Abhi & Pragya Eternal Love Episode 1

Hey I’m back!!!This is Tisha with a new AbhiGya story..It’s entirely a Love and Friendship based story!!As like previous ff I need ur support for this too..And My Almighty Krishna’s blessings OK..let’s get into the story.. ETERNAL LOVE…

Abhishek Mehra A Pre final year PG student in Pune..Who loves Music adore Music,everything is music he is good in studies too.He is a heartthrob of college.But one and only goal is to became a Rockstar.He has a Dadi and a sister.His parents died in a accident when Abhi was 6 yrs old.Dadi and his sister staying in Mumbai.Abhi is staying in a house with his friends in Pune.
Pragya Arora A first year PG student in Pune..She is bubbly naughty sensitive loves music..She has a sister mom and Dadi.Aspiring to do big for students in teaching wanna pursue PH.d
Sarla Arora Mother of Pragya and Bulbul runs a marriage hall.
Purab Khanna Pre final year student in Pune.A good friend of Abhi and his soulmate class mate and room mate.

Bulbul Arora Pragya’s sister..A final year UG student in Mumbai.
Nikkil Arya Pre final year student in Pune.A best friend of Abhi and Purab Son of a big business tycoon soulmate class mate and room mate of Abhi and Purab.He is engaged.
Tanu Mehta The best friend of Pragya.A first year PG student in Pune.Soulmate classmate and room mate of Pragya.She lost her mom.She is the one engaged with Nikkil under his father’s wish.Nikkil and Tanu loves each other.
Alia Sister of Abhi.A final year UG student in Mumbai.

That’s all of intro……….
It was a pleasant evening,Pragya saying,U know na..How much I love u..but u made me to go away from my maa..Y u did like this..I’m really upset but one good thing is I’m gonna stay out of Mumbai for 3 years for the first time..I think it ll change my life to different form hey na n winks.Sarla comes thr n twists her ears n asks, U r praying to God or what?Pragya says,Maa..I’m just talking with my Krishna n smiles.Sarla says,Arey..He is God.But Maa..for di Krishna is also a best friend hey na di,said Bulbul.Pragya says,Ofcourse..By crossing her hands to her chest.Bulbul asks,That’s K..Hav u finished ur packing(In a taunting tone)Pragya says,Oops..no..Sarla says,Arey..Pragya Tanu n her father ll come within 10 mins make it fast.Pragya says,K Maa n went to the room n continued packing.She kept her novels and books along with a small Krishna idol.Bulbul asks,Di..Y u r taking books with u..U gonna read this thr also.

Pragya says,Haa..y.Bulbul says,offo..Di..u have to enjoy thr..weekend with friends..love like that said with a excited tone.Pragya says,Arey..Buddhu..I’m just going to Pune..I ll come every weekend to spend time with my cute Sister.Bulbul says,Ufoo di..if I got a chance like u I ll come after 3 years.Pragya laughs n says,No problem join ur PG in my clg let’s enjoy together.Bulbul says,I won’t stay in that boring hostel as u and Tanu gonna stay na.

No problem Bulbul we ll shift to some other house after 6 months so we could enjoy more,said Tanu heading towards the room.Bulbul goes n hugs her n says,Oh..ho..Tanu..U r my girl..Btw u r gonna enjoy with ur fiancee na.Tanu says,Arey Bulbul u know na..We had not spent more time she blushes.Pragya restes her hand on Tanu’s shoulder n says,Oh..that’s here after u gonna enjoy with him na.Tanu says,Arey Pragya..He is always busy with his friends..If I get a chance to meet his friends I ll kill them.Bulbul says,Ohh….Pragya says,Pyaar main Kabhi kabhi hota hai n winks.Tanu says,OK..OK..now stop..Have u packed everything.Pragya says,Haa..Tanu asks,Ur Krishna..Ur books..Mainly ur headphones.Pragya says,Arey..I don’t know wht I ll do without u I don’t know how I forgot my headphones..If u r a boy..then sure I ll marry u.Tanu says,Thank God Im a girl..I don’t know who is gonna suffer by marrying u.

Screen Splits,A small house is shown in Pune.Hey..wake up man..How long u ll sleep,said Nikil.Wake up soon..Else I ll pour water on u..Nikkil see how he is sleeping in this evening,said Purab.Arey..yaar..whts ur problem,said Abhi with a tight yawn and stretched his arms.Purab says,Arey..Nikkil is leaving to Delhi today his father had called him immediately so come let’s drop him.Abhi says,Arey..Nikkil u can’t go..Tmrw ur fiancee is coming u had created hype u didn’t even showed her photo too now u r leaving Delhi for 1 week.Nikkil says,See Purab he is not feeling bad for me but..Purab u go and drop him I’m gonna compose music n lies on bed.Purab asks,In dream u gonna compose music.Abhi says,Haa..yaar..Nikkil says,Abhi mark my words u gonna pay for this..ur wife ll give u kicks on morning to wake u.Abhi kicks Nikkil n says,Go..Man if she tries to wake me up I ll make her to sleep again with me.Purab says,Let’s see n smiles.Nikkil and Purab left to railway station.

