is this.Tanu says,He is upset now.Pragya says,I don’t know he ll react like this..Even he wrote abt her in his diary Tanu.Abhi couldn’t control anymore n stroms in n shouts,Wht u thinking of urself..Pragya..Pragya says,Whts wrong with u Abhishek.Abhi says,U r my problem..do u think my diary is abt some other random girl..U r a fool..Y did u brought her here.Pragya says,I thought to surprise u.Abhi shouts,Surprise my foot..U know I was dreaming here to celebrate my first bday with u but..Wht u had done..and ur surprise..it’s the most horrible..irritating..and disgusting surprise ever I got in my life.Pragya dumbstrucked n n stood like a statue.Tanu says,Abhi..Abhi says,Tanu pls don’t support her..Abhi goes to his room n picks his diary n comes thr with a force n throws the diary infront of Pragya n says,I thought u to give it on our first year anniversary but..u..if u r done of ur hell surprises just read this n left back to terrace.Tanu follows him.

Pragya picks the diary n opens it she started to read it whr she resumed.”Im writing this because I wanna register each n every moment with her..I wanna all the moments with her to be stay with me not only in my heart or in my mind I want that moments literally too..she is just a chatter box..she ll always sway away my mood with her bak baks..her words ll b my medicine for my all wounds..she ll always taunt me when I use to call her with a nick name..actually its her pet name from me..but she ll love that too..She is my Chashmish..but she is my fuggi now..I met her for the first time on this date(He mentioned the date)But I felt I have been with her for years n years..we started as frnds..but everyday I saw her I ll feel a different feel in her eyes for me..but I’m not ready accept any relation ship with her more than friendship but one day when i saw her hand is bleeding I was completely shattered wound is hers but I felt that pain when i saw her in gallery with her stupid friend Tanu..not exactly stupid..anyways when i saw with her she just slayed me..my heart was freaking out.. I couldn’t breathe in open air space.. The moment is best moment in my life..I blabberd to put my initial on her hand with Mehandi.. But that stupid Tanu was so smart she captured my words n questioned me Luckily my brain works at the moment I got escaped n left the place..Her eyes ll always say me..that she is not just my friend..she is very spl person in my life..Then I made a plan of celebrating Tanu and Nikkil’s anniversary in our home to see her in my place..as I planned she came to my place..she Sat with me in my sofa..she was with me the whole day that time I was just thinking abt v r a family me n my fuggi..it sounds funny I know..but I had the hope that v ll rock our future..actually my fuggi thought I called here to celebrate Tanu and Nikkil’s anniversary but my poor little girl doesn’t know I called her to confess my love..I was just confessed through words but I always saw a unmeasurable Love in my fuggi’s eyes..Finally I gathered courage n confessed my feelings towards her she just stood like statue..I know she too loves me but she is worried of her family..her maa..it’s quite common..after all her maa is everything to her..so I gave her own time and I know she ll accept the truth..months passed..Honestly I was waiting for her answer..but she remained to b normal with me as just a FRIEND.. It was the toughest phase of my life..it literally kills me..I felt pain in this world rather than that..And one day..one fine day came in my life..she told me she wanna spend some time with me..we both were chatting in clg canteen for long long time..then she said shall v leave..and I too agreed but nature the rain..Yes I hate rain..I never like to be in rain..I hate to drench in rain..but the rain gave me closest moments between us..v stood under a roof..at the moment Wht I saw in her eyes is just love..pure love for me..she was gazing at me..the way she gazed me..damn she is..just a pretty girl..she killed me with her gaze..love gaze..I couldn’t manage it anymore for the first time in life I felt the real love..I danced in rain..shouted in rain just like a 5yrs old boy..but she dragged me under the roof n scolded me with high concern..she wiped the water droplets with her duppata..Oh..my..God..she was just killed me at the moment..I felt many tunes inside my heart..but I missed my guitar at the time..if it was with me I would hav been stringed that as much I can..she lost in my gaze..that day best day in my life..I had proposed my new tune with my new lyrics on that day..even I can’t believe she made me a creator..her love is my strength even I too wondered that I created my very own song..with my very