Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 22


Thank u guys for ur valuable comments..Feeling happy after reading ur comments!!Keep supporting..And Dundoos is just a pet name it doesn’t hav any meaning actually Let’s get into the story..

In class,All were staring at Ronnie for his most annoying prank.Ronnie was enjoying the moment as he fooled them.In lunch hour,Tanu asks,Hey..Ronnie y u keep on laughing at us.Ronnie says,U ppl doesn’t have any brain how could the internals r scheduled suddenly no one thought abt that na n laughs.Pragya irked n says,Stop ur self praising.Ronnie asks,Y..u dumbo..Pragya says,Don’t call me Dumbo..Stupid..Ronnie laughs n says,U n Tanu looks so exhausted it seems u ppl over prepared.Pragya irked n says,I won’t leave u today..U gonna finish today.Ronnie runs from thr.Pragya chases him.Ronnie shouts,Catch me if u can.Pragya shouts in reply,Hey..I ll kill u today.Tanu laughs n follows her.Pragya unfortunately bumped with Abhi who was coming thr to see Pragya.Pragya hardly hits on his chest n shouts,Ouchh!!Abhi too had enough pain n shouts,Ahhhh!!n keeps his hand over his chest.Pragya rubs her forehead n sees Abhi n asks,Dundoos r u okay..I’m sry..I didn’t see u.Abhi shouts,Don’t u hav eyes..u have additional chasma na..it is paining fuggi.Pragya feels bad n says,I’m Sry n rubs his chest.Abhi says,Leave it.Tanu asks,Wht happened Pragya.Pragya says,I hitted in his chest..its paining for him.Purab comes thr n says,Hey..Abhi..don’t create over scene..Pragya he is acting..he won’t get pain in such a normal bump..if u punch in his chest then also he ll never feel the pain he is just pranking u.Pragya looks at Abhi.Abhi giggled at her.Pragya stares him.Tanu says,Purab come let’s leave else now v have to tolerate their baks baks.Purab says,haa..n they both ran away.Abhi laughs at them.Pragya was still staring at him.Abhi sees n says,Come let’s go n holds her hand.Pragya stiffened n stood thr by glaring at him.Abhi asks,Wht happened?I’m feeling hungry.Pragya says,Then go n have ur lunch I’m not coming n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand n says,How could I have my lunch when my fuggi is in hunger.

Pragya glares at him n asks,Don’t u have brain..Everything is just a prank for u..u can’t b serious at all..how could u play in health issues Abhishek.Abhi says,I’m Abhishek for u now..Then who is Dundoos here.Pragya says,Shut up..I’m scared when u said it’s paining alot a drop of tear rolled down from her eyes.Abhi sees this n says,Hey..Fuggi..I’m Sry..I’m Sry..pls don’t cry..I just pranked u that’s it..pls don’t cry..I’m sry he asked by holding his ears.Pragya looks at him n says,I won’t forgive u.Abhi says,Okay fine..then tell me Wht should I do for ur forgiveness.Pragya says,Achha..u ll do what ever.Abhi says,Haa..anything for u.Pragya says,Then do 100 sit-ups ryt now.Abhi asks,Kya..sit-ups..now..here.Pragya says,Haa..start..start..Abhi asks,R u sure..Pragya says,Come on Dundoos..1..Abhi stares at her n holds his ears n started to do sit ups.Pragya counts,1..2..3..n says,It’s okay enough.Abhi asks,Why..I ll do for u.Pragya says,It’s okay..I forgive u..no need of that..Abhi says,So sweet of u Fuggi n abt to kiss.Pragya takes a back n says,Hey..Wht u r doing its clg..n pushed him.Abhi says,Only one papi..pls..Pragya asks,Have u gone mad..idiot..Abhi pouts.Pragya says,Ur intentions r getting bad come let’s go for lunch.Abhi says,Then my papi.Pragya scared n says,Hey..R u serious stupid..ppl r here.Abhi says,Damn serious fuggi holds her hands n gave a small Peck on her cheeks n started to walk casually.Pragya remained in shock n thinks,Oh..my God n sees here n thr..did anyone Watched them.Abhi turns n asks,U r not coming for lunch n smiles.Pragya says,This is too much..stay away from me..this is too tooo much Dundoos..don’t repeat this again..Wht ll others think if someone saw us..If any staffs Watched us then they ll call my Maa n narrate this this papi..my mom ll feel disgusting abt me..Abhi says,Oh..just stop it..No one saw us..trust me..I’m thr na..Pragya says,That’s my problem u r here na..Are u sure Dundoos no one watched us na.Abhi says,Arey baba..I did a big mistake I couldn’t enjoy that kiss too stop blabbering..hereafter I won’t come near u okay n moves 2 feets back.Pragya says,That’s good.Abhi says,Unbelievable..This girl is just unbelievable.

