Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 23


Thank u guys for ur valuable comments I’m happy while.reading all ur comments hope u ll enjoy the upcoming episodes too..Guys i think all u guys r confused with the name Munni actually Munni is a boy not a girl..no problem Im changing his name from Munni to Munna..Sandy Durga i had replied ur question on previous episode’s comments..Let’s get into the story…

Abhi was getting ready for a concert.Pragya comes thr n asks,Dundoos u r not coming for clg huh.Abhi says,Can’t u see I’m getting ready for concert.Pragya says,But u have internals na.Abhi says,Just internals fuggi..v ll see that afterwards no problem..U don’t take tension okay n pulls her cheeks.Pragya asks,Actually I wanna know whts going on in ur music..that means Wht u r doing with ur music..frequent concerts.Abhi smiles n says,Well..Even I wanna share this with u but not now..I ll b back in eveng sure we ll discuss about that don’t worry okay.Pragya made a smile.Abhi says,Come on wish me luck.Pragya smiles n says,Best of luck..do well..I know u ll.Abhi says,Thank u..Meet u in evening..take care..n gives a hug.Pragya too hugged him back.Pragya Nikkil Purab and Tanu left to college.It was a usual day for all of them.Pragya was missing Abhi alot.Missing Abhi is not new for her coz he ll leave like this so frequent.The class was asusual very boring for them.The day ended like this for her.Then they got back to home.As It was 6 in the evening,Pragya thinks,Why Abhi didn’t came yet.She picked her mobile to call him at the same moment she received a text from Abhi.She slided the lock n opens the message.

Abhi:On the way ll reach within 5 mins..Really exhausted made me ur coffee pretty please.
Pragya:Sure dundoos.

Pragya makes him coffee n placed in his room n she left.In her home,Pragya was laying on her bed n hearing songs.Tanu comes thr n says,Pragya..go n get practical phase book from Purab.Pragya says,Just now I came from their home again u sending me thr she pouted.Tanu says,Ur pouts won’t work here so better go n bring.Pragya murmers,I have to do all work in this home n left.Tanu smiles.Pragya goes to their home n asks,Purab I need phase book n did Abhi came.Purab says,Yeah..he came he is in bath n ur phase book is in room shelf so pls search n take it urself.Pragya stares Purab.Purab says,I have important work yaar I wanna leave now.Pragya says,All r doing ur works using a poor girl.Purab laughs n asks,Who is poor girl..u..nice joke.Pragya pinches him.Purab shouts,Ouchh!!I’m getting late..gotta go n left the home.Pragya gets in to the room n noticed the coffee mug it’s empty she smiled n thinks,Really he is too exhausted.Pragya murmers,Whr is the hell phase book..I even don’t know the cover color of the book n searches for it.A diary fell down from the shelf n corner of the diary hits her leg’s lil finger.Pragya shouts,Ouch!!Wht the hell is this..n took that in her hand.She opens it n sees n says,It is Dundoos’s diary..on that day he snatched this from my hand na..now I ll see what’s in this n looks here n thr n thinks,No one is here she went to the bathroom door n hears the sound of water n thinks,He is still in bath let’s continue the diary n opens the first page n started to read it.
“This is Abhishek Mehra..Actually I never had the habit of writing diary or something else..but from today my life is entirely changed and the reason for writing this diary it means I’m so happy..not only happy it seems to b life had restarted with a new hope..I always thought that hope of my life is music but I came to know a girl is thr in world not a girl she is an angel for me after she came into my life without any expectations she showering me the pure love..after she came into my life I came to know what is music..She gave me the music inside me..she is the best..usually I ll play the music but her love thought me to create music..she induced my music..no she didn’t induced..she is the one who gave me the music..I always love n respect my Dadi..I Love my sister too..I never thought I ll love another person in my life equal to my Dadi n sister..

