Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 11


Thank u guys for ur comments!!Keep supporting!!The story continues from yesterday’s episode..Let’s get into the story..
In canteen,Tanu n Abhi sat together Purab n Pragya sat opposite to them.Pragya asks,Whr is Nikkil.Purab says,He had gone to meet our staff.Pragya asks,College time is over na..then Wht.Abhi says,Leave it I’m hungry..pls order something.Pragya says,Pizza.Tanu says,K..n orders Pizza.All started to have pizza except Pragya.Purab asks,Kya hua..Pragya says,Something fell in my eyes..feeling irritation.Abhi says,Arey u hav helmet for ur eyes na then wht.Pragya says,Abhishek??Purab sees into her eyes n says,Nothing is thr Pragya n contd his pizza.Pragya asks,Tanu give me kerchief.Tanu says,I didn’t bring kerchief.Pragya asks,Abhishek u.Abhi says,I don’t have bad habits.Pragya irked?Pragya says,Purab..atleast..Purab says,It’s in my pocket take it.Pragya stares him n says,Pizza is important for u all na n took his kerchief n wipes her eyes.A hand cutter knife fell down from Purab’s pocket.Pragya picks that n asks,Wht this Purab.Puarb says,Hand cutter.Pragya trails it in her wrist n says,It’s not seems to b sharp na..n shouts,Ouchh!!Purab sees her wrist n shouts,Arey Pragya..Wht u had done..r u mad..Y u cutted ur wrist.Abhi Tanu panicks n goes to her.Tanu says,Thank God..it’s not deep cut..Purab ties kerchief in her cut.Pragya cries in pain.Tanu says,Wait I ll get first aid box.Purab says,Wait I ll come with u..Abhi take care of Pragya.Abhi remains in shock.Purab shouts,Abhi…Abhi says,Haa..u go.Abhi comes near Pragya n holds her hand n cries alot n says,Y u did like this.Pragya’s tears stopped as she saw Abhi is so vulnerable n shattered down for this small cut.Pragya says,It’s Nothing Abhishek I’m alryt..n wipes his tears..Abhi didn’t utter a word.Tanu n Purab comes thr n dresses her wound.Tanu says,Come let’s go Pragya.Pragya nods n says,Abhishek don’t wry I’m alryt.Abhi nods n wipes his tears.Pragya looks at him like she is separated from her heart.Abhi keeps on looks at her.

After a while in night,Pragya was sitting in couch.Tanu shouts,I think u had gone mad..u accepted Vijay as ur brother how could u..K leave that wht u did with the knife..Is knife is a plaything for u.Pragya carres her bandage in her wrist.Tanu lifts her chin forcefully n says,I’m talking with u.Pragya says,Ahh!!!Tanu says,Wait lemme call to Maa n I ll tell her what u done with knife.Pragya says,No..Tanu plz..plz..don’t tell her pls Hereafter I won’t repeat this pls don’t tell Maa..pls..Tanu says,This is the last warning for u.Pragya nods.Their frnd Riya comes to their room n asks,How r u feeling Pragya.Pragya says,Feeling better..actually it’s not that much deep cut.Riya says,Take care Pragya y u r so careless.Tanu says,Leave it Riya..lets change the topic..they started to speak on random topics..n laughing at each other.In between Pragya remembered Abhi’s shattered face n texts him..
He didn’t replied anything.Pragya thinks,Wht he is doing is he still in bad mood or Wht n calls him.But Abhi cuts the call.Pragya thinks,Sure..he is in peak of anger but continued her talks.In between Pragya again texts Abhi..
Pragya:Abhishek..I’m really sorry!!I swear I won’t repeat this again..
But she doesn’t get any reply from him now she started to worry alot but she didn’t showed in her face she keeps on checking his inbox.Tanu asks,Y u r staring at ur mobile.Pragya says,Nothing Tanu..She tried to act normal.Suddenly her phone beeped..She took her phone with much of eagerness n could see a text from Abhi..Pragya thinks,Thank god atleast he replied now n opens the text..
Abhi:No need of sorry..Gud nyt..tc..
Pragya thinks y he is so formal n she texts back
Pragya:Gonna sleep??
Pragya says,Replying in monosyllabic..
Pragya:What’s wrong with u?
Abhi:I’m fine..how was ur wound?
Pragya:Much better☺
Pragya:Abhishek!! Whts wrong with u it not seems to b u.
Abhi:Nothing I’m just intoxicated
Abhi:Ya..Good night..can’t text u..Feeling dizzy..Bye.

