Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 17


Hi guys how r u!!Hope u all b fine!!I’m back!!Sorry for late update!!No baks baks let’s get into the story!!

In college,Abhi in class thinking abt Pragya.Purab asks,Abhi..whts going on in ur mind u r being restless from yesterday is everything is k.Abhi make a fake smile n says,Hey..no..Purab I’m okay..just thinking abt cultural performance that’s it..Purab says,Fine..but don’t be sad like this it doesn’t suits u.Abhi smiles.PraNu was sitting in class.But Pragya was being normal.Tanu asks,Pragya..R u OK.Pragya says,Haa..y.Tanu asks,But u seems to b disturbed.Pragya says,Nothing like that Tanu.Tanu nods.AbhiRab n Nikkil n others were in practice session.Tanu asks,Pragya shall v go for gallery.Pragya nods.PraNu was getting into the gallery.Pragya seeks for Abhi n finds him.Pragya says,Tanu u go I wanna meet Abhishek.Tanu nods n left.Pragya goes to him he was playing guitar.Abhi didn’t see her.Pragya goes to him.Pragya was listening to him silently.Abhi was feeling her presence n Suddenly stops the guitar n turns towards her.Pragya says,Lovely Abhishek.Abhi smiles.Pragya says,I wanna talk to u Abhishek ryt now..wanna talk alone.Abhi asks,Ya..anytime.Pragya says,Not here..Abhi asks,Then..come let’s go to canteen.Pragya nods.They both sat by facing each other.Abhi asks,Wht u wanna hav now..juice or samosa.Pragya says,Anything Abhishek..but I just came here to tell u that..let’s b good frnds forever..love ll always give pain..and moreover I ll marry the man of my mom’s choice and I don’t know whether my mom ll like u r not..Love is always complicated Abhishek but in frndship thr is no such pain n all..let’s stat together forever as frnds..hope u ll understand me.Abhi asks,Leave the rest..U like me or not..Pragya says,I like u..but I like u as a frnd..not more than that..Abhi says,Oh..that’s fine..u said ur heart out na problem solved..now tell me Wht do u want to eat now.Pragya says,Anything as ur wish.Abhi nods n leaves to get some juice.

Pragya thinks,I don’t Wht I said is ryt or wrong..but he didn’t reacted me..I thought he ll feel bad..if he felt bad then It ll b difficult for me to face him but wht happened now..he just said K..Abhi looks at her confused state n says,Oh..my Chashmish I know u r confused but I feel ur love in ur eyes..U ll realize on one day..and the day is not so far..n smiles at her.Pragya too smiles.They had chit chats for a while.Abhi says,Chashmish getting late..v both r here more than an hour..Let’s go it’s getting late for ur hostel na..Pragya says,Some more time..actually I ll feel bore when I’m with Tanu..She ll always busy with Nikkil in phone..Abhi says,Ya..ppl in love always like to spend their time with their loved ones..Like..us..The word “us” sounds different for Pragya for the first time.Pragya asks,Like us??Abhi says,Nothing Chashmish u wanna me to stay for some more time ryt..I ll for u..not at all a problem for me.Pragya smiles.Abhi’s phone rang.Abhi says,Oh..it’s my Dadi..n attends the call.Pragya was ogling at him Then she realized herself n thinks,Pragya..Wht u r doing..stop ogling him he is ur frnd..as Abhi ends the call.Pragya says,Abhishek let’s leave..feeling sleepy..Abhi says,Okay..let’s leave..They started to walk.Abhi says,Chashmish u hav any idea Wht was the time now.Pragya smiles n says,I know Abhishek it’s 7PM..all left the campus except some sports students.Abhi says,But v r not sports students ryt.Pragya says,Haa..Abhi says,I think it ll rain today.Pragya says,May b..as they didn’t completed the words it started raining.

Pragya says,Oops!!Abhishek ur words r true..Abhi drags her to the corridor n says,My words ll always true Chashmish.Pragya says,Now it’s raining how I ll get into hostel..leave me how u ll go to ur house..it ll take more than half an hour na..how ll u go Abhishek it’s all coz of me..if I leave u before u would hav been in home ryt..sorry Abhishek.Abhi says,Oh..my God..how could u talk like this bak bak bak..it’s not at all a problem I ll manage..Some other students who were in sports practice came under the corridor to avoid drenching in rain.Abhi was enjoying his closeness with Pragya in the rain.Abhi couldn’t control his happiness n runs out by widing his arms in rain as droplets r kissing his cheeks n lips..Pragya shouts,Abhishek..don’t play like this u ll got cold..come in.Abhi says,No..Chashmish I’m happy today..I wanna dance jump n shout n shouts.All were smiling at him.Pragya drags him in n says,Hav u gone mad Abhishek..y u r behaving like a child..see u r drenched how u ll go home with this wet shirt..idiot.Abhi keeps on smiling at her.Pragya says,Stop smiling Abhishek..I think u had gone mad..n took her duppata’s end n started to wipe his face n dry his hair.Abhi gazes her with a smile n lost on her eyes(song suggestion-Thum hi ho from Aashique-2 “Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri Aashique ab Thum hi ho” Plays)
Pragya sees him n takes her hand back off n her words started to stammer,Abhishek..here..