But destiny changed my ideology I love her equal to my Dadi n sister..who knows I’m in love with her more than that I had for them..whenever I saw her I ll feel different vibes actually positive vibes..I love to be with her..actually I use to flirt with her..teasing her is my way of flirt with her..”Pragya smiles n thinks who is that girl..is he saying abt me or wht..let’s read ahead then it ll b clear n she turned the page n continued.”Im writing this because I wanna register each n every moment with her..I wanna all the moments with her to be stay with me not only in my heart or in my mind I want that moments literally too..she is just….”Chori pakadgya..Pragya heard Abhi’s voice from behind.Pragya closed the diary immediately n hides it back n turns towards Abhi.Abhi was standing in his sweat pants n tee.Pragya shocked n gulped n says,Actually I..I ..just came here to..Abhi asks,Came here to come on..
Pragya says,Woh..woh..Coffee mug..I came here to take coffee mug..Abhi asks,Really with a stern look.Pragya was really scared n thinks,Pragya..Wht u done..U read other’s diary such a bad manners..u deserve this n looks at him by biting her lips in fear.Abhi asks,Wht u r thinking..Wht u r doing here.Pragya says,I came here to take phase book.Abhi asks,Face book..do u think I’m a fool..U r searching face book..literally as a kithaab..Pragya says,Arey..no I mean practical phase..phase book.Abhi says,Achaa..do u got ur “phase” book he stressed the word.Pragya says,No..act..actually I was searching..but..Abhi asks,Then Wht u r reading.Pragya says,Nothing.Abhi says,Show ur hand.Pragya holds in left n shows the ryt hand.Abhi asks,That hand..Pragya stared him n gives his diary n says,Yes..I was reading this okay..take this..and u know I didn’t take it intentionally actually I was searching for the book..It fell down on my finger..see still it’s reddish..okay..keep ur diary urself..I don’t need this..actually who I am to read this n took the coffee mug n abt to move.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya looks at him n asks,Why u r smiling I’m anger on u.Abhi says,That’s ur spl..mistake ll b urs atlast I’m the one who is gonna b blamed.Pragya asks,Wht mistake I did..Is I’m outsider..u r treating me like outsider.
Abhi asks,Now u gonna cry ryt.Pragya says,Shut up..don’t talk with me.Abhi holds her hand n says,Y u r so serious..did I ask u anything..Did I scold u..Pragya pulls her hand.Abhi holds her arms n says,Come on..y u r so stiff..okay u wanna read this ryt okay..take it..no problem thr is nothing to hide actually I thought to give it on a fine day.Pragya slightly smiles at him.Abhi laughs n asks,Fuggi..Y u r behaving like a child couldn’t control my laughter by seeing ur fuggi face.Pragya snatched his diary from his hand n sat on his bed n says,I won’t mind whatever u say..I gonna read this..Abhi sat besides her n says,It ll b boring fuggi..it ll never been interesting as like ur novels and all.Pragya says,Who knows..may b ur diary ll b my favorite book but I ll decide after reading this.Abhi says,So..then..I ll b ur fav author ryt.Pragya giggles n asks,I said na i ll decide after reading it.Abhi says,Okay..captain fuggi.Pragya says,Okay Captain dundoos shall v read it.Abhi asks,”we”.Pragya says,It’s urs na shall v read together.Abhi says,No..u read it alone.Pragya glared him.Abhi says,What.Pragya says,Nothing..okay I’m leaving..n abt to leave.Abhi holds her n makes her to sit.Pragya asks,Wht now?Abhi asks,Do u remember?One day u asked me na abt the girl in my past.The smile in her face faded away n says,Ya..but I don’t want that now.Abhi says,But u wanna know that..everything abt me..I’m not saying this to hurt u.Pragya thinks,Oh..God..y he is doing like this..Anyways Pragya don’t cry before him.Abhi shooks her.Pragya says,Haa..bolo..