Sarla says,Pragya u should take care of urself pls don’t do any tantrums and important don’t trouble Tanu more.Pragya says,OK..K..We r just going to campus hostel not to Army’s hostel relax maa.Dadi says,Pragya..Tu chalo beta..enjoy ur life as much u can.Pragya gives hifi to Dadi n says,But Dadi..u have to have ur tablets without complaining.Dadi says,Arey..This Bulbul na..she won’t let me to escape.Bulbul says,Bulbul is always great..Pragya says,Haa..Bulbul take care of Maa n Dadi..I ll meet u on Friday.Sarla says,K..Now it’s getting late Tanu’s father is waiting in car.Tanu hugs Sarla n says,Maa..take care of urself I ll tc of Pragya..u don’t wry..Sarla kisses her n says,U first tc of urself.Tanu smiles.Pragya hugs Sarla n says,Bye..Maa..tc..Sarla says,Pragya if u r free then Come to home coz u ll get tired of travel ok no compulsion that u have to be in home on weekend holidays.Pragya says,K Maa..tc.Tanu and Pragya says,Bye to all and gets into the car.Pragya stuffed her bags in car.Tanu and Pragya sits in back seat.Pragya says,Hi..Uncle..Rajeev Mehra(Tanu’s father)says,

Hey..Pragya so finally moving out of Mumbai.Pragya says,Uncle..Tanu is extremely happy as she also joining with her love na.Rajeev laughs n says,But..Pragya Nikkil was not thr just now he called me n said his father called him to Delhi for 1 week.Tanu shocked n asks,What?Pragya smiles.Rajeev says,Haa..beti n smiles.Tanu started her bak baks..How we ll go thr it’s new college na he left us like this..coz of him we choose that clg na..he is too bad..he didn’t informed me.Pragya gives her water.Tanu pushes the bottle n says,Pragya..stop teasing me.Pragya says,Arey..Arey..Tanu hold on just 1week na..we can manage..relax..Rajeev says,Haa..Pragya beti is ryt..Tanu says,Papa..Aap Aur Aapki Pragya beti n smirked.Pragya laughs.

They reached the college campus hostel n entered the room,It was for two members it is compact for Tanu and Pragya.They arranged the things.Rajeev was about to leave.He hugs Tanu n says,take care..Pragya says,Arey..uncle..main hoon na.Tanu says,That’s y..he is saying n laughs.Pragya pinches her.Rajeev says,Arey..Arey..stop stop..U both can fight however but u should never separate from each other..U should always b together that’s our wish..If u have any misunderstandings clear that immediately and especially don’t gossip others.Pragya and Tanu looks at each other n smiles.Rajeev hugs both of them n says,K..tc bachiis I’m leaving now n kisses them.Pragya n Tanu waves him bye.As his car disappeared.Tanu and Pragya shouts,Wohaaaa!!!And gives hifi..Suddenly a lady comes thr n says,U may b freshers but u should not shout like this K n she left.Tanu asks,Yeh moti kon hai.Pragya says,May b the Warden.Tanu says,Who framed these rules for first 6 months compulsory we have to stay in campus hostel I hate this moti.Pragya says,Leave it yaar..I’m excited abt first day n lies on bed.Tanu says,Me too n lies on her bed.

Precap: First day for Pragya and Tanu.

(How will be Abhigya’s first meeting and when ll b the first meeting.Stay tuned..)

Credit to: Tisha


  1. aditi

    Super start di. …awesome

    Continue…and you are back with a bang

  2. omg diiiiii u r back with a bang I am sooooo happppppppyyyyyyyy yipppeee feeling lyk jumping here nd there with excitement nd thanq god tanu is already engaged with her love yahoooooo no tabhi nly abhigya

  3. Tisha…wow I was waiting for u …after I saw ur fiction and just smiled a lot…..I thought u will come late but I was surprised…superb starting yaar…… Good go…

  4. Sandy

    Reaalllyyy happpyy that you’re back ?? Nice starting and am very excited?
    What about alaiya ?

  5. Maya♡♡

    Tisha s back with bang☺ wish even this ff gives all positivity abt relationship as love of life gave us… that was always a spl point to follow love of life coz v know thr whr no villain r negative character who wish to spoil abhigya yet it was interesting to read… not jus one r two episodes it was 100 episodes throughout u maintain that charm(inum love of life continue pananum ninaichalum don’t worry v ‘ll definitely read)..missing kush… first thought n mrng was tat no more naughty kush… wish u al d best became ur fan Tisha..

  6. Haai

    Hi di I’m a silent reader
    Ur last 1 was also awesome
    Tis is ur superb comeback
    All d best for ur upcoming epi
    Nd I’m frm tamilnadu
    Nd my s sree☺️☺️

  7. sritz

    how my babies gonna meet together waiting for it eagerly…..
    I’m waiting!!!!!..
    superb sri akkka

  8. Nivethitha

    Awesome ka I really loved the episode u r back with the bang when I saw ur ff post in the a wide smile comes on my face I really happy ka eagerly waiting for next episode

  9. Superbbbbbbbb……….. Come with a Banggggggg……………..Wowwwwwww……….First Episode ROCKED!!!!! I like it soooooooooooo much……………..&Haa KRISHNA IS MY FAVOURITE ALSO……????

  10. Again start to read ur ff trisha….1st day create a ff as abi-pragya meeting…tanu is positive role i can’t imagine this becoz v al saw her in negative role in KKB…but it different feelings yar…plze change tanu replaced by some other person when i hear tanu name..felt lyk irked…deeply stored in my mind tanu is negative character…let c how wil gng on ur ff…1st episode is gud…

  11. vaishali

    awesome yaar tisha dii inro was outstanding vera level i also argue with my jaan krishna he is the only one who listens to me without making any sound i love him like u love u awesome dii

  12. Sasti

    How do u write like this?? U r an extraordinary, i don’t like to read any stories before but Ur ff nly made me to read.

  13. Zari

    Woooowowwww awesome amazing…. Waiting 4 abhigyas 1st meeting…. 1 question alia and bulbul r frnds or not????

  14. devi

    Superb starting. Expecting more from u tisha.yes u r like my novel writers. Welcome to our heart znd mind with abhigya.

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