Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 20


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A weekend Saturday early morning,PraNu was in deep sleep.A knock from their door.They ignored it n continued their sleep.Then their door bell rang.They ignored again.Again the door bell ranged.Pragya annoyed n says in a sleepy tone,Tanu..see who is pressing the switch.Tanu says,Oh..I feel my lids heavy so pls u go n open the door.Pragya says,No..I won’t n drifted off.Tanu was highly irked with the Bell n Pragya too she murmured n goes to open the door with a yawn.She could see their boys on the door.Tanu with a yawn asks,Wht u guys r doing here.Purab says,V r going for jogging.Tanu says,Okay..bye n abt to shut the door.Abhi stops her n the trio gets in.Tanu looks clueless n asks,Wht u guys r doing.Nikkil says,Nothing n hands over a packet of fresh milk to her.Tanu says,v don’t need milk..anyways thank u.Pragya gets disturbed with their voice n closes the door with a irked face but the door opened coz thr was no door’s stopper.Abhi smiles at her by seeing her face n thinks,She looks so cute.Nikkil says,I need a strong tea..Purab says,Coffee with extra sugar..Abhi says,I know no one could prepare coffee as my Dadi..so just give me a cup of coffee.Tanu shouts,Hav u gone mad..she yelled at them..this is not cafe or something to order ur drink..take ur milk n get lost..Pragya was highly irked of Tanu’s high voice n shuts the door again.Tanu shouts,I won’t do all this she was in peak of anger n asks,Y should I do this.Abhi says,U accepted our gift na.Tanu asks,Wht gift..Nikkil says,We gifted all our kitchen materials so..Tanu says,Just take all ur stuffs v never need this.Pragya buried her face to pillow n shuts her ears.Purab says,No..Pragya accepted our gift n v didn’t have the habit of taking back our gift.Tanu stared at him with a full rage of anger.

Abhi smiles at Pragya n gets in to the room n goes near her n shouts,Ahhh!!!!!In her ears.Pragya jerked n screamed aloud with a shock n sat up on bed n looks scared at him with a disbelief n rage of anger.Abhi smiles at her.Pragya just came back of the shock that caused by his shout n asks with a drowzy sleepy voice n asks,Wht the hell is this Abhishek..u r just unbelievable u just spoiled my sleep..U idiot n starts to beat him with pillow.Abhi smiles n holds her wrist n says,Come..n prepare a hot coffee for me..I wanna go for jogging.Pragya looks him n disbelief n asks,Why should I do this for u..do u think I’m ur wi..she just stopped thr n sees her mobile..now her voice came with extra wonder n says,Abhishek….now it’s just 5AM Oh..my..God..I never awake at this time..Tanu came thr n says,Pragya it’s all coz of u..who ask u to accept the gift..They trapped us.Pragya asks,Which gift..how v trapped Wht the hell is happening here..I wanna sleep..she pouted like a kid with a eagerness to continue her sleep.Abhi laughs n says,Come on fuggi..get up..get up..go n help Tanu make us Coffee..then u both can sleep till the time of preparing breakfast for us.Pragya n Tanu shocked?? n asks in chorus,Breakfast??Abhi says,Haa..come soon..v r getting late.Pragya murmers,Oh..God..my life is heaven even when I’m in campus hostel..now it’s became hell with these irritating idiots.Tanu asks,U gonna prepare coffee asked with a doubt.Pragya says,Ha..I wanna sleep..no use of arguing with these dumbos..stupids..idiots..hell..dash n fumes in anger.Abhi was keep on staring her with a smile.PraNu gets in to the kitchen.