Months passed as these two’s bonding getting more stronger but no one could confirm their relationship but they r suspicious abt them.They had developed the habit of having lunch n dinner together.Especially while having lunch they r sharing a plate.But their silly fights is still in their lives.The terrace is their meeting place..Tanu ll get some shouts n Silly fights of them from terrace on some late nights..which ll always irk her..Though,They r in love beyond that they share a good friend ship..more than love they r besties till now..most of their convo ll b on random things..Gossiping abt frnds..cracking jokes on them..pulling each other’s legs..playing silly games with silly demands..discussing alot abt their families..their aim..passion..Pragya had requested him to taught her guitar..but his answer ll always tease her..he just taught her abt strings not more than that..Most of the weekends r boring for Pragya..coz Abhi ll leave for some concerts..but she could observe difference in Abhi’s music..now a days he is not only playing the repeat musics..He is trying to compose his own..but whenever she asks abt that..he ll just respond,U ll know that on a fine day.Pragya doesn’t know when was that fine day.All were going smooth for past 8 months.Now Pragya n Tanu also become seniors..only by age ??Now,Abhi was in pre final semester.Pragya was giving a slight push for Abhi to concentrate on campus drive too..But Abhi’s only answer is lets see fuggi..Pragya ll b unsatisfied with his answer.According to Abhi,His fuggi..his fuggi is cause of his music..she is the one giving him his life i.e.,his music..after getting her love he changed alot..his view on music changed..however his fuggi insisting him to concerntrate on campus drive too..his answer ll always a negative sign..he knows fuggi is not okay with that..but she had trust on wht I’m doing..whenever he thinks of her related to his passion his heart ll say,she never let me down or pull me back..she is succha sweeto..His only motto is hav to set their future to b a rocking one..have to keep his life’s lovable 3 ladies happy.

