Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 14


Thank u so much guys thanks for ur support!!Keep supporting!!Thanking each n every person who enjoying this ff!!Okay…lets get into the story!!!

Morning PraNu was in Auto,Tanu asks,Pragya Whr v r gng.Pragya was being tensed n says,Who knows.Tanu asks,Kya.Pragya says,Huhh..she saw a temple thr n shouts,Mandir..Mandir..Auto driver asks,U wanna go for this Mandir.Pragya says,Haa..Haa..baiya..Driver says,U should tell it before na.Pragya says,Sry baiya.Tanu asks,Pragya y u r so tensed.Pragya says,Nothing.They both get down of auto n asks,Baiya can u pls tell me this area.Driver says the area.They both gets into the temple.Pragya says,Tanu u go inside I ll come.Tanu nods n gets in.Pragya calls Abhi.Abhi attends the call n says,Bolo..Pragya asks,Whr should I come now.Abhi wonders n asks,Hey..Chashmish Wht do u mean..R u serious?Pragya shouts,I know..I should never trust u n Purab..U both fooled us.Abhi says,Oops!!Sry..I forgot just now I woke up..Pragya irked n ends the call.Abhi thinks,Oh..no..she is in peak of anger n wakes Purab.Purab blabberd,Hey Abhi..soney do na.Abhi wakes him by shaking him hard n drags him outside.Purab asks,Kya..Abhi says,Hey hav u forgot today v planned for Takkil’s anniversary surprise na.Purab says,Oops!!I forgot that.Abhi smiles n says,Even I too forgot n they gave hifi.Purab says,K..lemme freshup.Abhi says,Hey..they both came out of hostel..Purab asks,Hey..y u didn’t told me before..Whr they r.Abhi says,I forgot to ask..btw plan something.Purab was thinking.Abhi goes infront of him n asks,Have u slept again.Purab stares him.Abhi asks,Hey..more than half an hour u r thinking..still u didn’t get any idea.Purab asks,Y u don’t hav brain?Can’t u think?Abhi smiles innocently.Purab says,K..ask them to come here..v ll excute here I ll ask our owner uncle’s help to make preparations.Abhi says,K..I ll freshup n take them here.Purab nods.

Abhi freshed up n calls Pragya,Pragya looks the phone n says,Tanu wait here I ll b back.Tanu asks,Pragya..hav u gone mad..v r roaming here more than an hour..v even don’t know this area..I won’t stand alone here..Pragya says,Baiya..pls take care of her I ll b back,said to a near by shopkeeper n goes away n attends the call.Abhi asks,Whr r u sweety?Pragya shouts,Stop flirting Abhishek..I’m dieing here..I called u an hour before but u didn’t mind me..now only u r calling Wht u thinking of urself..I don’t know this Pune much more u know na..how u r so irresponsible.Abhi irked n moved away the mobile from his ear for few seconds?Pragya shouts,Abhishek…Abhi says,I’m sry..really really really sorry..now tell me Whr r u.Pragya says,V were in Temple.Abhi says,Good girl..which temple.Pragya says,No..before half an hour v were in temple but now v r outside.Abhi shouts,Stupid Chashmish hav u gone mad y u complicating atleast tell me which temple u went.Pragya says,Durga Mandir..and v r near by the Mandir Street.Abhi says,Fine..relax atleast u hav this much of brain..so now tell me the area.Pragya innocently says,Abhishek honestly I forgot the area.Abhi says,Relax..Chashmish just ask some person n tell me whrever u r I ll come thr within 5 mins don’t wry..just relax n ask abt the area.Pragya enquires abt the area n said that to Abhi.Abhi says,Fine..I ll send u the address just show it to the auto driver n come to that place u r near to our home.Pragya asks,Then u r not coming ryt?Abhi says,No..I’m helping Purab in preparations.Pragya asks,Then..y u told me u r coming here?Abhi says,Just to give a moral support.Pragya says,Dasshhh!!Abhi smiles n says,K..Come soon baby.Pragya shouts,Stop calling me baby..sweet heart..Abhi shouts,Okay..sweet heart??!!!Pragya irked n ends the call.