Pragya says,I don’t know to prepare tea.Tanu says,I ll prepare tea.Pragya makes coffee n abt to leave kitchen.Abhi comes thr n takes a coffee cup.Tanu leaves with a tea n coffee for Nikil n Purab.Pragya gives Abhi coffee n abt to move.Abhi says,Ek minute my fuggi.Pragya asks,Ab Kya.Abhi says,Add some cinnamon powder.Pragya asks,Cinnamon powder in coffee.Abhi says,Haa..Pragya snatched the coffee mug with a stare n takes cinnamon powder n asks,One spoon r one n half.Abhi says,Don’t know..actually my Dadi ll use to make this for me..and I love that coffee alot.Pragya made a smile n says,I didn’t drank such coffee..but anyways I’m trying my way..I don’t know how it ll taste..n adds cinnamon powder to the coffee n gives that to Abhi.Abhi takes that n sips n says,Hey..fuggi..u r such a quick learner it tastes so good especially it tastes like my dadi’s.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Thank u..Pragya says,It’s okay..Abhi says,Dadi ll say a person could understand other person’s taste when the person is in love with that person.Pragya says,Oh..really..Abhi smiles n says,Ya..U made this with love so it tastes good.Abhi thinks,I’m sry Dadi..actually a girl is here who is preparing ur special coffee better than u by giving a smile he left by keeping coffee mug in her hand.Pragya smiles at him n sees the coffee mug n asks,Is really the coffee tastes good..Cinnamon coffee n sips the last sip from the mug n says,Not bad tastes different.Abhi sees this n thinks,This fuggi na..n left the place with a huge smile.

Pragya looks at the coffee mug n smiles n thinks,Y I did this to him..I mean in the dawn of morning I never used to wake up in this time even when Maa insist me but today I’m preparing morning coffee for him..actually not only for him for my frnds too..is still he is just a frnd..if Purab or Nikkil wake me for their coffee sure I ll refuse it..if they pressurised more sure I ll leave that to Tanu..but I didn’t do that..I myself prepared coffee for him..in this morning early morning Pragya come out of ur world just feel ur heart don’t think by ur brain..my Heart says that he is my man that’s it no doubts over it..Pragya…a voice came from living room that broke Pragya’s chain of thoughts..it was Tanu..Pragya goes thr n asks,Haa..Tanu..Wht happened?Tanu says,Let’s sleep..Pragya says,No..I’m gonna prepare breakfast.Tanu asks,For them with a shock.Pragya says,It’s for us..so simple..Tanu says,Whatever I’m gonna sleep n left to room.Pragya smiles n thinks,I know..I’m preparing this breakfast for him..coz he needs it..n she went to kitchen.It was around 8AM.Pragya was standing near the gate.AbhiRab Nikkil came back from their jogging.Nikkil n Purab went to fresh up.Abhi sees Pragya n asks,Eyy!!Fuggi..waiting for me..ryt.Pragya just gave a smile n nods no.Abhi says,Really fine..I’m exhausted I ll see u after freshing up n goes in.Pragya looks at him n smiles.It was 9AM still Pragya is standing thr.Tanu shouts,Pragya..how long u gonna stand thr..they know our home they ll come by themselves they r not kids.Pragya shouts in reply,I know.Tanu murmers n goes in.Abhi comes thr n asks,Hey..Fuggi..still u r standing here..Pragya looks at him he was in Dashing black.Pragya says,Looking good.Abhi says,I know..n winks..okay..I’m leaving to Mumbai for a show..ll b back on night bye..wish me luck.Pragya just stares at him.Abhi says,Oye..fuggi..y u r staring at me.Pragya says,I had prepared Breakfast but u r saying u gonna leave now.Abhi wondered n asks,Hey..U prepared specially for me.Pragya says,No..no..I..i mean..I had prepared for all..actually not..not fo..for u alone.Abhi asks,Y u r stammering ur words..okay anyways come let’s hav my fuggi’s preparation n holds her hand n drags her.Pragya says,But..Abhi stopped n asks,Wht..now..I can’t control my eagerness to taste ur preparation see it’s getting late for me..Pragya confused.

