Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 2

Thank u guys for ur support hope u ll love this ff!!Need ur support..Keep supporting!!Ya Bulbul and Alia r friends that ll b in next epi..Rajesh I thought to give positive role to Tanu thats y using her in this story.Let’s get into the story………

In morning,Abhi..wake up its already late if u sleep like this then sure v ll miss the bus,said Purab.Abhi slowly yawns n opens his eyes n asks,Whr is my coffee Dadi.Purab asks,Kya..Coffee..Haaan..Beta Abhi..I’m Purab not Dadi n u know v r in mansion not in home to serve u bed coffee..Utoo..it’s getting late.Abhi says,Uff!!Morning itself u started ur bak baks.Purab says,Get ready soon.Abhi asks,Y u r so excited today?Purab says,Aaj..freshers party na..I heard that there is lot of girls admission this year.Abhi’s eyes widened n asks,Really?Purab says,Haa..baba..today v gonna hav lots of fun..But feeling bad for Nikkil.Abhi says,Leave him..if he was here then also he can’t enjoy as his fiance won’t let him na.Purab laughs n gives hifi n says,U r ryt..btw go get ready soon.Abhi says,Sure..sure.. In hostel,Pragya was hugging her Tweety n sleeps tight.Tanu too sleeps tight.Suddenly,Pragya’s phone beeped.

Pragya attened the call n says,Haan..Bulbul bolo..Bulbul says,Di..tum ab tak so rahe hai..uss Tanu she is also sleeping with u uh?Tum dono na.Pragya asks,Kya hua Bulbul with a yawn.Bulbul says,Kuch nahi..Di..Just the time is 8..I think ur classes ll start on 10.Pragya says,Oops..I forgot abt my first day..Thank u thank u Bulbul u r so sweet..I ll catch u later tc n ends the call.Pragya alarmed,Tanu..Tanu..Tanu.Tanu jerked n wakes in shock n starts to blabber,Today is our first day..this Nikkil left us like this I won’t spare him.Pragya keeps her hand on head n says,Oye madam..In sleep also u ll scold him uh?Tanu yawns n asks,Kya..Pragya..y u wake me.Pragya says,Tanu..I think it’s better v shall bunk the class today n winks.Tanu smiles n says,Accha Idea Pragya..Let’s bunk n sleep..I’m really feeling Sleepy.They both layed down again n closed their eyes after a moment they opened their eyes together n looks at each other n they both said,First day..shouldn’t bunk n gets up quickly.

After a while,Pragya was packing hers n Tanu’s bag.Tanu asks,Pragya..Will seniors ll rag us?Pragya says,May be..Tanu asks,Wht May b..It’s all coz of Nikkil..if he is here then no one ll rag us.Pragya says,U r sometimes ryt Tanu.Tanu throws pillow on her n says,Wht to do all my fate.Pragya laughs n says,Come let’s go.Tanu says,I’m lil bit worried or scared something but feeling uncomfortable.Pragya says,Ya me too I’m not lil bit scared.Tanu asks,Huhh?Pragya says,More than that.Tanu giggle.They both were walking through the campus to reach the class.Screen flips,Purab really lots of girls yaar but no one is looking good,said Abhi.Purab says,Haa..but one thing is all r looking at u n winks.Abhi says,U too workout like me..then everyone ll adore u.Purab says,I don’t want everyone to adore me..I just want my girl to adore me.Abhi smiles n asks,Who is ur girl?Purab says,Don’t know have to find.Abhi says,Btw..I too want that my girl alone wanna adore me but wht to do I’m a future Rockstar na no one could resist me.Purab says,Ur girl?Meetu?Abhi says,How many time I ll told u man I’m just her friend.Purab says,But..Entire clg is gossiping abt u both.Abhi says,She is our classmate that’s it(Lil bit anger)Purab says,Chill yaar..I know that..Just joking.Abhi says,Bad joke.Purab asks,Bad joke uh??He playfully punches him.Abhi smiles n says,Hey Purab stop it..else I ll punch u.Purab says,Really(he keeps on punching)Abhi punched him n pushed him n runs by saying,Cumon..My Purab n laughs.

Purab lost his balance n colides with Pragya she fell down n her specs falls on ground from her eyes.Purab says,Oh..I’m Sry..and picks her specs and gave that to her.Pragya says,It’s K.Tanu started to shout,Hey..u don’t have eyes..Pragya r u hurted..Hey u idiot..Wht u think of urself..I know abt tes kinda boys.Pragya says,Shh…leave it.Purab says,Oh..hello madam give respect I’m ur senior I said Sry na then whts ur problem.Tanu abt to say something Pragya cuts her n says,I’m really sorry..she got tensed thats y.Purab says,Its K..Btw which department u r.Tanu asks,Y u r asking that.Pragya stares Tanu n says,We r PG first year psychology.Purab says,Oh..it’s our department welcome to our department n smiles.Pragya too smiled.Abhi was watching this from far but he didn’t saw their faces.Tanu asks,This is the way u welcome ur juniors.Purab says,Oh..I had booked band especially for u it’s on the way.Tanu smirked.Pragya laughs.Purab come I ll show ur class.They nods n goes with him.Purab showed their class.Pragya says,Thank u.Purab says,It’s K..Pragya says,Btw..u..pls check ur eyes with a good doctor so that u won’t bump with others hey na.Tanu n Pragya laughs n gave hifi.