In their clg,In lunch,Abhi n Pragya sharing a same plate of lunch.All sees them n gets suspicious.Tanu Nikkil n Purab looks at each other.Abhi Pragya doing spoon fight on plate.Abhi looks at her n says,I ll win..Pragya says,I ll..they r crossing their spoons on plate n smiles at each other.Purab murmers,Tanu..Nikkil..they r behaving weird.Tanu says,Haa..whts happening here..something is wrong.Nikkil says,I had a doubt is they love each other.Tanu murmers,Love..Pragya..No chance..she hate love.Purab asks,Really?Tanu says,Haa..but Wht these two r doing.Abhi n Pragya smiles at each other n cornered their side food to opposite side by exchanging it.Pragya lifts her head n looks at her buddies who r all gazing at them.Pragya’s eyes widened n drops the spoon.Abhi says,I won in this too n lifts his head.Abhi shocked that all were watching them.Abhi smiles n asks,Y u r watching us..have ur lunch fast its getting late na.All nods but they remain doubtful.After finishing lunch.Abhi ignores the tissue n used Pragya’s duppata’s end.All gets more suspicious.Pragya says,Dundoos..Wht u r doing..n pulls her duppata.Abhi asks,Kyun..I hav rights on my fuggi..Pragya says,This is college.Abhi stares and pouts her like a child.Pragya says,Ur pouts r not gonna work anymore.Tanu asks,Pragya shall v leave.Pragya says,Have to go for library r u coming Tanu.Abhi says,I ll come with u.Purab shocked n asks,Abhi..Thum..library..Huhh???First time in ur history.Tanu says,I wanna go to department.Pragya says,I ll go alone.Abhi says,I’m coming na.Pragya says,I said..I’m going alone,said in a stern voice.Abhi says,Okay..ur bad luck.Pragya smiles hidingly n moves from thr.Pragya finished her work in library n abt to come out.At the time Munni stopped her.Pragya says,Hey..hi..y u stopped me.Munni says,I wanna say u onething.Pragya asks,Wht?Munni says,I love u Pragya.
Pragya shocked n says,Excuse me..Munni says,Yes..I’m in love with u.Pragya says,Hey..I’m sorry I don’t have any feelings for u..don’t mistake me..n abt to leave.Munni holds her hand n stops her n says,Try to understand me.Pragya says in anger,Wht the hell..leave my hand,she yelled.Accidentally,Vijay comes thr n heard Pragya’s voice n goes near her m asks,Wht happened Pragya.Pragya says,Nothing bhai..Munni leaves her hand.Vijay gives her a strong look n left from thr with Pragya.Munni gets anger n went to his class n sits with anger.Abhi n all watches them n thinks,Whts wrong with him but didn’t asked anything.Pragya was sitting sad in class n thinks,Should inform this to Dundoos.Tanu asks,Now a days..u r hiding me many things.Pragya says,Actually I wanna say u onething.Tanu asks,What?Pragya explains what happened in library.Tanu laughs.Pragya asks,Why u r laughing?Tanu says,Nothing..if u like him then accept his proposal.Pragya says,Chee…Tanu u know one thing.Tanu asks,Wht?Pragya says,I’m in love already.Tanu says,With Abhi ryt?Pragya wonders n asks,How u know?Tanu says,We all suspicious abt u both..But from when.Pragya says,Just from past 8 months.Tanu shocked n asks,Wht????Just 8 months..see..u..don’t talk with me hereafter I just hate u.Pragya says,Sorry yar..Tanu says,Pls..just leave me..don’t talk with me anymore.Pragya says,Arey..Tanu says,Pls..n went from thr n shifted to another place.Pragya becomes sad.

Evening at home,AbhiRab Nikkil was in PraNu’s home.They r sitting in sofa n watching Pragya n Tanu walking here n thr.Pragya just follows Tanu..to get her forgiveness.Purab asks,Wht u both r dng.Tanu says,u ppl know one thing..Nikkil asks,Wht?Tanu says,V ll thought some ppl r our besties n close to our heart but they won’t thought alike us.Pragya closed her eyes in frustration.Abhi somewhat understood wht she is talking abt.Purab asks,Wht u r blabbering u idiot n laughs.Nikkil gives him hifi.Abhi says,I have an important work..I forgot that..I ll b back n abt go leave.Tanu asks,Why?U wanna buys something to ur girlfriend or Wht?Abhi sits back n stammered,Girl..girlfriend..n smiles like an idiot.Pragya pressed her lips n crosses her hand over her chest n holds her head.Tanu glares at her.Nikkil asks,Abhi..girlfriend really..who was that..Pragya u know her..Pragya blinks.Tanu says,Y u r asking her..she is also a cheat..and she is the main cheat for me.Pragya says,Tanu..Tanu says,I said don’t talk with me.Purab asks,Tell us clearly Tanu.Tanu says,These two r in love with each other.Nikkil n Purab shocked n asks,Really.Tanu says,Haa..from past 8 months.They again fall in deep hell shock.AbhiGya blinks at each other.Purab n Nikkil laughs n says,Hey..Abhi..happy for u man..but anger on u.Abhi says,I’m Sry yaar..I always wanna tell this but this fuggi stopped me.Pragya asks,Wht..when..no Purab he is lying..Purab says,Oh..leave it yaar..feeling bad coz v missed the treat..Abhi says,Anything for u buddies weekend treat n gives hifi.Tanu asks,That’s it..this is Wht ur reaction.Nikkil says,Haa..girls ll always over react.Tanu says,Who said..I’m just pretending n gives a side hug to Pragya n says,Happy for u.Pragya too hugs her.