Abhi says,Come n abt to drag her inside.Suddenly a voice came,Di….Pragya turned n smiles n runs towards her n hugs her.It was Bulbul.Bulbul too hugs her.Pragya asks,I was waiting for u more than an hour y u r so late.Bulbul says,Sry di..this girl na she only came late to Train station in morning.Abhi looks at them.Pragya asks,Whr is she.Bulbul says,Here..Arey..Whr she gone..she was coming with me only..Then she turned back to the cut road..she was picking bags dropped by Bulbul.Bulbul says,Oops di.. in an excitement of seeing u I dropped my bags thr itself..wait I ll come by picking my bags.Pragya nods.Abhi asks,Is she ur sister.Pragya nods.Abhi asks,Who was the another character u r talking abt..ur mom.Pragya says,No.Accha..I got an idea..Abhishek close ur eyes..Abhi asks,For Wht..Pragya says,Itss just for me.Abhi smiles n says,Then..No objection n closed the eyes.Bulbul n Alia was coming towards them.Alia was abt to shout,Bhai..Pragya sighs her to keep quiet n ask her to stand before him.Alia smiles n nods n stood before him.Pragya says,Abhishek!!Abhi says,Hey…fuggi I know..U gonna kiss me ryt..said with a naughty smile.Bulbul n Alia shocks n looks at each other n thinks,Whats happening here.Pragya thinks,Oh..this Abhishek na..n says,Abhishek u r an idiot..just open ur eyes..Abhi says,Achha n opened his eyes n shocked instead of being surprised.Alia glares at him.Abhi asks,Alia..Thum..Alia asks,Kyun I broke ur kiss moment with a glare.Pragya says,Arey..Alia u know na Ur bhai is always like that..sense of humour.Abhi says,Haa..sense of humour..Bulbul asks,Kiss….sense of humour Alia Kuch toh karbad hai..Alia says,Haa..Bulbul..Abhi says,Eyy!!Karbad kirbad Kuch nahi hai..U both go inside.Alia n Bulbul glares at him n goes inside.Pragya stares Abhi.Abhi says,Sorry!!Pragya says,Come for breakfast.Abhi nods.

All gathered for breakfast.Nikkil says,So sweet of u gals..prepared breakfast..it ll b superb if u prepared every day.Purab says,Haa..Tanu..Bulbul asks,Oye..Purab do u think my sisses r here to make breakfast lunch dinner for u three.Pragya says,Ha..it’s only today..coz Bulbul n Alia came na.Abhi asks,Really fuggi..But items r seems to b my favorite..aloo parathas..panner masala yumm..yummy..Pragya thinks this Abhishek is making me to embrace n says,I didn’t did for u..its Bulbul’s fav..Bulbul asks,My fav..from when..Pragya bits her lips n thinks,This Bulbul na..n stares at her.All had breakfast n Abhi says,Okay..I’m leaving to Mumbai..I ll b back on tonight.Alia asks,Kya..hello v came here for to enjoy with all u guys..but u r moving to Mumbai.Abhi says,Wht to do..wanna go..my passion..gonna play guitar.Alia nods.Abhi was abt to leave.Pragya says,Do well n smiles.Abhi says,Thank u..n leaves from thr.After he left..all went to roam over Pune..Tanu n Nikkil was being a pair roamed together.For the surprise,Purab n Bulbul spending the time with each other.Alia n Pragya was together all along the outing.They both really share a super good bonding each other but it’s based on random topics not abt Abhi.Suddenly Pragya’s phone beeped.Pragya know it was him.She slides the phone n reads the message.

Abhi:Hey..Fuggi..tell me one thing..
Pragya:Actually,Whr r u?
Abhi:On the way..Will reach thr within an hour..
Pragya:How was the show?
Abhi: Not bad fuggi..leave it tell me a thing..U r missing me ryt?
Pragya thinks,He could read my heart..I.think thr is no use of hiding or denying anything n replies..
Pragya: Not exactly..But waiting for u..
Abhi:Really so sweet of u Fuggi?tell me one more thing..Breakfast for me ryt?
Pragya: Yup..How was that?
Abhi:Divine love it?Btw I’m noticing difference in ur behavior whts wrong or whts that?
Pragya:Come soon..Surprise is thr for u.

