Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 21


Hi guys..Hope u all enjoyed yesterday’s episode thanks for such a soulful comments thanking each n everyone..and today is Assembly election in Tamil Nadu hope all post 18s had casted their vote..Hope all went well..And about using song lyrics..I thought it as necessary no problem i ll use two or three lines hereafter except in 2or3 episodes whr the song is necessary.. Thanks for ur opinion n suggestions.. Okay let’s get into the story..
Abhi n Pragya looks at each other’s eyes.Pragya thinks,I should never lose this game..she was fully determined.Abhi thinks,It seems to b Fuggi ll win the game..Abhi think something n make her to lose.They were looking deep into their dark eyes..They share that look with more love n passion.Abhi suddenly blows in her eyes.Pragya blinks the eyes.Abhi shouts,Main jeet gayi?Pragya asks,Wht?It’s not fair..its cheating u blown in my eyes.Abhi says,Actually I blowed coz I thought ur forehead hair ll disturb u that’s y I blowed..Anyways I won the game come on tell me the magical 3 words?Pragya tugs her hair behind ears n says,This is cheating Abhishek..Abhi says,No..I won now u r saying me as a cheater..how weird.Pragya says,Stop ur stupid drama..I’m gonna sleep.Abhi says,Then Wht abt our challenge.Pragya says,I wont..I wont..coz u cheated me.Abhi says,Fuggi..pls..just for me he pouted.Pragya smiles n says,U know onething.Abhi asks,Wht..by cupping her face.Pragya says,I love u..She said within a fraction of seconds.Abhi wonders,Really she told me..wow Fuggi said that she loves me nothing is sweeter than this n smiles n abt to say that to her..its his turn.But Pragya placed her fingers on his lips n says,U know one more thing.Abhi smiles n asks,What..U wanna say this one more time.Pragya keeps her fists on his chest n says,U know that..I won the game.Abhi smiles n asks,How..U r pranking me ryt.Pragya adjusts his colors n says,No Abhishek..U r the one who said this magical words first.Abhi screeches,Me?When?How?How mean?Pragya laughs n says,Haa..Before 5 months.Abhi laughs,Before 5 months..whtta joke..For ur kind information I confessed u before 2 months..Pragya says,For ur kind info Mr.Dundoos u called me one day when u were drunk n u said,I love u Chashmish.Abhi shocked n says,Hey..it ll never include in this game..u had took advantage of my intoxication..wait..wait how u called me now..Dusido..Dudiso..what is that..Pragya says,Actually I didn’t took advantage..Anyways thanks for making me win this game n laughs n says,It’s Dundoos.

Abhi asks,Whts that Dundoos.Pragya says,It’s u.Abhi says,I didn’t like that name..Pragya says,But I like it..I love it..Abhi pouted like a kid.Pragya says,Come let’s go n Sleep.Abhi says,Besharam?Pragya shouts,Chii…Abhi laughs n says,Loser..Pragya says,Hello u r the loser she started to down the stairs..Abhi says,It’s u..Pragya says,It’s u Dundoos.Abhi says,It’s u Fuggi.Pragya shouts,It’s uuuuuuu..Abhi shouts,It’s uuuuuuu..They keep on shouting the same.Tanu comes out n shouts,Hav u gone mad..u didn’t have timing to fight..always fighting like this..AbhiGya blinks at each other.Tanu irked n gets in.AbhiGya laughs.Pragya says,Good night..have a good sleep my Dundoos n pulls his cheek.Abhi says,Good night fuggi n abt to leave.Pragya says,Dundoos..Abhi turns.Pragya pecks at his cheek n says,Good night n runs away.Abhi smiles n keeps his hand on pecked cheek n says,I won’t sleep tonight..Today Im gonna start my new life..feeling different..He immediately gets in n picks his guitar..he usually did this..but today he picked a diary in addition n left to terrace.Next morning,It was Sunday,Pragya Tanu Bulbul Alia r awaken.Tanu says,U guys know..yesterday these boys spoiled our sleep by asking us to prepare coffee..But today they didn’t woke up yet.Bulbul laughs.Pragya prepared coffee for all n gives a coffee tray with 3 mugs to Alia n says,This blue Mug is for ur bhai..his horrible coffee.Alia smiles n says,Okay di..I ll give them n left.After 5 mins Alia came back.PraNu n Bulbul were sipping their coffee with morning gossips.Alia says,di bhai was not thr..Purab too didn’t know whr he is n kept the tray n takes her coffee.