Pragya n Tanu starts in auto.Tanu asks,Whr v r going.Pragya smiles n says,Just wait baby.Tanu asks,Something is wrong.Pragya says,Nothing is wrong..just wait for few minutes.They finally reached the place.Tanu asks,Whose home is this.Pragya says,Oh my god..how many questions u ll ask.Tanu says,It’s looking like ghost house.Pragya says,Really!!Come let’s go in.Tanu says,Are u serious?Pragya says,Haa..n drags her inside.A mid age man came thr n asks,Are u Pragya n Tanu.Pragya says,Haa..Aap Vikram uncle hey na.He says,Haa..Tanu murmers,Who is he..how u know him.Pragya says,Shh!!Vikram takes them to the house.Pragya n Tanu gets in.Pragya says,Uncle..n turns but he is not thr.Tanu scares n says,Pragya I told u na this house is like ghost home..come let’s go.Pragya scared n thinks,Did they changed the plan..y this house is so dark..Tanu was looking inside n turns towards Pragya but she was not thr.Tanu was super scared n screams for Pragya.A voice came thr n says,Tanu..just come in else I ll kill ur frnd.Tanu scared n asks,Who is this?Voice said,Just come in.Tanu goes in.On other side,In corned of the sitout,Abhi was shuting Pragya’s mouth.Pragya stares at him n keep on noising.Vikram says,Abhi..leave her..else she ll bite ur hands n laughs.Abhi leaves her.Pragya shouts,Have u gone mad..y u shutting my mouth..Wht u guys r doing..Abhi again shuts her mouth n says,Uncle..U wanna me to leave her.Vikram says,Pls..don’t leave her..non stop baks baks..Abhi laughs.Pragya stares at him n sighs to take his hand away.Abhi says,Then promise me u won’t shout.Pragya blinks n nods.Abhi says,Open ur mouth n promise.Pragya sighs on his hand.Abhi says,Oops!!Sry..n takes his hand away.Pragya abt to open her mouth.Abhi says,Shh!!I ll go n pick Nikkil..u stay here.

Pragya asks,I ll also come I won’t stand here alone.Abhi says,U cant b stay alone without me for few minutes so sweet of u n pulls her cheeks.Pragya pushed his hands n says,Shut up Abhishek..Abhi says,K..stay here..I ll b back.Pragya nods.Abhi calls Nikkil n asks,Whr r u?Nikkil shouts,Hav u gone mad..u only sent me out for an hour n now asking me Whr r u.Abhi says,K..come back to home.Nikkil says,K..n ends the call.Tanu was scared in dark n calls Pragya.Pragya heard her voice n abt to go but Vikram hold her n says,Don’t go beti.Pragya says,No uncle she is sacred of dark..They didn’t said me this was the plan if they said this to me sure I won’t be her alone inside the dark..She ll b scared.Vikram says,just 5 mins beta.Pragya nods n asks,Uncle Whr is Purab.Vikram says,He is the one who giving the horrible voice.Pragya smiles.Abhi comes thr n says,Nikkil is on the way.Pragya doesn’t mind him.Abhi asks,Y u r so tensed chashmish.Pragya says,pls dont talk with me till Im leaving ur house.Abhi wonders wht happened to her.Nikkil comes thr n gets into the home n wonders,Why home is too dark..no lights..n he switched on the lights n he could see Tanu thr.Tanu too looks at him n asks,Nikkil u?Tanu asks,Nikkil wht u r doing here.They both were shocked.Purab Abhi Pragya Vikram n his wife came thr n shouts,Happy anniversary….Takhil came to sense n looks the room it was pinned with their photographs.Tanu was dumbstrucked n says,Thank u..Nikkil too says,I’m really surprised thank u buddies.Pragya says,Stop ur formal talks n cut this cake.Takhil nods n cuts the cake.Tanu hugs Nikkil n says,Love u..Nikkil too shared his love.Purab clears his throat.All laughs.Vikram says,Hey..y u r teasing them it’s their love anniversary they r enjoying that.Nikkil says,Point..but these guys made this day so spl.

Tanu asks,So Pragya for this u take me out.Pragya nods n says,Sry..I had left u in dark.Tanu says,It’s K Koi baat nahi.Pragya hugs Tanu tight n says,Happy anniversary sweet heart n kisses her forehead.Tanu says,Thank u..n applies cake in her nose.Pragya too applies cake on her face.Abhi was looking at them with a smile but from heart he was sad of Pragya’s behavior.After a while,Tanu n Nikkil was spending some private time.Abhi Purab Pragya was in Vikram’s house.Abhi was ogling Pragya for a while..but Pragya was busy with Vikram’s wife.Purab asks,Abhi..Wht happened to u..seems to b abnormally silent.Abhi says,Nothing.Pragya comes to Abhi n says,Abhishek I wanna talk to u.Abhi says,Ofcourse anytime..Pragya says,Wanna talk alone.Abhi says,K..come n they both goes to terrace.Abhi asks,Whts the matter Pragya.Pragya says,Nothing Sry..actually Im anger at u from yesterday but I don’t know y..today u didn’t received us on time that’s y I shouted at u ik really Sry..Abhi laughs n says,For this u called me alone.Pragya says,No..for another matter.Abhi asksWht?Pragya thinks,Pragya Wht u said..Wht u wanna say him just sry then y u r blabbering.Abhi whistled n waves his hand.Pragya says,Haa..Thanks for this day for Tanu.Abhi says,Kya Chashmish for this Thanks n sorry..U called me alone..so silly..no sorry n thanks between friends k n gives his hand forward.Pragya smiles n she too gives her hand.Abhi gives her a friendly hug n says,Don’t feel Sry for silly things..Pragya heart flutters as he hugged her..she managed n smiles.

Precap: Abhi confess his feelings towards Pragya.

Credit to: Tisha

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    Its Awesome…….. loved it……..

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      1. Sri…u don’t worry yar…we r here to support u always…n we love u n ur ff so much…

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