Next minute,Her phone rang.It was him.They all just reached the home.Nikkil n Purab went to their home.Bulbul Alia n PraNu was in their home.Pragya thinks,I know u can’t wait for the surprise that’s u called me immediately see how I’m gonna play with u n attends the call n says,Just now..Came to home Abhishek..U know v had enjoyed alot today..went to park..had pani Puri it was awesome fun..Abhi says,Stop it..stop it..First tell me whts the surprise.Pragya asks,Wht surprise?Abhi says,Come on fuggi..I can’t wait..Pls..pretty pls.Pragya couldn’t help she smiled wide n asks,Wht surprise Abhishek..I didn’t get U.Alia comes thr n sits along with Pragya.Pragya says,Alia..ur bhai is asking for surprise is today is his bday or Wht.Alia says,No..Pragya says,Abhishek hold on I will give phone to Alia.Abhi says,Not fair fuggi..Pragya says,Everything is fair in..Abhi asks,In…Pragya smiles n ends the call.Abhi thinks,Gosh…Wish to have wings..All were waiting for Abhi in Vikram’s home.Abhi came n joined them with dinner.All finished the dinner.Abhi saw Pragya n raised his brows n signs,Whts the surprise?Pragya smiles n ignored him.All had dinner n they planned to have a terrace talk.Vikram Urvi too joined them..they all have prolonged talks..singing dancing enjoying alot..Pragya was simply ogling at him.For the first time Abhi was feeling uncomfortable..not exactly..but he couldnt manage her ogling..Abhi thinks,Her eyes is just swallowing me..Oh my god..fuggi dont do this to me..she is so pretty in her white anarkali..hey even i was in white..did she noticed that..usually she ll make stupid things on matching our dress color n demading chocolate..Abhi’s mind was completely thinking abt the surprise..not even the surprise he just wanna talk to her alone..just alone..Alia says,I’m dozing off..my lids r heavy..she abt to flat thr itself.Pragya says,Arey..come let’s go down..don’t sleep here.Tanu says,Haa..Alia come let’s go down n sleep.Alia pouted.Abhi says,Oye..Eiffel tower..go to home n sleep.Alia stares him n went down with Bulbul.Urvi n Vikram too leaves.Purab n Nikil too left.Nikkil says,Abhi..let’s go.Abhi says,Ha..Tanu n Pragya was taking all the pillow n sheets n abt to leave.Tanu says,Good night Abhi.Abhi says,Good night Tanu..Have Nikkil in ur dreams.Tanu pokes him n left.Pragya smiles n says,Good night Abhishek n abt to leave.

Abhi holds her wrist n asks,R u Crazy r Wht?Pragya asks,What?Abhi asks,Whr is my surprise?Pragya asks,Wht surprise u r talking abt Abhishek n smiles.Abhi says,Enough..No more patience.Pragya adjusted his collor n says,U seems to b tired go n Sleep it’s already late now..Good night..We ll discuss abt the surprise afterwards n smiles n thinks,My poor boy..Abhi thinks,She is doing this purposely Fuggi now see my game n says,Okay..Fuggi..U r so.sweet feeling tired gonna sleep Good night.Pragya looks wondered lil bit shock.Abhi asks,Wht?Come let’s go.Pragya stares at him n murmers,Go to hell..n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand n drags her back n lifted her face to face him.Pragya looks at him.(Song suggestion-Tere naina from My name is Khan pls do hear)(Parallel song suggestion-Un vizhigal from Maan karate)
Tere naina, tere naina, tere naina re(Your eyes)