own lyrics..at the moment I wanna just play that to her..but I wanna give her surprise..then another fine day..came in my life..she setted herself as my neighbor..wow..it was like a lottery to me..I gazed her every day as much I can..then one day v torchuered Tanu n Fuggi..to make coffee..actually it was my plan..to drink coffee from my fuggi’s hand..She refused to do initially she just asked me..”Why should I have to do all this I’m ur wi..” She just stopped thr..I know wht she was abt to say..if she completed the word..I would have been say,Yes u r my to be..but she damn girl didn’t completed the word..anyways she agreed to make coffee after all she too loves me na..I insist her to make cinnamon coffee my fav..only mine..she made that..it tastes like heaven..she beated my pyaari Dadi..on that day I got too many surprises she prepared my fav aloo parata..she surprised me with my sister..but honestly I’m not that much surprised with Alia than her aloo parata..at the end of the day.. Oh…my..god..she really made me crazy in her..she my Chashmish.. My fuggi confessed her love..nothing is sweeter than that..I feel complete..I setted a game to get those magical words from her..and I cheated her to win..I know she love to lose before me..for me..she love to lose only to me n only for me..she too somewhat accepted the defeat she said me those words..heavenly words..I was on cloud nine.. But she said she won the game coz I already told those words when I was drunk..but I can’t remember anything but I argued her..not to defend just to see her cuteness when she arguing with me..the cunning girl started to love me on that day itself but she hided that..and on the same day fuggi kept me a pet name..Dundoos honestly I have no idea what it means..but I love to call by that name from her..she was the only person who called me as a Rockstar for the first time..I ll b happy when I heard the word from her….my life was heaven..she made me addicted to her coffee.. If I didn’t drank that coffee..I ll never able to concentrate on things..I ll b just like sleepy crow..one day she said abt Her past first of all I was thought of something serious.. It was very serious to her but it was very funny..then I decided to tell abt my past..but I don’t have such time..left for work..so when I came back I decided to tell her but she was reading this diary hidingly Silly girl doesn’t know this is for her..anyways by gathering full courage I told my past..the girl whom I hate most..ppl ll say..for one man’s achievement frnds n family ll b supporters but enemy ll b the reason..She is like that..she is the reason who hurted with me such words..but I took it in positive way to attain myself.. It doesn’t mean I wanna prove me infront of her..its just I wanna acheive great..wanna become number one..I chose music my life support system.. It never letted me down..after saying abt my past..she was lil bit hurted but I assure her..then she became normal..then she said she was feeling homesick n she wanna go home..I too accepted with heavy heart..two days..it was never less than hell..I was missing her badly..her coffee..her smile..her pouts.. Silly question n arguments.. Our hug..my forehead kiss..I had kissed her many times but she didn’t even a time..I was missing her to death..I took her tweetu her sleeping partner my dirty doll with me..her tweetu become my sleeping partner for 2nights..luckily fuggi doesn’t know that..I was missing her badly she ll always pampered me as a king..so her absence kills me more..a fter 2days..she came..I was so happy..Ya it’s today..but she pushed me away from her room..as she was feeling Sleepy how mean she is..I was madly waiting for her..no terrace talks for last 2days but she never mind..I Love our terrace talks.. My love born thr..her love born thr..my own music born thr..v spent our quality time thr..but today she wanna sleep..but it’s just 1 hr for my bday..usually I won’t b that much excited for my bday but this time it was my first bday with her Im so excited what she gonna do for me..wait..wait..did she remembered my bday..Ofcourse she ll..suddenly she called me n asked me to come for terrace while I’m writing this..that’s enough I guessed I’m gonna get my surprise from my fuggi..okay..I ll continue this after getting my super surprise..my Fuggi is waiting for me..I ll continue u later bye..”Pragya just closed the diary with heavy tears n hugs It towards her chest.In mean time..Tanu was saying Abhi,Abhi..she did all for to surprise u..I know u r hurted but she thought to give u such surprise..U know she never gone alone but she had gone for Delhi alone for 2 days just for u..pls think urself don’t hurt her n left the place.

