Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 19


Thank u guys for ur support!!Keep supporting!!And guys I’m uploading my article on morning 10AM but TU taking some time to review.And one more thing many ppl r asking me to give Tamil song suggestions too..sure I ll give Tamil song suggestions on BG in upcoming episode and Sruthi sis thanks for replying from my behalf so sweet of u ?so now let’s get into the story……
Pragya was irritated n sits in her room with her tweetu.Tanu goes in n asks,Hey..come on Pragya..Y u both r fighting like kids..our frnds r here don’t be anger now come let’s go out n hav some fun time..okay..my sweet doll na pls come..forgive him.Pragya smiles n says,Okay..for u I’m coming out.PraNu comes out of the room.Abhi says,Eyy!!Chashmish..Whr is ur dirty doll my Kishmish??Pragya says,Shut up..Abhishek..y u r always teasing me like this.Abhi says,Bcoz it’s really fun to tease u Kishmish.Tanu says,Ufoo!!Abhi stop it yaar..leave that poor lil girl.Abhi says,Who..this Chashmish is lil girl n laughs?Pragya says,Whatever u wanna tease..tease me I won’t get anger.Abhi says,Oh..then I won’t tease u.Pragya asks,Y.Abhi says,Thr is no thrill in teasing u without ur anger.Pragya stares at him.Abhi says,See..u got anger on me..from this..one thing is clear.Pragya asks,Kya with a stern face.Abhi says,Actually according to the law of Pythagoras theorm of the universe of the milky way Galaxy…I won’t stop teasing u till u stop getting anger on me.Pragya beats him with pillow.Abhi says,U r inviting me for fight..wait I ll show u who u r.Abhi too starts to play with pillow.Purab shouts,Stop it..I can’t take it anymore..when u guys r gonna stop this silly fights.AbhiGya looks at Purab.Tanu says,Exactly pls ur fights r just irritating..irritating to the core?Pragya says,Okay..first ask him not to tease me..Abhi says,First ask her to give respect for me.Pragya asks,Y should I give respect to u..Thum bhagwan ho.Abhi says,Bhagwan nahi..senior..senior hoon main..got it.Pragya laughs n says,Ohhoo..U r senior by age..not by mind..got it..meri bacchu n laughs?Abhi asks,Me bachu..Oh..ya..guys did u hear that..she is saying me as kid..ya I’m the one hugging this dirty doll..All gets irked on their fights.Pragya says,Don’t bad mouth my tweetu.Abhi says,I ll.Nikkil says,Pls..stop it..pls..for god’s sake..Abhi says,I’m not the one who prolonging the fight.Pragya pokes his shoulder n asks,Wht do u mean..then I’m the one prolonging the fyt.Abhi says,Ofcourse!!Pragya was abt to say something.Purab says,Pls..I ll cry..pls stop.Pragya says,Okay..just for u.Abhi was abt to say something.Tanu shouts,No..pls..Abhi..pls..Abhi says,Okay..Chashmish u got escaped today.Pragya smirks.

Suddenly Meetu n AbhiRab Nikkil’s frnd Munni came thr.Meetu shouts,Hey..guys wasup.Purab says,Oh..Abhi..ur love came.Abhi says,Chup..Pragya stares at Abhi.Abhi sees Pragya n says,She is just frnd Trust me..Purab says,We won’t trust u..if she is not ur love then y she introduced u to his father n Y she didn’t introduced us Huhh??Tell Me..man..Pragya’s eyes again drifted towards Abhi n glares him.Abhi was abt to say something.Meetu comes thr sits besides him by holding his hands n says,Pragya pls move lil bit.Pragya nods n stood up.Abhi was uncomfortable but he was very careful that others shouldn’t know abt whts going btwn him n Pragya.Munni smiles at Pragya.Pragya thinks,Y this boy is smiling at me..I even didn’t talked with him mode than 2times.Pragya says,Hi..All were having chit chats n Pragya was having a good talk with Munni n Purab..For the whole time..Meetu didn’t leave Abhi’s hand.Pragya’s eyes were noticing him in btwn the talks.Abhi feels embraced but he couldn’t avoid her as he truly respect Meetu as frnd.Vikram n Urvi comes thr n says,So come let’s have dinner..its been a long time u ppl r having fun no only this entire compound is glittering with ur laughter.Abhi says,Don’t wry uncle..hereafter ur compound ll break down with our laughter sound.All smirks at him.Abhi says,I know bad joke..leave it..Meetu n Munni leaves from thr.So AbhiRab Nikkil n PraNu starts moving towards Vikram’s home.Pragya says,U guys go n ll come n went into the home.Abhi asks,Kyun..ur dirty doll ll join us in dinner uh?Pragya says,Y u r bringing my tweetu in ur every talks.Abhi laughs n says,Oh..Pls..don’t say it as tweetu it’s dirty doll.Purab Takhil gets irritated n left.Pragya stares at him n shuts the door n abt to leave.Abhi holds her hand n says,Hey..Pragya pulls her hand from him n asks,Y u r always taunting at me.