Pragya thinks,Whr he went in this morning..Did he slept in terrace or Wht..may b n she picked the mug n says,May b he ll b in terrace n she climbed up the stairs.Tanu says,Guys get ready to enjoy their morning fight.Bulbul n Alia laughs.Pragya sees Abhi laying down on terrace by holding his guitar.Pragya went near him n shooks him n says,Abhishek..Abhi murmers,Soney do na Nikkil pls..Pragya says,Dundoos it’s me..Wake up.Abhi slowly opened his eyes.Pragya was abt to take his diary.Abhi sat up quickly n snatched the diary from her hand n asks,Wht u r dng here.Pragya says,I came here to give u coffee..btw Wht u r hiding from me.Abhi says,It’s nothing..Pragya says,Whatever..drink the coffee n come down soon all r waiting to do today’s plan..and Alia had came here for u..pls spend some time with her.Abhi says,Sure..fuggi..Pragya smiles n abt to leave.Abhi says,Great coffee..Pragya says,Thank u Dundoos..get ready soon.Abhi nods.After a while,All gathers in Vikram’s home.Nikkil says,Uncle aunty v planned for a movie then lunch..u ppl should join us.Vikram initially refused but all convinced them so they agreed.They were in cab.Bulbul says,Di..u won’t cry this time na.Pragya asks,What?Y should I cry..Bulbul says,Then..on that day u cried by watching Bajirao Mastani n laughs??Abhi asks,Hey..Bulbul one minute..Hav u watched the movie in PVR cinemas morning show..row number 7.Bulbul n Pragya wonders,How u know..Bulbul asks,Did u know astrology.Pragya laughs n says,Astrology..Dundoos..No way..All exclaimed, Dundoos??AbhiGya feels embraced.Abhi changed the topic n says,Hey..Bulbul we were watching the film on the same day..I heard someone is sobbing thr but I didn’t know it was this fuggi..Dumbo..Pragya asks,Dumbo..u r saying me as dumbo..u r the Dumbo..stupid..Abhi says,Achha..I’m Dumbo stupid..then who u r genius..Huhh??Pragya says,Haa..Did u think I’m a fool like u.Abhi says,Hey..Chemburwali fuggi..Pragya says,Hey..Dundoos.All shouted,Stop it…AbhiGya stopped.Purab says,We should never give them a gap..else they ll start their irritating fights.Bulbul says,Purab..it’s irritating for u..but look how cute They r when fighting with each other.Purab smirked.

All went finished their movie n now they were in lunch.Abhi could see Pragya’s extra care for Bulbul n Alia..usually she ll behave naughty by snatching other’s sweet..but today she is giving her sweets to them.Abhi Sat besides Alia n they had brief talk over the lunch.As the same Pragya n Bulbul too had talks abt their home.Bulbul asks,Di..u know one thing me n Alia doubting u n Abhi Bhai.Pragya asks,Kyun.Bulbul says,Ur eyes r filled with different feeling when u both look each other..that’s y ur fights r so cute.Pragya thinks,Wht to do..I didn’t hide anything to Bulbul..shall I tell her abt me n Abhishek..no first I should ask him n says,Nothing like that Bulbul.Alia too said the same with Abhi.Abhi thinks,No..it’s not the ryt time should decide after talking with Fuggi n says,Nothing like that Alia.Alia n Bulbul signs each other with disbelief.Bulbul signs thumbs down.Alia too did the same.Abhi asks,Alia..Wht u r doing..thumbing down..whts that.Alia says,Woh..Woh..bhai..I asked Bulbul to pour water in my glass.Abhi says,Well,I ll n pour water for Alia.Alia smiles n thinks,Thank God..escaped..Abhi asks,Hey..Eiffel tower..smiling like idiot..Alia says,Bhai don’t call me by that name..u r keeping nicknames for all na..but Pragya di kept a name for u n laughs.Purab laughed n says,Alia u r ryt..he is the one keeping funny names.Tanu asks,Really Abhi..u had kept Nick name for all..Nikkil says,Ha..ur name is white rat n laughs.Tanu fumed n stares.All looks at Nikkil as he gonna dead in Tanu’s hand.Abhi laughs,Tanu..don’t wry..Nikkil’s name is Talking Tom..he ll do wht u say.All glares at Abhi..now Abhi is gone..Tanu stares at him.Nikkil laughs n says,Abhi u trapped urself..and u know all men r like talking tom..they ll do wht their girl said..Vikram says,Yeah..he is ryt..Urvi smiles.