Pragya couldn’t control her she was crying.Tanu came thr.Pragya sobbed in her arms.Tanu consoles her.Mean while,Abhi took his guitar n his lyrics pad n setted towards it to calm his mind.Here,Tanu says,Stop crying go n talk with him.Pragya wiped her tears n says,I hurted him with such a stupid surprise..u know Tanu how he loves me alot…Tanu says,Okay now go n talk to him don’t cry..n wiped her tears.Pragya nods n climbed up the stairs.She heard his music from guitar..she just reached the terrace n stood thr by standing not to disturb him.Abhi Saw her but he continued his music..he started to play with his guitar n starts to sing..
bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main(on wet roads)
tera intezaar karoon(I wait for you)
dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko tere hi naam karoon(slowly, I give the land of my heart,
to you.i.e. slowly, you are becoming the owner of my heart.)
khud ko main yoon kho doon(I lose myself in such a way)
Ke phir na khabi paaun(that I don’t ever find myself again)
Haule haule zindagi ko ab Tere hawaale karun(gradually, I give my life,
to you only)
sanam re,sanam re(O my beloved,my idol)
tu mera sanam hua re(you have become my love)
karam re, karam re(there is mercy)
tera mujhpe karam hua re(your mercy on me)
tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon(now that I am coming close to you)
to toote saare bharam re(my delusions are breaking)
. . .
Enathuyire Enathuyire Enakkenave Nee Kidaithaai(U r my life I just got u as my life)
Enathurave Enathurave Kadavulai Pol Nee Mulaithaai(U r my only relation..u just came to me as a god)
Nedunjaalaiyil, Padum Paatham Pol, Serkiren Vaazhum Kaalamae(As like foot prints v saw on road..I ll join u n be with u in all our lifetime)
Varum Naatkalae, Tharum Pookkalae, Neelumae Kaathal Kaathal Vaasamae(Upcoming days ll b cherished with blossoming flowers n it ll Always give the scent of love for us)
. . .
baadalon ki tarah hi to(like clouds)
tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai(you have created a shade over me)
baarishon ki tarah hi to(like rains)
tune khushiyon se bhigaaya hai(you have drenched me in joys)
aandhiyon ki tarah hi to(like stroms)
tune hosh ko udaaya hai(you have blown away my senses)
. . .
Ini Iravey Illai Kanden Un Vizhigalil Kizhakku Dhisai(Hereafter no darkness in my life as I had seen sun raise in ur eyes)
Ini Pirivey Illai, Anbey Un Ularalum Enakku Isai(Hereafter there is no separation between us,ur words n blabbers are music for me)
Inimel Namathu Ithazhgal Inainthu Širikkum Osai Kaetkumae(Hereafter the only sound that v gonna hear is our smile n laughter of happiness together)
Nedunaal Nilavum Nilavin Kalangam Thudaikka Kaigal Kørkumae(When v r together v ll just swipe the dullness of moons with our hands together)
. . .
mera muqaddar sanwaara hai yoon(you have bettered my fare in such a way)
naya savera jo laaya hai tu(that u have brough new morning for me)
tere sang hi bitaane hain mujhko(I have to pass with u only)
mere saare janam re(all my lives)
. . .
Uruvaakkinaai, Athikaalaiyai(U brought me a new morning)
Aagavey Nee Èn Vaazhvin Møkchamae(So u r the only gift,wish n Destiny of my life)
. . .
sanam re,sanam re(O my beloved,my idol)
tu mera sanam hua re(you have become my love)
karam re, karam re(there is mercy)
tera mujhpe karam hua re(your mercy on me)
. . .
