Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 18


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Saturday morning,PraNu was in class.Sara says,Today all should attend the class no more excuses as for rehearsals coz v all caught by ostrich he came to know v r just wasting the time in the name of rehearsals.PraNu laughs.Sara asks,Y u both r laughing.Pragya says,No..v all caught red handed na that’s y.Sara says,Sure he gonna give impositions.Tanu asks,Kya..impositions?we r not school kids to write impositions how could he give that.Sara says,I heard he had given many impositions to our seniors sure he ll punish us by this way.Pragya says,I can’t write impositions.Ronnie says,Pragya..he won’t give impositions trust me he is not that much bad.Tanu asks,Really?Ronnie says,Haa..The professor entered the class n started to scold all of them for wasting class hours..he gave assignments as punishment.Pragya asks,Ronnie..Wht u said..U said he won’t give us assignments n impositions at all..whts happening here.Ronnie says,Wait lemme ask him.Tanu says,No..Ronnie pls sit down else u ll get more punishment.Ronnie says,Wait Tanu.Ronnie stood up n says,Sir..how could v write such a big assignment on such a short time.Professor says,U ppl should.Ronnie says,But..sir..Professor says,U have to write twice the assignment.All shocked.Ronnie further asks,Sir?Professor says,Thrice..All shocked again.Ronnie says,Sir..Wht I had asked..Professor says,4 times.Ronnie says,But,in a shocked stammering voice.Professor says,5 times.Pragya asks,Ronnie not to utter a word n asks him to sit down.Ronnie Sat down with teary eyes.All felt bad for him.

Clg timing abt to end,Professor says,I forgive u all this time no need of submitting assignments except Ronnie..Ronnie u should submit the assignment written of 3times got it..by saying this he left some students too left the class as the siren blown.Ronnie started to cry n says,How could I write 3times..this is not fair..Pragya tries to console him.Tanu says,Leave it Ronnie just go to him n apologize he ll forgive u.Pragya n Sara too told the same.Ronnie was still crying more than half an hour.AbhiRab Nikkil was waiting thr for PraNu as its too late so they decided to meet them in class.Tanu says,Uffoo…stop crying Ronnie..no use of crying..now Ostrich left..u should write now..if u apologized him sure he may forgiven u.Ronnie was still crying.Pragya shouts,Stop..crying idiot..y u r crying like a baby..u idiot..Ronnie says,Bcoz of u he gave me impositions.Pragya asks,Wht I did..U only stood up like a hero of the class.AbhiRab Nikkil enters the class n stood silently.Tanu says,Who ask u to oppose him.Ronnie says,U both shut up..u both manipulated me.Pragya gets anger n starts to twist his ears n asks,Did v ask u to do heroisms Huhh?Tanu laughs.Ronnie shouts,Oh..no..leave me..it’s paining..Pragya says,Then stop crying..Atleast write one time n ask for the excuse on Monday.Ronnie says,First leave my ear..Pragya says,Idiot..u ll pay more if u didn’t control ur tounge before him n leaves his ear.Ronnie says,Anyways..I’m not going to write even a time n left the class.Pragya says,Sure..he ll get more punishment on Monday.Tanu laughs.

