Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 10


Hi guys…seems to b long time v had met!!Thank u guys for ur cute charming comments I had replied each n every person in my previous episode and this is my 10th episode thanks for ur support!!Ur comments making me happy Keep supporting so let’s get into the story…

Month passed,All had became very good friends.One day,Pragya was rushing towards the class.Meetu called her.Pragya asks,Tell me soon Meetu I’m running late to the class whts the matter.Meetu says,Oh..really..u r attending classes too actually I thought u r always busy with our class boys.Pragya asks,Wht do u mean?Meetu asks,Don’t u understand Wht I’m saying.Pragya says,I don’t hav time to hear ur blabbers..I wanna go n abt to leave.Meetu holds her wrist n says,Pragya..I’m warning u stay away from my Abhi.Pragya says,Meetu u had some misunderstanding regarding our relationship v r just frnds..If u hav feelings for him just confess him and I know he likes u as a frnd but I don’t know abt the equation u both sharing with each other it’s ur problem sort out with Abhishek by saying this she left the place.While going to class Abhi saw her n called her but Pragya didn’t heard him n she went to the class.She sat besides Tanu.Tanu asks,Everything is fine na.Pragya says,Haa..Alryt..no problem n smiles.Class started Pragya n Tanu was taking notes.Sara asks,Hey u both r looking serious today.Tanu says,From today onwards v won’t get any black marks from professor it’s our new resolution.Pragya smiles n asks,Arey..when v took this resolution.Tanu says,Just now..I took in behalf of u.Pragya smiles n says,Sure..I swear v won’t let this professor to point us.Vijay heard this.Suddenly professor told,Tanu Pragya how many times I had warned u both it’s last warning.PraNu blinks at each other.Sara laughs n says,Tanu Kya hua tumari resolution ko.Vijay laughs by hearing this.PraNu noticed him.Tanu says,Whtta miracle..he laughed.Pragya says,Haa..The class gets over n all started to leave.PraNu was abt to leave.Vijay called Pragya.Pragya looks at Tanu n says,Tanu he is calling come.Tanu says,He is calling u..u go..Nikkil ll wait for me.Pragya says,K..U go I ll come within minutes.Tanu nods.

Pragya goes to Vijay n asks,What Vijay.Vijay says,If u.don’t mind u can sit besides me.Pragya smiles n says,Whatta miracle..Robot had laughed today and it is speaking with me.Vijay says,U on that day told me na my silence ll kill me..but u know already I’m dieing of being alone.Pragya asks,If u don’t mind..may I know y u r continuing ur studies after years.Vijay says,Actually ur words made me to think..Yes u r ryt I’m spoiling myself by my anger.Pragya says,This is not the answer for my question.Vijay smiles n says,Haa..Pragya..I ll say everything to u on a right time..now I feeling happy after years so I don’t want to spoil it now.Pragya says,Ok no problem but promise me that u ll try to make friends n have to b a normal person.Vijay smiles n says,Sure I ll try..Will u be my frnd n forwards his hand.On other side,Abhi thinks,Y Chashmish didn’t respond me when I’m calling her..he sees Tanu with Nikkil n goes to Tanu n asks,Whr is Pragya?Tanu says,She is in class Abhi.Abhi says,Thank u n left to her class.Screen flips to classroom,Pragya says,No..I won’t be ur frnd.Vijay shocked n asks,Y..is I’m not worth of ur frndship.Pragya smiles n says,No..No..not like that..I know u r elder to me..From my childhood me n my sis ll always long for a brother..when I saw u I feel something that if v had a brother he ll b like u n smiles n says,Don’t know y I thought like that as me n my sis were so naughty but u r too slilent..anyhow point is..I wanna ask u will u b my Bade bhai..I had never called anyone as bhai..but I love to call some one like that..Will u be she forwarded her hand.

Abhi comes to the class n stood near the door as he saw Pragya n Vijay talking with each other.Here,Vijay gets Tears in his eyes n says,No one had concerned me as u did..no need of asking this sure I ll b n holds her hands.Pragya says,That’s good thanks no need to leave ur precious tears for this.Vijay smiles n says,Ok..madam.Abhi sees this n gets anger(jealous) n asks,May I come in.Pragya looks at Abhi n says,Hey..Abhishek come come..Abhi grinned his teeth n came in.Vijay says,K..I’m leaving..Pragya asks,y..v r not gonna talk anything personal.Abhi stares at Vijay n says,Pragya..I wanna talk to u alone.Vijay says,Bye..Pragya..meet u tmrw.Pragya too says,Bye..Vijay left.

