Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 24


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Pragya returned from Abhi’s home however she is okay with his past corner of her heart has a small worry but she consoled herself but saying,Pragya..He is genuine that’s y he told abt his past..just forget it else past ll spoil ur future..But However he lost his best friend in this by thinking this she entered her home.Tanu asks,Whr is the book.Pragya was still in her world.Tanu shooks her n asks,Pragya..did u got the book.Pragya came back to sense n says,No..I couldn’t find.Tanu asks,Then Wht u had done this much of time.Pragya says,Come I ll tell u n makes her to sit in sofa.Tanu asks,Kya..Kya hua.Pragya sat besides her n narrated everything.Tanu asks,Did Abhi told u or u read from that diary.Pragya says,No he only said me..but he had written abt a girl in his diary but I didn’t read that fully..I think the diary is abt that girl that’s y he hided that from me..anyways he told everything to me then whts the need of reading the diary.Tanu says,Hmm..u r ryt.Pragya says,I think he still had some soft corner for her.Tanu asks,R u doubting him.Pragya says,No..no..not at all..he missing her as a frnd..he said she was his best friend after Purab..so eventually he ll miss her na.Tanu says,Haa..may be..but leave it..y u r thinking abt that..u have to b happy to get a person like him.Pragya smiles n nods n asks,But I’m scared of Maa..Tanu says,Then y v r here for u..Maa ll accept him Afterall how sweet he is..no one ll reject him.Pragya smiles n asks,It all seems to be in dream world I don’t know Whr this all going towards n relieved a deep breethe.Tanu says,Arey..stop worrying everything ll b alryt.Pragya says,But they r having just 6 months to finish their studies..but they r still the same not even taking steps to make employment.Tanu says,6 months r thr na..last 3 months is more enough..first stop worrying like this..it doesn’t suit ur face.Pragya smiles.

Tanu pulls her cheeks.Pragya says,Even I ll do this n pulls her cheeks lil bit hard.Tanu shouts,Ouchh!!It’s paining idiot.Pragya laughs.Tanu says,Now see how I’m gonna pinch u n pinches her.Pragya shouts,Ouchh!!Idiot n they started to have fight which grown to a pillow fight.Tanu throws all the pillows.Pragya catches all the pillows n laughed.Tanu says,U r laughing ryt..now see n tooks her tweetu.Pragya says,Hey..Tanu don’t touch my tweetu..give it to me else..Tanu holds her tweetu’s neck n asks,Else Wht u ll do..come on tell me..I’m gonna kill ur tweetu.Pragya chases her n throws pillow on her.Tanu giggled n runs.They messed up the room their hair messed up n cottons r tangled with hair.Abhi knocks the door.But PraNu was busy in fight n didn’t heard the knock.Abhi just stepped in n looks for them.Tanu runs outside from the room by laughing n shouting,U can’t save ur tweetu today n stopped by seeing Abhi n blinks at him.Pragya who was chasing her didn’t noticed Abhi n dress Tanu n tries to snatch the tweetu from her hand.Tanu goes behind Abhi n says,No I won’t..U can’t get this from me n laughs.Pragya again chases her.They both r rounding Abhi.Abhi irked of their behavior n shouts,Stop it..Tanu stood thr.Pragya didnt mind him n goes to her n tries to get her tweetu..Tanu’s grip loosen up as she was noticing Abhi.Pragya got the tweetu n kissed it n says,No one can snatch my tweetu from me hey na,she asked her tweetu.

Abhi asks,Wht the hell u both r doing..see ur hair it’s tangled with cotton n takes a cotton from her hair.Pragya says,Dundoos..she she..tried to kill my tweetu..Tanu says,Nahi..Abhi she only pinches me here hard n shows her cheeks.Pragya says,No Dundoos..see she only first pulled me here n shows her cheek.Abhi irked again n asks,Wht u both r doing..Complaining like kids..u both messed up the whole room wait I ll complaint Vikram uncle..Pragya says,We ll clean..don’t call him.Tanu says,Haa..Don’t tell him.Abhi says,Okay..clean this soon..I just came here to give this book n placed it on coffee table n left the home.After a while,Pragya was sitting on terrace alone n thinks,Have to do something big surprise for Dundoos wht to do..n she lost in thinking..Abhi came thr n says,Fuggiiii….Pragya was still in thinking.Abhi calls,Eyy!!Fuggi..I thought u lost ur eye sight but it seems to b u lost ur hearing ability too n laughs.Pragya was still on her thoughts.Abhi wonders n snapped his hand before her eyes.Pragya came back to sense n says,Hey..Hi..Abhi asks,Hi??I’m here for past half an hour..but u r in deep thinking.Pragya says,Ohh..hey..actually I came here before 10mins..u came before half an hour uh??Abhi says,Arey..leave it..Wht u r thinking abt.Pragya says,Yeh..Kuch nahi..Pragya suddenly got an idea n says,Dundoos I’m leaving home tmrw.Abhi wonders n asks,Y tmrw is not weekend..v hav classes..and y u wanna go home so Sudden.