Pragya shocked n thinks,He had drunked..I never knew he had this habit..but y he did that today.Suddenly came out of room n calls him,Abhi attends the call n says,Bolo Chashmish.Pragya thinks,Ya..he is intoxicated his voice itself reflecting his condition.Pragya asks,Y u did this..Can’t u hav any sense?Abhi smiles n says,Whts this Chashmish no one had questioned me y u r questioning me like this..U know today Nikkil n Purab accompanied me in drink n laughs.Pragya gets irked n says,Whts wrong with u..y u r doing like this..I never ever had met a drunken person in my life n I didn’t hav such friends but u ppl r just disgusting.Abhi laughs.Pragya asks,Y u r laughing.Abhi says,U know Chashmish before 3 months I ll drink every week more over twice in a week too but I stopped drinking for past 3 months coz I didn’t wanna show u I’m a chain drinker.Pragya shouts,Wht u r blabbering Abhishek..If u were before me sure I ll slap u hard for doing this.Abhi laughs n says,No Chashmish see now I’m speaking clearly na then how can u say that I’m blabbering..u know Purab is blabbering do u wanna hear..he kept phone near Purab..Purab was blabbering something Pragya gets anger n shouts,Abhishek!!Abhi asks,Did u hear Chashmish how Purab is blabbering but u r saying that I’m blabbering how mean.Pragya closed her eyes tight in anger n grinned her teeth n says,Abhishek in stern voice.Abhi says,Haa..bolo na Chashmish y u cutted ur hand..I forgive u na..then y u cutted ur hand..U know I couldn’t see u in pain u know y.Pragya asks,Y.Abhi says,I don’t know that’s y I asked u n laughs?Pragya gets irked n she was in peak of anger n shouts,Have u gone mad.Abhi says,No..Chashmish..But one thing don’t cut ur hand I won’t scold u hereafter I won’t ask u Y u r talking with Vijay OK so don’t do like this if u did like this then I can’t bear that n cries like a baby.Pragya panics n asks,Abhishek r u crying??Abhi says,No..I’m not crying n laughs.Pragya thinks,OMG!!Whatta state intoxicated he is crying then laughing.Abhi says,Chashmish u know..I used to drink frequently bcoz thr is no one for me..Dadi is thr fr me but she doesn’t know wht r the pain I’m going through here..she ll think her grandson is happy here u know she may slept now..but see my condition I’m not happy Chashmish I miss my parents..I need a person who completely knows abt me..who had right to scold me when I’m wrong..To praise me when I achieved something..to feed me..I need a lap to sleep..I need a hand to care my hair..If my mom dad was alive they ll do all this for me na..tell me Chashmish y I lost them when I doesn’t know wht is world..U know all my frnds r enjoying with their life but I’m just living my life..u know most of my nights r sleepless nights..whomever I loved they ll go far from me..that’s y I’m myself staying far from Dadi n Alia..I can’t share this with Purab too coz Atleast I’m having Dadi n Alia but he doesn’t hav any support except his uncle..n gave a fake smile..n contd by saying,Luckily I don’t hav any tight financial problem my music is my hope of my life..I’m sure one day I ll acheive big but no one ll b thr fa me to support me or praise me..Pragya doesn’t know wht to say..just tears rolled down from her eyes continuously.Abhi says,Sry Chashmish I spoiled ur sleep..Pragya wipes her tears n says,No..Abhishek I’m glad that u had shared ur pain with me..don’t wry..everything ll b alryt..and I know u ll acheive big v ll b always besides to support u to praise u..don’t wry Abhishek..Abhi asks,Really in a emotional voice which reflects a kid inside him.Pragya says,Ya..I ll always support u forever n ever..Abhi says,Thank u Chashmish u know no one had supported me emotionally till now as u did..no one had cared for me as u scolded me for being drunk no one cared me as u did..U r unique in my life..love u Chashmish..love u..Pragya was shocked n thinks,He is intoxicated that’s y he is saying like this n says,It’s K Abhishek it’s getting late na go n Sleep..Gud nyt..Abhi smiles n says,Sure..Chashmish I ll sleep peacefully this night..Coz u r thr fr me na Pragya..Pragya smiles n says,Ya..Abhishek now go n sleep..Abhi smiles n says,Gud nyt my chashmish..muaahh??Pragya’s eyes widened n thinks,Oh..my God this Abhishek na..sure he ll forgot this in mrng n smiles..ends the call..Pragya thinks,Wait..wait..Pragya u r smiling when a man is saying love u..how could u do this..no he is just frnd and moreover he was lil bit emotional that’s y he said like that..leave it Pragya..wait wait r u in love with him..No way..Maa came to know that then I ll dead..leave Maa aside..Pragya love no way..I’m the enemy of love..she said like Jhansi Rani..Tanu shouts,Pragya..Wht u r doing u didn’t slept yet..Pragya asks,Tanu..Wht I had done with Priya in skl days is ryt or wrong?Tanu asks,Huhh??Now y u talking abt her..I’m feeling Sleepy..let’s discuss ur important topic tmrw n smirked n laid back.