In terrace they r resting on leaning in eachother’s back.Abhi says,Fuggi..u know another 2 explosive bombs r waiting.Pragya says,Haa..Dundoos I know..Alia n Bulbul na.Abhi says,Haa..this weekend they r coming na..v ll tell them okay.Pragya nods.Pragya says,Dundoos.Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya says,Ur frnd Munni proposed me.Abhi shocked n turns n asks,Kya?Pragya fell in his foot.Pragya shouts,Idiot..Abhi asks,Wht u r saying.Pragya says,Arey..give me hand I fell down.Abhi gives her hand n makes her sit n asks,Now say me.Pragya says,Haa..Today I went to library na at the time..He held my hands when i tried to move..Luckily Vijay bhai came thr n rescued me..but Dundoos promise me u won’t mess with him..I really doesn’t wanna such issues..pls..it ll b very bad pls..don’t..Abhi smiles n says,Okay just don’t take any tension I won’t mess with him okay.Pragya smiles.Abhi thinks,But fuggi I’m Sry..he did wrong..no one had rights to hold a girl’s hand in such way I ll teach him the manners.Pragya says,Dundoos..Abhi says,Hmm..Abb Kya..Pragya says,I wanna say abt my past.Abhi shocked again n asks,Wht past?Which past?U r giving me more shocks today.Pragya says,Just hear me na Dundoos.Abhi says,Okay..tell me..Pragya says,When I’m in my high school..Abhi interrupts n asks,Loved someone by raising his brows.Pragya says,Y u r getting anger lemme finish..Abhi with a stern voice,Okay..continue..Pragya says,My frnd..actually my best frnd..Priya..she loved a boy in her neighborhood..she usually share abt their love with me but that boy was not that much loyal I had seen him with some other girls too..one day she told she gonna do court marriage on her 18th birthday n she asked me to do witness..I was really scared of her decision..So I told my Maa..my Maa to shocked by hearing this n she informed abt this to her family.. Then lots of problems in their family regarding their love..I stopped talking with her coz of my guiltiness..then her parents sent her to Ukraine she is doing medicine thr..last month she texted me..she told now only she came to know that her love gone from her coz of me..after years now only her maa told her that I’m the one who is the reason for losing her love..she told me that,I had did a big betrayal for her n her love..moreover she said her curse n pain ll never leave me..she said I ll go through the same pain Wht she going through..She said,I ll pay for that..I ll suffer in my love..by saying this tears rolled down from her eyes n looks at Abhi.

Abhi laughed n wipes her tears.Pragya stared at him with confusion n asks,Y u r laughing Dundoos..I’m not joking.Abhi smiles wraps his shoulder around her n says,Fuggi..Fuggi..see..she just showed u her anger that’s it..and moreover Wht u did was ryt..U actually saved her..see coz of u she is in abroad n having good studies..u actually saved her from that boy..so Wht u did was ryt..see u had did a great thing in that age itself..Actually I’m proud of u..u ll never struggle for ur love..I’m thr na..v ll rock our future trust me.thr is no curse or bad eye in our relationship n pulls her cheeks.Pragya remains sad.Abhi says,Come on fuggi..smile like my fuggi n tickles her.Pragya giggles.Abhi smiles.Abhi thinks,Wht should I do know..wanna say abt my past or not..no it’s not the time..But lucky to hav fuggi in my life n kisses her head. Pragya looks at him n smiles. Abhi smiles n winks at her.

Precap: Pragya reads Abhi’s diary.

Credit to: Tisha

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