Pragya says,Actually..Hmm..hmm..feeling home sick that’s y..its been 1month na so only wanna meet Maa Dadi n Bulbul.Abhi says,Okay..I ll come with u..let’s go on 6:30AM train..now go n sleep.Pragya thinks,Oh..no..He shouldn’t come with me..if he came I can’t do anything.Abhi asks,Hey..fuggi..Wht u r thinking..come.Pragya says,Woh..I ll manage..u stay here.Abhi asks,What?Pragya says,U already took leave today na so don’t take much leave..I ll manage.Abhi asks,Y u r behaving weird..Usually u ll call me to accompany u but today u r asking me to stay here.Pragya says,Haa..actually I ll come within two days..I ll back on Saturday..Y u r stressing urself..U r travelling more than twice a week..its not good for ur health..So stay here..Abhi not convinced but nods his head n says,Okay..I ll drop u in station..Pragya says,No..I ll go by myself.Abhi asks,Whts wrong with u..I ll drop u tmrw okay no more arguments let’s go n Sleep..Pragya thinks,Oh..God..anyways he is not coming with me na that’s enough.Abhi asks,Kya hua fuggi..Wht u r thinking frequently r u okay n checks her forehead.Pragya says,No..I’m alryt..Let’s go n Sleep.Abhi smiles n says,Come..Pragya smiles.They both left.

Next morning,Tanu asks,Y u r leaving to home so Sudden.Pragya picking her bag n says,I ll tell u afterwards.Abhi asks,U ppl discuss on last moment only.Pragya says,No..no..I’m ready..let’s leave.Pragya hugs Tanu n says,Take care..love u n places a kiss in her cheek.Tanu too hugged her n says,Go safe.Pragya says,Okay..bye n left with Abhi.Tanu thinks,She is hiding something okay let’s ask her afterwards.AbhiGya reached station.Abhi says,Go safe..Pragya says,Hmm..n abt to get into the train.Abhi holds her n says,U r leaving to Mumbai but I feel u r going far away from me.Pragya thinks,Oh..no..he came to know Whr I’m going n blinks at him.Abhi asks,Y u r blinking like this.Pragya says,Nothing..slight head ache.Abhi asks,U r lieing me ryt.Pragya shocked n asks,Wha..what..Abhi smiles n says,U said u r sad coz u r feeling homesick but u r saying head ache na that’s what I said.Pragya smiles n says,Haa..Abhi says,I’m gonna miss u badly.Pragya says,U deserve this Mr.Rockstar u ll leave me like this frequently for ur work na..so this time u have to experience it.Abhi asks,Taking revenge..Fine no problem.Pragya smiles n says,Okay..I’m getting into the train.Abhi hugs her n says,Go safe..n placed a kiss on her forehead.Pragya nods n says,U too take care okay.Abhi says,Okay captain Fuggi.Pragya gets into the train n says,Okay Dundoos bye..Abhi says,Go safe.Pragya says,How many times u ll say this.Train started to move Abhi waves bye.Pragya too waves bye n gets in.Pragya thinks,I’m Sry Dundoos..I’m lieing u..but u ll get biggest surprise on ur bday n smiles.