Nainon ki chaal hai makhmali haal hai(This is the trickery of the eyes, it’s their silky condition)
Neechi palkon se badle samaa(With the downward gaze of the eyelashes the atmosphere has changed)
Naina sharamaaye jo ya ke bhar aayein jo(When the eyes become bashful, or when they are filled with tears)
Tham ke ruk jaaye dono jahaan(Both the worlds pause and stop)
Rab ki nehmat hain teri nigaahein(Your eyes are the divine boons of God)
Jis mein basti hai uski duaayein(In which resides his blessings)
Aise nainon ki baaton mein koi kyun na aaye(How can one not fall in the talks of these eyes)
Tere naina tere naina Tere naina re(Your eyes)
. . .
Un Vizhigalil Vizhuntha Naatkalil(The days I was mesmerised by ur eyes)
Naan Tholainthathu Athuve Pothumeve(and me getting is lost (in them) is enough)
Vera Ethuvum Vendame Penne(Nothing else is needed girl)
Un Uyirinil Kalantha Naatkalil(The days,I was one with ur life)
Naan Karainthathu Athuve Pothumeve(and me melting is enough)
Vera Ethuvum Vendame Penne(Nothing else is needed girl)
En Kanavinil Vantha Kaathaliyae(The lover who came in my dreams)
Kan Vizhipathirkule Vanthaaye(You came before I opened my eyes)
Naan Thedi Thedithaan Alanjuteni(I searched high nd low)
En Devathaya Kandu Pudichuten(and I found my angel)
Naan Muzhusa Ennathaan Koduthuten(and I gave myself completely to you)
Ada Unna Vaangiten(Now, I have bought you)

Abhi says,Just say me Wht I’m seeing now in ur eyes is just a true..Pls don’t push me away..Pragya says,Its true Abhishek..It’s just true..I came to know no use of hiding anything before u..Abhi didn’t utter a word just took off her specs n gave a soft kiss in her eyes.Abhi says,Ur eyes is my only hope coz it ll always convey me one day u ll b mine..our first kiss..in ur eyes whr i could see my world..see my future..Oh my god..Fuggi..it feels like flying high..The moon light..cold breeze..fitted in white it feels like heaven..Abhi hugs Pragya.Pragya too hugs him n says,From now..its U n me forever n ever..he placed a kiss on her head.Pragya breaks the hug.Abhi asks,Btw..I wanna ask u onething.Pragya was blushing hard.Abhi says,Eyy!!Stop this blushing then u ll fade of blush..Pragya pokes him.Abhi asks,Hey..tell me..ur mom ll like me now?Pragya smiles n says,Y not..my mom won’t cross my choice she knows I won’t make any mistake.Abhi wraps his arms around her shoulder n asks,On that day u told me ur mom won’t like me.Pragya says,I even don’t know y u said like that n smiles.Abhi says,Fine..but u didn’t told me the 3magical words.Pragya blushed n says,Oh..Mr.Rockstar it’s not proposal it’s confession n smiles.Abhi says,It’s not fair..Pragya says,Everything is fair in love.Abhi asks,So this word was u abt to say in phone.Pragya says,Haa..Abhi says,I knew it..my fuggi is the best.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Just..tell me na fuggi..Pragya asks,Wht?Abhi says,The magical words.Pragya asks,I don’t know that words Abhishek.Abhi says,U don’t know really asked with a taunt.Pragya says,Hmm..Abhi says,Fine..just say u love me.Pragya says,U love me.Abhi stares at her n says,Hey..Pragya says,U only asked me to say U love me.Abhi pouts.Pragya says,Why should I U can tell me na.Abhi says,I want..U as first.Pragya asks,Why?Abhi says,I don’t y..But u should b the first.Pragya says,No..u should u b the.first..Abhi says,U..Pragya says,U..n messes his hair.Abhi says,Eyy!!Fuggi..don’t mess with me n my hair..n sets his hair back.Pragya smiles.Abhi says,Tell me first..Pragya says,U first..their argument continued.Abhi says,Okay..okay..let’s play a game..if I lose I ll b First if u lose u hav to b the first one.Pragya asks,Wht game..Abhi says,Hmmm….pillow fight.Pragya says,It’s not game..Abhi says,Then..okay..v both hav to look in each other’s eyes..if u blink first then u have to..Pragya says,If u lose..U have to.Abhi says,Let’s see Fuggi..Pragya says,Let’s start..Abhi counts,3…2..1..start..
. . .

That’s for today..let’s see who gonna win the game.

Credit to: Tisha

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