Next morning,Abhi Purab Nikkil was waiting for PraNu.PraNu comes thr.Pragya gave a wide smile to Abhi??Abhi asks,Ahhh??y u r scaring me with ur smile.Pragya beats his shoulder with her books.Abhi shouts,Ouchh!!Pragya says,I thought u all three ll suffer from hang over but u r looking so bright.Abhi says,A glass of lime water ll flew away my hangover.Pragya says,K..getting late..see they r going fast v r slow.Abhi says,K..bye..go fast..come on walk fast..come on run fast..Pragya smiles n says,Shut up Abhishek..n she ran towards Tanu.Abhi shouts,Chashmish!!Pragya turns n stares at him.Abhi comes to her.Pragya says,Ppl r watching us u r calling me as Chashmish..Abhi says,I’m Sry..Pragya glared him n asks,Sry for Wht?Abhi says,For last night..Pragya puzzles n looks at him.Abhi says,I’m Sry..I think I had blabberd u but I didn’t remember anything.Sry for that..I don’t know wht I blabberd u..he said by running his fingers through his hair..n looking down..Pragya thinks,Thank God he didn’t remembered anything bends n sees his face which is facing the ground n smiles n says,Excuse me..don’t tell me that u r blushing..Abhi lifted his head n says,Hey..Chashmish I’m ur senior so stand two steps far from me..Pragya laughs n says,U r the best topic changer..Anyways don’t wry..u didn’t blabbered anything K..Abhi gave a deep relief breath.Siren blows.Pragya says,Abhishek..siren blown Ostrich gonna eat me..bye..meet u in lunch n she ran away..Abhi shouts,Hey..go slow..Pragya shouts,I know..go to ur class.Abhi smiles n goes to his class.

It was quarter hour,Pragya was taking notes seriously.Tanu asks,Pragya..Kya hua..u r really taking notes..Pragya says,Haa..today class is interesting..Vijay says,Hey..my chotti..u r really taking notes r chatting with Tanu asked in husky voice.Tanu says,Hey..I’m not chatting with her..see I’m also listening the class..Pragya asks,Really Tanu?Tanu pinches her.Pragya shouts,Ouchhh!!Professor shouts,Pragya Tanu..don’t u hav sense..don’t u feel ashamed..how many times I’m scolding u..hereafter u both should never sit together in my hour…last bench pranksters..Pragya come n sit in first row..hereafter this is ur place in my hour..Pragya says,Sry..I wont do this..I ll sit here itself sir..Tanu murmers,Don’t go.Professor shouts,Come n sit here..else go out.Pragya stares him n went to first row n sat thr n turns n sees Tanu with sad face.Tanu too reciprocated the same expression as they were separated for years.Pragya murmers,This Ostrich hey na..irritating..Oh..no..my neck is paining I had never sat in first row in my life n bends her head down she didn’t shook her head.Suddenly,Abhi Purab Nikkil n some boys came thr with some papers..Pragya didn’t see them..Professor asks them to announce the circular.Pragya shooks her head n sees Abhi in dias.Abhi sees Pragya n Tanu sitting separately.Abhi couldn’t control his laugh he smiled at them.Pragya stares him.They announced abt cultural events n asks the interested students to give their name.Pragya turns n looks at Tanu n raises her eyebrows.Professor says,Pragya Tanu..Whatever u both can participate but I won’t give u both On duty..u both should attend my class.Pragya n Tanu stares.All laughed at them.

Precap: Abhi was practising his guitar..Abhi feels different when he sees Pragya.
Thanks for all ur comments I’m completely overwhelmed love u all..And Maya I had replied u in previous episode post pls view that..Thank u for the love Purely Humbled?

Credit to: Tisha

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