Abhi n all was in clg n thinks abt Pragya.Purab was talking to Abhi but he didn’t listen.Tanu came thr n asks,Abhi..Y Pragya left immediately to home.Abhi alarmed n picks his phone n calls Pragya.But her mobile is not reachable.Abhi says,Wht the hell fuggi is doing still not reachable..more than 4 hrs still she didn’t reached or Wht.Tanu shouts,Abhi..I’m talking to u.Abhi says,Tanu..give me Bulbul’s number.Purab asks,Why?Abhi sees him n says,Just anyone give me number.Tanu gives him n thinks,Y he is so distrutbed n asks,Nikkil.Nikkil says,How do I know..Tanu stares at him.Abhi calls Bulbul n left from thr.Bulbul attend the call n asks,Who is this.Abhi says,Hey..I’m Abhi..Bulbul says,Hi..bhai..how r u.Abhi says,Ya..I’m fine..did Pragya reached home.Bulbul asks,Di..di is thr na when she came here.Abhi panics n asks,No..she is coming thr I dropped her in station morning.Bulbul says,Oh..I’m clg..don’t wry I ll check with Maa n call u back.Abhi says,Pls make it soon.Bulbul says,Okay n ends the call.Bulbul thinks,Y di is coming here..she looked the phone She had received a text from Pragya.Bulbul sees it n says,Oh…di had texted me in morning I didn’t noticed n opens the msg.Pragya had sent,Bulbul..If Abhi asked about me just tell him I’m in home busy with Mom..I’m leaving out of station for a important reason I ll explain u afterwards just manage him..Once I got free I ll speak to him..pls do it for me..My loviee Sissy..love u muaah?Bulbul reads n thinks,Whr di had gone..n calls Abhi.Abhi picks in a single ring n says,Haa..Bulbul..Did Pragya reached.Bulbul says,Haa..see is busy with Maa..she said she ll call u once she got free.Abhi relived n says,This fuggi na..I’m gonna kill her once she called me..u know how I panicked.Bulbul says,Don’t worry she ll Call u.Abhi says,Anyways thank u..Bulbul says,Okay bye..take care..n.ends the call.

Evening, Abhi was in his home.He is just missing her badly..every minute he was looking at his phone for her message n call.It was around 8PM he was became more restless n sit with anger he didn’t talk with anyone.Then his phone rang it was her.Abhi picked the call n says,Whr u gone..U know I’m here sitting to death every minute don’t u have any sense..don’t u have basic sense of informing once u reach home..Pragya interrupts n says,Oh..ho..hold on..hold on..I’m okay..and I’m Sry..lil bit busy.. I know I did a mistake but u can forgive me na.Abhi just calm down after hearing her voice n says,No I’m not gonna forgive u.Pragya says,My Dundoos can’t say like that.Abhi says,I’m gonna give punishment for u.Pragya smiles n asks,Whts the punishment.Abhi says,Have to do 100 sit ups.Pragya says,How u could watch in phone.Abhi says,Okay..punishment adjourned..U hav to do that once u came here.Pragya says,Okay..fine.Abhi says,Missing u badly..Pragya asks,Really..Abhi says,I mean missing ur coffee…Pragya smiles n asks,Only coffee.Abhi says,And the person too.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Eyy!!Fuggi..y u r silent.Pragya says,Nothing..Wassup.Abhi says,I didn’t done anything from morning.Pragya says,Okay..now go n have dinner n have a good sleep.Abhi asks,Wanna sleep..so soon..fuggi how my day ll end without u.Pragya smiles n says,If u love me this much..then u ll hate me one day.Abhi says,Shut up..don’t even say like this..u may hate me one day..but my love ll always the for u.Pragya says,Who said..I ll hate u one day..shut up..Abhi says,U r the one who started it.Pragya says,Haa..I was just joking yaar..Abhi says,Stupid joke from a super stupid person.Pragya says,Achha!!I’m stupid person.. Then who u r super genius uhh?Abhi says,Haa…Whts the doubt in that.Pragya laughs n says,Achha my super genius Dundoos feeling Sleepy shall v sleep.Abhi asks,Wht abt ur dinner.Pragya says,It’s over..u go n have ur dinner n Sleep well n miss me as much u can.Abhi says,Already missing u to the death..come soon..Pragya says,Haa..I ll b on Saturday morning don’t wry.Abhi says,Okay..take care..love u.Pragya says,Love u too.Abhi asks,That’s it..Pragya says,Haa..Abhi asks,Wht abt my kisses.Pragya says,Abhishek!!U know Whr I am.Abhi says,That’s ur problem.Pragya says,Fine..I’m gonna end my call.Abhi pouts,Bad fuggi.Pragya smiles n says,Good night Rockstar..call ended.

Abhi smiles n thinks,Fuggi..missing u badly..I think u remember my bday on Sunday..First bday with u wanna make it spl with u come soon to me n sees her pic in his mobile.Pragya on other side she thinks,Dundoos I’m here to give a biggest surprise on ur bday which u ll never expect n sees his pic in her phone n kisses him n hugs the phone to her chest.(Song suggestion-Itni si baat hain Mujhe thumse pyaar hai plays)It was Saturday morning,All were in PraNu’s home.Tanu says,Abhi ur fuggi is coming today na.Abhi says,Haa..Purab n Nikkil teases him.Abhi says,This fuggi is not at all callimg me.Tanu says,Have some patience Abhi n laughs.All were watching some movies on Laptop.Abhi says,Kya movie yaar..bakwass switch off this..Abhi was badly waiting for Pragya.

Precap: Pragya’s surprise to Abhi….What ll b Abhi’s reaction??Stay tuned..

Credit to: Tisha

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