Enathuyire Enathuyire Enakkenave Nee Kidaithaai(U r my life I just got u as my life)
Enathurave Enathurave Kadavulai Pol Nee Mulaithaai(U r my only relation..u just came to me as a god)
Just he kept the guitar by singing this with mosit eyes..That’s it she ran into him n gave a bone crushing hug n sobbed in his arms n chanted,Sorry as much she could say…Abhi too hugged her n gave bone crushing hug n cries n says,I love u..that’s it..Pragya says,I’m Sry..Abhi says,Its okay..now stop crying..Pragya broke the hug n wipes his tears n says,Birthday boy should not cry.Abhi smiles in tears n asks,How dare u..Hmm..y u gone alone for such distance..for that..that..stupid cheap girl..u know how much I hate her..I just told my feelings it never means I want her or her friendship back..I just moved on u know I thought to not to see her face..but u..u..begged her for me..y did u do this..Hmm..n hugs her back with tears..n says,I never ll let my fuggi down infront of others..u did all this for me na..I’m Sry I hurted u..I’m Sry ll u forgive me..Pragya broke the hug n wipes his tears n says,Don’t cry like a kid..I never hurted..actually I’m feeling great for Wht happened today..I came to know how u love me..So don’t cry..Abhi says,No fuggi I came to know how I meant for u..u r ready to take any risk n step for my happiness I never expected this from u..u know this was my best birthday ever..ur love..ur love..my best gift ever..I think I completely understand abt ur love today my life’s biggest surprise thank u so much.Pragya smiles n says,I read ur diary Dundoos..this this..song is ur song ryt..I loved it.Abhi drags her makes her to sit in his lap n holds guitar by placing her hand on it n his hand over her’s n says,U ll always ask me to taught to play guitar na today I ll teach u.Pragya smiles..n asks,First say the answer it’s ur song na…ur own song..Abhi says,Yes..but u gave this to me..its ours..our love’s small gift to us n smiles n moved her fingers along with his in strings..Pragya just looks at him by lifting her face from his left arm side.Abhi asks,Oye..concentrate on lesson I’m teaching u..Pragya smiles and gave a deep kiss in his left cheek..it seems to be her face burried in his cheek.Abhi surprised.Pragya broke the kiss n says,My first kiss..Abhi says,Whta kiss fuggi..I wish to have bday as everyday..Pragya pinches him.Abhi says,My right cheek is anger on u.Pragya kisses him on his ryt cheek too.Abhi says,Cheeks r happy but wht abt lips Pragya says,Achha!n beats him in his lips.Abhi shouts,Enough!! Lips r also happy… Pragya smiles n says,No it seems to b ur lips r unhappy it need more.Abhi says,No..no..they r more than happy..n smirks.Pragya laughs.Abhi says,Hey fuggi..Pragya says,Hmm..Abhi asks,U r not scared of travelling alone..I mean first time na this much distance u r travelling alone..Pragya says,I was very scared but I thought it ll bring happiness in ur face that’s y I managed all the things by thinking ur happy face like this..to see ur happy face I ll do anything..Abhi smiles n kisses her cheek..Pragya says,Enough..I wanna ask u onething.. Let’s see u r saying the perfect answer or not.Abhi asks,Question is abt u.Pragya says,Mm..probably.. Abhi says,I ll answer it come on ask me..Pragya asks,U know my fav book n author..Abhi says,Yes..chetan bhagat ryt..Pragya smiles n says,No..U r wrong..Abhi asks,Then who..he started to say many names.Pragya says,Next..next..Abhi says,I’m fed up..Pragya says,My favorite author is Dundoos..Abhi asks,So u kept ur fav author name as my Nick name so bad.Pragya stares at him in disbelief of his foolishness n says,U r such such a tube light..and abt to leave..Abhi holds her back n asks,Y u r saying like this..He asked like a child.Pragya says,Then..I’m saying ur diary as my fav book n u r my fav author but u r blabbering she stares at him.Abhi smiles n says,I know that I was just playing with u.Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,I ll give ur fav book every year don’t wry..not for sale..copy righted by me..Abhishek Mehra..Pragya laughs n pokes him.Pragya says,Okay let’s celebrate ur bday..Pragya calls Purab n ask them to come..Purab Tanu Nikkil comes thr with a big guitar shaped cake n shouts,Happy birthday Abhi…Abhi wonders n asks,Hey…The cake that girl had was small but this is big..Purab says,See..u noticed the cake uh??Anyways actually this is Pragya’s idea..Pragya says, Haa Rockstar’s bday should have some spices na..that’s y guitar cake for Rockstar.Nikkil says,Come on now time is 3AM..I’m exhausted of all this drama..lets enjoy now..Abhi nods..All sang happy birthday to Abhi..Abhi cuts the cake n feeds to all of them n they started to play by applying cake.Abhi says,Thank u so much guys….my best ever birthday in my life ..love u all n hugs them..

Credit to: Tisha

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    1. Maya♡♡(fan of Tisha aka Srimathi)

      Even I have told her once (n her love of lyf) to start writing a book… seriously Tisha…give some try… at least start some blog m damn sure u get so many followers…u hav such a great talent of expressing n words…giv it a thought

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