Abhi says,Bcoz I love to tease u..when I tease u ur face ll look so cute?my cute fuggi.Pragya asks,Kya kaha thumne with a shock?Abhi says,Fuggi..fuuuugggiiii??Pragya asks,Which means?asked by grinning her teeth.Abhi says,Ha..balloon face..My cutie fuggi..n pulls her cheeks.Pragya pushes his hand n says,Did I’m looking like balloon for u?Abhi says,Haa..color color balloon..when u get angry u will b red balloon?When u r sick u ll b white balloon?when u blush u ll look like pink balloon?Pragya smiles hidingly n blushes.Abhi says,Now u r pinky fuggi.Pragya says,Hey..Abhi taps her nose.Pragya looks on.Vikram asks,Abhi n Pragya didn’t came yet.Purab says,Don’t wry uncle they ll b back once they got tired.All laughs.Pragya takes his hand n unpause his nose button.Pragya says,Abhishek I wanna talk to u ryt now..Abhi says,Hey..this is my words u have to pay for this..Pragya says,Stop joking.Abhi says,I’m 24*7 available for u at anytime n any cause.Pragya smiles n says,Thum bhi na..Abhi says,Okay..tell me whts the matter.Pragya says,Abhishek don’t mind me..I didn’t like ur frnd Munni actually I don’t know y but pls I’m requesting u inform him not to come here.Abhi says,No need of request I could understand u r not comfortable with him..its okay it’s quite normal..I ll inform him.Pragya says,Thank u.Abhi says,Shall v move..Pragya says,EK minute one more thing..Abhi says,Hmm..tell me.Pragya says,I don’t like Meetu too.Abhi thinks,This Wht I expected my sweet Jealously fuggi..n smiles.Pragya says,Abhishek n shakes him.Abhi says,Haa..she is a girl na so whts problem with her.Pragya says,U know Abhishek she loves u.Abhi laughs hard.Pragya sees him clueless.Abhi asks,U saying this Coz Purab told Meetu as my love that’s y u r saying like this na.Pragya says,No..Abhishek I’m serious shhe herself told me that she love u.Abhi laughs n says,Hey..fuggi..she may pranked u..she is just my frnd.Pragya says,For u she is ur frnd but..Abhi says,Don’t wry..I won’t spare my heart to some other girls when my fuggi is here.Pragya says,Flirty n smiles.
Abhi says,Come shall v go.Pragya nods.They both entered Vikram’s home.Urvi asks,So u both finished ur fights.Pragya asks,When v fought Abhishek.Abhi says,Haaa..v r so cool hey na fuggi.Tanu asks,Fuggi??Abhi says,Haa..I kept her name..so I have the full rights..for me Fuggi..for u all she is Pragya..All laughs n says,No one call anyone with this funny name.Pragya says,Abhishek see all r laughing by my name don’t call me in that name.Abhi says,Don’t wry fuggi..no one ll call u by this name if someone called u with that name inform me I ll broke their mouth.All laughs.

Precap:Abhi was leaving to Mumbai.
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I don’t know whts wrong with my browser or TU while I’m uploading today it showing me word limits..that’s y this episode is small..I ll resolve it n assuring that I ll give long update in upcoming series.

Credit to: Tisha

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