here..my hand kerchief..use this..to..to..wipe..ur..Abhi took her duppata’s end n started to wipe his face.Pragya blushes hard but managed to hide n says,Abhishek Wht u r dng..ppl r watching us..she pulls her duppata back still he was gazing at her with a smile.Pragya couldn’t avoid his gaze n says,Abhishek see..Rain had stopped come let’s go..n holds his wrist n drags him outside..Abhi watching her antics with smile.Pragya says,Abhishek..stop gazing at me..Abhi says,U r so cute,said with a pout.Pragya smiles n says,K..I’m leaving..go home safe..n abt to leave.Abhi holds her wrist n stops her n says,Hey..Pragya looks at him.Abhi says,Ur kerchief n forwards her kerchief.Pragya says,It’s OK..U didnt heard gifting kerchief ll spoil our frndship.He stressed the word “Friendship” Pragya smiles n says,No one could spoil our relationship not even this kerchief by saying this she loosen from his grip n runs away.Abhi shouts,Hey..Chashmish even u can’t remember resist our relationship..Pragya shouts,Sry..Abhishek I couldn’t hear u..bye go home safe..text me once u reach..by saying this she disappeared from his sight.
Abhi walks on road as he got biggest happiness in his life.Pragya came to room.Tanu askes,Pragya whr u went..Pragya says,I was with our frnds in canteen.Tanu says,Purab n Nikkil left..then with whom u r.

Pragya says,I mean..our classmates Tanu..Tanu says,Oh..Pragya says,Hmm..n y u r questioning like a police officer.Tanu says,Nothing Pragya..actually I wanna say u one thing.Pragya was toweling her hair n asks,Abt Wht Tanu.Tanu says,Pragya..now semester is over..shall v shift to some other place..by leaving campus hostel.Pragya says,Haaa..no problem.Tanu says,If v shift to some other place Sara ll also stay with us on the time of exams.Pragya says,Oh..she told this already na..But Whr v ll stay.Tanu says,I asked Nikkil to find a place..then only Purab told one of the portion near by their home is vacant..and that home also owned by Vikram uncle..Pragya looks on Tanu n asks,Will it ll work..I mean u know Maa won’t give me huge advance to pay for home..Tanu says,Haa..I spoke with Vikram uncle n Urvi aunty they said they no need advance..for us..Actually Urvi aunty said,She ll take care of us like her daughter.Pragya says,She is so sweet na.Tanu says,Haa..so let’s vacate hostel by tmrw.Pragya asks,Wht..tmrw itself..no Tanu give me some time I wanna ask Maa..Tanu says,I already asked Maa n Papa..they said okay..n Maa had spoke with Urvi aunty She is very happy after speaking with Urvi aunty.Pragya shocked n asks,When these things happened.Tanu says,Just now..Me Purab n Nikkil discussed abt this.Pragya calls Sarla,Sarla attends the call.Pragya asks,Maa..r u K with staying in Vikram uncle’s home.Sarla says,Haa beta..I had spoke with Urvi..She was so sweet sure she ll take care of u n Tanu well..and more over she said u r frnds r also staying thr na..it ll b safe fa u n Nikkil too thr na..then whts the prblm..After Tanu told U both were shifting to home here Bulbul is so excited to spend her week end with u thr.Pragya laughs.Sarla says,Shift urself when u feel comfortable.Pragya says,K..maa..wassup..Had ur dinner.Sarla says,Haa..beta Wht abt u.Pragya says,Not yet.Sarla says,It’s getting late go n hav ur dinner.Pragya says,Sure.Maa..take care..bye call ended.
Pragya says,Tanu shall v shift on Sunday.Tanu says,No..problem..Pragya smiles.Tanu says,Wait I ll bring dinner.Pragya nods.Suddenly her phone rang,It was Abhi.Pragya attends the call.Abhi says,Hey Chashmish!!Pragya says,Haa..

Rockstar..reached home safe.Abhi says,Ofcourse…and I heard one thing..Is that true.Pragya says,Yes..it’s true..with a smile.Abhi asks,Do u know..Wht I’m talking abt.Pragya says,Ha..shifting ourselves to ur near by portion na.Abhi says,Haa..I’m so happy..u know Chashmish..I could see u day n night.Pragya says,Stop this..I’m gonna sleep..Good night..n ends the call n smiles n thinks,This Abhishek is na..On other hand,Purab asks,Abhi..when I saw u in class..U were so sad..now u drenched in rain..u ll avoid rain na but now how is this possible..I don’t know wht u r doing..Why u r smiling like idiot..Abhi says,I’m so happy Purab..u know from today I love rain..love to b drenched in her love like this..Purab asks,Whose love..Abhi says,Woh..Woh..Rain’s love..becoz of her she touched me here n here n points his hair n face.Purab asks,Arey Abhi..who is that her..who is that she..Abhi says,My love…Rain..Purab asks,So r u talking abt rain ryt.Abhi says,Haa..j smiles.

Precap: Meetu introduce Abhi to her father..she was standing with him by hugging his arms..Pragya sees him from a distance.

Credit to: Tisha

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