Pragya says,Come on Abhishek sit here n points besides her.Abhi says,No need of that.Pragya asks,Wht happend..some one is calling me Pragya.Abhi says,I think ur name is Pragya.Pragya feels bad n thinks,Y he is behaving rude n asks,Now I’m Pragya for u na..Then who is Chashmish.Abhi says,I ll call my persons with my name.Pragya’s eyes filled with tears n asks,Ur persons or ur girl.Abhi says,Whomever but u r not in that list.Pragya says,I know..who r in that list..Ur Meetu.Abhi asks,Why..u r bringing Meetu btwn us..Did I brought ur new boy friend in our talks.Pragya shouts,Just hold ur tounge Abhishek.Abhi shouts,Why should I..U had new frnd so u started to ignore us..I thought u r unique but u r just a common girl.Pragya says,I don’t wanna argue with u n abt to leave.Abhi holds her wrist tight n says,U can’t escape for so long.Pragya asks,Whts ur problem.Abhi leaves her hand n sits over the seat n says,I don’t know whts my problem..don’t know y I’m behaving like this n holds his head..then he sees Pragya n says,Yes..U r my problem but I don’t have any problem with u n that Vijay’s relationship.Pragya asks,Have u gone mad..did u heard fully..don’t blabber by hearing half talks.Abhi asks,Then..tell me wht was going here.Pragya says,U said na I’m nothing to u then y should I explain all this to u.Abhi says,No need go n talk with him..I’m Sry I’m over reacted Afterall I’m just ur frnd.Pragya thinks,I don’t know whts happening here..she goes near Abhi n fell down in kneels n says,Abhishek.Abhi was really forgot all his anger when she called his name softly.Abhi gave a stared look.Pragya says,If u stared at me like this then I won’t say anything.Abhi says,Go..no need of that.Pragya says,K..no need na bye..I’m leaving.

Abhi says,Hey..hello..tell me..u r pleading na thats y.Pragya smiles n asks,Who is pleading here n raises her eyebrows.Abhi looks away.Pragya says,Whatever open ur ears if u wanna hear.Abhi still looking away but his ears n mind is eager to hear the words from Pragya.Pragya narrates the convo between her n Vijay.Abhi shocked n asks,Kya..Bade bhai?Pragya smiles n says,Haa..Bade bhai ? see I ll b always true to my frnds not like u as u r hiding ur relationship with Meetu.Abhi asks,Kya..??Chashmish u r giving many shock treatment today..who told me n Meetu was in relationship.Pragya says,Who didn’t say..she started to speak in a breath..She says,Everyone is saying that..in ur class n in my class too..Abhi is in relationship with Meetu bla bla..she loves him..y even Meetu told me u as her Abhi..U know..But u ll scold me u ll shout at me..Abhi thinks,OMG..how she is talking like this without a break.Abhi taps her nose n says,Chup!!Pragya stops n asks,Hey kya..I’m not ur music system.Abhi says,But u r my Chashmish na Kishmish..Pragya says,Don’t change the topic..Abhi puts his both hands on her shoulder n says,Cool down..Chashmish varna tumari chasma toot jayaga..?Pragya pushed his hand n says,I’m kneeling down..before u for more than 10 mins..but u r teasing me..whatever u may hav relationship with Meetu..u no need to tell that to me..n abt to leave.Abhi holds her.Pragya says,Leave me..my knee is paining.Abhi laughs n says,Come sit here..n makes her to sit besides him.Pragya stares at him.Abhi asks,Arey..y u r so Restless to know abt my relationship with Meetu.Pragya says,Me..wh..who..told I..I’m Restless I..won’t bother abt ur..ur..relationship status..Abhi says,Really..OK..lemme tell u..she is my frnd..I like her n respect her as a frnd that’s it..R u happy now.Pragya says,I told u na..I won’t bother abt ur relationship status n smiles hidingly.Abhi smiles n asks,Showing attitude uhh.Pragya asks,U had shown attitude.Abhi says,Rockstar’s attitude u hav to adapt to that.Pragya says,Really..n messes his hair with her hands.Abhi asks,Wht the hell u r doing..n sets his hair again..Pragya laughs n Again messes his hair.Abhi in return messed her hair.Pragya shouts,Ahhh???How will I go out by this hair.Abhi says,Like this..khoshla wala Chashmish??Pragya sets her hair n says,Don’t mess my hair again.Abhi says,K..come let’s go..I’m feeling hungry..let’s go to canteen to hav some chats..all r waiting for us.Pragya nods.

Precap: Pragya had cut in her wrist..(Due to words limit can’t give this precap on today’s episode I ll continue it in next episode)

Credit to: Tisha

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