Abhi says,So..Whts going on here..Chashmish u r too bad..u r twisting a boy’s ear..very bad behavior.Pragya says,U know..Wht he had done..he blamed us for his heroism.Abhi says,So rude Chashmish.Pragya says,Shut up Abhishek I’m not that much rude.Abhi asks,Then how much rude..Pragya says,This much n beats him with her note books.Abhi started to run.Pragya chases him.Tanu Nikkil n Purab says,Again they started n they follows them.Abhi says,Freeze..statue..Pragya says,I’m not a kid to play this freeze n release.Abhi says,K..hold on..I’m breathing heavy.Pragya says,U r so weak Rockstar.Abhi says,Especially infront of u.Pragya raised her eye brows n asks,Wht..Abhi says,Nothing..btw from tmrw onwards v r gonna live in same place..so excited..Pragya asks,Whts thr to b excite Abhishek..Abhi says,Then u r not excited..Pragya nods no n smiles.Abhi asks,Really.Pragya says,Haa..whts difference it makes Abhishek v all frnds so no difference is being with u or Tanu..u both r same for me.Abhi asks,Really..it doesn’t make any difference.Pragya says,Haa..Abhi came closer to her n asks,U didn’t feel any difference.Pragya’s heart beat starts hyper n says,Hey..U stay away..dont dare to come near me.Abhi asks,Y..ur heart making flutters?Pragya thinks,How he know this..n manages to say,No..ppl r seeing us..stay away..she started to run.Abhi chases her.Pragya bumped with Purab.Tanu asks,U both become LKG kids playing run and chase.Pragya thinks,Let’s try the closeness test with Purab n let’s see really it make difference from Abhishek n others n she goes near Purab n holds his hands.Pragya feels normal no flutters..her heartbeat was normal..Purab asks,Kya hua Pragya..Pragya says,Nothing..n hugs him.Purab shocked n asks,Arey..Wht u r doing.Tanu drags her aside n breaks the hug.Pragya thinks,It’s so normal..no flutters..Abhi was laughing silently by seeing her antics.Pragya says,Nothing.
Purab says,Hav u gone mad Pragya.Tanu asks,Wht happened to u Pragya.Pragya thinks,It may work with Nikkil n gave a slight hug to him.Tanu drags her aside n asks,Wht u r dng..u idiot..y u r hugging everyone.Pragya didn’t respond n thinks,Same feel that I felt with Purab..but y I’m feeling different with Abhishek.Abhi couldn’t control his laughter.Tanu glares Pragya.Pragya says,Arey..Tanu..Tanu says,Paagal..n drags Nikkil n started to walk..Purab says,Tanu wait..I ll come he too walks off with Takhil.Abhi laughs at her n says,My cute Chashmish..Y u r behaving like this..but Wht else u r looking so cute.Pragya looks at him with a cute pout.Abhi asks,So u got the results of ur research ryt..Pragya asks,Kya..matlab hai tumhara..Abhi smiles n says,Mera matlab hai..farq padtha hai..Pragya asks,Kya farq..Abhi says,U know that Chashmish..Abhi gives her a gazy smile n sings,Yeh pyaar hai..by singing this he started to walk.Pragya says,Kya..pyaar..bakwass n started to move to hostel.In.room,Tanu was packing stuffs as they gonna vacate tmrw.Pragya enterd the room n asks,Arey..U started packing.Tanu glares at her.Pragya says,Why u r staring at me.Tanu asks,Have u gone mad..hugging the boys in the clg..Wht others ll think by seeing that.Pragya says,Leave it yaar..it was a practical experiment.Tanu asks,Kya?Pragya says,Nothing..lemme to pack my stuffs.Tanu nods.

In morning,PraNu reached Vikram’s tolet portion with a medium truck which is loaded by thier stuffs.For the surprise AbhiRab Nikkil was not thr to help them.Tanu started to yell n shouts,This boys na..they purposely left the house to avoid works.Pragya laughs n says,Leave it lets arrange by ourselves.Vikram n Urvi comes thr n helps them to get things inside their home.Tanu says,Thank u uncle n Aunty.Urvi asks,Do u like this home.Pragya asks,Aunty..on that day when v came here U were staying in this home na..now how..it’s vacant..Whr u ppl shifted.Vikram says,Oh..ya..beta..v shifted to upstairs.Urvi says,Wait..I ll help u in setting the home.Tanu says,Oh..aunty its K v ll manage already U had cleaned this home for us u had done many things for us now go n take rest..v ll come thr after setting the things.Urvi n Vikram nods n left the place.Pragya says,Not bad..it’s quite bigger than our hostel room..2bedrooms 1kitchen n a compact living room.Tanu says,Buddhu that’s room this is home.Pragya says,Oh..but 2bed rooms for us.Tanu says,Ya..let’s sleep in a bed room together n shall v make another room as guest room for Bulbul Maa n Papa..how was that.Pragya took her bag n started to arrange her stuffs in wardrobe n says,Tanu u also having brain?n it works too occasionally??Tanu slaps her gently.

Tanu says,But Pragya..no cots here.Pragya says,No problem let’s flat the bed in floor it ll b more convenient.Tanu says,Good idea.Pragya n Tanu hanged their photo frames in main hall.Tanu says,I think kitchen is no need for us.Pragya says,yup..u r ryt..leave that room to b empty.Tanu says,Okay..come let’s clean the guest room.Pragya says,So u confirmed it as guest room.Tanu says,Haa..n they cleaned the room n flated a bed on that room too..n they r peeping to Window as they heard some sound.It was Purab n Nikkil holding kitchen utensils which r used by them in their home..Tanu asks,Is they going to sell all these things.Pragya says,Hey..they r coming towards our home..Tanu n Pragya looks at each other n blinks.As they came out of the room.Purab n Nikkil was arranging their kitchen materials in their home.Pragya goes thr n says,Oh..hello..Wht u r dng..this is our home..y u both r arranging ur kitchen materials here.Tanu shouts,Take ur stuffs n get lost..hav u gone mad..Wht u both r dng..Nikkil says,Purab..all things r setted na..Purab says,Wait..I ll bring the stove..n abt to move.Pragya holds him n glares at him n asks,Wht u both r doing..take all ur stuffs n go v r not gonna cook here.Nikkil says,But..these r girls things na..so no use of this in our home..actually v r helping u two by keeping this stuffs here for free u may cook at anytime here n winks at Purab.Pragya says,Oh..thank you..Purab thinks,Nikkil..u r great yaar..u made them fool..n smiles at Nikkil.Nikkil says,It’s K Prags..no problem..Purab b Nikkil came out n gave hifi..Pragya says,So sweet frnds hey na Tanu.Tanu says,Haa..K come let’s stick glittering starts on ceiling.Pragya asks,Hey..Vikram uncle won’t scold us na for sticking this.Tanu says,No he ll never scold us come on climb the ladder.Pragya asks,Me..no u climb the ladder?Tanu says,Arey..u r taller than me na that’s y?Pragya says,No I ll fall.Tanu says,I ll hold the ladder.Pragya asks,Pakka..Tanu says,Pakka..Pakka..