Abhi take a deep breathe n says,Fuggi..When I was in my 10th std..I.e.,My pre high school.Pragya bends her head n scratching the diary with nails n looking down n says,Hmmm…Abhi takes the diary n keeps aside n lifts her head n says,Hey..look at me..Pragya says,No..Abhishek I didn’t want to know anything..I can’t manage pls leave this topic.Abhi smiles n asks,Hey..Don’t feel insecure come on n he wraps her arms around her waist n pulls her closer n placed his arms around her shoulder.Pragya looks at him uninterested.Abhi says,U wanna know this..Afterall u r my better half na.Pragya smiles at him n says,Okay..just just tell me..tell me..Afterall it doesn’t means u r getting into the past and u wanna get more torchur from me in future n smiles.Abhi smiles n says,That’s the spirit my captain fuggi..and I love to get ur Sweet torchur.Pragya says,Okay stop buttering..I ll take ur past in ears not to my heart okay.Abhi says,Pakka..Pragya says,Hm..bolo..when u was in ur pre high school.Abhi says,I had a best frnd..her name is Riya.Pragya asks,Girlfriend,with a stern look.Abhi says,Fuggi it’s past..remind this..Pragya says,Anyways go ahead.Abhi says,Best friend..She like me alot n even I too..she helped me alot in my studies she is my frnd from my pre high school..one day she proposed me..and I too accepted just like that.Pragya was feeling too bad she controlled herself n pretends to smile.Abhi notices that n tightened his hand on her n says,We both talked alot via phone Dadi doesn’t know anything..One day thr was a problem in our school a boy hitted me with a wooden log my hand started to bleed..she couldn’t see me in such pain..when I’m on the way to home she hugged me sobbed..I too felt bad n consoled her..Everything was fine..And finishing our high school she suddenly stopped talking with me..She just avoided me in every terms..

I felt bad but I just missed her as a frnd..I never felt that as a love..but there was good frndship thr but she spoiled that too..I tried to contact her in many ways but all went waste..then when I was in UG Purab went to JNU in Delhi for a presentation at the time he met her..Purab told,she didn’t even utter a word abt me..she didn’t even asked abt me anything..Then he gave her number to me..at the time I realized it was not at all love it’s just frndshp n an infatuation..As Purab gave her number I’m not in mood of doing any patch up with her..But I called her as just a frnd,She attend the call n said me she doesn’t wanna talk with me anymore as she had some issues with my status bla bla..she almost screeched something n said,That is not love its just this..that..I said, I know that wht v shared is not at all love..I.just called u as a frnd..I thought u as my best friend till now..the Riya who always thr been to help me..but she is no more..anyways good bye..,by saying this I ended the call..That’s was my past fuggi..She insulted me with her words..But still she is my frnd coz she had done many things for me..I concluded that she is not my girl..she ll never b..and she doesn’t hav such qualities too..but still the frndship also gone..actually she was my first friend..After Purab she was my best frnd..so I felt bad for that..but some words she spoke with me on phone I ll never forget or forgive her for that she thought that I ll beg her for her relationship..but time heals everything so I forgot everything abt her the chapter is over before 5years..Just now I’m thinking abt this..coz I wanna u to know abt this..that’s it fuggi..I know it’s very hard to a girl to hear the past of her loved ones but..I hope u..I understand Dundoos,said Pragya.

Abhi looks on.Pragya says,Yes..it hurts but I understand don’t wry.Abhi smiles at her n says,U r the best..Pragya placed her head towards his chest n asks,But u r feeling bad for losing her frndship na I know how it feels..I too lost Priya’s frndship na.Abhi says,Ya..but time ll heal everything.Pragya asks,Hav u both had gone for outing?Abhi smiles n says,Girls ll b girls..Pragya says,Hello..just tell me the answer n stares at him.Abhi says,Have u gone mad fuggi..outing not at all Dadi ll never leave me out even with Purab too..but I had made greetings..stealed my Dadi’s roti’s for her..she ll love that..funny na.Pragya stared him n says,Very funny..Abhi says,Someone is feeling jealous ryt.Pragya says,Ofcourse.. Abhi says,I know how to fade away the jealous of urs.Pragya asks,How?Abhi says,A deep kiss on lips ll fade away ur jealous.Pragya shocked n stood up n says,Kya..Tanu..Tanu..is calling me..bye..Abhi moves closer to her.Pragya shouts,Hey..just stay away..Abhi asks,Y after all I’m ur Dundoos na.Pragya says,No..no..keep her hand in his chest n stopped him n says,Tanu ll wait for me bye n she ran away..Abhi smiles at her n says,I wanna make u smile like this through out my life n turns back..Abhi sees his diary n says,Arey..Fuggi..forgot to take this diary..anyway I ll give it on that day it ll b the best gift to her n smiles.

Precap: Abhi’s birthday…What ll b Pragya’s surprise to him…

Credit to: Tisha

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