After a while,All drops Bulbul n Alia in train station.There was a eye sharing moment btwn Purab n Bulbul but no one noticed them.They sends off them back to their home.All had dinner n having chats.Pragya says,Hey..Tanu..come let’s go hav to finish assignment na.Tanu says,Haa..Abhi asks,Fuggi..u r going so soon.Tanu says,I’m also going but u r asking Pragya alone.Abhi feels embraced.Pragya teases,Haa..Abhishek y u r asking me alone..Abhi says,Fuggi..Pragya says,Bye Dundoos..bye Purab bye Nikkil..gotta go..Good night.Abhi says,Good night Fuggi..PraNu started their assignments.Tanu gotta call from Sara.Tanu attends the call.Sara says,Hey..u know one thing..Tmrw v hav internals..Prepare for it.Tanu asks,Kya..internals so Suddenly.Sara says,Haa..Ostrich decided to fail us that’s y he is playing this game with us b prepared.Tanu asks,How u know that.Sara says,Ronnie send this msg in group..but u n Pragya didn’t replied that’s u were in offline for a while that’s y I called u.Tanu says,Oh..okay..okay..Sara says,Bye n ends the call.Pragya asks,Wht happened?Tanu says,Everything..Pragya says,This Ostrich is so cunning here after his name is cunning wolf.Tanu laughs n says,So we hav to prepare..Pragya says,Haa..actually just two chapters for this internal na.Tanu nods.Pragya says,So easy chapters..Tanu smiles.They both were full prepared as they didn’t want to show them week especially infront of their Ostrich.It was around 11PM.Pragya says,Okay..Tanu let’s sleep..V had prepared well enough n they gave a hifi.They both dozed off.It was around 1AM.Pragya’s phone beeped.The beep didn’t hit her ears as she was in sleep.Then her phone rang.Pragya puts in silent n drifted.Again her phone rang.Pragya says,Shhhh!!!n looks at the phone.It was her Dundoos.Pragya attends the call n says,Hmm..Abhi asks,Wht r u doing?Pragya says,playing kabadi.Abhi smiles n says,Hey..ur voice is so cute in sleep.Pragya says,Okay..Dundoos Gud nyt..Abhi says,Good night fuggi..Love u.Pragya says,Hmm..n.ends the call.

Next morning,PraNu Sara entered the class room n started to open the book for revising.All were reading sincerely.Ronnie enterd the class n sees all of them n laughs aloud.Pragya asks,Hey..y u r laughing like this..Ronnie says,Im laughing by seeing u.Tanu asks,Hey..idiot y u r laughing..Ronnie says,Hey..u idiots..today no internals u all r idiots..I just pranked u.All gets anger n throws paper on him.Pragya shouts,U idiot..Tanu started to screech.Ronnie laughs.All beated him.Ronnie says,Stop just I helped u..so only u all r well prepared.All stares him.

Precap: Pragya says,Dundoos..Abhi says,Hmm..Pragya says,I wanna say abt my past to u.Abhi asks,What past??n looks on.

Credit to: Tisha

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