Pragya climbs on ladder n asks for stickers.Tanu was trying to give but she couldn’t.Pragya shouts,Arey..climb 2 steps yaar..I can’t get ur hand.Tanu says,U know na I’m scared of ladders.Nikkil n Purab comes thr n asks,Wht u r dng.Tanu says,Trying to stick these.Nikkil says,I ll help u n lifts Tanu.Purab smiles.Tanu says,Arey Nikkil hold me properly else I ll fall down within that they both fell down.Pragya lost her balance.Purab gives her hand n make her to stand on floor.Takhil remains in same position.Purab n Pragya looks at them n cleared their throats.Tanu stood up n shouts,Nikkil..can’t u do even a single work properly.Nikkil asks,what shall I do..U r becoming fatter day by day I can’t hold u n laughs??Pragya n Purab too laughed.Tanu says,How dare u..Nikkil says,I’m dare to say the truth n laughs again n says,Lemme stick those stickers just guide me Purab just help me..see how I’m gonna finish this work n climbs the ladder.Pragya smiles n came out of the house n stood near the entrance n thinks,Whr that Abhishek is gone..n she stepped out to the corridor.There she saw Abhi with Meetu..Meetu introducing her father to Abhi..She was standing thr by hugging his arms.This is more enough to make Pragya jealous but he didn’t know that Pragya was watching him.As Meetu n her father left.Abhi came towards her home.Pragya glares at him by standing in entrance.Abhi says,Whoaa!!Chashmish finally u came here..wow..Pragya says,Oh..now only u know that..it’s been half a day completed Abhishek.Abhi says,Sorry yaar..lil bit busy..Pragya says,It’s K..carry on..Abhi asks,Y u r so mad at me..Wht I did..Pragya asks,U don’t know wht u did huh?Abhi says,No..Pragya says,K..fine..let it be Abhishek don’t wry said n anger n abt to leave.Abhi asks,So..u r talking abt..My meeting with Meetu’s father ryt He smiled.Pragya turned towards him with a hesitation n says,No..not at all..I won’t mind..whom u r talking with and all.Abhi asks,Then y u r mad at me,asked with a naughty smile.Pragya says,Woh..Thum..u didn’t came to help us..that’s y.Abhi says,Really..then Purab n Nikkil r thr to help u na.Pragya says,I’m Sry..okay..go n continue ur work.Abhi says,Don’t get anger Chashmish..u know Meetu’s dad likes me alot..Pragya asks,So..Abhi says,But u told me..ur mom won’t like me..Pragya burns in jealous n asks,So wht u wanna conclude.Abhi says,I don’t wanna conclude anything I’m just saying.Pragya smirked in anger n gets in.Tanu says,See..Pragya work finished.Pragya didn’t respond she sat in her bed with anger by hugging her tweety.Abhi comes thr n says,Hey..guys not bad..u guys setted well..without my help.Purab asks,Wht that means without ur help..who u r super man or Batman..Abhi says,Rockstar.Nikkil says,Not yet.Abhi says,Sure in future.Abhi sees Pragya n asks,Hey..Whts that in ur hand..yellow yellow dirty fellow doll n laughs??He again stired Pragya’s anger.Tanu says,Abhi…shut up..it’s her tweety..her favorite if u bad mouth that..she ll fight with u.Abhi pouts,Really Chashmish..Pragya says,Stop it n get lost..Abhi smiles n laid on sofa in living room n keeps his eyes straight from whr he could see Pragya sitting in her bed in her room.Abhi smiles n says,I like this sofa..I could see everything from here..this home is perfect?Pragya stares at him n shuts the door.Purab asks,Abhi..now also u could see everything na n laughs??Abhi smiles

Precap:Pragya says,Abhishek I wanna talk with u alone..ryt now..Abhi says,This words r mine Chashmish u hav to pay for that.Pragya glares at him.

Credit to: Tisha

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