Purab gets irked n says,Hey..u too..I thought u r a so soft nature but u..For u that girl is better.Tanu laughs.Pragya says,Oh..thank u..thank u..now u can leave.Purab gets angry n left.Pragya n Tanu gave hifi n laughs.Purab entered to his class room in anger n sits besides Abhi.Abhi asks,Hey..Purab..U r great man u got new girl friends.Purab asks,Kya?Abhi says,I saw u with 2 girls who r they.Purab says,Juniors(In a anger tone)Abhi says,Wow!!So u got new junior girl friends wow man that’s great.Purab says,Shut up Abhi..they r devils.Abhi wraps his arm around him n asks,Kya hua beta with a funny face.Purab told everything.Abhi burst out his laughter.Purab pushed his hand n says,Stop it man.Abhi kisses him n says,U r looking handsome on anger.Purab laughed by hearing this.Abhi says,But whatever morning itself u got sucha big nose cut.Purab says,Leave it yaar..kabhi kabhi ho sakta hai.Abhi says,Shameless.Purab laughs.Suddenly Lecturer entered the class he asks,Is anyone ragged ur juniors today?Abhi laughs n says,No..sir juniors ragged a senior.Professor asks,Wht?Abhi says everything all laughs.Another boy says,Not only this sir..A boy he taunted us in hostel itself.Professor says,I thought ur batch as worst but ur juniors ll take over that name.All smirked.Professor says,Anyhow..today thr is no classes enjoy n he left the room.

All were discussing that their juniors are doing too much with them.Mitu comes thr n says,Hey..Abhi..how can u leave her like this?Abhi asks,Who?Mitu says,The girl who teased Purab.Abhi says,Leave it yaar..It’s his mistake na..he only bumped with that girl.Mitu says,No..I won’t leave this..Purab is ur frnd na I mean our frnd na.Purab says,Leave it Mitu.Mitu was not convinced but she left the place.In Pragya’s class,A man came in all stood up n wished him.But he forwarded to the students direction n took his seat along with students.All puzzled n murmers,We thought him as professor but he is a student he seems to b more elder than us.The man sits silently in besides row of Pragya and Tanu.Pragya says in a husky voice to avoid other hearing from them,Tanu he is a student(lil bit in excited tone)Tanu says,Haa..Pragya but he seems to b elder na.Pragya says,Haa..sure he ll b elder for atleast 5 yrs.Tanu asks,Then y now only he is on first year..He looks like a goon.Pragya says,May be..Wait lemme ask him.Tanu says,No..he might slap u he seems to b arrogant.Pragya says,Arey..yaar wait lemme speak.She turns towards him n says,Excuse me.The man looks at her with an anger gaze.Tanu holds Pragya’s hand n murmers,Pragya leave it he is staring.

Pragya says,Wait..She again continued with him,Excuse me!!I’m Pragya u?The man remains silent for a while n shouts,I’m Vijay..and u don’t even try to talk with me hereafter I hate to talk with u ppl especially girls.Pragya and Tanu shocked.All students says,Hey..Wht type of man he is n says Pragya and Tanu don’t talk with him.Tanu says,I told u na leave it.Pragya says,There is something inside him anyways I appreciate his willingness to learn after ages.Tanu says,Thum bhi na..Don’t talk abt him leave it.Then A boy comes near Pragya n Tanu n says,U r name is Tanu na.Tanu blinks n says,Haa..Pragya asks,Y u r asking.The boy says,I’m Ronnie..Tanu is looking like my sister that’s y I came forward to talk with u.Tanu says,Oh..Fine..Pragya says,I’m Pragya.Ronnie says,OK..let’s b friends now I’m leaving to my seat.Tanu says,Bulbul said na Pragya..we ll make friends easily that’s happening.Then a girl from their class came to them n says,Hey girls I’m Sara..I was watching u as u both entered the class I like u both could u accept me as ur friend.Pragya drags her n makes her to sit besides them n says,From now u r our friend.Sara smiles.Tanu asks,When ll the class ll start it’s boring na.Pragya says,Haa..Haa..Tanu let’s go out.Sara asks,How could u go it’s first class na.Tanu says,We r like this only..if v r not interested v ll bunk soon u ll also join us.Sara smiles.

Precap: Pragya sees Abhi in her class room.

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